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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Net Neutrality




     We’ve run this video before but now that the FCC’s attempt to regulate the internet have been brought back to the public’s attention we thought that Mr Oliver’s take on the cronyism and statism that is represented by the Obama administration’s plans to make the internet a “public utility” deserve further prominence . 

Hillary’s Poll Numbers Are Collapsing







” In just the past month, when no one with a real life was thinking about the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton’s massive poll lead over every single potential Republican opponent has collapsed.

  In a hypothetical match-up, her margin over Jeb Bush, the closest GOP president, was cut in half to eight points this month, 45%-37%, according to Zogby. That’s down from a whopping 15-point lead in December. Similarly, the former first lady’s 15-point margin over Mitt Romney slid to nine points, 46%-37%.

  Still sizable margins, to be sure. But trending uncomfortably in the wrong direction even before an announcement, as Clinton goes to ground to plot her campaign, assemble staff and devise a credible rationale other than gender for why Americans should let her move back into the White House, this time in the West Wing.

  Most Democrats won’t take much convincing. She’s her party’s overwhelming heir apparent, which actually hasn’t worked out too well in recent U.S. political history for Al Gore, John McCain, Romney or Hillary herself in 2008.

  But she’ll need to convince significant numbers of independents and even Republicans on a shifting political landscape that’s been trending toward conservative states, both in the census and recent elections.

  Even with veterans of the president’s winning campaigns jumping over for Obama 3.0, that could be a hefty challenge given Clinton’s quarter-century of public controversies; HillaryCare’s website didn’t fail, but that’s because she didn’t have one. Her brief Senate career was highlighted by nothing really.

  And her four years as the well-traveled face of Obama’s disastrous foreign policies that allowed Syria to decay into bloody chaos, Iraq to go it alone militarily, permitting ISIS to fester and spread, and post-Gaddafi Libya to become one large al-Qaida training camp.”


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Mannahu Akbar!




” The other day I quoted this letter from Mindy Alter in The National Post:

  Mark Steyn reminds us of the similarities between jihadists and climate-change alarmists. Both are fanatical. Both hew to ideologies that brook no dissent or criticism. Both go ballistic — albeit in markedly different ways — when some “blasphemer” has the audacity to make withering fun of them and their orthodoxies. Most crucially, however, is the fact that both are control freaks who seek to micro-manage our lives, the climate-change alarmists via onerous environmental regulations, the jihadists via Sharia law.

  To which I responded:

  Oh, c’mon on, it’s not quite that bad: The Allahu Akbar crowd demand death for apostasy. So far the climate mullahs are only advocating prison terms for us apostates.

  I spoke too soon:

  Greenpeace Activist Calls For Climate Change ‘Deniers’ To Be Beheaded “



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 ‘The Past Six Years Have Been Really Hard For This Country’





And the next two years aren’t looking any better there Joe … 

They’re Tracking You Everywhere You Drive




” Towing companies are a necessary evil when it comes to parking enforcement and property repossession. But in the Google Earth we now inhabit, tow trucks do more than just yank cars out of loading zones. They use license-plate readers (LPRs) to assemble a detailed profile of where your car will be and when. That’s an unnecessary evil.

  Plate readers have long been a tool of law enforcement, and police officers swear by them for tracking stolen cars and apprehending dangerous criminals. But private companies, such as repo crews, also photograph millions of plates a day, with scanners mounted on tow trucks and even on purpose-built camera cars whose sole mission is to drive around and collect plate scans. Each scan is GPS-tagged and stamped with the date and time, feeding a massive data trove to any law-enforcement agency—or government-approved private industry—willing to pay for it.

  You’ve probably been tagged at the office, at a mall, or even in your own driveway. And the companies that sell specialized monitoring software that assembles all these sightings into a reliable profile stand to profit hugely. Brian Hauss, a legal fellow for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), says: “The whole point is so you can figure out somebody’s long-term location. Unless there are limits on how those transactions can be processed, I think it’s just a matter of time until there are significant privacy violations, if they haven’t already occurred.”

  (How Is This Even Legal? License-plate-reader companies don’t have access to DMV registrations, so while they can track your car, they don’t know it’s yours. That information is guarded by the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994, which keeps your name, address, and driving history from public view. Mostly. There are plenty of exceptions, including for insurance companies and private investigators. LPR companies say only two groups can use its software to find the person behind the plate: law-enforcement agencies and repossession companies. In addition, the encrypted databases keep a log of each plate search and allow the ability to restrict access.)

  The companies that push plate readers enjoy unregulated autonomy in most states. Vigilant Solutions of California and its partner, Texas-based Digital Recognition Network, boast at least 2 billion license-plate scans since starting the country’s largest private license-plate database, the National Vehicle Location Service, in 2009.

  In total, there are at least 3 billion license-plate photos in private databases. Since many are duplicates and never deleted, analytics can paint a vivid picture of any motorist. Predicting where and when someone will drive is relatively easy; software can sort how many times a car is spotted in a certain area and, when fed enough data, can generate a person’s driving history over time.”


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At Retreat, Dem Staffers Escort Reporters To Restroom




” Reporters covering the House Democrats’ retreat in Philadelphia this week are having a much different experience than when they’re on their home turf on Capitol Hill. 

  Reporters are being escorted to and from the restroom and lobby and are being barred from entering the hotel outside of scheduled events, even if they’ve been invited by a member of Congress. 

  During Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks at the retreat Friday, reporters were required to have a staff member, usually a junior member of the press team, escort them when going to the bathroom or to the lobby. The filing center for reporters was at a separate hotel from where the retreat was taking place, so access was limited to members of Congress specifically made available to the press.

It was a police state. It was absurd how heavy handed the capitol police and Democratic staff were in trying to control everywhere the press went,” New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters said in an interview.”


Read more about the media being shut out by their own home team here . The irony is delicious .























Top 5 NFL Hits To Taxpayers





Published on Jan 30, 2015

” Are you ready for some handouts?

Approximately 1 minute.

Produced by Meredith Bragg.

source: Conventions Sports & Leisure (.pdf)

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Watch This Expert Backhoe Handling From Malik Tajamul Hayat Khan




 Who needs a trailer with a operator as skilled as this ?

Telemarketer’s Call Saves Woman Being Attacked 900 Miles Away







” Telemarketers can be annoying for many, but for one Oregon woman, it saved her from a vicious attack.

  Trace Gallagher reported on “The Real Story” about a Las Vegas telemarketer with Americare Health and Nutrition who was making a sales call and ended up hearing a woman being attacked 900 miles away from the call center.  

  Gallagher said that the woman didn’t know the phone was ringing when the call was accidentally picked up from her pocket. The telemarketer alerted Tina Garcia, a supervisor at the call center, about the victim’s screams for help.

” It was very very frightening,” Garcia said. “That young lady was helpless. You could actually hear the blows as if he was hitting a punching bag and she was terrified.”

  Garcia called the Lynn County Sheriff and gave officials the victim’s phone number who tracked it to a home. 

  Gallagher reported that when officials arrived to the home, they found the suspect, Walter Ruck, behind the victim with his hands around her neck. 

  Ruck was arrested and is facing charges for assault and strangulation. “


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… And Liking What They See





” Early in American Sniper, the title character, Chris Kyle, stares through his crosshairs at a woman and child who may be preparing an attack on American troops. Even when the woman hands the boy an RPG, Kyle waits to pull the trigger. In one particular theater, with “the entire audience on the edge of their seats,” patrons start screaming, encouraging Kyle to “Just shoot him!

  Where was this theater? Somewhere near a U.S. military base, maybe? Or perhaps in the heart of a red state? Actually, this packed theater, “full and rowdy,” is in the Mansour Mall, in Baghdad.

  As everybody knows, Clint Eastwood’s film has been a box-office smash, praised for its directing and its performances, and attacked as a work of bloodthirsty, racist, militarist propaganda. One of the few things about the film that has received little attention is that it has been playing well in the Middle East, including in Iraq.

  A piece at Global Post addresses audience reaction at one upscale Baghdad theater, though the article is dependent on a small handful of interviews. The story is credited to “Susannah George in Beirut and a journalist in Baghdad.” 

The film has also been drawing big crowds in Lebanon. Edited versions have opened in several Gulf states, with cuts to a scene involving the Quran. Jordanian censors originally rejected the film outright, though distributors plan to submit a re-edited version. “



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This Malware Can Hijack A Drone In Seconds






” If the White House wants to keep drones off the lawn, they might want to give Rahul Sasi a call. He’s developing malware that can hijack a drone in just a few short seconds.

  He calls his malware (fittingly enough) Maldrone, and it doesn’t gain control over its victims the way that previously-demonstrated attacks do. Most others have leveraged the APIs — like the one provided by Parrot for developers who want to tinker with their AR Drones — to do the hijacking.

  But a “Parrot drone is a toy,” Rahul says, and he went to work on an attack that was a bit more generic, able to wreak havoc on multitudes of drones regardless of whether or not the manufacturer exposes anything via an API. Maldrone is the result, and it’s impressive even though it’s very much a work in progress.”


    Read more about Maldrone here . In other drone news , DJI has upgraded their firmware creating a 15.5 mile radius no-fly zone around Washington DC .














… Clean Your Camera Lens!






” The NSA has issued a Public Announcement today saying that everyone who owns a laptop, cell phone, smart TV, and any other modern social device with video recording, is advised to clean their camera lens regularly.

  An unnamed member of the NSA has released the statement through their Twitter account adding that “It’s really not good for morale when you see a chick in her bedroom through the laptop, and the camera lens blurs the image because of a smudge or something, especially when she’s pretty hot.” The NSA Twitter account later stated that “if you are under a 5 out of 10 on the hotness scale then you can disregard the advisory.”

  This is not the first very open statement the NSA has made in recent months when they released a tweet saying, “You know what? Everyone knows we’re watching, so we might as well save billions on secrecy and be blatant about it. I mean, the cat’s out of the bag and we, as a tax-powered institution, should just admit it.”

  There have also been hundreds of complaints recently from all collective genders about receiving random and untraceable phone texts while at home, asking the recipients things like, “Turn around a few times” and “It’s a little warm for that sweater, don’t you think?”

  When asked about the recent unprofessional attitude they officially state that “it’s 2015, so get with the times, this is the new standard of government professionalism.”


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Elvin Bishop – Full Concert – 06.15.73 – Winterland




Published on Nov 4, 2014

” Elvin Bishop – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 6/15/1973 – Winterland (San Francisco, CA)

  More Elvin Bishop at Music Vault:
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0:00:00 – Ground Hog
0:05:30 – Hey, Good Lookin’
0:10:34 – Wide River
0:17:42 – Calling All Cows
0:23:30 – Fannie Mae
0:27:47 – Rock My Soul
0:34:55 – Stealin’ Watermelons (Incomplete)

Elvin Bishop – guitar, vocals
Johnny Vernazza – guitar, vocals
Bill Slais – piano, vocals
Michael Brooks – bass
Donny Baldwin – drums, vocals “













Mike Merryfield Standup – Stupid Ricers 





Uploaded on Sep 7, 2010

” Comedian Mike Merryfield talks about “ricers” tuner cars and their owners “












Everything You Want To Know About The A-10 Warthog





Published on Jan 29, 2015

” The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. It is the only United States Air Force production aircraft designed solely for close air support, including attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with limited air defenses.

  The A-10 was designed around the 30 mm GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon that is its primary armament and the heaviest-ever automatic cannon mounted on an aircraft. The A-10’s airframe was designed for durability, with measures such as 1,200 pounds (540 kg) of titanium armor to protect the cockpit and aircraft systems, enabling it to absorb a significant amount of damage and continue flying. The A-10A single-seat variant was the only version built, though one A-10A was converted to an A-10B twin-seat version. In 2005, a program was begun to upgrade remaining A-10A aircraft to the A-10C configuration.

  The A-10’s official name comes from the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt of World War II, a fighter that was particularly effective at close air support. The A-10 is more commonly known by its nicknames “Warthog” or “Hog”. Its secondary mission is to provide airborne forward air control, directing other aircraft in attacks on ground targets. Aircraft used primarily in this role are designated OA-10. With a variety of upgrades and wing replacements, the A-10’s service life may be extended to 2028, though there are proposals to retire it sooner. “












Richard Feynman




” There are 10^11 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it’s only a hundred billion. It’s less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers.”












A F Branco



Settled Science












Today In The Past




876 – Charles becomes king of Italy

1504 – By treaty of Lyons, French cede Naples to Ferdinand of Aragon




1578 – Battle of Gembloux





1596 – Catholic League disjoins

1609 – Wisselbank of Amsterdam established

1675 – Cornelia/Dina Olfaarts found not guilty of witchcraft

1747 – The first venereal diseases clinic opens at London Lock Hospital.

1779 – Charles Messier adds M57 (Ring Nebula in Lyra) to his catalog

1804 – British vice-admiral William Blighs fleet reaches Curacao

1846 – After the Milwaukee Bridge War, Juneautown and Kilbourntown unified as the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1851 – Gail Borden announces invention of evaporated milk

1855 – Western railroads blocked by snow

1861 – State of Louisiana takes over US Mint at New Orleans

1862 – Telescope maker Alvin Clark discovers dwarf companion of Sirius

1863 – 1st black Civil War regiment, SC Volunteers, mustered into US army

1865 – Congress passes 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery in America (121-24)

1865 – Gen Robert E Lee named Commander-in-Chief of Confederate Armies

1871 – Millions of birds fly over western SF, darkens sky

1874 – Jesse James gang robs train at Gads Hill, Missouri

1876 – The United States orders all Native Americans to move into reservations.

1895 – Jose Martí & others leave NYC for invasion of Spanish Cuba

1901 – Boer general John Smuts & De la Rey conqueror Mud river Transvaal

1905 – 1st auto to exceed 100 mph (161 kph), A G MacDonald, Daytona Beach

1906 – Strongest instrumentally recorded earthquake, Colombia, 8.6 Richter

1915 – 1st (German) poison gas attack, against Russians

1917 – Germany notifies US that U-boats will attack neutral merchant ship

1918 – A series of accidental collisions on a misty Scottish night leads to the loss of two Royal Navy submarines with over a hundred lives, and damage to another five British warships.

1919 – The Battle of George Square takes place in Glasgow, Scotland.

1920 – Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, at Howard University, incorporates

1928 – Scotch tape 1st marketed by 3-M Company

1930 – 1st US glider flight from a dirigible, Lakehurst, NJ

1933 – Hitler promises parliamentary democracy

1934 – FDR devalus dollar in relation to gold at $35 per ounce

1936 – “Green Hornet” radio show is 1st heard on WXYZ Radio in Detroit

1940 – 40 U boats sunk this month (111,000 ton)

1941 – 21 U boats sunk this month (127,000 ton)

1942 – 62 U boats sunk this month (327,000 ton)

1943 – 39 U boats sunk this month (203,100 ton)

1943 – Chile breaks contact with Germany & Japan

1943 – Gen Friedrich von Paul surrenders to Russian troops at Stalingrad

1944 – Operation-Overlord (D-Day) postponed until June

1944 – U-592 sunk off Ireland




1944 – US forces invade Kwajalein Atoll




1945 – US 4th Infantry division occupies Elcherrath

1948 – Magnetic tape recorder developed by Wireway

1950 – President Harry Truman publicly announces development of H-bomb

1950 – Pres Harry Truman OKs building of hydrogen bomb

1953 – “Princess Victoria” capsized off Stanraer Scotland; 133 die

1953 – Hurricane-like winds flood Netherlands drowning 1,835

1957 – Trans-Iranian oil pipe line finished

1957 – Eight people on the ground in Pacoima, California are killed following the mid-air collision between a Douglas DC-7 airliner and a Northrop F-89 Scorpion fighter jet.

1958 – US launches their 1st artificial satellite, Explorer 1

1961 – David Ben-Gurion resigns as premier of Israel

1961 – Ham is 1st primate in space (158 miles) aboard Mercury/Redstone 2

1961 – USAF launches Samos spy satellite to replace U-2 flights

1962 – Gen Charles P Cabell, USAF, ends term as deputy director of CIA

1962 – Samuel Gravely assumes command of destroyer escort “USS Falgout”

1964 – US report “Smoking & Health” connects smoking to lung cancer

1966 – Belgian state police kills 2 striking mine workers

1968 – Record high barometric pressure (1083.8 mb, 32″), at Agata, USSR

1969 – Beatles perform last live gig (42-min concert on roof of Apple HQs)

1969 – Vice Admiral Rufus L Taylor, USN, ends term as deputy director of CIA

1970 – Grateful Dead members busted on LSD charges

1971 – “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison hit #1 on UK pop chart

1971 – Apollo 14 launched, 1st landing in lunar highlands

1971 – US female Figure Skating championship won by Janet Lynn

1974 – MacDonald’s founder Ray Kroc buys San Diego Padres

1978 – Israel turns 3 milt outposts in West Bank into civilian settlements

1980 – Police storm occupied Spanish embassy in Guatemala City, killing 41

1981 – “The Tide Is High” by Blondie hits #1

1982 – 10 Arabian oryx (extinct except in zoos) released in Oman

1984 – Edwin Newman retires from NBC News after 35 years with the network

1986 – Mary Lund of Minn, is 1st female recipient of an artificial heart

1988 – Barge sinks near Anacortes, WA, spills 70,000 gallons of oil

1990 – 1st McDonalds in Russia opens in Moscow, world’s biggest McDonalds

1990 – The first McDonald’s in the Soviet Union opens in Moscow, USSR.

1991 – Robert Gibson flies record 27,040 feet altitude

1994 – Dow Jones hits a record 3,978.36

1995 – President Bill Clinton authorizes a $20 billion loan to Mexico to stabilize its economy.

2001 – In the Netherlands a Scottish court convicts a Libyan and acquits another for their part in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 which crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988.

2003 – The Waterfall rail accident occurs near Waterfall, New South Wales, Australia.

2009 – In Kenya, at least 113 people are killed and over 200 injured following an oil spillage ignition in Molo, days after a massive fire at a Nakumatt supermarket in Nairobi killed at least 25 people.



36 BC – Antonia Minor, daughter of Mark Antony and Octavia Minor (d. 38 AD)

877 – Taejo of Goryeo, ruler of Korea (d. 943)

1512 – King Henry of Portugal (d. 1580)

1543 – Tokugawa Ieyasu, Shogun of Japan (d. 1616)

1550 – Henry I, Duke of Guise, French Catholic leader (d. 1588)

1597 – John Francis Regis, French saint (d. 1640)

1620 – Georg F von Waldeck, German commander-in-chief




1734 – Robert Morrismerchant (signed Declaration of Independence)(20th ?)






1752 – Gouverneur MorrisAmerican lawmaker and diplomat (d. 1816)






1802 – Jan C J van Speijk, Dutch naval hero




1810 – Daniel RugglesBrigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1897






1812 – John Randolph Tucker, Capt (Confederate Navy), died in 1883

1813 – Samuel Sarphati, Amsterdam, physician/pharmacist/social activist

1817 – Antony Winkler Prins, Dutch writer (Groiler Encyclopaedia)

1818 – William Raine Peck, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1871

1857 – George Jackson Churchward, Great Western Railway Chief mechanical engineer. (d. 1933)

1865 – Henri Desgrange, Founder of the Tour-de-France (d. 1940)

1868 – Theodore William Richards, chemist (atomic weights, Nobel-1914)




1872 – Zane GreyAmerican Western novelist (Riders of the Purple Sage)






1877 – Max Ettlinger, German philosopher

1881 – Irving Langmuir, inventor (tungsten filament lamp/Nobel 1932)

1881 – Joseph A Cushman, US, palaentologist

1884 – Nicholas Joy, Paris France, actor (Boss Lady)

1892 – Eddie Cantor, NYC, comedian (Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater)

1893 – Freya Stark, English explorer/ travel writer

1896 – Sofya Yanovskaya, Russian mathematician (d. 1966)

1902 – Alva Myrdal, Uppsala Sweden, diplomat (Nobel Peace Prize-1982)

1902 – Jean C M Picart le Doux, France, carpet designer

1902 – Julian H Steward, US anthropologist/professor

1903 – Gardner Cowles, Iowa, publisher/founder (Look Magazine)

1903 – Tallulah Bankhead, Huntsville Ala, actress (Lifeboat, Die Die Darling)

1905 – John O’Hara, Pottstown Penn, novelist (Appointment at Samarra)

1909 – Foley Newns, British colonial administrator

1911 – Christina Foyle, book seller

1914 – Jersey Joe Walcott, heavyweight boxing champ (1951-52)

1914 – Louis Osman, architect/artist/goldsmith

1915 – Bobby Hackett, Providence RI, trumpeteer/orchestra leader (Air Time ’57)

1915 – John Profumo, president (Toynbee Hall)

1915 – Thomas Merton, France, Trappist monk/poet/essayist (7 Storey Mt)

1915 – Alan Lomax, American musicologist (d. 2002)

1916 – Violet Cane, statistician

1919 – Jackie Robinson, Ga, 1st black major league baseball player (Dodgers)

1921 – Carol Channing, Wash, actress (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Hello Dolly)

1921 – John Agar, Chicago, actor (Fort Apache, Sands of Iwo Jima)

1921 – Mario Lanza, Phila, actor/singer (Great Caruso, Toast of New Orleans)

1921 – E. Fay Jones, American architect (d. 2004)

1923 – Joanne Dru, Logan WV, actress (Guestwood Ho, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon)

1923 – Norman Mailer, Long Branch NJ, NYC mayoral candidate/novelist (Naked & the Dead), (d. 2007)

1925 – Benjamin Hooks, civil rights leader

1928 – Chuck Willis, rock vocalist (C C Rider)

1928 – Eric Ash, rector (Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine)

1929 – Rudolf Mössbauer, German physicist, Nobel laureate

1929 – Jean Simmons, London, England, actress (Thorn Birds, Guys & Dolls)

1930 – Joakim Bonnier, Swedish racecar driver (d. 1972)

1931 – Ernie Banks, Dallas Texas, “Mr Cub” Chicago Cubs, Hall-of-Famer (short stop/1st baseman)

1934 – James Franciscus, Clayton Mo, actor (Mr Novak, Longstreet, Hunter)

1934 – Ron Weatherburn, jazz pianist

1936 – Marvin Junior, singer (Dells-Oh What a Night)

1937 – Philip Glass, Baltimore Md, minimal composer (Einstein on the Beach)




1937 – Suzanne PleshetteNYCactress (BirdsEmily-Bob Newhart Show)







1938 – Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, queen of Netherlands (1980- )

1940 – Jessica Walter, Bkln NY, actress (Play Misty For Me, Amy Prentiss)

1940 – Stuart Margolin, Davenport Iowa, actor (Love American Style)

1941 – Richard A Gephardt, (Rep-D-MO, 1977- )




1944 – Charley Musselwhiteblues musician (Stand BackLouisiana Fog)







1946 – Terry Kath, rocker (Chicago-If You Leave Me Now)




1947 – Nolan Ryanpitcher (Mets, Angels, Astros) (7 no-hitters5,714 Ks)






1951 – Harry Casey, [KC], rock vocalist (KC & Sunshine Band-Give It)

1951 – Phil Manzanera, rock guitarist (Roxy Music-Let’s Stick Together)

1951 – Dave Benton, Aruban-born singer

1954 – Adrian Vandenberg, Amsterdam Neth, rock guitarist (Whitesnake)

1956 – Johnny Rotten, [John Lydon], rocker (Sex Pistols-God Save the Queen)

1957 – Brett “the Hitman” Hart, Alberta Canada, WWF champion

1957 – Shirley F Babashoff, California, swimmer (Olympics-6 silver/2 gold-72, 76)

1958 – Tom Schuman, pianist (Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance)

1959 – Anthony LaPaglia, actor (Murder One)

1959 – Kelly Lynch, actress (Drugstore Cowboy)

1959 – Kelly Moore, American stock car driver

1960 – Elaine Roque, Santa Monica Ca, beach volleyballer (Olympics-96)

1960 – Grant Morrison, British comic book author

1961 – Lloyd Cole, guitar/vocals (& the Commotions-Rattlesnakes)

1963 – Scott Ian Rosenfeld, Bayside NY, rocker (Anthrax-Protest & Survive)

1964 – Sharon Cain, San Antonio TX, team handball center back (Olympics-1996)

1964 – Jeff Hanneman, American musician (Slayer)

1965 – Adam Johnson, Portland Ore, beach volleyballer (Olympics-96)

1965 – Kim Clarke, Tulsa Oklahoma, team handball back court (Olympics-88, 92, 96)

1969 – Mathew Pallister, Sydney NSW Australia, canoeist (Olympics-96)

1970 – Rachel Jean Marteen, Atlanta GA, playmate (Aug, 1995)

1971 – Minnie Driver, actress (Good Will Hunting)

1973 – Portia de Rossi, Australian actress

1974 – Pavi Sald, ice hockey defenseman (Finland, Oly-98)

1974 – Tory Toogood, Australian rower (Olympics-96)

1976 – Buddy Rice, American race car driver

1977 – Naomi Darrell, Miss Bermuda Universe (1997)

1977 – Kate Shindle, American actress

1977 – Kerry Washington, American actress

1978 – Brad Rutter, Jeopardy! champion

1980 – Tiffany Limos, American actress

1981 – Justin Timberlake, Memphis, Tennessee, singer-songwriter (Sexyback, My Love)





743 – Muhammad al-Baqir, Shia Imam (b. 676)

1398 – Emperor Sukō (b. 1334)

1435 – Xuande, Emperor of China (b. 1398)

1561 – Menno Simonsz, Dutch priest/vicar (Foundation Book), dies

1561 – Bairam Khan, Great Mughal General, regent for Akbar




1606 – Guy Fawkesconvicted in the “Gunpowder Plot“, executed at 35





1632 – Joost Bürgi, Swiss clockmaker and mathematician (b. 1552)

1720 – Thomas Grey, 2nd Earl of Stamford, English privy councillor (c. 1654)

1729 – Jakob Roggeveen, Dutch explorer (b. 1659)

1736 – Filippo Juvara, Italian architect (b. 1678)

1788 – [Bonnie Prince Charlie] Charles E Stuart, English pretender to the throne, dies at 67

1790 – Thomas Lewis, Irish-born Virginia settler (b. 1718)

1794 – Marriott Arbuthnot, British admiral (b. 1711)

1815 – José Félix Ribas, Venezuelan independentist leader (b. 1775)

1828 – Alexandros Ypsilanti, Greek resistance fighter, dies at 35

1844 – Henri Gratien, Comte Bertrand, French general (b. 1773)

1888 – John Bosco, Italian priest, youth worker, educator, founder of the Salesian Society (b. 1815)

1907 – Timothy Eaton, Canadian department store founder (b. 1834)




1945 – Eddie Slovik1st US executed for desertion since Civil War at 25







1954 – Edwin H Armstrong, US radio inventor (FM), commits suicide at 63

1955 – John R Mott, US theologist/founder (YMCA, Nobel 1946), dies at 89

1956 – A. A. Milne, English author (b. 1882)

1967 – Chief Thundercloud, actor (Ambush, Colt 45, Typhoon), dies at 100




1970 – Slim Harpo, [James Moore], bluesmandies at 46







1973 – Ragnar Frisch, Norwegian economist (Nobel 1969), dies at 77

1974 – Glenn Morris, olympian/actor (Tarzan’s Revenge), dies at 61

1974 – Samuel Goldwyn, Polish/English/US film magnate (MGM), dies at 91

1990 – Rashad Khalifa, Egyptian-born imam (b. 1935)

1994 – Pierre Boulle, French writer (Executioner), dies at 81

1996 – Gustave Solomon, mathematician, dies at 65

1997 – John Joseph Scanlan, Irish Catholic prelate (b. 1930)

2000 – Gil Kane, Latvian-born comic book writer (b. 1926)




2002 – Francis GabreskiAmerican fighter pilot (b. 1919)







2004 – Eleanor Holm, American swimmer (b. 1913)

2006 – Moira Shearer, Scottish actress (The Red Shoes) and ballerina (b. 1926)

2007 – Molly Ivins, American political columnist and author (b. 1944)

2007 – Adelaide Tambo, South African activist and wife of Oliver Tambo (b. 1929)

2012 – Mike Kelley, American artist, commits suicide at 57

2012 – Anthony Bevilacqua, American cardinal, dies at 88
















Scientific Consensus That 2014 Was Record Hottest Year? NO


2014 Temps Global




” So the results are in. The main US global-temperature scorekeepers – NASA and the NOAA – say that last year was definitely the hottest year on record. But they’ve been contradicted by a highly authoritative scientific team, one actually set up to try an establish objective facts in this area.

  On the face of it, there’s no dispute. The NASA and NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) statement says:

  The year 2014 ranks as Earth’s warmest since 1880, according to two separate analyses by NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists.

 Open and shut, right?

  But in fact, detecting a global average temperature rise – of less than a degree since the 1880s, as all sides agree – among thousands upon thousands of thermometer readings from all over the world and spanning more than a century is no simple matter. The temperature at any given location is surging up and down by many degrees each day and even more wildly across a year. It can be done, across a timescale of decades, but trying to say that one year is hotter or colder than the next is to push the limits of statistics and the available data. This sort of thing is why the battle over global temperatures tends to be so hotly debated.

  A few years ago, a new dataset was established called the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project. It was intended to address various issues raised by climate skeptics: but in fact it has plumped down firmly on the warmist side of the debate, saying that in fact there are no undue biases in the temperature records, changes in the Sun do not have any major climate effects, and so on.

  Now, however, the BEST boffins have broken ranks with the NASA/NOAA/UK Met Office climate establishment and bluntly contradicted the idea that one can simply say “2014 was the hottest year on record”. According to BEST’s analysis (pdf):

  Our best estimate for the global temperature of 2014 puts it slightly above (by 0.01 C) that of the next warmest year (2010) but by much less than the margin of uncertainty (0.05 C). Therefore it is impossible to conclude from our analysis which of 2014, 2010, or 2005 was actually the warmest year.

  That may seem like not such a big deal, but it is really. At the moment the big debate in this area is about the “hiatus” – has global warming been stalled for the last fifteen-years-plus, or not? “


Read it all at The Register













Some Motorists Wait Months For DMV Appointments After Immigrants Law Goes Into Effect


Cali DMV Waits

Click pic for video



” The Department of Motor Vehicles is so overwhelmed with requests for new driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations that it can take up to three months to get an appointment or a half-day wait in the lobby.

  A DMV spokesman told KCAL9 Political Reporter Dave Bryan there has been a crush of applications for new licenses for undocumented immigrants, a program that began earlier this month. The spokesman said the DMV is working to address the problems, but some people are having to take a day off of work to handle a 15-minute transaction.

  At the Hollywood DMV office, where they handle drivers license issues, the long lines outside and packed waiting areas inside are testimony to the long, grueling process that California drivers have to endure before getting service.

  For example, Jose Quiroz’s DMV ordeal spanned two days of waiting patiently with his family to have his license renewed.

“ Yesterday, I was here for four hours standing outside, and when I got to the front line they said that they were not taking us in no more,” Quiroz told Bryan. “And now I am back here again, because I am here to fix my license, and I have been here five or six hours.”

  Quiroz says he called about a week ago to try to expedite the process.

“ I tried to make an appointment, but they wanted to give it to me in June,” he said. “That was the earliest they had, so that’s why I’m here. Because I can’t risk getting pulled over because I have my kids. I have to get my kids to school.” “


















Hillary Clinton Faces Scrutiny For Use Of Private Jets




” Hillary Clinton took more than 200 privately chartered flights at taxpayer expense during her eight years in the U.S. Senate, sometimes using the jets of corporations and major campaign donors as she racked up $225,756 in flight costs.

  Clinton, 67, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, reported the travel in official filings with the Senate. The records were provided to Bloomberg News by a Republican operative.

  Some of the companies whose planes she used included Coca-Cola Co., Citigroup Inc. and Saban Capital Group Inc.

  While the flights fell within congressional rules and were not out of the ordinary for senators at the time, they could play into the emerging Republican line of attack that Clinton’s wealth and years in government office have left her out of touch with the voters she’ll court on the campaign trail. 

  Republican Mitt Romney, who is considering another bid for president, took a swipe at Clinton’s suggestion to voters that “corporations and businesses” don’t create jobs when he spoke in Starkville, Mississippi, last night.”


Read more at Bloomberg












Detainee Swapped For Bergdahl Suspected Of Militant Activities







” The U.S. military and intelligence community now suspect that one of the five Taliban detainees released from Guantanamo Bay in return for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in May of last year has attempted to return to militant activity from his current location in Qatar by making contact with suspected Taliban associates in Afghanistan, multiple officials tell CNN.

  The development has led to an ongoing debate inside the administration about whether there is a new threat from this man, and potentially the other four.

  This is the first known suggestion that any of the detainees involved in the exchange may be trying to engage again in militant activity. It comes at a politically sensitive time as the administration has quickened the pace of prisoner release in an effort to encourage the closure of the Guantanamo, and the Army must decide in the coming weeks whether and how to punish Bergdahl for leaving his post .

  Several U.S. officials across different agencies and branches of the U.S. government have confirmed key details to CNN. The White House referred CNN to the Pentagon. (Typical buck passing)

  The officials would not say which of the five men is suspected. But an ongoing U.S. intelligence program to secretly intercept and monitor all of their communications in Qatar turned up evidence in recent months that one of them has “reached out” to try to encourage militant activity, one official said. The official would offer no further details.”


Ultimate AR-15 Meltdown




Published on Jan 14, 2015

” In this video we attempt to burn out an AR-15 upper on an M16 lower. We are testing the durability of not only the upper receiver assemby but few specific products as well including the SRC Relia-Bolt BCG, Geissele Super Gas Block, and one of the most affordable AR barrels on the market from Faxon Firearms.

The results may surprise you.…

Special thanks to Jake over at Quiet Riot Firearms for his help in making this video possible.…


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Next time you’re driving and hit some ice, don’t slam your brakes into the floor. All you will do is cause them to lock up.

In this video from 2011 a bunch of drivers learned that the hard way, as a local road became a hydroplaning wonderland.

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