TSA Wastes $1 Billion On SPOT





”  A new GAO report recommends that Congress end the SPOT program, which attempts to catch terrorists by suspicious behaviors they may exhibit at airport checkpoints. The Transportation Security Administration currently spends more than $200 million a year on the Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques program, even though there has been criticism from the start that there is no solid science behind it.

Here are observations about SPOT from my new Cato study on the TSA to be released next Tuesday:

The SPOT program illustrates the problems with top-down federal control over aviation security. “


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   The Federal government , through the auspices of the TSA has wasted over a billion dollars in the past six years on a program that trains the TSA employees to “visually determine” likely terror suspects . When you are through laughing at the TSA’s well-publicized attempts at “profiling” potential terrorists (think nuns , grannies & 5 Year-olds) , consider the waste of time , money , liberty and human dignity that this six year fiasco represents.







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