Ukrainian Opposition Party’s Offices Raided As Protesters Dig In





” Ukrainian authorities closed in on protesters in Kiev and raided the offices of a leading opposition party on Monday, in their first tentative attempt to exert control over the city centre which has been occupied by anti-government protesters for a week.

  Riot police removed barricades around a key government building and stood face to face with lines of protesters as temperatures dropped and a blizzard swirled through Kiev. As of early evening there had been no attempt to regain control of Independence Square or the city hall, but police edged their lines closer during the day.”

 Activists from Fatherland, the political party of the jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, said their offices had been stormed by armed men. Ostap Semerak, an MP, told the Guardian that heavily armed operatives from the SBU secret services arrived at the party headquarters and entered through the windows “like pirates or terrorists”, before taking away computer servers.”







Remind you of anyone ? 




” This is a building where several MPs have their offices and the act was completely illegal,” he said. “If there was a court order then they should have shown it, but this kind of behaviour is outrageous.”

  A week of protests against President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision not to sign an integration pact with the EU culminated in the biggest demonstration since the 2004 Orange Revolution on Sunday when hundreds of thousands of people flooded central Kiev. Protesters toppled a statue of Lenin and attacked it with hammers.”









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