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Crying “Lone Wolf”



Steyn No Such Thing As Lone Wolf




” The guy who took a hatchet to a New York policeman was apparently a “lone wolf”, just like the guy who took a double-barreled shotgun to a Canadian soldier was a “lone-wolf”. Earlier today, I swung by Varney & Co on Fox Business to discuss the umpteenth member of Local 473 of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves:

” This term ‘lone wolf’ is a cop-out…the idea that they somehow have to have a membership card in Islamic State or in al Qaeda for it to be official, fully-credentialed terror, like getting a hairdresser’s license in New York State is completely preposterous” he stated.

Steyn added that the rhetoric of “lone wolf” terrorists allows those who do not want to admit that radical Islam is a problem to brush off terror as isolated incidents, saying “all jihad is local. That actually suits them, to say, ‘oh no this is just some mentally ill guy in Ottawa and this is another guy who’s a bit goofy in New York and there’s no connection between the two.’ Because otherwise you have to treat it like your other big story. You have to treat it like ideological Ebola and you have to stop the infection…



This , as usual , is Saturday’s Must Read




















FEC Democrat Pushes For Controls On Internet Political Speech







” The FEC deadlocked in a crucial Internet campaign speech vote announced Friday, leaving online political blogging and videos free of many of the reporting requirements attached to broadcast ads — for now.

  While all three GOP-backed members voted against restrictions, they were opposed by the three Democratic-backed members, including FEC Vice Chair Ann M. Ravel, who said she will lead a push next year to try to come up with new rules government political speech on the Internet.

  It would mark a major reversal for the commission, which for nearly a decade has protected the ability of individuals and interest groups to take to engage in a robust political conversation on the Internet without having to worry about registering with the government or keeping and reporting records of their expenses.

  Ms. Ravel said she fears that in trying to keep the Internet open for bloggers, they’ve instead created a loophole for major political players to escape some scrutiny.

“ Some of my colleagues seem to believe that the same political message that would require disclosure if run on television should be categorically exempt from the same requirements when placed in the Internet alone,” said FEC Vice Chair Ann M. Ravel in a statement. “As a matter of policy, this simply does not make sense.”

  She said the FEC should no longer “turn a blind eye to the Internet’s growing force in the political arena,” and she vowed to force a conversation next year on what changes to make.

  The three Republican-backed commissioners, though, said in a joint statement that Ms. Ravel’s plans would stifle what’s become the “virtual free marketplace of political ideas and democratic debate.”


Washington Times reports on the latest Statist move from our most Statist administration ever 











SC Dem Slips, Uses Slur Against Female GOP Opponent





” Democrat Vincent Sheheen of South Carolina referred to his Republican opponent, sitting governor Nikki Haley, as a “whore” in an apparent slip of the tongue during a recent campaign rally.

” We are going to escort whore out the door,” said Sheheen at a Thursday night event in Florence. The Democrat immediately recognizes his mistake and corrects himself. “We’re going to escort her out the door,” he says, smiling.”


Weekly Standard also has the obligatory denial … watch and decide for yourself










Meet The New Serfs: You







” The New Haven SWAT team must have been pretty amped up: It was midnight, and they were getting ready to bust down the door of a man wanted on charges involving weapons violations, robbery — and murder. They were not sure how many people were in the house, or how they’d react. After a volley of flash grenades that set fire to the carpet and a sofa, they moved in, guns drawn. A minute later, they had their man zip-tied on the floor.

  If only they’d double-checked the address first.

  Bobby Griffin Jr. was wanted on murder charges. His next-door neighbor on Peck Street, Joseph Adams, wasn’t. But that didn’t stop the SWAT team from knocking down his door, setting his home on fire, roughing him up, keeping him tied up in his underwear for nearly three hours, and treating the New Haven man, who is gay, to a nance show as officers taunted him with flamboyantly effeminate mannerisms. If the events detailed in Mr. Adams’s recently filed lawsuit are even remotely accurate, the episode was a moral violation and, arguably, a crime.

  And when Mr. Adams showed up at the New Haven police department the next day to fill out paperwork requesting that the authorities reimburse him for the wanton destruction of his property — never mind the gross violation of his rights — the story turned Kafkaesque, as interactions with American government agencies at all levels tend to do. The police — who that same night had managed to take in the murder suspect next door without the use of flash grenades or other theatrics after his mother suggested that they were probably there for her son — denied having any record of the incident at Mr. Adams’s home ever having happened.

  This sort of thing happens with disturbing regularity. The New York Police Department killed an older woman in Harlem when they mistakenly raided her home in 2003. In that case, too, “flash-bang” grenades were deployed, and the concussions sent 57-year-old Alberta Spruiell into cardiac arrest, killing her. The NYPD was acting on information given to them by a local lowlife drug dealer they were leaning on. It was the first information he’d given them as an informant, and based on nothing more than that they went in hard — no-knock raid, grenades, the whole circus. As it turns out, New York dope-slingers turned rat are not entirely trustworthy. “


Read Kevin D Williamson’s whole piece on our road to serfdom











California Officer Allegedly Stole Nude Photos During Arrest





” A California Highway Patrol officer is being investigated for allegedly sending nude photos of a DUI suspect from her cell phone to his personal phone.

  The Contra Costa, Calif., district attorney’s office is investigating Sean Harrington, 35, of Martinez, for a possible felony computer theft charge.

  Harrington is suspected of sending himself six photos of a 23-year-old San Ramon, Calif., woman in a state of undress while she was being booked into Martinez County Jail in August. He allegedly found the photos stored on her iPhone. “













Could Non-Citizens Decide The November Election?






” Could control of the Senate in 2014 be decided by illegal votes cast by non-citizens? Some argue that incidents of voting by non-citizens are so rare as to be inconsequential, with efforts to block fraud a screen for an agenda to prevent poor and minority voters from exercising the franchise, while others define such incidents as a threat to democracy itself. Both sides depend more heavily on anecdotes than data.

  In a forthcoming article in the journal Electoral Studies, we bring real data from big social science survey datasets to bear on the question of whether, to what extent, and for whom non-citizens vote in U.S. elections. Most non-citizens do not register, let alone vote. But enough do that their participation can change the outcome of close races.

  Our data comes from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study(CCES). Its large number of observations (32,800 in 2008 and 55,400 in 2010) provide sufficient samples of the non-immigrant sub-population, with 339 non-citizen respondents in 2008 and 489 in 2010. For the 2008 CCES, we also attempted to match respondents to voter files so that we could verify whether they actually voted.

  How many non-citizens participate in U.S. elections? More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote. Furthermore, some of these non-citizens voted. Our best guess, based upon extrapolations from the portion of the sample with a verified vote, is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010.

Because non-citizens tended to favor Democrats (Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 CCES sample), we find that this participation was large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections. Non-citizen votes could have given Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health-care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) won election in 2008 with a victory margin of 312 votes. Votes cast by just 0.65 percent of Minnesota non-citizens could account for this margin. It is also possible that non-citizen votes were responsible for Obama’s 2008 victory in North Carolina. Obama won the state by 14,177 votes, so a turnout by 5.1 percent of North Carolina’s adult non-citizens would have provided this victory margin. “


Washington Post










Hillary Clinton: Corporations And Businesses Don’t Create Jobs




” At a Democratic rally in Massachusetts, Hillary Clinton’s attempt to attack “trickle-down economics,” resulted in a spectacularly odd statement.

  Clinton defended raising the minimum wage saying “Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs, they always say that.”

  She went on to state that businesses and corporations are not the job creators of America. “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs,” the former Secretary of State said.

  Clinton’s comment will likely be used frequently to attack her as another big-government Democrat. She is seen by many as already running for president in 2016. “



    This is rich coming from a life-long lawyer and politician , two trades that have yet to produce a single honest job in the entire history of mankind … It takes a government to create a job …



Thanks to the Washington Free Beacon










Halloween Prank – Rémi Gaillard




Published on Oct 23, 2014

  Halloween prank : Plongez au plus profond de l’horreur et… De la connerie !
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  Rémi Gaillard is world famous for his dangerously funny videos.

  Unafraid of controversy, he has challenged the norms and expectations of online video with his creativity!

  From bringing Pacman and Mario Kart to life and playing pranks in animal costumes, to taking on the likes of Ronaldo in a battle of football skills, Rémi has done it all and shows no signs of stopping any time soon – his motto is, after all, “C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui”!

  One things for sure – once you watch Rémi’s videos, you’ll never look at an elevator in the same way…

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The British Blues Boom Of The 60’s (Jeff Beck,Eric Clapton,Jimi Hendrix & Jimmy Page)





Published on Jan 22, 2013

” The start of the British Blues Scene in The U.K.

Brithish Blues…
Jeff Beck
Eric Clapton…
Jimmy Page
Jimi Hendrix…
1:39 The Crossroads Blues…
2:45 New Castle,England (Eric Burdon)
5:06 Belfast,Ireland (Van Morrison)
6:35 London (The Stones)
7:09 Chess Records and Pye Records
7:48 Cyril Davies & Alexis Korner of Blues Incorporated (The Ealing Club)
8:41 John Mayall and Eric Burdon talk about Alexis Korner
9:55 Keith Richards meets Mick Jagger at a train station
10:30 Brian Jones
11:26 Giorgio Gomelsky talks about the Stones
12:55 Mick Jagger & Bill Wyman talk about Andrew Loog Oldham
15:25 Gomelsky signs The Yardbirds to a contract.
18:03 Van Morrison Interview
18:53 The Animals
23:03 The Rolling Stones arrive at Chess Records
24:01 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton
24:52 Jeff Beck joins The Yardbirds after leaving The Tridents.
27:42 Brian Jones and Mick Jagger introduce Howlin’ Wolf
28:44 John Mayall interview
29:08 The Stones begin to lose Brian.
30:40 Jimmy Page interview
31:33 Jeff Beck talks about Jimmy Page during the Yardbirds years.
32:50 Cream is formed
34:11 Robert Johnson
34:45 In 1966 The Animals were crumbling. Chas then found Jimi Hendrix at The Cafe Wah?, thanks to Linda Keith,in July 1966. Jimi wanted to meet Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton if he goes to London. Chas said if the powers be you will.
38:00 Chas recruits Noel Redding to play bass for Hendrix
39:23 Chas and Noel talk about how Jimi got his sound.
42:36 Eric Burdon Interview about Hendrix
43:48 Jeff Beck talks about Jimi Hendrix and Hendrix tells Jeff how he stole a lick from Happenings Ten Years Time Ago and used it on Foxy Lady.
45:21 Hendrix at Monterey
46:08 Led Zeppelin Willie Dixon-You Need Love became “Whole Lotta Love”.
52:13 Robert Plant talks about his personal Blues hero Tommy Johnson “










Best News Bloopers September 2014





Published on Sep 29, 2014

” Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in September 2014.”










 Make Him Own It: Why You Must Vote In The Midterms





Published on Oct 23, 2014

” Obama can’t lose this election. Already re-elected, he’s in for another 2 years. So, why should you vote in the Midterms? “












Barry Goldwater




” Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside of the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States. “










Lisa Benson













Today In The Past





625 – Boniface V ends his reign as Catholic Pope

1131 – Crowning of Louis VII the Young, King of France

1147 – Seljuk Turks defeat German crusaders under Conrad III at the Battle of Dorylaeum.

1315 – Adam Banastre, Henry de Lea and William Bradshaw, led an attack on Liverpool Castle.




1415 – Battle of AgincourtWelsh longbow defeat armored knights






1492 – Christopher Columbus’ ship Santa Maria lands at Dominican Republic

1555 – Emperor Karel puts son Philip II in charge of Netherlands/Naples/Milan

1621 – Gov Bradford of US colony Plymouth disallows sport on Christmas Day

1671 – Giovanni Cassini discovers Iapetus, satellite of Saturn

1747 – British fleet under Admiral Sir Edward Hawke defeats the French at the second battle of Cape Finisterre.

1760 – George III ascends British throne

1764 – John Adams marries Abigail Smith (marriage lasts 54 years)




1812 – US frigate United States captures British vessel Macedonian






1825 – Erie Canal opens, linking Great Lakes & Atlantic Ocean




1854 – Charge of Light Brigade (Battle of BalaklavaCrimean War), 409 die






1854 – Prince Menshikov of Krim occupies British base at Balaclava

1859 – Merchant vessel Royal Charter runs aground at Liverpool, 459 die

1861 – Battle of Wilson’s Creek, MI (Springfield)

1861 – The Toronto Stock Exchange was created.

1864 – Battle of Marais Des Cygnes River, Kansas (Mine Creek)

1864 – Skirmish at Mine Creek, KS & Turkeytown, AL

1870 – Pimlico Race Course opens in Baltimore




1881 – Wyatt EarpDoc Holliday & The Clantons engage in “Shootout at OK Corral





OK Corral Sheriff Wyatt Earp





1891 – 1st International 6 day bike race (NY Madison Square Garden) ends

1893 – Battle of Shangani, Matabeleland: Dr Jameson beats Ndebeles

1900 – England annexes Transvaal

1902 – Santa Maria Guatemala hit by Earthquake; about 6,000 die

1906 – US inventor Lee de Forest patents “Audion,” a 3-diode amplification valve which proved a pioneering development in radio & broadcasting

1918 – Canadian steamship “Princess Sophia” hit a reef off Alaska, 398 die

1923 – Senate committee publishes 1st report on Teapot Dome scandal

1924 – “Little Orphan Annie” comic strip 1st published

1932 – Benito Mussolini promises to remain dictator for 30 years

1935 – Hurricane-produced floods kill 2,000 in Jeremie & Jacmel Haiti

1942 – 3rd day of battle at El Alamein: British offensive(see UE 10/23)




1942 – Battle of Henderson Field Guadalcanal begins










1942 – Fieldmarshal Rommel back in North-Africa

1944 – Battle at Cape Engano: 4 Japanese ships sink

1944 – Battle at Samar-island




1944 – Battle in Straits of SurigaoJapanese fleet destroyed









1945 – Japanese surrender Taiwan to Gen Chiang Kai-shek

1946 – 1st trial against nazi war criminals (Neurenberg)

1947 – Sam Breadon sells Cards to Robert Hannegan & Fred Saigh for $4M

1950 – Sukarno appointed president of Republic Indonesia

1951 – Peace talks aimed at ending Korean War resumed in Panmunjom

1953 – Coal mine in Seraing Belgium explodes, 26 die

1955 – Austria resumed its sovereignty after departure of last Allied occupation forces, for 1st time since German occupation of 1938

1955 – Tappan sells 1st microwave oven

1960 – 1st electronic wrist watch placed on sale, NYC

1960 – Cuba nationalizes all remaining US businesses

1962 – American author John Steinbeck awarded Nobel Prize in literature

1962 – Stevenson demands USSR amb Zorin answer regarding Cuban missle bases saying “I am prepared to wait for my answer until hell freezes over”

1964 – Viking Jim Marshall runs 66 yards in wrong direction for a safety

1965 – Rolling Stones release “Get Off of My Cloud”

1971 – General Meeting of UN agrees to admit China PR

1971 – Roy Disney dedicates Walt Disney World

1971 – UN votes to expel Chinese Nationalist-ruled Taiwan & admit Red China

1972 – Eddy Merckx (Belgium) covers 30 miles, 1,258 yards in 1 hr

1972 – Nobel prize for economics awarded to Kenneth J Arrow & John R Hicks

1973 – Chris Wills wins 1st National hang-gliding championship

1974 – Air Force fires 1st ICBM

1976 – Gov Wallace grants full pardon to Clarence Norris, last known survivor of 9 Scottsboro Boys who were convicted in 1931 rape

1978 – Padres Gaylord Perry is 1st to win Cy Young in both leagues (NL)

1980 – Mike Weaver KOs Gerrie Coetzee in 13 for heavyweight boxing title

1981 – George Steinbrenner scuffles with 2 fans in a hotel elevator




1983 – US invades GrenadaOperation Urgent Fury






1984 – Hepatitis virus is discovered

1986 – International Red Cross ousted from South Africa

1986 – Michael Sergio Parachutes into Shea Stadium during game 6 of WS

1990 – Evander Holyfield KOs Buster Douglas in 3 for heavyweight boxing title

1990 – NY Daily News goes on strike (lasts through March, 1991)

1993 – Airbus A310 of Air Nigeria hijacked, 1 dead

1994 – Susan Smith claims her 2 kids were carjack (she actually killed them)

1996 – Frank, brother of Yank manager Joe Torre, receives a heart transplant

.2001 – Windows XP first became available.

2004 – Fidel Castro, Cuba’s President, announces that transactions using the American Dollar will be banned by November 8.

2009 – The 25 October 2009 Baghdad bombings kills 155 and wounds at least 721.




1102 – William Clito, Count of Flanders (d. 1128)

1330 – Louis II of Flanders (d. 1384)

1360 – Louis, founder of house of Anjou

1510 – René/Renata de France, duchess of Ferara/daughter of Louis XII

1528 – Seerp Galama, Dutch nobleman/soldier/politician

1683 – Charles FitzRoy, 2nd Duke of Grafton, British politician (d. 1757)

1692 – Elisabeth Farnese, princess of Parma/queen of Spain

1709 – John Wagenaar, Amsterdam merchant/historian, baptised

1800 – Thomas Babington Macaulay, England, poet/historian (Ivry, Naaseby)

1802 – Joseph Montferrand, Canadian logger and strong man (d. 1864)

1811 – Évariste Galois, French mathematician (d. 1832)

1819 – Zachariah Cantey Deas, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1882

1825 – Johann Baptist Strauss, (the younger), Austria, composer (Waltz King)

1838 – Georges Alexandre-Cesar-Leopold Bizet, France, composer (Carmen)

1843 – Gleb Uspensky, Russia, author (Power of the Soil)

1856 – Dragutin Gorjanovic-Kramberger, Croatian paleontologist (d. 1936)

1864 – John Francis Dodge, American automobile pioneer (d. 1920)




1869 – John Heismanpioneering football coach/trophy namesake







1877 – Henry Norris Russell, astronomer (Hertzsprung-Russell diagram)




1881 – Pablo PicassoMalaga Spainartist (3 DancersGuernica), (d. 1973)







1888 – Richard E Byrd, Virginia, admiral/polar explorer (1926)

1892 – Leo G. Carroll, English actor (d. 1972)




1902 – Henry Steele CommagerPitts Pahistorian (Atlas of Civil War)






1902 – Eddie LangAmerican jazz guitarist (d. 1933)


PICKIN’ MY WAY with Carl Kress


Guitar Blues with Lonnie Johnson

Eddie’s Twister





1910 – William Higinbotham, American physicist (d. 1994)

1912 – Jack Kent Cooke, NFL team owner (Washington Redskins)

1912 – Minnie Pearl, [Sarah Ophelia Colley], Tenn, (Grand Old Opry, Hee-Haw)

1913 – Klaus Barbie, gestapo chief (Lyon)

1915 – Ivan M. Niven, Canadian mathematician (d. 1999)

1923 – Bobby Thomson, HR hitter (Giants win the pennant)

1924 – Billy Barty, Millsboro Pa, 3’9″ actor (Under the Rainbow, Foul Play)

1927 – Franklin “Bud” Held, javelin world champ (1949, 51, 53-55)

1928 – Anthony Franciosa, [Papaleo], NYC, actor (Jeff-Name of the Game)

1928 – Marion Ross, Albert Lea Mn, actress (Marion-Happy Days, Bkln Bridge)

1929 – Roger John Tayler, astrophysicist

1932 – Lev Nikolayevich Smirenny, cosmonaut

1935 – Russell Luis Schweickart, Neptune NJ, astronaut (Apollo 9)

1936 – Sir Martin Gilbert, British historian

1940 – Bobby Knight, college basketball coach (Indiana, Olympic-gold-1984)

1941 – Anne Tyler, American writer (Accidental Tourist)

1941 – Helen Reddy, Melbourne Australia, rock vocalist (I Am Woman)

1943 – Roy Lynes, England, rock organist (Status Quo)




1944 – Jon AndersonEnglish rock singer for Yes



Close to the Edge

Yours Is No Disgrace

And You And I





1944 – James Carville, American political stategist and commentator

1947 – Glenn Tipton, rock guitarist (Judas Priest-Breakin’ the Law)

1947 – John Hall, rocker




1948 – Dan GableWaterloo Iowa68kg freestyle wrestler (Oly-gold-72)






1948 – Dave Cowens, NBA forward (Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks)

1948 – Daniel Mark Epstein, American poet and biographer

1950 – John Matuszak, Milwaukee Wisc, NFLer (Raiders)/actor (Hollywood Beat)

1953 – Muffin Spencer-Devlin, Piqua OH, LPGA golfer (1985 MasterCard Pro-Am)

1954 – Mike Eruzione, Winthrop Mass, jockey player (Olympics-gold-1980)

1957 – Robbie Macintosh, rock guitarist/vocalist (Pretenders)

1963 – Tracy Nelson, California, American actress (Glitter, Square Pegs, Father Dowling)

1980 – Ilana Goldfogel, Denver Colo, pairs skater (& Erik Schulz)

1984 – Katy Perry [Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson], pop singer (I Kissed A Girl, Waking Up In Vegas)



304 – Marcellinus, bishop of Rome, dies

625 – Boniface V, Italian Pope (619-25), dies

1047 – Magnus I Godhi, king of Norway/Denmark (1035-47), dies

1154 – Stefanus van Blois, king of England (1135-54), dies




1400 – Geoffrey Chaucerauthor (Canterbury Tales), dies in London







1415 – Anton van Bourgondie, French son of Philip the Stout/duke, dies at 31, Agincourt
1415 – Eduard, duke of York, dies at 45, Agincourt
1415 – Philip of Nevers, French earl, dies in battle, Agincourt
1415 – Robert of Bar, French knight, dies in battle, Agincourt

1604 – Claude de la Tremoille, French duke of Thouars/huguenot, dies

1676 – Justus G Schottel [Schottelius], German linguistic/poet, dies at 64

1845 – Carel H Verhuell, Dutch/French vice-admiral, dies at 81

1855 – Willem F earl van Bylandt, military, dies at 84

1892 – Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison, 1st lady (1889-1892), dies at 60

1902 – Frank Norris, writer, dies at 32

1943 – H van Zanten, guerrilla leader on North Sumatra, executed

1944 – Fake Krist, nazi collaborator, killed

1957 – Umberto “Albert” Anastasia, US gangster (Murder Inc), dies at 55

1961 – Peter Jensen, co-inventer (loud speaker), dies at 75

1968 – Jean Schlumberger, French writer (Passions), dies

1981 – Ariel Durant, US author (Story of Civilization), dies at 83

1985 – Morton Downey, singer (Star of the Family), dies at 83

1986 – Forrest Tucker, actor (O’Rourke-F Troop, Dusty Trail), dies at 67

1991 – Bill Graham, rock concert promoter (Filmore, Dylan), dies at 60

1991 – Khigh Dhiegh, actor (Forbidden Nights), dies of heat failure at 75




1992 – Roger Millercountry singer (King of the Road), dies at 56


Do Wacka Do

Dang Me

King Of The Road with Johnny Cash

England Swings





1993 – Mary C Lawton, jurist (CIA’s Agency Seal Medallion), dies at 58

1993 – Philip P Cohen, Doctor (Nobel), dies at 85




1993 – Vincent Priceactor (RavenFly), dies of lung cancer at 82



Monster Mash

Vincent Price Roasts Bette Davis

SNL Halloween at Vincent Price’s pad

Wealth Of Congress Jumps $150 Million







” It was a good year for members of Congress in one respect: their pocketbooks.

  Roll Call has for decades calculated the “50 Richest” members of Congress by poring through financial disclosure forms, and this year, we’ve taken the added step of tallying the minimum net worth of every member of Congress.  (Visit our interactive to see the full ranking, which includes representatives, senators and delegates. Because there are three vacancies in Congress, there are 538 members on the list.)

  The combined minimum net worth of Congress jumped — up more than $150 million to $2.1 billion — according to a CQ Roll Call analysis of the financial disclosure forms for every member of Congress and delegate who filed one for 2013. 

  That’s an increase of about $300,000 to $3.9 million per lawmaker — although, as with the general public, most of the wealth is concentrated at the top.

  The top five lawmakers on the list had more than 37 percent of the combined minimum net worth reported of all 538 members and delegates, according to the CQ Roll Call analysis. The minimum net worth of the 50 Richest was $1.7 billion, or more than 80 percent of the total for the entire Congress.

  The richest person on our annual 50 Richest list, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California, has a net worth of at least $357 million, calculated by subtracting the minimum reported liabilities from the minimum reported assets. That means Issa alone accounts for more than one-sixth of the entire Congress’ reported minimum net worth. 

  And two of the top five — No. 3 Rep. John Delaney of Maryland and No. 4 Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, both Democrats — accounted for $67.85 million of the increased net worth of all of Congress.

  Our analysis also found at least 188 millionaires — about a third of Congress — up from 185 the previous year.

  It’s not a secret that one of the easier ways to get to Congress is to be rich in the first place, given the cost of campaigning and the hassles of fundraising.

  The median lawmaker on our ranking has a minimum net worth of $456,522 — not too shabby.

  The Senate is richer on average than the House — no surprise.

  The minimum net worth of the Senate is nearly $570 million, with 50 senators topping $1 million.

  The House has a minimum net worth of $1.53 billion, with at least 138 millionaires but a median of just $338,000.

  The actual reported wealth of Congress would be significantly higher if Congress required members to disclose all of their assets and to disclose them with precision.

  But while net worth of U.S. households has never been higher, median net worth — the folks in the middle — has generally lagged.

  The latest figures from the Census Bureau — from 2011 — show a median net worth of $68,828 per household.

  You can see every member of Congress in our updated interactive on the wealth of Congress at this link.”


Thanks To Roll Call












Whistleblowers: IRS Officials Behind ‘Fraudulent’ Multi-Billion Dollar Corporate Tax Giveaways





” A 10-year veteran IRS attorney has demanded a Congressional audit of the IRS to investigate the agency’s alleged role in allowing American corporations to illegally avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes at the same time the agency is cracking down on individuals and small businesses.

  In a letter to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, IRS commissioner John A. Koskinen, and IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, Jane J. Kim, an attorney in the IRS Office of the Chief Counsel in New York, accused IRS executives of “deliberately” facilitating multi-billion dollar tax giveaways. The letter, dated October 19, will add further pressure on the agency, which is under fire for allegedly targeting conservative and Tea Party groups.

  Kim, who has previously blown the whistle on “gross waste of government resources” in the IRS New York field offices [Senior IRS Lawyer Charges Chief Counsel's New York Office With Waste and Abuse], wrote in her new letter that senior IRS officials have “intentionally undermined the authority of the IRS Whistleblower Office” to avoid taking action “in cases involving billions in corporate taxes due.” The IRS also refuses to enforce laws for “large corporate taxpayers,” resulting in giveaways of further billions, despite applying the same laws with “draconian strictness to small business, the self-employed, and wage-earning individuals.”  … “


The TaxProf has more












2nd Amendment Success Story – Armed Citizen Kills Serial Bank Robber, Another Arrested



Phoenix Bank Robber Killed



” The duo behind a rash of Phoenix bank robberies is out of business, with one now dead and the other under arrest, thanks to the efforts of an armed local businessman.

  On Wednesday, the Desert Schools Federal Credit Union was targeted by Lyndell Cherry, age 29 and Vincent Jones, age 21, who entered at around 2 p.m. and demanded money. The two had left the keys in the ignition and the engine of their getaway vehicle running, a mistake which proved to be their undoing.

  While the robbery was taking place, one credit union employee was able to call Sean Quaid, who owns a business next door to the credit union and told him what was happening. Quaid grabbed his gun and ran outside.  After determining which was the likely vehicle of the perpetrators, Quaid removed the keys from the ignition.

  When attempting their getaway, Cherry and Jones ran outside to their car and found they had no keys. They went back inside to see if they might have dropped them somewhere along the way, even going as far as searching a woman’s purse inside to see if she might have picked them up.

  With time running out, the robbers ran back outside and accosted a couple in a Chevy pickup, with Jones pointing his gun and demanding their vehicle. At that point, Quaid stepped in, ordering the felonious pair to stop. It was then that Cherry reportedly spun around and aimed his gun at Quaid, who fired first, striking Cherry. “


Universal Free Press has more details








The Million Mask March 2014 – Largest World Protest By The Most Influential Group In The World








What is The ‘Million Mask March’? 

” Last year thousands of people worldwide joined Million Mask March rallies organized by the amorphous Anonymous movement. Rallies, both peaceful and confrontational, protested austerity, surveillance, corporate greed and corrupt governments.

  In a mass demonstration of people power, crowds in 450 cities around the world filled the streets wearing Guy Fawkes masks. “The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us” – under this motto protesters united in a global mass-march to deliver various messages. 

  From Sydney to Los Angeles, from Johannesburg to London – thousands came forward to make their voices heard. Among key ideas which virtually connected all different protests were anti-capitalist idealism and the rejection of NSA surveillance. Some rallies had a sense of carnival, where whole families with kids marched in protest, while other gatherings – like in London and Washington – turned more intense, with people not hiding their rage.

  You Want To Participate This Year In The Million Mask March 2014 with thousands of others all around the world? “






” Here is all information you need for 2014:



Make sure you have the latest version of Google maps.

  Go to:  (.com, .org & .net lead to the same place).  Once you start zooming in,  city names/event pages and the search option will appear.   As a protective measure, copy this link for safekeeping in case anything ever happens to this web site: “



Million Mask March




1.  We add events to the map that you create.

2.  If you only see a 2013 event, contact the group, ask if they’ll update it to 2014 and email us here or on Facebook with the link so we can add it to the map. Posting links on our FB discussion threads as the only way of informing us is discouraged. “





We Are Legion

We Do Not Forgive

We Do Not Forget

Expect Us













Wreck Of Nazi U-Boat 576, US Freighter Found Off Coast






” The wreck of a Nazi submarine sunk during World War II has been found off the coast of North Carolina, maritime authorities announced Tuesday.

  U-boat 576 was found just 240 yards from another wreck: the American freight ship, Bluefields, which it torpedoed in the Battle of the Atlantic in 1942.

  The twin wrecks were found just 30 miles off the North Carolina coast, the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration said.

” Most people associate the Battle of the Atlantic with the cold, icy waters of the North Atlantic,” said David Alberg at the NOAA. “But few people realize how close the war actually came to America’s shores.” “



“… how close the war actually came to American shores.” is an understatement as the fact is German spies were actually put ashore on the beach in sleepy Amagansett , New York from a sister U-Boat on the night of June 12/13 1942 …



” Shortly after midnight on June 13th, four trained German saboteurs landed on the beach near the Coast Guard Station at Amagansett, Long Island. They had made the voyage across the Atlantic in a German submarine and had rowed ashore in a collapsible rubber boat containing clothing, explosives, and several thousand dollars in cash. On June 17th, four other saboteurs were similarly landed from a submarine at Ponte Vedra Beach, south of Jacksonville, Florida. On June 27th, J. Edgar Hoover announced the arrest of all eight saboteurs and the discovery of maps and plans for a two year program designed to destroy war plants, railways, water works and bridges in the United States.”



   Read more about the infiltration in Jacksonville four days later , as well as the landing in Maine in November of 1944 . The report on NOAA’s location of U-576 and the merchant ship Bluefields continues here .















How To Survive The Coming Chaos: Hope For The Best, But Prepare For The Worst





” I have long dabbled in the preparedness mindset but never really paid too much attention to it all until my town was hit hard by a mile-wide, category-three tornado that destroyed or severely damaged hundreds of homes in my immediate area. Ordered to evacuate my home for several days the realization that things can change very quickly and that ‘bad things’ can and do happen to otherwise completely normal people has compelled me to re-evaluate my own preparedness for a wide variety of possible scenarios.

  One cannot be hurt by being prepared for whatever may happen, but one will undoubtedly be hurt if one has not prepared for the unexpected. That has become my mindset and how I now approach the concept of preparedness. It just makes good sense to have plans and preparations in place for the unknown. It is every man’s duty to provide and protect his family no matter what happens and being prepared is the ultimate fulfillment of that duty as well as being a valuable insurance policy against a great many possible threats.

  Ideally, one should plan to hunker down and not leave your own home unless you absolutely have to. This is ‘bugging in.’ Planning around this allows you to stock large stockpiles of water, food, and other supplies without any major convenience. Know your neighbors well, and this will allow you to have a small base of supplies and a network of people in the immediate vicinity that can help each other out if things go south quickly for whatever reason. Be a good neighbor now and they’ll be an invaluable neighbor then. I live in a cul-de-sac and know everyone on the block fairly well. I bring them gifts of garden produce in the summers, wave at them when I drive by, and invite them all over when I have my big backyard birthday bashes. We have helped each other out at various times and I would feel comfortable turning to them for assistance or access to tools etc. if I had no choice. Such nominal relationships could come in very handy some day. You never know.

  Let’s examine each of the subjects of preparation I have mentioned: “










Birmingham Pays $460,000 To End Police Beating Lawsuit, But Only $1,000 Goes To Plaintiff







” The city of Birmingham has settled a police beating lawsuit for $460,000, but the plaintiff remains behind bars and won’t get much of a payday.

  Under terms of the settlement approved by the City Council and Mayor William Bell, Anthony Warren will receive $1,000, while his attorneys receive $359,000 in fees and $100,000 in expenses, learned this evening.


    Read more of this disgusting outcome that demonstrates how the lawyers ALWAYS win . No surprise as they are the ones that make the rules and referee the matches . Sickening … 













Roy Officer-Involved Shooting Leaves One Man Dead





” A terrifying Tuesday morning in a Roy neighborhood turned tragic when police officers shot and killed a man in his garage at 3779 West, 5300 South in Roy. The Weber County Attorney’s Office is investigating it as a “suicide by cop.”

  The 35 year old man, who neighbors describe the as a quiet, friendly man, was divorced and now lived in the home with his girlfriend and her children. According to Detective Matthew Gwynn of the Roy City Police Department, the man called a suicide hotline around 4 a.m. and threatened to kill himself. The Weber County Consolidated Dispatch Center sent officers to the resident.

” There were people in the home at the time the call was placed,” Det. Gwynn told ABC4 News. “They left the home shortly thereafter.”

  Roy City Police and the Weber Metro SWAT Team tried to convince the man to surrender and get help but seven hours after the initial call, something dramatic occurred in the garage causing SWAT officers to open fire.”













From The New American Revolution




   Yes , Governor Malloy actually said that “high capacity” magazines would help people fight against the Federal government . 

1 Dead After NC Grandfather Fires Back At Trio In Attempted Rape Of Teen Granddaughter, Sheriff Says






” A grandfather shot back and is believed to have killed a suspect in a home-invasion and attempted rape of his teen granddaughter on Monday night, Robeson County Sheriff’s officials said.

  The grandfather was also shot – but  he also managed to shoot the 2 other suspects in the home-invasion and attempted rape, said Maj. Anthony Thompson with the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.
  The incident started around 10 pm at a house on Yedda Road in Lumberton on Monday night when someone knocked on the home of the grandfather, his wife and their 19-year-old granddaughter, according to the sheriff’s office.

   Two of three men – all wearing black clothes, ski masks and gloves — stormed into the house and demanded money, officials said.

  The grandfather and his wife ended up in the back of the house and were directed at gunpoint to open a safe. The three men were all armed and tried to rape the teen girl, officials said.

  The 67-year-old grandfather managed to grab a gun and shot all three of the suspects. The suspects fired back and the grandfather was hit several times, deputies said.”













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