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Daily Comedy 4.23.14

10 Minutes Of Curious Animals: Compilation




Published on Apr 22, 2014
” In this funny animal compilation by America’s Funniest Home Videos, tune in to see over 10 minutes of furry funnies.











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Apple Tree Shaped Det Cord Explosion





Published on Apr 21, 2014
” Apple Tree Shaped Detcord Explosion

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John Stuart Mill


John Stuart Mill



” Mankind are greater gainers by suffering each other to live as seems good to themselves, than by compelling each to live as seems good to the rest.”









Bob Gorrell




Empty Rhetoric










Today In The Past




215 BC - A temple is built on the Capitoline Hill dedicated to Venus Erycina to commemorate the Roman defeat at Lake Trasimene.




1014 - King Brian Boru of Ireland beats Danes at Battle of Clontarf







1154 - Damascus surrenders to sultan Nur ad-Din van Aleppo

1229 - Ferdinand III of Castile conquers Cáceres.

1343 - St. George’s Night Uprising.

1348 - 1st English order of knighthood founded (Order of Garter)

1500 - Pedro Cabral lands & annexes Brazil (Terra da Vera Cruz)

1501 - Portuguese navigator Pedro Cabral & 6 ships return to Lisbon

1597 - William Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor is first performed, with Queen Elizabeth I of England in attendance.

1635 - Oldest US public institution, Boston Latin School founded

1662 - Connecticut chartered as an English colony

1789 - President-elect George Washington moves into Franklin House, NY

1795 - William Hastings acquitted in England of high treason

1827 - William Rowan Hamilton presents his Theory of systems of rays.

1838 - English steamship “Great Western” crossing Atlantic docks in NYC

1861 - Arkansas troops seize Ft Smith

1864 - Battle of Cane River, LA (Red River Expedition, Monett’s Ferry)

1867 - Queen Victoria & Napoleon III turn down plans for a channel tunnel




1871 - Blossom Rock in SF Bay blown up







1896 - Vitascope system of movie projection 1st shown at Koster & Bial’s Music Hall (NYC) 

1900 - 1st know occurrence of word “hillbillie” (NY Journal)

1915 - ACA becomes National Advisory Council on Aeronautics (NACA)

1918 - Battle of Zeebrugge ends

1919 - Major leagues open a reduced 140-game season

1921 - Charles Paddock runs world record 100m (10.4 secs)

1924 - British Empire Exhibition opens at Wembley

1932 - Shakespeare Memorial Theatre opens at Stratford-on-Avon

1932 - The 153-year old De Adriaan Windmill in Haarlem, the Netherlands burns down.

1938 - Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia demand self government

1939 - Boston Red Sox Ted Williams hits his 1st HR




1940 - Dance hall fire kills 207 (Natchez Miss)

Natchez Fire







1941 - Greece Army surrenders to German Nazis RAF brings Greek king George II to Egypt

1942 - 4-day allied bombing on Rostock begins

1942 - Luftwaffe bombs Exeter

1943 - British & US offensive directed at Tunis/Bizerta

1945 - Concentration camp Flossenburg liberated

1945 - US troops in Italy cross river Po

1949 - Chinese Red army conquerors Nanjing

1950 - Nationalist China evacuates Hainan Island

1952 - Oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Banias completed

1953 - General Charles P Cabell, USAF, becomes deputy director of CIA

1954 - Hammerin’ Hank Aaron hits 1st of his 755 homers

1956 - US Supreme court ends race segregation on buses

1958 - Gil Hodges hits his 300th HR & Pee Wee Reese plays in 2,000th game

1959 - 1st heliport in Britain opens in London

1962 - 1st US satellite to reach the moon launched

1968 - 1st decimal coins issued in Britain (5 & 10 pence)

1969 - LA Laker Jerry West scores 53 points

1969 - Sirhan Sirhan sentenced to death for killing Bobby Kennedy

1971 - Columbia University operations virtually end, by student strike




1972 - Apollo 16 astronauts explores Moon surface







1977 - Milt workers kill 300-500 students in Addis Ababa

1977 - Czech chess master Vlastimil Hort plays 201 games simultaneously & only loses 10

1978 - Reds Joe Morgan ends record streak of 91 cons errorless games at 2nd

1982 - Conch Republic is established.

1984 - AIDS-virus identified (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)

1985 - New Coke debuts

1987 - 28 construction workers killed in an apt collapse in Bridgeport, Ct

1988 - A Greek pedals self-powered aircraft, 74 miles

1988 - Federal smoking ban during domestic airline flights of 2 hrs or less

1989 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar plays his last game as a Laker

1989 - Nolan Ryan blows a no hitter in 9th inning

1992 - Marion Berry (former mayor of Wash DC) let out of prison

1992 - McDonald’s opens its 1st fast-food restaurant in China

1994 - General Tire World Bowling Tournament of Champions won by Norm Duke

1994 - Libertarian party nominates Howard Stern for Governor of NY

1995 - Pres Clinton declares a national day of mourning for Oklahoma City

1997 - Omaria massacre in Algeria: 42 villagers are killed.

2003 - Beijing closes all schools for two weeks because of the SARS virus.




2009 - The gamma ray burst GRB 090423 is observed for 10 seconds as the most distant object of any kind and also the oldest known object in the universe.








2012 - 38,000 London Marathon entrants have their home and email contacts published in a data protection breach





1170 - Isabelle of Hainaut, queen of France (d. 1190)

1185 - King Afonso II of Portugal (d. 1223)

1464 - Johanna van Valois, Queen of France

1464 - Robert Fayrfax, composer

1484 - Julius Caesar Scaliger, Italy, scholar (On the Subtlety of Things)

1598 - Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp, naval commander

1621 - William Penn, English admiral (d. 1670)

1697 - George Baron Anson, British admiral/explorer

1728 - Samuel Wallis, explorer (Wallis Island)

1746 - Félix Vicq-d’Azyr, French physician and anatomist (d. 1794)




1791 - James BuchananCove Gap PA, (Fed/Dem), 15th US president (1857-61)







1792 - John Thomas Romney Robinson, Irish astronomer and physicist (d. 1882)

1813 - Stephen Arnold Douglas, (Little giant), US senator (Lincoln debates)




1858 - Max K E Ludwig PlanckGerman physicist (Planck ConstantNobel 1918)

Max Planck







1891 - Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev, Sontsovka, Ukraine, composer (Peter and the Wolf)

1895 - Ngaio Marsh, New Zealand writer (d. 1982)




1897 - Lucius du Bignon ClayUSgeneral (WW II)/gov (West Germany)







1899 - Vladimir Nabokov, St Petersburg, Russia, novelist (Lolita, Ada)

1903 - Guy Simonds, youngest general officer in the Canadian army (d 1974)

1906 - Marcel Hillaire, Cologne Germany, actor (Adv in Paradise)

1908 - Myron Waldman, American animator (d. 2006)

1911 - Simone Simon, France, actress (All Money Can Buy, Ladies in Love)

1914 - Mitsu Suzuki, teacher of tea ceremony at SF Zen Center

1915 - Arnold Hall, CEO (Hawker Siddeley Group)

1917 - Jacob Kistemaker, nuclear physicist (ultra centrifuge)

1917 - Dorian Leigh, American supermodel (d. 2008)

1918 - Gordon Hirabayshi, Seattle, Washington, American civil rights activist and WWII internment opponent (Hirabayshi v. United States), (d. 2012)

1919 - Oleg Penkovsky, Soviet double-agent

1920 - Eric Yarrow, CEO (Clydesdale Bank)

1921 - Warren Spahn, left-handed pitcher (Boston/Milwaukee Braves)

1922 - Boy [Segundo JA] Ecury, Aruba, resistance fighter

1924 - Colin Welch, columnist/critic

1928 - Shirley Temple Black, Ca, actress (Heidi)/ambassador (UN)

1932 - Halston, [R Halston Frowick], fashion designer (1972 Hall of Fame)

1932 - Jim Fixx, jogger/writer (Jim Fixx on Running)

1936 - Roy Orbison, Vernon Tx, rocker (Pretty Woman)

1939 - David Birney, Wash DC, actor (Brigette Loves Bernie, St Elsewhere)

1940 - Lee Majors, [Harvey Yeary], Mich, TV actor ($6,000,000 Man, Stunt Man)

1940 - Richard Monaco, US, sci-fi author (Grail War, Final Quest)

1942 - Sandra Dee, [Zuck], Bayonne NJ, actress (Gidget, Imitation of Life)

1943 - Herve Villechaize, France, “Da Plane! Da Plane!” (Fantasy Island)

1947 - Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, Ireland, political activist [or 1940]

1947 - Saskia, [Trudy van den Berg], singer (S & Serge, Spinning Wheel)

1948 - Richard Day, engineer/development expert

1949 - Blair Brown, Wash DC, actress (Altered States, Molly Dodd)

1949 - Joyce DeWitt, Wheeling WV, actress (Janet Wood-Three’s Company)

1952 - Narada, [Michael Walden], Mich, rocker (Don’t Want Nobody Else)

1955 - Judy Davis, Perth Australia, actress (Husbands & Wives)

1957 - Jan Hooks, Decatur Georgia, comedienne actress (SNL, Designing Women)

1960 - Steve Clark, Hillsborough England, rock guitarist (Def Leppard)

1960 - Valerie Bertinelli, Del, (1 Day at a Time, Sydney); Ms Eddie Van Halen

1961 - George Lopez, American actor and comedian

1964 - Gen, [Simon Matthews], English pop drummer (Jesus Jones-Zeroes & Ones)

1965 - Donna Weinbrecht, skier (Olympic-gold)

1967 - Brent Muscat, rocker (Faster Pussycat-Wake Me When It’s Over)

1967 - Melina Kanakaredes, Akron Ohio, actress (Eleni Andros-Guiding Light)

1968 - Timothy McVeigh, American terrorist (d. 2001)

1969 - Yelena Shushunova, Russian gymnast

1969 - Richard Wolstencroft, Australian Filmmaker

1977 - John Cena, American professional wrestler

1979 - Barry Fratelli, Scottish bassist (The Fratellis)

1979 - Jaime King, American actress

1981 - Joanna Krupa, Supermodel/actress

1981 - Chris Sharma, American rock climber/boulderer

1983 - Jennifer Heil, Canadian free style skier

1986 - Jessica Stam, Canadian supermodel





34 - Christ, crucified, according to Isaac Newton

303 - Saint George, Greek officer in the Roman army, beheaded. Patron saint of many lands including England

725 - Wihtred, King of Kent

871 - Ethelred I, king of Wessex/brother of Alfred the Great, dies

990 - Ekkehart II, [Palatinus], monk to St-Gallen/poet, dies

997 - Vojtech “Adalbert” of Prague, 2nd bishop of Prague/apostle, dies at 40

1014 - Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, dies in battle at Clontarf

1016 - Æthelred II “the Unready”, king of England (979-1016), dies

1151 - Queen Adeliza of England (b. 1103)

1217 - King Inge II of Norway (b. 1185)

1407 - Olivier de Clisson, French soldier (b. 1326)

1416 - Blaise/Blasius of Parma, Ital astrologist/philosopher/algebra, dies

1605 - Boris Godunov, chief adviser to Tsar Fyodor I and Tsar of Russia (1598-1605), dies after a lengthy illness and a stroke at approximately 20

1616 - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Spanish writer (Don Quixote), dies at 69

1616 - William Shakespeare, English poet and playwright (b. 1564) (Julian calendar) dies aged 52

1625 - Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, dies at 57

1774 - Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, painter, dies

1781 - James Abercrombie, British general (b. 1706)

1792 - Karl Friedrich Bahrdt, German theologian and adventurer (b. 1741)

1794 - Guillaume-Chrétien de Lamoignon de Malesherbes, French statesman (executed) (b. 1721)

1839 - Jacques Félix Emmanuel Hamelin, French explorer (b. 1768)

1853 - Auguste Laurent, chemist, dies

1865 - James Dearing, US Confederate brig-general, dies at 24

1895 - Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig, physiologist, dies

1895 - Carl Ludwig, German physician (b. 1815)




1907 - Alfred PackerAmerican Cannibal (b. 1842)







1918 - Percy Thomson Dean, lt-commander, killed at Zeebrugge, dies

1951 - Charles G. Dawes, Vice President of the United States, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1865)

1975 - Pete Ham, rocker (Badfinger), commits suicide by hanging himself at 27

1983 - Buster Crabbe, 400m US swimmer (Olympics-gold-1932), dies at 73

1986 - Harold Arlen, [Hyman Arluck], US composer, murdered at 81

1986 - Otto Preminger, dir (Advise & Consent, Anatomy of Murder), dies at 79

1990 - Albert Salmi, (Caddyshack), kills terminally ill wife & self at 62

1991 - Johnny Thunders, American musician (b. 1952)

1995 - Howard Cosell, sportscaster (Monday Night Football), dies at 77

1995 - John Stennis, (Sen-D-MS), dies at 93




1995 - Lonesome Sundownblues singer/guitaristdies at 66








1996 - Leonard Kuntstat, blues discographer, dies at 70

1996 - Pamela Lyndon Travers, writer (Mary Poppins), dies at 96

1996 - Jean-Victor Allard, Canadian military officer (b. 1913)

1998 - James Earl Ray, American assassin (b. 1928)

2003 - James H. Critchfield, American Central Intelligence agent (b. 1917)

2005 - John Mills, English actor (b. 1908)

2006 - Johnnie Checketts, New Zealand fighter pilot (b. 1912)

2007 - Paul Erdman, American economist and author (b. 1932)

2007 - David Halberstam, American journalist, historian and author (b. 1934)

2007 - Boris Yeltsin, first President of the Russian Federation (b. 1931)












Poll: Two-Thirds of Veteran’s Disapprove of Obama’s Job Performance | CNS News.

Auburn University’s Haley Center Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat







” A site recently the focus of a threat that shutdown the campus at Auburn University has been evacuated.

  An alert on Auburn’s website indicates the Haley Center has been evacuated due to a bomb threat.

  The university’s AU Alert system also posted information on its Twitter account.”


Read more











Statists Call For Drone Strike On Bundy Supporters



Lib Drone Strike





” As a federal appeals court rules that the Obama administration must divulge its legal basis for launching drone strikes against American citizens, many statists opposed to Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s stand against the government are calling for him and his supporters to be the victims of what would be America’s first domestic drone attack.

  Of course, it’s virtually inconceivable that the White House would launch a Predator drone strike against U.S. citizens, Harry Reid’s “domestic terrorist” slur not withstanding, but the mere fact that self-proclaimed liberals are openly calling for Bundy supporters to be massacred provides us with yet another chilling insight into the warped minds of statists.”



See all of the nasty drone strike wishes here












Jimmy Fallon Mocks Hillary Clinton For Dressing Like A Man

Fallon - Hillary Dresses Like A Man


Click Picture For Video

” “I want to say congrats to Chelsea Clinton. Last week she announced that she is expecting her first child,” Fallon said, setting up the joke. “That’s great. That’s great for her. If it is a girl, it will get some of Chelsea’s old hands-me-downs.”

“And if it is a boy,” he continued, “it will get some of Hillary’s.” “


From the DC Caller






Obama Calls For Highest Sustained Taxation In U.S. History







” In the budget proposal he presented to Congress last month, President Barack Obama called for what would be the highest level of sustained taxation ever imposed on the American people, according to the analysis published last week by the Congressional Budget Office.

  Under Obama’s proposal, taxes would rise from 17.6 percent of Gross Domestic Product in 2014 to 19.2 percent in 2024. During the ten years from 2015 to 2024, federal taxation would average 18.7 percent GDP.

America has never been subjected to a ten-year stretch of taxation at that level.”







” In the twelve fiscal years preceding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (1930 through 1941), federal taxation averaged 5.3 percent of GDP.

  In the five fiscal years encompassing U.S. involvement in World War II (1942 through 1946), federal taxation averaged 16.1 percent of GDP.

In the fiscal years since World War II (1947 through 2013), federal taxation has averaged 17.1 percent of GDP.”





CNS News








Even Liberals Booed Pelosi Off Stage As She Defended Obama





” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was booed off stage last week—by liberals.

  Pelosi defended President Obama’s position on the NSA’s surveillance programs, and suggested that leaker Edward Snowden broke the law by whistleblowing. The congresswoman’s defense of spying was not well received.

“ People on the far right are saying ‘Oh, this is the fourth term of President Bush,’” Pelosi said. “Absolutely, positively not so.”

  Pelosi then advocated for a greater cooperation between security and privacy agencies.

  But the audience did not care for her rhetoric. Several audience members were removed from the room after objecting to Pelosi’s speech.”


GOP Daily Dose








VIDEO: Watch ‘Megadeth’ Frontman Mock Obama’s ‘F$#@ing Mom Jeans’ Onstage





” Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine was caught on video by a fan at their April 19 concert in Tucson, Arizona, mocking President Obama’s penchant for wearing “mom jeans.” And he used some rather colorful language in doing so…

“Imagine if I was your president… Oh boy! I’ll tell you what – there would be no f**king mom jeans on this guy!” “

IJR has more

Ebola Outbreak May Have Spread Out Of Africa And Into Europe






” The Ebola outbreak in Africa may have spread to Europe despite pandemic containment efforts. World Health Organization officials have been working diligently to contain the Ebola outbreak to West Africa, but their efforts may have failed.

  A Reuters report on the Ebola outbreak claims that death toll statistics will no longer be released to the public to “avoid causing unnecessary panic.”

  The virus has reportedly spread into seven countries in Africa. A report by Christian Relief groups working in both Liberia and Guinea maintain that the number of confirmed Ebola infection increased by 15 percent in just the past 24 hours.

  Approximately four dozen migrant workers from the outbreak area came ashore, allegedly illegally, in Pisa, Italy. The workers are reportedly being isolated with symptom commonly associated with the Ebola virus. The migrant workers have reportedly presented with conjunctivitis, blood around the eye, and fever.”


Read more here 












Incredible Shot From Nearly 1.5 Miles







” A few days ago I took out the 338 Lapua and attempted the 2500 yard shot. So I placed the target at 2530 yards or 1.43 miles away, at that distance the bullet flight time is almost 4.5 seconds! Made a short video that I think you guys will enjoy.  
  I went out early in the morning to beat the mirage, luckly there was very little wind around 3-4 mph coming from the left, I dialed 2.6 mils Left. I had to dialed the maximum elevation my scope (Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 MIL/MIL) had at 27.4 mils then held over 2.5 mils on the reticle to get me to 29.9 mils. I really hope you guys enjoy the video, please comment or ask any questions you may have…….and let me know what you think! Thanks for watching! “



HT/The Blaze















Świeta Wielkanocne! Dzielnica Cudów! JFZ





Published on Apr 20, 2014

” Tak się bawi ZawieRcie!”

“That’s playing ZAWIERCIE!”

Thanks to Sploid

The Comedy Central Roast Of Drew Carey




Published on Jun 16, 2013
” In 1998, the N.Y. Friar’s Club hosted a Roast of Drew Carey, with Ryan Stiles as roastmaster. Other roasters were Kip Addotta, Dave Attell, Dick Capri, Jack Carter, Margaret Cho, Pat Cooper, Dom Irrera, Alan King, Kathy Kinney, and Jeffrey Ross. Today, only ‘general’ Jeffrey Ross still participates in the roasts.”

Milton Friedman – Who Benefits From Licensing?





Published on Apr 21, 2014

” Professor Friedman identifies the beneficiaries of licensing requirements. “


















“Under every stone lurks a politician.”









Jerry Holbert




Atoms Family










Today In The Past




296 - St Gaius ends his reign as Catholic Pope

536 - St. Agapetus I ends his reign as Catholic Pope

1056 - Supernova Crab nebula last seen by the naked eye

1073 - Pope Alexander II buried/Ildebrando chosen as Pope Gregory VII

1145 - 19th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet

1370 - Bastille begins being built in Paris

1500 - Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovers Brazil & claims it for Portugal

1526 - 1st slave revolt occurs in SC

1659 - Lord protector Cromwell disbands English parliament

1676 - Battle of Etna – Neth/Spain vs France, M de Ruyter fatally wounded

1677 - Battle at Catania: between French & Dutch fleet

1793 - Pres Washington attends opening of Rickett’s, 1st circus in US

1796 - Napoleon defeats Piedmontese at Battle of Mondovi

1823 - R J Tyers patents roller skates

1861 - Robert E Lee named commander of Virginia Confederate forces

1898 - 1st Spanish-American War action: USS Nashville, takes enemy ship

1898 - Congress passes Volunteer Army Act calling for a Volunteer Cavalry

1898 - US President McKinley orders blockade of Cuban harbors

1903 - American Power Boat Association forms

1914 - Mexico ends diplomatic relations with US




1915 - 1st military use of poison gas (chlorineby Germanyin WW I







1915 - 2nd Battle of Ypres begins







1922 - South Ossetian Autonomous Region forms in Georgian SSR

1930 - US, Britain & Japan sign London Naval Treaty

1940 - Rear Adm Joseph Taussig testifies before US Senate Naval Affairs Committee that war with Japan is inevitable (He was right)

1943 - RAF shoots down 14 German transport planes over Mediterranean Sea

1951 - Ticker-tape parade for General MacArthur in NYC

1952 - 1st atomic explosion on network news, Nob, Nevada

1954 - Achiel van Acker forms Belgian government

1954 - NBA adopts 24-second shot clock & 6 team-foul rule

1955 - Congress orders all US coins bear motto “In God We Trust”

1962 - NY Mets tiea NL record by losing 9 straight to start season




1964 - World’s Fair (Flushing MeadowCorona ParkNYopens







1969 - 1st human eye transplant performed

1970 - 1st Earth Day held internationally to conserve natural resources

1970 - Flat Earth celebrated

1970 - NY Met Jerry Grote sets record of 20 put outs by a catcher

1970 - NY Met Tom Seaver strikes out last 10 Padres, for a total of 19

1976 - Barbara Walters becomes 1st female nightly network news anchor

1976 - Director Ingmar Bergman leaves Sweden due to taxation

1979 - Mick Jaggar & Keith Richards give a benefit concert in Canada

1981 - Largest US bank robbery (Tucson Ariz), more than $3.3 million stolen

1987 - Sri Lanka Air Force bomb Tamil, 100s killed

1991 - Intel releases 486SX chip

1991 - Johnny Carson announces he will retire next year from Tonight Show

1992 - Gas explodes in sewer, kills 200 in Guadalajara Mexico

1992 - Plane crash at Perris Valley Airport California, kills 16 parachutists

1993 - Candid Camera creator Allen Funt suffers a stroke at 78




1993 - Holocaust Memorial Museum dedicated in Wash DC







1993 - The web browser Mosaic version 1.0 is released.

1994 - 7,000 Tutsi’s slaughtered in stadium of Kibuye Rwanda

1994 - In Denmark the largest lollipop, weighing 3,011 pounds, made

1994 - Michael Moorer beats Evander Holyfield in 12 for heavyweight boxing title

1997 - Haouch Khemisti massacre in Algeria – 93 villagers killed.

1998 - Disney’s Animal Kingdom opens at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida, United States.




2000 - In a pre-dawn raidfederal agents seize six-year-old Elián González from his relatives’ home in Miami, Florida.







2004 - Two fuel trains collide in Ryongchon, North Korea, killing up to 150 people.

2006 - Four Canadian soldiers are killed 75 kilometers north of Kandahar, Afghanistan by a roadside bomb planted by Taliban militants, the worst single day combat loss for the Canadian army since the Korean War.





1357 - Johan I, King of Portugal (1383-1433)

1451 - Isabella I, of Castile, Queen of Spain (1479-1504), patron of Columbus

1610 - Alexander VIII, [Pietro Ottoboni], Italy, lawyer/Pope (1689-91)

1640 - Mariana Alcoforado, Portugal, nun

1692 - James Stirling, Scottish mathematician (d. 1770)

1707 - Henry Fielding, England, novelist (Joseph Andrews, Tom Jones)

1711 - Eleazar Wheelock, American founder of Dartmouth College (d. 1779)




1724 - Immanuel KantKonigsberg Germphilosopher (Critique of Pure Reason)








1744 - James Sullivan, 7th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1808)

1773 - Jean V baron de Rebecque, Swiss/Dutch army leader

1775 - Georg Hermes, German philosopher/theologist (Hermenianen)

1799 - Jean Poiseuille, physician/physiologist (blood pressure)

1818 - Cadwallader Colden Washburn, Major General (Union volunteers)

1823 - Alfred Gibbs, Major General (Union Army), died in 1868

1827 - William Hopkins Morris, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1900

1866 - Hans von Seeckt, German general (Future of the Reich)

1870 - Nikolai Lenin, [Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov], Bolshevik/USSR revolutionist

1891 - Nicola Sacco, American anarchist (d. 1927)

1904 - J[ulius] Robert Oppenheimer, NY, head of Manhattan (A-bomb) Project

1907 - Ivan Efremov, Russian paleontologist and author (d. 1972)

1908 - Eddie Albert, [Heimberger], Rock Island Il, actor (Oliver-Green Acres)

1909 - Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian neurologist, Nobel laureate, (d. 2012)

1914 - Jan de Hartog, Dutch/English writer (Holland’s Glory)

1916 - Yehudi Menuhin, NYC, violinist/conductor (Bartok’s Sonata)




1922 - Charles MingusArizonajazz bassist (Pithecanthropus Erectus)







1923 - Betty Page, Kingsport Tn, playmate (Jan, 1955)/model (Dark Angel)

1923 - Paula Fox, US children’s books author (Poor George)

1923 - Aaron Spelling, American television producer (Charlie’s Angels), (d. 2006)

1926 - Charlotte Rae, Milwaukee Wisc, actress (Edna-Facts of Life)

1926 - James Stirling, Scottish D-day-parachutist/architect/knight

1933 - John A Llewellyn, Cardiff Wales, astronaut

1934 - 9th viscount Portman, British large landowner/multi-millionaire

1934 - John K Barlow, English rubberplanter/financier/multi-millionaire

1935 - Paul Chambers, American jazz bassist (d. 1969)

1936 - Glen Campbell, Delight Ark, actor/singer (Time I Get to Phoenix)

1937 - Jack Nicholson, NJ, actor (One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest, Shining)

1943 - Mel Carter, singer (Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me)

1944 - Steve Fossett, American adventurer (d. 2007)

1946 - John Waters, director (Hairspray)

1949 - Spencer Haywood, Silver City Ms, NBAer (Oly-gold-1968, Knicks)

1950 - Peter Frampton, Kent Engld, guitarist/vocalist (Frampton Comes Alive)

1951 - Paul Carrack, Sheffield England, rock vocalist (Squeeze/Ace-How Long)

1952 - Marilyn Chambers, American adult actress

1956 - Catherine Mary Stewart, Edmonton, actress (Passion & Paradise)

1957 - Donald Tusk, Polish Prime Minister




1959 - Ryan StilesSeattle Washactor (Lewis-Drew Carey Show)


Ryan Stiles








1961 - Byron Allen, LA California, comedian (Real People, Byron Allen Show)

1961 - Jeff Hostetler, NFL QB (NY Giants, Raiders, Redskins/1990 Superbowl)

1962 - Jeff Minter, English video game programmer

1967 - Bart Bowen, Albuquerque NM, cyclist (Olympics-96)

1967 - Sherri Shepherd, American comedian and actress

1969 - Craig Logan, Scotland, rock bassist (Bros Front, Bon Jovi-New Jersey)

1972 - Anna Falchi, Tampera Finland, actress (La Dolce Vita ’90)

1975 - Greg Moore, Canadian race car driver (d. 1999)

1978 - Esteban Tuero, Argentinian race car driver

1986 - Amber Heard, American actress





296 - Pope Caius

536 - St. Agapetus I, Italian Pope (535-36), dies

1253 - Elias van Cortona, Italian general (1232-39), dies at about 53

1355 - Eleonora Plantagenet, daughter of King Edward II, dies at 36

1462 - Gilbert of Lannoy, master of Villerval/Tronchiennes/Santes, dies

1521 - Juan de Padilla, Spanish nobleman/communero-rebel, beheaded

1592 - Bartolommeo Ammanati, Italian sculptor/architect, dies at 80

1672 - Georg Stiernhielm, Swed scholar/author/poet (Hercules), dies at 73

1758 - Antoine de Jussieu, French naturalist (b. 1686)

1778 - James Hargreaves, inventor (spinning jenny), dies

1806 - Pierre-Charles Villeneuve, French admiral (stabbed) (b. 1763)

1833 - Richard Trevithick, inventor (steam locomotive), dies at 62

1864 - Joseph Gilbert Totten, US Union general-major, dies at 76

1865 - Francis Washburn, US Union colonel/gen major, dies of injuries

1877 - James P. Kirkwood, American civil engineer (b. 1807)

1893 - Chaim Aronson, inventor and academic (b. 1825)

1896 - Thomas Meik, British civil engineer (b. 1812)

1933 - Frederick Henry Royce, motorcar pioneer, dies

1946 - Harlan Fiske Stone, Chief Justice Supreme Court (1941-46), dies at 73

1946 - Lionel Atwill, actor (Capt Blood, Great Waltz), dies at 61

1978 - Will Geer, actor (Grandpa Walton-Waltons), dies at 75

1980 - Tommy Caldwell, rocker (Marshall Tucker Band), dies

1983 - Earl “Fatha” Hines, US, jazz pianist/conductor, dies




1984 - Ansel AdamsUS photographerdies at 82







1985 - Paul H. Emmett, American chemical engineer (b. 1900)

1989 - Huey Newton, US, Black Panther leader, shot dead at 47

1992 - Billy Wayne White, murderer, executed in Texas at 34

1994 - Richard Nixon, 37th President (1969-75), dies of a stroke at 81

1996 - Erma Bombeck, humorist (Grass is Greener), dies at 69

1999 - Chan Canasta, magician and mindreader (b. 1920)

2002 - Linda Lovelace, American adult actress (b. 1949)




2004 - Pat TillmanAmerican football player and U.S. Army Ranger (killed in action) (b. 1976)







2004 - Jason L. DunhamAmericanUSMC , Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1981)





Navy Medal of Honor






2005 - Philip Morrison, American physicist (b. 1915)











Kicked In The Head By A Train



   This stupid kid bemoans the fact that the engineer kicked him in the head as the train flew by but a closer observation of the video reveals that the engineer , at considerable personal risk to himself , saved the kid from a nasty head wound or even death as this still from an Imgur user reveals …

Kick In The Head

    Well done sir , well done . The moron gets to live another day and possibly dilute the gene pool even further but you did the right thing . He should be thanking you profusely .

   By the way this video chronicle of stupidity has garnered nearly 23 million views in less than a week . Hopefully this is that dolt’s fifteen minutes of fame .

Cattle Battle – Reid’s Latest Verbal Assault On Bundys – Allen West

Fox & Friends




Published on Apr 20, 2014

” Breaking News – Reid’s Is Involved In A Solar Farm 35 Miles Away From Bundy’s Ranch Also Files On The BLM Website Were Deleted That Confirms They Took The Cattle From Bundy’s Farm Because They Needed To Clear The Way For Lucrative Solar Deal With Transnational Corporation
Cattle Battle – Reid’s Latest Verbal Assault On Bundys – Allen West – Fox & Friends “









Officer Trips, Pushes Students After Soccer Match; Police Investigating







” Vandegrift High School won their first soccer state championship Saturday. If you look at the video attached with this story, you can see what appears to be a uniformed Georgetown police officer tripping and pushing students as they rush onto the field after the win.

  A spokesman for the Georgetown Police Department said parents began emailing the department early Sunday morning, alerting them of the video.

  As you see students rush the field after the win, a uniformed Georgetown police officer can be seen sticking his leg out to trip a high school student. He then tries to trip another student.

  Then, YouTube video shot by a student at the game shows one of them limping off the field.”



Read on about the completely unnecessary violence visited on several revelers by a uniformed officer








Passengers Fight Back






   This video of an obnoxious bus passenger harassing and verbally abusing an elderly couple has gone viral . After spewing obscenities and threatening an old woman her companion , an equally elderly man , stands up to confront the brute who immediately takes a swing at him .

   What follows next is a classic beatdown as the passengers rise up in defense of the octagenarian and beat the daylights out of the offending thug before booting his butt off of the bus .

While the accompanying text with the video does not specify where this took place the tags associated with the post say New York City .

   At the 42 second mark a woman in uniform with a badge passes through the frame escaping the looming violence but the view is not clear enough for us to read either the badge or the shoulder patch and we presume that she was a security guard of some sort . At least we hope she wasn’t a police officer as she was plainly running away from the trouble .













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