… The Average City Employee Makes $144,329 Per Year






” While today’s municipal bankruptcy news focuses on Detroit, where a judge has just ruled the city can proceed with its bankruptcy filing, tonight a small California city holds a council meeting to try to avoid the same fate.

  Desert Hot Springs isn’t on the national radar, but its situation is hardly unique. With only 27,000 residents and only 55 full-time city employees, Desert Hot Springs lacks the financial heft that allows larger cities – think Los Angeles – to put off their day of reckoning.”


As wiser men have said ” that which can’t continue , won’t “


” The average full-time employee working for the city of Desert Hot Springs earned direct pay plus employer paid benefits during 2011 of $144,329. The average public safety employee working for Desert Hot Springs earned direct pay plus employer paid benefits during 2011 of $164,621.

  This is in a city where the median household income is $31,356 and the median home selling price is $133,500.

  Public sector union spokespersons often complain that “politicians are trying to balance the budget on the backs of working people.” Set aside for a moment the fact that “working people” means “unionized government employees” who, in the case of Desert Hot Springs, are making more per year than the average home costs in that city. Can Desert Hot Springs balance their budget if their “councilmen also eye pay, benefits,” and could actually do anything about it?”




    Justify for us please , why the average public employee should make over five times as much as does the average citizen footing the bill . Insanity .

    Here’s an update on Desert Hot Springs’ financial mess .  Desert Hot Springs council OKs cuts totaling $400K . Hardly enough to solve their short-comings but if you read on you will see that the city has been ordered to make $2.6 million in cuts by June 2014 . Where will that money come from ?








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