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    For those who might be interested in the growing student protests and increasing crackdown of same by the Chinese authorities we provide the reader with a pair of live feeds from Hong Kong .



Live Hong Kong Feed



The above feed is from Ustream subscriber 本台設有下載區及網誌  Mee JTV



Live Feed Hong Kong

The second feed is from 佔領中環直播 Occupy Central,Hong Kong Live




   Bear in mind that these feeds sometimes cease broadcasting for a time but usually go live again fairly quickly so keep checking back for the latest developments .
















Dear Mr. Chairman,Don’t Break The Internet!






Save The Internet

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Extremists To Have Facebook And Twitter Vetted By Anti-Terror Police







” Extremists will have to get posts on Facebook and Twitter approved in advance by the police under sweeping rules planned by the Conservatives.

  They will also be barred from speaking at public events if they represent a threat to “the functioning of democracy”, under the new Extremist Disruption Orders.

  Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will lay out plans to allow judges to ban people from broadcasting or protesting in certain places, as well as associating with specific people.

  The plans — to be brought in if the Conservatives win the election in May — are part of a wide-ranging set of rules to strengthen the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

  The announcement at the annual party conference in Birmingham will come as the Conservatives position themselves as the party toughest on the terror threat.”



   Paging George Orwell … Who’s extremist and who gets to decide ? This is not a winning strategy for a liberty-loving party to advance … Read more at the Telegraph













Northeast Loses 40% Of House Seats As People Flee High-Tax States







” The Northeast, once the nation’s political engine that produced presidents, House speakers and Senate giants including the late Edward M. Kennedy, is losing clout in Washington as citizens flee the high-tax region, according to experts worried about the trend.

  The Census Bureau reports that population growth has shifted to the South and the result is that the 11 states that make up the Northeast are being bled dry of representation in Washington.

  Critics blame rising taxes in states such as Massachusetts and Connecticut for limiting population growth in the Northeast to just 15 percent from 1983 to 2013, while the rest of the nation grew more than 41 percent.

The biggest impact comes in the loss of congressional representation.

  Deep in a recent report, for example, the American Legislative Exchange Council tabulated how the drop in population relative to the rest of the nation cut the region’s power in Washington. While the states from Pennsylvania to Maine had 141 House members in 1950, they are down to 85 today, a drop of some 40 percent.

California and Texas combined have more House representatives..

This result is one of the most dramatic demographic shifts in American history. This migration is shifting the power center of America right before our very eyes. The movement isn’t random or even about weather or resources. Economic freedom is the magnet and states ignore this force at their own peril,” said the report. “



Much thanks to Paul Bedard @ Washington Examiner














Ron Paul Thinks There Should Be More Secessionist Movements In The U.S.






” Secessionists across the world were inspired by Scotland’s energetic attempt at independence from the United Kingdom earlier this month. Ron Paul, as it turns out, joined them.

  In an essay on his eponymous institution’s website Sunday, the former U.S. congressman from Texas wrote that any supporters of freedom should cheer secessionism because it allows for smaller government—a constant mantra for the libertarian and perennial presidential candidate, who didn’t previously realize there were more than a handful of secessionist groups in the United States.

” I was real pleased with that, and a bit surprised,” Paul told National Journal. “But then, on second thought, you think, ‘Why not? Why not more?’ “

  Fringe groups calling for states and regions to secede from the U.S., such as the Second Vermont Republic and the Alaskan Independence Party, gained more publicity in the weeks leading up to the Scottish referendum. As the outsized federal government continues to encroach on individual rights, Paul said, he thinks there will be a groundswell of these movements.

” It’s something that I think is going to grow, because the failure of the federal government is going to get much worse,” he said. “When the bankruptcy evolves, and maybe some of these pension funds are confiscated, and the wars never end, and bankruptcy comes forth, people [will say], ‘Hey, we’re getting a bad deal from this. Why don’t we leave?’ “

  He added: “I think it’s inevitable people wanting to leave will be there, and the numbers will grow.” “



National Journal













GOP Rep: ‘Politically Correct’ Secret Service Has Allowed 1,000 Security Lapses



” An internal Secret Service report revealed more than “1,000 security breaches and vulnerabilities,” according to a House investigator who said that a “politically correct” culture is endangering President Obama.

“ There are new details that will come out that — you really have to question if security is their number one objective,” Representative Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah), who sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that is holding a Tuesday hearing on the Secret Service, tells National Review Online. “They want to be politically correct.” “



It would be more than ironic is something were to happen to Obama due to the left’s penchant for political correctness …


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Fifth RAF Iraq Mission Ends With ‘No Reports’ Of Bombing



An RAF Tornado jet landing in Cyprus




” British Tornado jets have returned to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus after carrying out a fifth combat sortie over Iraq.

  The pair returned to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, and BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale said there were “no reports of any weapons dropped“.

  The first jets to take part in a mission against Islamic State (IS) militants had carried out armed reconnaissance missions at the weekend.

  Parliament voted by 524 votes to 43 to take action against IS in Iraq.

  IS – also known as Isis or Isil – controls large swathes of Syria and Iraq after rapid advances through the region in the summer. It has been using the Syrian city of Raqqa as the capital of its self-declared caliphate.”














New Charts Are A Treasure Trove Of Info On What Shows Democrats And Republicans Love To Watch







” There are only 35 days until Election Day, and candidates across the country are racing to reach their voters and make a connection before they enter the voting booth.

  If you watch TV, you’ve seen this in the works: political ads are running fast and furious in battleground states.

  The Washington Post, with the help of the Federal Communications Commission and the Sunlight Foundation, has taken a look at which political parties buy airtime on which and what type of shows.

  We pulled every PDF filed on behalf of a senate candidate from August 1 through last week (which includes buys into October). We ran a text-recognition tool on them, divvied them up by party, and then created a script that let us search for the names of shows.”



Story continues











Controversial Owner Declares Her Store A ‘Muslim-Free’ Zone; Find Out Her Reasoning







” Of course, not all Muslims are violent and should not be treated as such. However, one store, The Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has declared itself a “Muslim-free zone.”
  Citing safety concerns and an extensive history of violent actions taken by Muslims in the U.S. and abroad, range owner Jan Morgan posted on her website a ten-point explanation for her decision to ban Muslims from her establishment and clarification as to her supposed legal reasoning.
  Morgan claims that the ATF has asked her in the past to exercise judgment in refusing service to people who she feels might be unstable or a threat in general. This broad leeway, Morgan claims, offers her the authority to deny service broadly to Muslims. backs-up this assertion and notes, 

She brings up a very valid point that gun stores and ranges have both a legal and moral obligation to ensure the safety of their patrons. Because of this, they may refuse service to anyone they deem to be under the influence, mentally unstable, or otherwise a potential threat to themselves, or others. FFLs are afforded a great deal of latitude in this regard, as the federal government would rather err on the side of caution.” “

Ms Morgan’s ten reasons can be read here and they make perfect sense to us .

Woman Spends Month In Jail For Possession Of SpaghettiOs


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.57.35 PM


” Ashley Gabrielle Huff is considering suing police and prosecutors after she spent a month in jail for possession of SpaghettiOs.

  Police arrested Huff after they pulled her over and found a spoon covered with a “suspicious residue.” She claimed that she was not guilty of using, selling, or making methamphetamines.

  Huff spent more than a month in jail while her attorney was attempting to make a plea bargain. They changed their tune after the crime lab report showed that the spoon was covered in SpaghettiOs sauce. Huff was released immediately after the discovery.”


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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Drones





Published on Sep 28, 2014

” The United States has launched a huge number of drone strikes under President Obama.
It’s widely accepted and extremely terrifying.”
















How Hard Can It Be? Episode 02 – Homemade Rocket




Published on Apr 14, 2013

” How Hard Can It Be? Episode 02

  Vin, Paul and Eric attempt to send a rocket into space using materials and know-how that anyone could acquire.”
















Niccolo Machiavelli



” Princes and governments are far more dangerous than other elements within society. “












Bob Gorrell















Today In The Past




1199 – Rambam (Maimonides) authorizes Samuel Ibn Tibbon to translate Guide of Perplexed from Arabic into Hebrew

1399 – King Richard II of England abdicates throne

1452 – 1st book published, Johann Guttenberg’s Bible

1544 – King Henry VIII draws his armies out of France

1555 – Oxford Bishop Nicholas Ridley sentenced to death as a heretic

1777 – Congress, flees to York Pa, as British forces advance

1787 – 1st US voyage around the world – Columbia leaves Boston

1808 – Covent Garden Theatre Royal destroyed by fire

1841 – Samuel Slocum patented the stapler

1846 – Anesthetic ether used for 1st time (Dr Wm Morton extracts a tooth)

1867 – Midway Islands formally declared a US possession

1877 – 1st US amateur swim meet (NY Athletic Club)




1880 – Henry Draper takes the 1st photograph of Orion Nebula



















1887 – Volunteer (US) beats Thistle (Scotland) in 8th America’s Cup

1888 – “Jack the Ripper” butchers 2 more women, Liz Stride & Kate Eddowes

1898 – City of NY established

1927 – Babe Ruth hits record setting 60th HR (off Tom Zachary)

1928 – Leon Vanderstuyft of Belgium cycles record 76 mi 604 yds in 1 hr

1929 – 1st manned rocket plane flight (by auto maker Fritz von Opel)




1935 – The Hoover Damastride the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, is dedicated.






1939 – 1st televised college football game (Fordham vs Waynesburg at NYC)

1939 – Britain first evacuates citizens in anticipation of war.

1940 – 47 German aircrafts shot down above England

1942 – Admiral Nimitz B-17 finds Guadalcanal using National Geographic map

1946 – Von Ribbentrop & Goering sentence to death by Nuremberg trial




1949 – Berlin Airlift ends after 277,000 flights (Ed. note: dates differ from site to site)






1950 – 1st congress of International Astronautical Federation opens in Paris

1950 – Radio’s “Grand Ole Opry” is broadcasted on TV for 1st time

1953 – Auguste/Jacques Piccard dives with bathosphere to 3150 m (record)

1953 – Earl Warren appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court




1960 – Flintstones premieres (1st prime time animation show)


Theme Song

Flintstones Cigarette Commercial

History of The Flintstones

1961 – Bill for Boston Tea Party is paid by Mayor Snyder of Oregon who wrote a check for $196, the total cost of all tea lost




1968 – 1st Boeing 747 rolls out






1972 – Roberto Clemente, is 11th to get 3,000 hits




1975 – The Hughes (later McDonnell-Douglas, now BoeingAH-64 Apache makes its first flight.






1977 – Due to US budget cuts, the Apollo program’s ALSEP experiment packages left on the Moon are shut down.

1980 – A’s Rickey Henderson sets AL stolen base record at 98 en route to 100

1980 – Ethernet specifications published by Xerox working with Intel and Digital Equipment Corporation.

1984 – NY Yankee Don Mattingly wins AL batting crown with .343 avg

1985 – Howard Stern gets fired from WNBC AM (NY)

1986 – US releases soviet spy Gennadiy Zakharov

1986 – Mordechai Vanunu, who revealed details of Israel covert nuclear program to British media, was kidnapped in Rome, Italy.

1988 – IBM announces shipment of 3 millionth PS/2 personal computer

1988 – Louise Ritter, US, jumps 6’8″ to win Olympic gold medal

1989 – NASA closes down tracking stations in Hawaii & Ascension

1993 – 6.4 earthquake at Latur, India, 28,000 killed

1993 – MS Dos 6.2 released

1994 – Space shuttle STS-68 (Endeavour 7), launches into orbit

1997 – Microsoft Corp releases Internet Explorer 4.0

1999 – Japan’s worst nuclear accident at a uranium reprocessing facility in Tōkai-mura, northeast of Tokyo.




2004 – The first images of a live giant squid in its natural habitat are taken 600 miles south of Tokyo.






2004 – The AIM-54 Phoenix, the primary missile for the F-14 Tomcat, retired from service. Almost two years later, the Tomcat retires.







2005 – The controversial drawings of Muhammad are printed in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.





1207 – Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi, Persian mystic and poet (d. 1273)

1227 – Pope Nicholas IV (d. 1292)

1631 – William Stoughton, American judge at the Salem witch trials (d. 1701)

1861 – William Wrigley Jr., American industrialist (Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company) (d. 1932)

1870 – Jean Perrin, France, physicist, studied Brownian motion (Nobel 1926)

1905 – Nevill Francis Mott, physicist

1915 – Lester Garfield Maddox, (Gov-D-Ga)/restaurant owner




1917 – Buddy RichNew YorkAmerican jazz drummer and band leader (Buddy Rich Band-Away We Go), (d. 1987)



Stick Trick Solo


Drum Battle with Gene Krupa

Drum Solo Battle with Jerry Lewis

1917 – Chung Hee Park, general/pres of S Korea (1961-79), assassinated

1921 – Deborah Kerr, Helensburg Scotland, actress (King & I, Night of Iguana)

1922 – Alan Stretton, Australian general

1924 – Truman Capote, New Orleans LA, author (In Cold Blood)




1928 – Elie WieselRomaniaauthor (Souls on FireNazi hunter (Nobel 1986)






1931 – Angie Dickinson, [Angeline Brown], Kulm ND, actress (Police Woman)




1935 – Johnny MathisSFvocalist (Chances Are12th of Never)




Too Much Too Little To Late with Deniece Williams

Chances Are

Wonderful, Wonderful





1942 – Frankie Lymon, NYC, rocker (The Teenagers-Why do Fools Fall in Love)

1943 – Marilyn McCoo, Jersey City NJ, host/singer (Solid Gold, 5th Dimension)

1945 – Ehud Olmert, twelfth Prime Minister of Israel

1947 – Marc Bolan, London England, rock vocalist (T-Rex-Bang a Gong)

1951 – Nicholas Yermakov, US, sci-fi author (Epiphany, Jehad, Clique)

1951 – Barry Marshall, Australian physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

1953 – S.M. Stirling, Canadian-born author

1954 – Barry Williams, Santa Monica California, actor (Greg-Brady Bunch)

1957 – Fran Drescher, Queens NY, actress (Cadillac Man, Nanny)

1958 – Marty Stuart, Phila Miss, country singer (Hillbilly Rock)

1958 – Nona Garson, equestrian show jumper (Olympics-96)

1961 – Crystal Bernard, Garland TX, actress (Amy-It’s a Living, Helen-Wings)

1961 – Eric van de Poele, Belgian racing driver

1962 – Dave Magadan, Tampa FL, 1st baseman (NY Mets, Chicago Cubs)




1964 – Stephen N FrickPitts PALt Cmdr USN/astronaut






1964 – Trey AnastasioAmerican musician (Phish)



Trey Anastasio & The Roots

Long Beach Jam

1968 – Monica Bellucci, Italian actress

1971 – Jenna Elfman, LA California, actress (Townies, Dharma & Greg)

1975 – Marion Cotillard, French actress

1980 – Martina Hingis, Kosice Slovakia, tennis star (1997 Aust/US/Wimb)
1981 – Dominique Moceanu, California, gymnast (World-silver-95, Olympics-gold-96)

1982 – Lacey Chabert, actress (Party of Five)

1982 – Tory Lane, American nude model, exotic dancer, and pornographic actress

1982 – Ryan Stout, American comedian





420 – Saint Jerome, translator of the Vulgate Bible

653 – Saint Honorius, Archbishop of Canterbury

739 – P’u-chi Ho-shang Tao-chao, Northern Ch’an Line Zen teacher, dies

1101 – Anselm IV, Archbishop of Milan

1351 – Muso Soseki, Zen teacher/Rinzai line/head of Nanzenji, dies in Japan

1440 – Reginald Grey, 3rd Baron Grey de Ruthyn, English soldier and politician

1551 – Ōuchi Yoshitaka, Japanese warlord (b. 1507)

1626 – Nurhaci, Manchurian chief (b. 1559)

1630 – John Billington, murderer, 1st American execution, hanged

1772 – James Brindley, English engineer (b. 1716)

1877 – Toohoolhoolzote, prophet of Nez Perce indians, dies in battle

1888 – Catherine Eddowes, English, murdered by Jack the Ripper at 45

1888 – Elizabeth Stride, Long Liz, English, murdered by Jack the Ripper at 45

1897 – St Therese of Lisieux, Roman Catholic saint and mystic (b. 1873)

1910 – Maurice Lévy, French engineer (b. 1838)




1955James Deanactor (Rebel Without a Cause), dies in a car crash at age 24


James Dean and Ronald Reagan


James Dean’s Crash – The Truth?

1960 – Harry St John Philby, [sheik Abdullah], British explorer, dies

1965 – E[dward] E[lmer] “Doc” Smith, sci-fi author (Triplanetary), dies at 75

1978 – Edgar Bergen, ventriloquist (Charlie McCarthy), dies at 75

1985 – Charles F Richter, US seismologist (scale of R), dies at 85

1985 – Helen MacInnes, US spy writer (Affiliate in place), dies at 77

1985 – Simone Signoret, German/French actress (Room at Top, Gina), dies at 64

1987 – Alfred Bester, sci-fi author (Dark Side of Earth), dies at 73

1995 – George Kirby, comedian/impressionist (Pearl Bailey), dies at 71

1997 – Male alligator, largest in Florida (14 feet), killed at about 65

2003 – Robert Kardashian, Armenian-American lawyer (b. 1944)

2011 – Anwar al-Awlaki, American-born terrorist and islamist militant (b. 1971)

















Obama: U.S. Underestimated Rise Of ISIS In Iraq And Syria








” President Obama acknowledged that the U.S. underestimated the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, also called ISIL) and overestimated the ability of the Iraqi military to fend off the militant group in an interview that will air Sunday on 60 Minutes.

  The president was asked by 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft about comments from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who has said the U.S. not only underestimated ISIS, it also overestimated the ability and will of the Iraqi military to fight the extremist group.

” That’s true,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s absolutely true.”

” Jim Clappper has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria,” he said, blaming the instability of the Syrian civil war for giving extremists space to thrive.”



   Read more about how , once again , our commander-in-chief was let down by his staff … and bears no responsibility for their shortcomings … Harry Truman he’s not …















    Growing up what boy didn’t try to create his own flamethrower with a match and a can of Lysol ? Well , these “boys” have taken that idea to entirely new heights so if you feel the need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse check out these videos .



This guy scared the crap out of his girlfriend , who was filming the video …




Published on Nov 12, 2012

” To see what this thing can really do check my other video…. This is with a full tank of fuel. Bad ass for info “






Here is the how-to video from Mr Bumgardner explaining how he created his very cool flamethrower … Warning – plenty of “F words” …









Published on May 25, 2013

” Ok yall here is the instructions on how to build it. Any questions just email me and dont be stupid with it, its not a toy. Im not liable for your dumb ass killing yourself or others “





This video is offered by a guy who actually has plans available so that you can make your own . 




Published on Jan 5, 2013

” Our latest flamethrower update! A daylight video to see all the flamethrower details in action. To purchase plans or your very own flamethrower, visit “






     These videos are offered for entertainment purposes only and we shall not be held liable by any idiot that survives blowing him/herself up .










Louisiana Restaurant Offers Heat-Packing Incentive: Way To Weed Out Gun-Grabbers!







” While a number of businesses are welcoming customers carrying firearms, a Louisiana restaurant has taken it a step further – offering an incentive to gun-toting diners.

  Bergeron’s Restaurant, located in Port Allen, is offering a 10 percent discount to any patron packing heat, according to local affiliate NBC33.

“ I just need to see a weapon,” owner Kevin Cox said. “I need you to be carrying a gun.”

  Cox first only offered law enforcement officers the discount, but other gun-toting customers wanted similar consideration, NBC33 reported.

Cox said he was only too happy to oblige.

“As long as everybody has a gun, we’re all the same size,” he told NBC33. “



Read more












Real Talk: Girl Explains Why Using The Term “Talking White” Is Ridiculous! HD





Published on Sep 26, 2014

” Real Talk: Girl Explains Why Using The Term “Talking White” Is Ridiculous!

Black Lady Describes How Speaking Properly Shouldn’t Be Viewed As “Talking White”

 This Lady Understands It, And Describes How Speaking Properly Shouldn’t Be Viewed As “Talking White” “

HT/Rightwing News

Gov. Brown Signs Bill Telling College Kids Where, When To Have Sex







” California Gov. Jerry Brown affixed his signature to SB 967—the “Yes Means Yes” affirmative consent bill—which will require colleges to police their students’ sex lives.

  Some congrats are in order, I suppose? To collectivist feminists, doomsayers of the “rape is an ever-worsening epidemic” variety, and other puritans: Your so-called progressivism has restored Victorian Era prudishness to its former place as a guiding moral compass. Well done, liberals.

  The law instructs colleges to define consensual sex under strict terms brilliantly thought up by the California legislature. It also requires university administrators to investigate accusations of sexual assault under a set of terrible procedures that short-change victims by denying them fundamental due process rights. The law specifically establishes the “preponderance of evidence” standard, which mandates convictions for accused students deemed 50.1 percent likely to be guilty by the campus judiciary body.”


Read the rest at Reason











Cops Seize Car When Told To Get A Warrant, Tell Owner That’s What He Gets For ‘Exercising His Rights’








” Yeah, so you’ve read the headline. No criminal activity. No charges brought. And a cheap shot fired across the bow of the Fourth Amendment, not to mention Vermont’s own Constitution.

  But let’s travel back further to set this up. Twenty-one-year-old Gregory Zullo was supposedly pulled over for having his license plate registration sticker (incidentally) covered by a small amount of snow.

Not a crime. From the ACLU filing [pdf link]:

  At all times relevant to this action, it was not a violation of Vermont law to drive a car on which the validation sticker on the rear license plate – but not the numbers and letters of the license plate itself – was touched by snow, leaves, or any other material.

  The lawsuit notes that the officer who stated this was the reason he initiated the event spent no further time on that subject. He didn’t bother to brush the snow away from the registration sticker or have Zullo do it, despite the fact that both spent over 30 minutes no more than a few inches away from the offending plate.

  Officer Hatch spent most of his time trying to talk Zullo into allowing him to search the vehicle without a warrant. Hatch seemed to be convinced that Zullo was involved with the heroin traffickers he was searching for. Hatch tried everything, including lying.

  More than once, the defendant’s employee told Mr. Zullo that Mr. Zullo should consent to a search because the police dog in the back of his truck smelled something. “

Read more here and here

The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist






” We’re being had. Again.

  For six years, President Obama has endeavored to will the country into accepting two pillars of his alternative national-security reality. First, he claims to have dealt decisively with the terrorist threat, rendering it a disparate series of ragtag jayvees. Second, he asserts that the threat is unrelated to Islam, which is innately peaceful, moderate, and opposed to the wanton “violent extremists” who purport to act in its name.

  Now, the president has been compelled to act against a jihad that has neither ended nor been “decimated.” The jihad, in fact, has inevitably intensified under his counterfactual worldview, which holds that empowering Islamic supremacists is the path to security and stability. Yet even as war intensifies in Iraq and Syria — even as jihadists continue advancing, continue killing and capturing hapless opposition forces on the ground despite Obama’s futile air raids — the president won’t let go of the charade.

  Hence, Obama gives us the Khorosan Group.

  The who?

  There is a reason that no one had heard of such a group until a nanosecond ago, when the “Khorosan Group” suddenly went from anonymity to the “imminent threat” that became the rationale for an emergency air war there was supposedly no time to ask Congress to authorize.

  You haven’t heard of the Khorosan Group because there isn’t one. It is a name the administration came up with, calculating that Khorosan — the –Iranian–​Afghan border region — had sufficient connection to jihadist lore that no one would call the president on it. “


Andrew C McCarthy














‘Anti-Facebook’ Social Network Gets Viral Surge






” In a matter of days, the new social network Ello, described as the “anti-Facebook” for its stand on privacy and advertising, has become perhaps the hottest ticket on the Internet.

  Created last year as a “private” social network, Ello ( recently opened its doors on an invitation-only basis.

  Because of the limited supply and strong demand, the invitations have been selling on eBay at prices up to $500. Some reports said Ello is getting up to 35,000 requests per hour as a result of a viral surge in the past week.

  Ello appears to have caught on with its simple message which seems to take aim at frustrations of Facebook users.  

” Ello doesn’t sell ads. Nor do we sell data about you to third parties,” the company says.”


Read more and see our previous story here














In A Fit Of Rage, Obama Snaps At U.S. Military Brass: “Don’t You Dare Try And Paint All Of Islam With The Same Brush”







” Showing his Muslim stripes, Obama threw a hissy fit and stomped out of a Pentagon meeting about the bombing campaign against ISIS over remarks allegedly tying the Islamic State (ISIS) to Islam.

  UMB (h/t Free)  His tantrum reportedly took place in the afternoon of last week just prior to the president’s departure to Camp David. It was an informal briefing on the expanded bombing campaigns to take place in both Syria and Iraq. Halfway through the already very brief briefing, President Obama stood up clearly agitated, and walked out of the room. “


Bare Naked Islam












On The Inside With Bobby Collins





Uploaded on Sep 13, 2011

” A one-on-one interview with legendary comedian Bobby Collins.”

















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