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New 3-D Printed Ammo To End Ammo Drought









” 4.1.2014, Palermo, Italy – Italian 3D-printing startup, Brachia Caeli Industries (BCI) announced today at a press conference that it had successfully printed fully functional centerfire ammunition. This comes on the heels of December’s congressional ruling that the Undetectable Firearms Act (UFA), which bans guns not visible to metal detectors or x-ray scanners, does not apply to 3-D printed arms.”



     We could find no reference to the “start-up” anywhere but Brachia Caeli translates from the Latin to “Arms of Heaven” and we have been unable to determine whether this is an April Fool’s story or not but has the details .









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FBI Raids USA Brass In Bozeman







” The FBI raided Bozeman based USA Brass Thursday morning. We were tipped off by a viewer who told us federal agents were on scene by 9a.m. Throughout the morning we saw agents from the FBI, EPA Criminal Division, and Bozeman Police come and go from the Bozeman business.”

  Around 12:30 p.m. Agent Bert Marsden identified himself as the resident agent in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Criminal Division in Montana.  He told NBC Montana agents were expected on scene through the evening, and gave a short statement about the investigation.

” We are investigating alleged violations of environmental law. An investigation takes as long as it takes, and I can’t provide any details as it relates to that,” said Marsden.

  USA Brass cleans and resells used ammunition casings.  Last fall the Gallatin City-County Health Department reported 22 people, all current or former USA Brass employees showed elevated levels of lead in their blood. In September of 2013 the US Department of Labor cited USA Brass with 10 serious violations and proposed more than $45,000 in penalties and fines.”


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The .700 WTF : For Hunting Dinosaurs



” The cartridge, named the .700 WTF (“What The F…”) and is made by fire forming a .50 BMG brass case, trimming it to 3″ in length and then sizing it. The round is loaded with a 1132 grain paper patched .700 lead cast bullet.”





” The rifle, with just a 16.25″ barrel, can push the 1132 grain of lead up to 2300 fps. Thats 13,000 ft/lbs of energy, right up there with the .50 BMG and far exceeding the .700 Nitro Express. The cast lead bullet has enough energy to pass clean through a 1/4″ steel plate.”

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Winchester Recalls .22 Long Rifle Rimfire Ammo





” The recall is for M*22 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Black Copper Plated Round Nose rimfire ammunition marked with the symbol number S22LRT and lot numbers GD42L or GD52L.

  The company says they’ve found some double powder charges in these two lots of ammunition. If fired, a double powder charge can render a firearm useless and cause serious injury to the shooter. Basically, if you don’t want to blow your hand off and ruin your gun, make sure you’re not firing a double powder charge.

  For more information or to report recalled ammo, visit Winchester’s website, or call 866-423-5224.”







You Could Win A $2000 Gift Certificate For J&G Sales From The National Association For Gun Rights

National Association for Gun Rights - No Gun Control Deals Petition to Congress

” Dear NAGR Supporter,

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Pentagon’s Top Tester Gives Sniper Round Passing Grade



” The Defense Department released it’s annual testing report and unlike other weapons programs, the MK248 Mod 0 Sniper Round got a passing grade.”





” Used with the M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle, the Mk248-Mod0 (A191) .300 WinMag ammunition, is utilized to hit targets up to 1,200 meters out. The sniper system was built to improve the range and accuracy of other comparative systems.”




      More here and see this companion piece : XM2010 New Army Sniper Rifle at the Range . These rifles are also available to the general public … for the tidy sum of $18,000 USFor those interested in the more technical aspects of the new round you can find the report from the Army’s testing lab here in PDF form .









The Last Round You’ll Ever Need








G2 Research R.I.P. 9mm 
* 16″ Penetration 
* Up to 6″ diameter spread 
* 96 gr projectile 
* 2″ grouping at 25 yrds 
* 1265 FPS / 490 Muzzle Energy 
* 9 Separate Wound Channels 
* Precision Machined 
* Solid Copper / Lead Free
* Defeats all known barriers such as sheet metal, sheet rock, windshields, plywood, heavy winter clothing 

  It started with an un-compromised idea of creating the ultimate personal protection round. The geometry at the tip of the projectile has much to do with the way the projectile travels through tissue. It has been long known in the medical industry that a trocar point penetrates the dermis layer more efficiently… the G2R RIP Round










Mississippi Proposed Bill Publishes Name And Social Security Number Of Gun Owners




Here’s a photo of the genius . How do we continue to elect such morons ?



” Today Mississippi Representative Omeria Scott (D-District 80) introduced House Bill 231.  In her bill she proposes that anyone who sells ammunition in the State of Mississippi be required to keep records of each sale.  If passed,

  every merchant, dealer or pawnbroker that sells pistol or rifle cartridges, shall keep a record of all sales of such cartridges sold, showing the description of the kind and caliber of cartridges so sold, the name, address and driver’s license or social security number of the purchaser, and the description of and the quantity of cartridges and date of sale.

  These records, which include social security number, name and address would be “open to public inspection at any time to persons desiring to see it.” “



   Here is the woman’s biopage at Ballotpedia , her Facebook page and her government page with contact information . She has been in office since 1993 and you can view her voting record here . Just remember , if you choose to contact her and let your voice be heard , make it a voice of reason and not a voice of anger and hatred such as is so common coming from her side of the aisle .









From Jeff At Bigshooterist



Published on Dec 5, 2013

Join us at: or

” Great Balls of Fire! New Video using the Slide Fire Stock on a .22lr S&W M&P15/22 testing the Piney Mountain Rimfire Tracer Ammo. We also added a powerful Green Laser to add weight. (Plus, bright lasers are kinda fun on something like this.) This isn’t anything technical, just some fun footage very early in the testing of a new Rifle/Ammo/Accessory combo. “













   Two very entertaining and informative Youtube firearms channels have united to create an interesting video experiment that combines the divergent specialties of both channels . Demolition Ranch is a channel that specializes in mostly 12 gauge shotgun videos while , as the name implies , 22Plinkster caters to the rimfire crowd . 

   They pooled their talents and handloaded some .22 caliber tracer bullets into twelve gauge shotgun shells and had a blast .Very cool video . It would be even cooler to see them shoot this homemade round at night . It would also be cool to see a target shot by these inventive rounds . Perhaps the boys will treat us to that in the near future .

HT/Bearing Arms

How Many Xboxes Does It Take To Stop A .50 BMG?



” When you think about what’s inside an Xbox the results aren’t too surprising. Yeah, .50 BMG throws a big bullet plenty fast but put a wall of copper, glass and steel in front of any projectile and see how much luck you have with that.

Fortunately, that’s where the C4 comes in.”



See how the Xboxes fare vs C4 in slow motion at











Ever Wondered What Might Happen If You Burned 28,000 Rounds Of Ammunition In A Bonfire?




Published on Nov 28, 2012

” The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI), the standards-setting organization for the industry, has provided this video to fire departments nationwide to help firefighters better address the realities of fires in which sporting ammunition is present.”

    Long time readers may be familiar with this video as we have posted similar videos from SAAMI in the past , perhaps even this one , but we were unable to locate a reference to it in our archives . Anyway , the subject bares repeating as it is comforting to know that large quantities of stockpiled ammunition pose no great explosive hazard . Preppers can rest easy .

HT/Bob Owens














Last Primary Lead Smelter In U.S. To Close Due To EPA Regulations



” If the government can’t get enough support from lawmakers to ban guns, ammunition control is the next best avenue for accomplishing the mission.
Once this primary Lead Smelter closes in December, entirely domestic manufacture of conventional ammunition, from raw ore to finished cartridge, will be impossible.

The EPAs National Ambient Air Quality Standard that is now 10 times tighter than the previous standard.
For this reason, in December, the last primary lead smelter in the United States has decided to close its doors.
The Herculaneum, Missouri Smelter, owned and operated by the Doe Run Company, has been in existence in the same location since 1892.”








NY Gun Law’s Required Ammunition Background Checks Not Expected To Start In January




” The state is holstering a key provision of Gov. Cuomo’s gun control law requiring first-ever background checks on ammunition purchases.

Under the gun law passed earlier this year, the state could have begun requiring background checks as of this coming Jan. 15. It also could have ordered sellers of ammunition to begin keeping key information on buyers, including their names, the amount of bullets purchased, their addresses, and occupations.

But the State Police Sunday they are delaying implementation, a move first reported by the Buffalo News, until it can develop the needed database system allowing it to move forward.

Gun advocates argue that the ammo background check delay is further proof the gun law that also expanded the state’s ban on semi-automatic weapons and sought to reduce the size of ammunition magazines was passed in haste in January, just weeks after the Sandy Hook , Ct. mass school shooting.

Cuomo and the Legislature earlier this year were already forced to roll back a centerpiece provision of the gun law–one that required that no ammo magazine be able to hold more than seven bullets. Cuomo said the requirement proved unworkable because most manufacturers don’t make seven-bullet magazines.

Instead, a change was approved allowing for the sale of the old maximum 10-bullet magazines, but with a caveat that owners in most cases not put more than seven bullets in them.”








… Through Steel, Concrete & Watermelons! Jerry Miculek

A Page (18) Ripped Right From The Latest Remington E-zine 


Remington Ezine Sweepstakes




     For those of you unaware , as were we , Remington puts out a very informative free E-zine of 50-60 pages that makes for very interesting reading . The sweepstakes rules and entry information can be found on page 18 or by clicking the picture above .











… Shooting, Ammo Testing, And Explosives With Jerry Miculek

Published on Sep 21, 2013


” We have our incendiary, armor piercing, tracer ammo. We have our Hornady A-MAX Match ammunition. We have exploding targets. We have our Barrett M107 (updated M82) 50 caliber sniper rifle. That can only mean one thing… 
The long awaited episode of shoot fast is here! The Barrett M107 50 caliber sniper rifle!

Special thanks to FREEDOM MUNITIONS for the special ammunition!
Hornady .50 BMG A-MAX Match Ammunition
Scope used is Jerry’s signature Vortex Razor HD gen II…
Firearm used is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC (one shot per one pull of the trigger) Barrett M107 .50 BMG rifle


Scope used is Jerry’s signature Vortex Razor HD gen II…
Firearm used is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC (one shot per one pull of the trigger) Barrett M107 .50 BMG rifle

Official Miculek T-shirts:…
Official products and gun accessories:
Lena Miculek fan page:… “









It Is Consumer Demand That Keeps Supplies Of Ammo Nationwide Low



” The NRA is regularly inundated with letters from members requesting an explanation of the nationwide ammo shortage. Some folks merely vent their frustration over the amount of ammo they are able to acquire for range sessions. Some complain about the jump in prices; they insist it can’t all be explained by supply and demand. Others are sure the government is buying up all the ammo so average Americans can’t get their hands on it. Everyone wants to know if we have any inside information.

Whatever you believe to be the cause for the shortage, the fact is ammo continues to be difficult to find. Store shelves are empty. If you’re lucky enough to find a few boxes, chances are either you or the person behind you in line will buy all that either of you can carry and stash it away like Private Pyle hides a jelly doughnut. So, is this the future of ammunition, or is there an end to the madness? I did my homework, and while my conclusions may not be the answers you’re looking for, they are at least based on fact.

Government Purchases 
Let’s start at the rumor mill. The Internet is awash with reports of large acquisitions of ammunition by government agencies, and the pot-stirrers ran with it: They insist “the government took it all.” “








World’s First 3D Printed BULLETS? FAIL?



5 Big Game Rifle Rounds… For Beginners (Videos)


.30-30 Win



” Though in our minds big game season seems so close that we can taste it, the truth is there is still ample time for would-be sportsmen to dust off their deer rifles and get into the hunt so to speak. This invitation is especially directed towards the younger or beginning hunters, who I’m sure are filled with hunting questions, the most obvious being,what caliber rifle do I get?

While hard, long and flat rounds like the .30-06 and .308 appear to dominate the North American hunting rifle scene and even the popular .223 is making a name for itself as a surprisingly capable deer round, these cartridges are not really the best choice for someone who has never stalked whitetails before, let alone shot a gun. So what do you get the fledgling deer hunter who is looking for a rifle to start off with? A caliber that will get the job done with ‘minute of deer’ accuracy but also won’t send the shooter running back to the cabin with a sore shoulder once the gun goes off.

Well, there are actually quite a few choices out there with such a proven history:”








The HK MP5 is a hardcore submachine gun for operators. The MP5 A5 is just as rugged in its exterior, but since it’s semi-auto and chambered in .22 LR, shooters can actually afford to pull the trigger.





” Looks can be deceiving, and the wisdom of that motherly advice is underscored by the commando-tough appearance of the Heckler & Koch-licensed MP5 A5 .22 LR. Manufactured in Germany and distributed by Umarex USA, beneath its flat-black and rugged exterior beats the gentler, kinder heart of a budget-conscious blowback rimfire.

Sure, lots of lawful citizens have neutralized criminal threats with a .22 LR-chambered firearm, but this version has some intimidating cosmetics that do a good job making you think it’s a genuine 9 mm submachine gun. The fake suppressor, for example, caught my grandson off guard. He thought the non-functioning “can,” which is 7 7/8 inches long and 1.38 inches in diameter, was real. It cannot be removed, so the integral unit makes the overall barrel length officially 16.2 inches (so no federal stamp is required to take the gun home), although the rifling runs for only 13.78 inches.”











           1. 5.56x45 loaded with a steel projectile in a copper half-jacket to protect the bore
           2. 5.56mm XM216 SPIW Flechette
           3. 7.62/.220 Salvo Squeezebore


Lots more at the link








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