Gallup: Hispanics Split With Obama



Changes in President Obama's Job Approval, by Subgroup, December 2012 vs. November 2013




” President Obama’s approval rating has taken the steepest dive with Hispanics since his reelection last year, according to a Gallup analysis

  Obama’s approval rating recorded a 23-percentage-point drop among Hispanics since last year, compared to an average drop among all Americans of 12 percent. 

  Fifty-two percent of Hispanics still approve of Obama, but that’s a drop from 75 percent in December 2012. 

  Other voting groups that make up Obama’s base also have seen 15-point plus drop offs — including people making less than $24,000 a year, nonwhites and young voters. “



   We’ve already seen that the kool-aid is losing it’s potency among the youth , women , Jews and independents so is it any wonder that Hispanics are refraining from imbibing of the “holy water” ? The only voting bloc that continues to show strong loyalty to our feckless leader is the black population , which continues to exhibit a self-destructive faith , and even there is it showing signs of the strain .

   Even among blacks his support has fallen by 9% over the past year . Could this be the worst case of second term buyers remorse ever ? there does not seem to be a bottom to the descent at this point either . How low can it go ? 


  Interested readers can view the poll here .








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