Horrific Viral Video Shows Terrifying Level Of Youth Violence As Girl Called Sharkeisha Sucker-Punches Female ‘Love-Rival’ And Friends Coolly Film The Assault On Cell Phone


” A video of a horrifying assault on a young woman by a female attacker has spread across the Internet.

  In a smartphone clip, uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday, a girl called Sharkeisha is seen viciously sucker-punching a girl called Shay in the face before kicking her in the head as she lies curled up on the ground.

  Sharkeisha then has to be restrained by another young woman as her victim lies on the ground, protecting her head with her hands.”


   We’ve raised a generation of animals … nay , that is an insult to the animal kingdom . Animals do not maliciously attack others for the joy of it . Only humans can be evil enough for that . We have raised a generation that has no respect for themselves , others , proper behavior or anything resembling human decency . 

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