Duane Allman: The Complete 1981 Dickey Betts Interview





” In all, the original Allman Brothers Band lineup appeared together on The Allman Brothers BandIdlewild SouthThe Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East, and portions of Eat a Peach, released after Duane’s death in a 1971 motorcycle accident.

My conversation with Dickey Betts took place on July 16, 1981. Dickey understood that this interview was in honor of the 10th anniversary of Duane’s passing, and he told me he was happy to focus totally on Duane. I admired him then — and still do today — for doing it. Later on, I did do an in-depth interview with Dickey about his own playing.”


A teaser :


Would you describe how he played slide?

Duane played slide guitar more like a harmonica than he did a guitar. Like we were talking about him listening to Elmore James, he also listened to all the harp players – Sonny Boy Williamson and all that. He really played a lot of harmonica licks on slide guitar. He used glass, a Coricidon bottle. That’s before you could buy ’em in music stores – you can buy ’em in music stores now. And he wore it in his ring finger, which is so unorthodox. Most people who play slide either wear it on their middle finger or their little finger, so you can fret the guitar. But that was the way he wanted to do it, you know. He wore the slide on his ring finger, and he didn’t use a pick. He’d use just the thumb and the first and second finger, kind of a fingerpicking style, which is the same style I’ve adopted on slide guitar. As I say, he influenced my electric slide immensely.






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