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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Net Neutrality




     We’ve run this video before but now that the FCC’s attempt to regulate the internet have been brought back to the public’s attention we thought that Mr Oliver’s take on the cronyism and statism that is represented by the Obama administration’s plans to make the internet a “public utility” deserve further prominence . 

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India: Watch Heroic Monkey Resuscitate Electrocuted Friend On Train Tracks




Published on Dec 21, 2014

” A monkey saved the life of one of his fellow primate friends when the animal lost consciousness after being electrocuted on train tracks in the northern Indian city of Kanpur.”










Chanute Elementary Student Suspended For Spent Shell Casing




” A student at Chanute Elementary School was suspended last week over possession of an empty rifle shell casing on school grounds. The suspension began Dec. 3 and ended Tuesday.

  The student’s mother, Deana Carlson of Chanute, believes the suspension was inappropriate. 

  Carlson said her son, Camron Carlson, was out with her the night before, Tuesday Dec. 2, where she was sighting a rifle for deer hunting season with a friend, and he picked up one of the empty shell casings and put it in his pocket. 

  Carlson said her son had told his friends that they had been sighting rifles the night before, and that the shell casing fell out of his pocket. 

“ There was no threat,” she said. “My child’s never been in a fight at school. He was just being a boy and bragging because it’s cool.” 

  Carlson was called into the school office where she saw her son had been crying.  

  Carlson said she was not happy with her son for having the shell casing, which everyone agrees he should not have had at school. She said she was told by Principal Gary Wheeler that the incident could lead to a 168-day suspension, but they could possibly reduce it to five days if he spoke to Superintendent James Hardy.”


    While the school authorities drone on about the “rules” and safety , the boy’s grandmother gets to the heart of the matter …


” Camron’s grandmother, Mary Sue Carlson, said she feels the school’s actions were not just about breaking school rules, but about attacking what Camron is taught at home. 

“ Our family does a lot of deer hunting,” she said. “This is hunting country. This child has been led to believe that that’s not okay.” “



Chanute Tribune











Texas Job Growth Outpaces Rest Of U.S. Combined





” Since the recession began in December 2007, 1.2 million net jobs have been created in Texas. Only 700,000 net jobs have been created in the other 49 states combined.

  The remarkable employment growth in Texas looks even bigger considering its size relative to the rest of the U.S. Total non-farm employment has grown by 11.5 percent in Texas since December 2007. Employment in the rest of the United States has grown only 0.6 percent. Until September 2014, total employment growth in the rest of the United States since December 2007 was still negative.”


Washington Examiner












Boy Starts Poking A Girl With A Pencil In Sunday School . What She Did Next Shocked Everyone , Including The Teacher




” Little April was never best student in Sunday school. She was always falling asleep in class and getting into trouble.

One day the teacher called on her while she was napping, “Tell me, April, who created the universe?” When April didn’t stir, little Johnny, who sat in the chair behind her, took a pencil and poked her in the rear.

“GOD ALMIGHTY!” shouted April and the teacher said, “Very good” and April fell back asleep.

A while later the teacher asked April, “Who is our savior?,” but again April didn’t stir from her slumber.

Once again, Johnny came to the rescue and poked her with his pencil again.

“JESUS CHRIST!” shouted April.

“very well done” said the teacher.

Then after she fell asleep again the teacher asked April a third question: “What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?” And again, Johnny jabbed her with the pencil.

This time April jumped up and shouted, “I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU STICK THAT THING IN ME ONE MORE TIME I’LL BREAK IT IN HALF AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR A**” the teacher fainted. “


From JustMadeMeLaugh











TX SWAT Team Beats, Deafens Nude Man In His Own Home, Lies About Arrest; Judge Declines To Punish Cops Or DA






” A well-meaning friend of Chad Chadwick called the Missouri City, TX police to say that he was afraid that Chadwick was having emotional difficulties; the cops lied to a judge to say that they had reason to believe Chadwick was heavily armed, then they sent a SWAT-team to his house (where he was asleep in the tub), beat 11 kinds of shit out of him, gave him permanent hearing loss, held him in solitary confinement, fraudulently accused him of resisting arrest, and tried to have him imprisoned — he was acquitted, but a judge wouldn’t punish the cops or the DA, because “There is no freestanding constitutional right to be free from malicious prosecution.”

  Chadwick was bankrupted by the process of defending himself against the multiple felonies that the DA and the police manufactured to justify the violence. The jury offered him “comforting hugs” when they acquitted him of all charges. The DA involved is Ft. Bend County District Attorney John Heal, the police were from Missouri City, Sugar Land, Stafford and the Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s Department, the judge was Gray H Miller. “


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The Artist Picks His Favorite Paintings


ball of fire 9208

BALL OF FIRE (18×15 inches, watercolor; 2008)



” Guy Harvey is many things, nearly all of them related to the ocean and his love and appreciation of that environment. Dr. Harvey is best known internationally as a prolific and talented painter of marine animals, his interest in marine biology (in which he holds a PhD) and his countless hours of underwater observation leading to an obsession with accurate detail. By 1988, Harvey was widely recognized as a top game-fish artist in the world.

  Harvey is also one of the staunchest advocates of marine conservation on the planet. In 1999, the artist/diver/cinematographer/explorer collaborated with Nova Southeastern University in Dania Beach, Florida, to establish the Guy Harvey Research Institute, one of only a handful of private organizations dedicated exclusively to the science-based conservation of marine fish populations and biodiversity.

  You can read more about Harvey here.

  Sport Fishing is honored to share with our audience this exclusive gallery, not merely of 50 Guy Harvey  paintings, but the 50 favorites picked by the artist, with a  comment from him on each. It’s also worth mentioning that a portion of all Harvey’s art sales go to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. Reproductions are available for most images here or call 954-581-0073. “



See all fifty paintings at












Calico Crisis Presents All You Need To Know About Women , Men And Dating And Marriage




   Get a life lesson from this man who has used his 46 years on this earth to develop this ultimate “wife hack” … LOL … and be sure to stay with it to the very end ladies as the instructor parses the men for you as well .

New York Police Officers Turn Their Backs On Mayor After Shooting





    Read more about the assassinations of an Hispanic officer and an Asian officer by a black man in “retribution” for white officers killing black men here , here , here and here .

   Race relations have never been better than in the age of Obama , Holder et al …

Aretha Franklin – Evil Gal Blues – Live 1964





The Wrong Way To Consume Alcohol – Parks And Recreation





Published on Jan 17, 2013

” Ron is beyond horrified when the guys pay a visit to Eagleton’s hot new bar, Essence, which specializes in “molecular mixology.”
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How An Airplane Is Made





Published on Dec 19, 2014

” Behind-the-Scenes of an Airbus A350 being built!

  Thanks to the folks at Airbus for bringing me to France, Germany, & the UK to visit their headquarters and facilities and see so much incredible engineering. As you can probably tell from this video, I was super excited to learn how airplanes are made and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit, too!

Thanks to all of the engineers, technicians and staff who took the time to share their work:

Fernando Alonso
Peter Chandler
Emanuele Costanzo
Laurence Savignac
Daniel Reckzeh
Florian Seidel
Rob Davies
Phil Brown
Imran Khawaja
Chris Buckley
David McDonald
Philip Sims
Paul Beazley-Long
Paul Craig
Olivier Criou
Tim Boddy
Anne Jany
Mark Wainwright
Nicolas Antoine
Mark Pearman-Wright
Raphael Sheffield
Eric Ezell
Ingo Wuggetzer
Delphine Comin
Laurent Fradin
Katia Street
Anthony Rosendo
Christian Bade
Tore Prang
Paige Stanton
Vicky Runcie
Jill Hutchinson
Didier Delibes
Jennifer Newlands

Additional camera/sound help by:
Joël Montagu
Christophe Palis
Franck Flies
Muriel Casas-Parramon

MinutePhysics is on Google+ –
And facebook –
And twitter – @minutephysics

Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics — all in a minute!

Music made freely available to the public domain by the Musopen Symphony… “










Alexis de Tocqueville




” Every central government worships uniformity: uniformity relieves it from inquiry into an infinity of details.”











Steve Kelley














Today In The Past




1163 – Hurricane hits villages in Holland/Friesland, causing floods

1561 – Archbishop Granvelle installed

1582 – Flanders adopts Gregorian calendar, tomorrow is Jan 1 1583




1598 – Battle of Curalaba: The revolting Mapuche, led by cacique Pelentaruinflict a major defeat on Spanish troops in southern Chile; all Spanish cities south of the Biobio river are eventually taken by the Mapuches, and all conquest of Mapuche territories by Europeans practically ceases, until the 1870s “Pacification of Araucania”.






1620 – 103 Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock [OS=Dec 11]

1688 – Pro-James II-earl of Devonshire occupies Nottingham

1784 – John Jay becomes 1st US secretary of state (foreign affairs)

1829 – 1st stone arch railroad bridge in US dedicated, Baltimore

1844 – The Rochdale Pioneers commence business at their cooperative in Rochdale, England, starting the Cooperative movement.

1849 – 1st US skating club formed (Phila)




1864 – General Sherman conquers SavannahGeorgia









1866 – CheyennesArapho’sSiouxFetterman Massacre






1898 – Scientists Pierre & Marie Curie discovers radium

1909 – U of Coopenhagen rejects Cook’s claim that he was 1st to North Pole

1910 – Explosion in coal mine in Hulton England, 344 mine workers dies

1914 – “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” 1st six-reel feature comedy debuts

1914 – 1st feature-length silent film comedy, “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” released. (Marie Dressler, Mabel Normand & Charles Chaplin)

1915 – 10.17″ (25.83 cm) of rainfall, Glenora, Oregon (state record)

1919 – J Edgar Hoover deports anarchists/feminist Emma Goldman to Russia

1921 – Supreme Court rules labor injunctions & picketing unconstitutional

1929 – 1st group hospital insurance plan offered (Dallas Tx)

1932 – Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, 1st joint movie (Flying Down to Rio)

1933 – Dried human blood serum 1st prepared, Univ of Pennsylvania

1941 – Chicago Bears Ray McLean makes last NFL drop kick for an extra point

1941 – German submarine U-567 sinks

1942 – US Supreme court declares Nevada separation legal




1946 – Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life,” premieres






1948 – State of Eire (formerly Irish Free State) declares its independence

1951 – Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement

1954 – Dr Sam Sheppard’s wife Marilyn is murdered (he is accused of crime)

1958 – Charles De Gaulle wins 7 year term as 1st pres of 5th Rep of France

1959 – 10th largest snowfall in NYC history (13.7″)

1959 – Tom Landry accepts coaching job with Dallas Cowboys (stays until 1988)

1962 – US & Cuba accord, releases bay of pigs captive

1966 – USSR launches Luna 13; soft-landed in Oceanus Procellarum

1968 – Apollo 8 (Borman, Lovell & Anders) 1st manned Moon voyage

1968 – David Crosby, Stephen Stills & Graham Nash premiere together in Calif

1969 – Diana Ross final TV appearance as a Supreme (Ed Sullivan Show)

1969 – Vince Lombardi (Redskins) coaches his last football game, losing

1975 – 1st NY Jet to gain 1,000 yards rushing (John Riggins)

1976 – UN General Assembly passes a resolution declaring 1979-Year of Child

1978 – Police in Des Plaines Ill, arrest John Wayne Gacy Jr for murder

1980 – Harold Carmichael ends NFL streak of 127 consecutive game receptions

1984 – USSR launches Vega 2 for fly-by of Halley’s Come

1985 – ARCO Anchorage runs aground near Port Angeles, WA

1987 – Soyuz TM-4 launches 3 cosmonauts to space station Mir

1988 – Drexel agrees guilt to security felonies, pays a $650 million fine




1988 – Pan AM Flight 103 was destroyed by a bomb killing 243 passengers and 16 crew (also known as the Lockerbie bombing)









1991 – 95 share in Madrid Spain $1.3 billion lottery (#47996)

1991 – El Sayid Nosair acquitted of killing Meir Kahane

1991 – Soviet Union formally dissolves 11 of 12 republics sign treaty forming Commonwealth of Independent States

1992 – Dutch DC-10 in fire at landing on Faro Portugal, 56 die

1994 – Bomb goes off on #4 train on Fulton Street NYC

1995 – Martina Ertl of Germany wins her 3rd giant slalom world cup

1995 – The city of Bethlehem passes from Israeli to Palestinian control.

1997 – Detroit Lions Barry Sanders is 3rd to run for 2,000 yards in a season

1999 – The Spanish Civil Guard intercepts a van loaded with 950 kg of explosives that ETA intended to use to blow up Torre Picasso in Madrid.





1117 – Thomas BecketCheapsideLondonarchbishop of Canterbury (1162-1170), (d. 1170)







1401 – Tommaso Masaccio, Italian painter (d. 1428)

1518 – Mark van Vaernewijck, Flemish nobleman/politician

1537 – Johan III, king of Sweden (1569-92)




1603 – Roger WilliamsEnglish theologian and colonist (d. 1684)






1714 – John Bradstreet, Canadian-born soldier (d. 1774)

1795 – Leopold von Ranke, German historian (d. 1886)

1800 – Barnwell Rhett Robert, (Confederacy), died in 1876

1804 – Benjamin Disraeli, (Tory) British PM (1868, 1874-80)

1805 – Thomas Graham, British chemist and father of colloid chemistry (d. 1869)

1818 – Lewis H Morgan, US, etnologist (Systems of Consanguinity)

1823 – Jean Henri Fabre, France, entomologist (insects & spiders)

1832 – John Henry Ketcham, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1906

1843 – Thomas Bracken, Irish-born New Zealand poet (d. 1898)

1860 – Henrietta Szold, founder (Hadassah)

1872 – Albert P Terhune, US, novelist (Lad, a Dog)

1878 – Jan Łukasiewicz, Polish philosopher and mathematician (d. 1956)

1879 – Theodore Limperg, business economist (substitute value)

1886 – Hermann A J Kees, German Egyptologist (Problems of Egyptology)

1889 – Sewall Wright, American biologist (d. 1988)

1890 – Fred M Vinson, US Supreme Court Justice (1946-53)

1890 – Hermann Joseph Muller, American geneticist and Nobel laureate (d. 1967)

1892 – Rebecca West, [Cicily I F Andrews], Engl author (Meaning of Treason)

1892 – Walter Hagen, Rochester NY, PGA golfer (US Open 1914, 19)

1898 – Ira S Bowen, US physicist/astronomer (Mt Wilson/Palomar)

1911 – Josh Gibson, pro baseball player, “Negro Babe Ruth” (hit 800+ HRs)

1915 – Werner von Trapp, member of the Trapp Family Singers (d. 2007)

1917 – Alicia Alonso, Havana Cuba, ballerina (American Ballet Theatre)

1918 – Kurt Waldheim, Nazi/4th UN Sec-Gen (1972-81)/Austrian pres (1986-92)

1919 – Gert Fredriksson, Sweden, 1K kayak (Olympic-gold-1948, 52, 56)

1920 – Bob Bindig, American cartoonist (d. 2006)

1922 – Paul Winchell, NYC, ventriloquist (Jerry Mahoney, Knucklehead Smith)

1924 – Joe Paterno, football coach (Penn State, SI Sportsman of 1986)

1924 – Rita Reys, [Maria Reijs], Dutch jazz singer

1935 – Phil Donahue, Cleve Ohio, talk show host (Phil Donahue Show)

1935 – Lorenzo Bandini, Italian racecar driver (d. 1967)




1940 – Frank Zappa, Baltimore, rocker (Mothers of Invention, Catholic Girls)(see UE Deaths 12/04)







1942 – Carla ThomasUS singer (Let Me Be Good to You)


All I Want For Christmas Is You

Gee Whiz

Tramp with Otis Redding






1942 – Hu Jintao, Chinese president




1943 – Albert Leecountry , blues & rockabilly guitarist


Tear It Up

One Way Rider with Vince Gill & Danny Gatton

I Got a Woman with Chet Atkins & James Burton

Let It Be Me with Alexandra Lee





1945 – Millie Hughes-Fulford, Wells Tx, astronaut (STS 40)

1946 – Carl Dean Wilson, Hawthorne California, rock vocalist (Beach Boys-Barbie)




1947 – Paco de LucíaSpanish guitarist , musician



Rio Ancho

Mediterranean Sundance with Al DiMeola & John McLaughlin

Tico Tico





1948 – Dave Kingman, baseball player (Mets, Yanks, Giants)

1948 – Samuel L Jackson, Washington DC, actor (Amos & Andrew, White Sand, Pulp Fiction)

1952 – Dennis Boutsikaris, Newark NJ, actor (Batteries Not Included)

1952 – Steve Furniss, US swimmer (Olympics-bronze-1972)

1953 – Andras Schiff, Budapest Hungary, pianist (Tchaikovsky-1974)




1953 – Arie LuyendykNetherlandsIndy-car racer (1990 Indianapolis 500)






1953 – Betty Wright, US gospel/singer/TV hostess (Little Miss Broadway)

1953 – Tina Brown, journalist (New Yorker)

1954 – Chris Evert Lloyd Mills, Fort Lauderdale, tennis pro ‘Miss pokerface’

1956 – Kevin Burnham, Hollis NY, 470 yachter (Olympics-8th-1992, 96)

1956 – Lee Roy Parnell, Abilene Texas, country singer (Oughta be a Law)

1957 – Joshua Mostel, NYC, actor (Delta House, At Ease)

1957 – Ray Romano, Queens NY, actor (Ray Barone-Everybody Loves Raymond)

1959 – Florence Griffith Joyner, LA California, runner (Olympic-3 gold-1988)

1960 – Michael Swain, Elizabeth NJ, judoka (Olympics-bronze-88)

1960 – Roger McDowell, Cincinnati OH, pitcher (NY Mets, Balt Orioles)

1965 – Andy Dick, Charleston SC, actor (Matthew-Newsradio)

1968 – Khrystyne Haje, Santa Clara, Cal, actress (Simone-Head of the Class)

1969 – Julie Delpy, actress (Before Sunrise)

1971 – Irena Slavutskay, Israel, athlete (Oly-1996)

1971 – Fenton Keogh, Australian celebrity chef

1974 – Karrie Webb, Ayr Queensland Aus, LPGA golfer (1994 Aust Strokeplay)

1975 – Paloma Herrera, Argentine ballet dancer

1976 – Mirela Manjani, Greek javelin thrower

1978 – Amber Corwin, Harbor City Ca, figure skater (1997 National Sr – 5th)

1979 – Tuva Novotny, Swedish actress and singer

1982 – Erica Hayden, American journalist and radio personality

1982 – Iljo Keisse, Belgian cyclist

1985 – James Stewart Jr., American motorcycle racer


72 – Thomas the Apostle

918 – Conrad I, Duke of Franconia/German King (911-918), dies

1295 – Marguerite Berenger of Provence, wife of Louis IX of France (bc. 1221)

1308 – Henry I, the Child, 1st landgrave of Hessen (1256-1308), dies at 64

1549 – Marguerite of Navarre, wife of Henry II of Navarre (b. 1492)

1674 – Rutger van Haersolte, viceroy of Overijsselse, dies at about 66

1736 – Alessandro Galilei, Italian architect (Cappella Corsini), dies at 45

1824 – James Parkinson, English physician, geologist, paleontologist, and political activist (b. 1755)

1873 – Francis Garnier, French explorer (b. 1839)

1889 – Friedrich August von Quenstedt, German geologist (b. 1809)

1900 – Roger Wolcott, American political figure, 39th Governor of Massachusetts (b. 1847)

1907 – Oskar Lassar, German dermatologist (public baths), dies at 58

1933 – Knud J V Rasmussen, Danish Pole explorer (Thule), dies at 54

1937 – Frank Kellogg, US Secretary of State and Nobel laureate, dies at 80

1940 – F Scott Fitzgerald, author (Zelda), dies of a heart attack at 44

1942 – Leendert Round, sculptor (Giraffen, Blijdorp), dies at 63




1945 – George S PattonUS General (Sicily/Normandy), dies in car crash at 60






1948 – Seishiro Itagaki, Japanese General/min of War, hanged

1959 – Rosanjin, Japanese calligrapher, restaurateur and ceramicist (b. 1883)

1967 – Louis Washkansky, 18 days after 1st heart transplant, dies at 55

1974 – Richard Long, actor (Nanny & Professor), dies at 47

1974 – James Henry Govier, British artist (b. 1910)

1988 – Bob Steele, [Robert Bradbury], dies after short illness at 60

1988 – Nicholas Tinbergen, Dutch/British biologist, dies at 81

1990 – Clarence “Kelly” Johnson, American aeronautical engineer (Lockheed Skunk Works; b. 1910)




1992 – Albert KingUS blues singer/guitarist (Crosscut Saw), dies at 71


Blues Power

I’ll Play The BLues For You

DON’T YOU LIE TO ME with Stevie Ray Vaughan

Match Box Blues with Stevie





1992 – Nathan Milstein, Ukrainian/US violist (Beethoven, Bach), dies at 87

1993 – Philip Christison, British general (Rangoon), dies at 100

1995 – Trenchard Cox, museum director, dies at 90




1996 – Margaret E Reyauthor of children’s booksdies at 90





1997 – Michael Lyne, air-marshal, dies at 78

1998 – Ernst Gunther Schenck, German doctor who joined the Sturmabteilung in 1933 {b. 1904)

2001 – Dick Schaap, American sports journalist (b. 1934)

2003 – Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Spanish playboy and businessman (b. 1924)

2004 – Autar Singh Paintal, Indian medical scientist (b. 1925)

2007 – Ken Hendricks, American businessman (b. 1941)















 “President Obama Piles On And Blames Sony” Regarding Sony Hack Attack




Progressive Christmas Carols




This video hits the PC nail on the head .

Published on Dec 9, 2014


——————–STALK ME——————–

Send me a postcard or something :]
PO Box 49389
Austin, TX 78765


God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
We wish you happy holidays, whoever you may be
So merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, or heck all three
We’ve modernized these jingles for the massive bourgeoisie
Love, The Updated Christmas Carol Team

Santa Clause is Coming to Town
You better not judge, you better not hate
Better not bully or discriminate
Progressive Santa’s coming to town
He’s making a list of gluten free foods
He won’t take a peek at J-Law’s nudes
Progressive Santa’s coming to town
He’s 50 different races
And all for tax reform
He’ll protect all your children
Well, as long as they’ve been born

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (reindeer)
Had an advantageous nose (he outlived his friends)
He passed his bright red traits on (traits on)
Darwin said that’s how it goes (evolution’s not a theory)

Mary Did You Know
Mary did you know that your baby boy supports the NRA
Mary did you know that your baby boy is white

Deck the Halls
Deck the halls with kujichagulia
Kwa wa wa wa wa wa wa wanza
Give zawadi, hang benderas
Kwa wa wa wa wa wa wa wanza
Throw your hands up in the air-uh
Kwa wa wa wa wa wa wa wanza

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
You’re a green one, Mr. Grinch
You’re lacking in finesse
That greenish epidermis determines your success
Mr. Grinch
Racist Whos constrain you to the issues they continue to suppress
You’re an outlier, Mr. Grinch
You give the Whos a fright
They say your heart is 3/5ths normal,
You’re either wrong or white
Mr. Grinch
Don’t walk the streets of Whoville you might fight a cop the Whos will not indict

White Christmas
I’m dreaming of a racially ambiguous holiday

Away In A Manger
Away in a manger with Jesus and crew
His schmeckle got cut cause hey Christ was a Jew

O Holy Night
O holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night Jesus did something holy
Joseph watched golf, his leather chair reclining
As Mary birthed a child, I think a donkey was involved
Three wise men came, with GPS they found him
Christ lied in a barn, as his omniscient baby-daddy looked down
Jesus crawled on his knees
His mom shared it on snapchat
O bright device!
O night, when Christ celebrated Christmas “













It’s Kim’s World. We Just Live in It.







” Speaking of North Korea, we were subject to a denial-of-service attack yesterday. But from Iran. Who says there’s no axis of evil?

  At any rate, if you experienced difficulties with our home page and various other corners of the site, we apologize for the inconvenience. I’m happy to say, as we hit those last-minute Christmas shopping days, that the retail end of the SteynOnline cornucopia withstood the assault and remained open for Yuletide business. But there’s gonna be a lot more of this in the years ahead. And whether the Internet as we know it will survive is an open question.

  ~I’ve spent much of the last couple of days on the radio with some of my favorite interviewers. You can hear how my take on the Sony/Kim Jong-Un showdown developed as the scale of Hollywood’s capitulation became clear. Let’s start with Toronto’s Number One morning man, John Oakley. John and I also discussed the other big stories of the week – the jihadist-waiting-to-happen in Sydney and the slaughter of innocents in a Peshawar schoolhouse, Click below to listen: ” (see above)

  As I said to John, a movie about assassinating Kim Jong-Un is an example of Hollywood’s exquisitely calibrated “edginess”: They would have never greenlighted the same kind of schlocko comedy about anything involving a certain word beginning with “I” and ending with “-slam” because that can be deleterious to one’s life expectancy. But Kim was supposed to be the comedy dictator – the one it was safe to make jokes about. Now, as Scaramouche says, expect “a lot more faux-edgy lampooning of safe targets (ones who won’t fight back via the hacking of computers or heads) a la The Book of Mormon“. “


Read it all










Originally posted on Rare:

One week before its Christmas Day release, Warner Brothers Studios has released the latest trailer for Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper.” The film is based on the life of murdered Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

The epic trailer shows how actor Bradley Cooper portrays the famously intense and charming Chris Kyle.

Last week, Kyle family friend Marcus Luttrel, known around the world as the “Lone Survivor,” took in the premiere screening of “American Sniper,” and gave the cast and crew a big thumbs up.

Luttrel, who was the inspiration for the 2013 Mark Wahlberg film “Lone Survivor,” praised his friend Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle’s ex-wife, and those involved with the Clint Eastwood film.

“Taya you looked beautiful last night I hope you enjoyed the Red carpet exp (sic),” Luttrel wrote.

“I know it had to be tough watching the film, but I thought Bradley and Sienna worked very hard on capturing the spirit that…

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Originally posted on Twitchy:

President Obama is currently giving his end-of-the-year press conference and the first question was on North Korea and their hack of Sony’s computer system. Some excerpts:

Here’s what the president had to say about a response to North Korea’s actions:

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Report: All Net Jobs Growth Since 2007 Has Gone To Immigrants


Immigrant Job Growth




” All of the net gains in in jobs since 2007 have gone to immigrants — both legal and illegal — according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies, meaning that fewer native-born Americans are working today than were at the end of 2007.

  From November 2007 through November 2014, the number of employed native-born Americans has decreased more than 1.45 million, while the number of employed immigrants has risen by more than 2 million (as the immigrant population grew rapidly, too), according to data compiled by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.”


NRO Online










Salisbury Cathedral Spire Climb December 2014




    Watch as Philip Scorer ascends the Salisbury Cathedral spire to perform needed repairs on the weather station …




    Here is another video of the men at the very top doing the repairs to the anemometer and enjoying the view from 400 feet up … not for the faint of heart …



   Here is yet one more view of the spectacular climb up the Cathedral’s spire , complete with some conversation with the men before they begin their ascent . 







Published on Dec 18, 2014

” Man takes the ultimate selfie from the top of Wiltshire’s Salisbury cathedral while filming scheduled repair work.

  Is this Britain’s most terrifying selfie? Daredevil conservationist snaps a pic of himself at the top of Salisbury Cathedral’s 404ft spire

  A daredevil conservationist and his team have taken Britain’s most stomach-churning seflie – from the top of a 404ft medieval spire.

  Gary Price, 46, clerk of works at Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, and a team of helpers took a number of pictures from the capstone at the very top of the spire while carrying out repairs.

  Kitted out in ropes, a harness and a hard hat Mr Price, who is in charge of the cathedral’s conservation, made the hair-raising climb to replace a faulty wind meter accompanied by rope access specialists.

  He climbed the 332 steps inside the cathedral to the base of the tower before scaling ten narrow ladders inside the spire to a small weather door.

  He then climbed through the door and pulled himself up the last 30 feet to the capstone using rungs set into the outside of the spire’s masonry.

  It is only the fourth time Mr Price, from Salisbury, has made the climb and something that will not be repeated for another three or four years.
He replaced the anemometer, a device for measuring wind speed, which had stopped working properly in wind and rain.

  Mr Price and his team also abseiled down the east side to check out and plug a leak that was discovered as a result of the September storms.

  While most cathedrals in medieval times took centuries to build, Salisbury’s was erected in just 38 years by 300 men from 1220 to 1258.

  The spire was added later between 1300 and 1330 and the cathedral is the tallest medieval structure in the world.

  Salisbury Cathedral also has Britain’s largest cloister and largest cathedral close, the world’s oldest working clock and the best surviving of the four original copies of the Magna Carta.

  Mr Price said: ‘It’s a very exciting day for me because I don’t get to go up the spire very often at all and it’s probably going to be the last time for another three or four years.

‘ The cathedral is the tallest medieval structure in the world, 404ft to get to the capstone.

‘ When you climb out the weather door the spire is quite wide, but the higher you go the more narrow it gets and you do feel a bit like “is this going to take my weight?” but it will, it’s been there for 800 years.

‘ It is quite exposed and you can see all the way around you.

‘ When you get up there your heart is definitely in your mouth and all of your senses are heightened.

‘ You’re super safe but it’s certainly an adrenaline rush.

‘ The hardest bit is making yourself climb out of the door when you’re perfectly safe inside and when you abseil back down to go in the door, with the harness and all the equipment you need and it’s a narrow door it can be quite tight to get back in.

‘ If there’s two or three of you up there and one of you moves you can feel the spire slightly swaying.’ “

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42 Of The Most Hilarious Gravestones Of All Time

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Uncle Walter led his life the way he pleased …






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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 12-17-14


National Police Misconduct Reporting Project





” Here are the 21 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, December 17, 2014:

  • Greene County, Ohio: A now-former sheriff’s major was convicted on two of seven counts for illegally purchasing a machine gun. He forged a superior’s name on the federal paperwork to acquire the gun and then kept it for his personal use. 
  • Boston, Massachusetts: A state trooper has been placed on restricted duty. The state police are investigating an incident caught on video in which the trooper verbally abused and pepper sprayed a peaceful protester. 
  • Huntsville, Alabama: A police officer was arrested by FBI for bribery. The highly decorated officer was arrested under sealed affidavit so few other details are currently available to the public. 
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana: An officer has been named in two federal lawsuits alleging excessive force. The lawsuits allege a documented history of violent behavior by the officer. 
  • Espanola, New Mexico: A police officer was arrested for aggravated driving while intoxicated. His law enforcement certification has been suspended pending outcome of the criminal case. 
  • Baltimore, Maryland: The police department is being sued by woman who claims she was verbally abused, tasered, and arrested for recording a police stop of another person. She claims the police erased the encounter from her cell phone, but she was able to recover the footage that included her own arrest because she had an application that automatically backed up her data. 
  • Chillicothe, Ohio: An officer was suspended and then resigned amid administrative and criminal investigations into an alleged sexual assault. The victim originally refused to speak to anyone in law enforcement when she was admitted to the hospital. The following day, she returned to the hospital to talk with sheriff’s department detectives from the county. She described the officer and he was identified. 
  • Jefferson Parish, Louisiana: A deputy was fired and arrested for having sex with suspect in exchange for not taking her to jail. The deputy had responded to a reported theft from a car. He learned that the caller had a warrant and two other outstanding attachments. They reached a compromise. However, when she called-in another theft, according to the news report: “A different deputy responded and told the woman about the attachments and warrant….The woman then informed the deputy of her previous arrangement with his colleague. But no similar terms were struck. The deputy arrested the woman and informed supervisors about the allegation.” 
  • Update: Colchester, Vermont (First reported 11-12-14): A detective has been indicted for stealing $5,000 in cash and drugs from the evidence room, giving a firearm to a felon, and heroin distribution. 
  • Salem, Virginia: An officer and DEA task force member pled guilty to bribery. He had been accused of soliciting sex from a cooperating witness in exchange for his support at her sentencing. 
  • Onondaga County, New York: Three sheriff’s deputies have been indicted for filing false time sheets for public transit duty they didn’t serve. 
  • Denton County, Texas: A deputy has been indicted for child exploitation. He is alleged to have downloaded and stored child pornography on his computer. 
  • Victoria, Texas: An officer was suspended and is under investigation for excessive force after tasing a 76-year-old man over expired inspection tags for his vehicle. The video of the incident has gone viral. 
  • Update: King County, Washington (First reported 03-04-14): A deputy pled guilty to reckless driving, a misdemeanor. He had originally been arrested for DUI and hit & run. Investigators alleged that he took sleeping pills an hour before the accident. 
  • Aledo, Illinois: Two deputies were arrested on the same day after a state police investigation into an allegation of an inappropriate relationship between a member of the department and a minor. One deputy was charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse, meaning he had sexual contact with someone between 13 and 17 years old. The other was charged with indecent solicitation of a child. 
  • Buffalo, New York: An officer has been suspended without pay after a video surfaced of him beating a man with a baton Thanksgiving morning. 
  • St. Petersburg, Florida: An officer was arrested for suspicion of DUI after running red light. He has been suspended pending an investigation into the incident. 
  • Salem, Massachusetts (Massachusetts State Police): A state trooper pled not guilty to DUI and other offenses stemming from Spring 2014 car accident. The vehicle hit a utility pole and a 53-year-old passenger in the car had to be airlifted to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. The trooper refused a field sobriety test and refused medical treatment, thus precluding a blood test. 
  • Update: Los Angeles County, California (First reported 01-18-12): A now-former deputy has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for obstructing federal civil rights investigation. The former deputy was the last of a number of department members prosecuted for abusing prisoners in the jail and covering up investigations into that abuse. 
  • Update: Clay County, Florida (First reported 02-27-14): The sheriff’s office has settled a wrongful arrest suit for $50,000. Two detectives jailed the wrong teen for child sex abuse and held him for 35 days. 
  • Update: Honolulu, Hawaii (First reported 09-19-14): An officer pled not guilty to three sexual assault charges and is awaiting trial. 






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Judge Plants Meth In Woman’s Car, Has Cops Arrest Her After She Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment







” Last week, a former Georgia judge was found guilty of planting meth in a woman’s car because she accused him of sexual harassment. Earlier this year, Bryant Cochran, chief magistrate of Murray County, was forced to resign after the allegations against him went public.

  Throughout the duration of the trial, Cochran continued to deny the claims but was convicted this month after the investigation into this case uncovered a deep history of corruption. In addition to the charge of conspiring to plant methamphetamine in Angela Garmley’s car, Cochran was also found guilty of sexually assaulting one county employee, illegally searching the cell phone of another and tampering with a witness, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “


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