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Daily Comedy 2.28.15

Gary Brightwell – Hoe Depot – Comedy Time





Uploaded on May 28, 2008

” Gary Brightwell thinks it has to be someone’s job to check if the sign is broken.

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Daily Comedy 2.27.15

Bob Marley – Big Mouth Bob Pt 1





Uploaded on Sep 9, 2009

” Comedian Bob Marley – Parental Advisory : Explicit Content “












Daily Comedy 2.26.15

Jeanne Robertson – Don’t Give Auburn A “Second” Chance





Published on Nov 8, 2014

” Jeanne is on SiriusXM Radio – this clip is from Jeanne’s upcoming DVD Fabulously Funny
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Daily Comedy 2.25.15

Fast Times At Ridgemont High – I Don’t Know



Published on Jun 16, 2011

” Fast Times at Ridgemont High Movie Clip – watch all clips
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Mr. Hand (Ray Walston) puts Spicoli (Sean Penn) on the spot for ditching class, yielding a phrase worthy of the chalkboard.

TM & © Universal (2012)
Cast: Sean Penn, David Price, Ray Walston, Jennifer Jason Leigh
Director: Amy Heckerling “












Daily Comedy 2.24.15

Man In The US Uses Motorized Toilet As A Snow Plow





Published on Feb 22, 2015

” David Goldberg from Maryland has built a combined motorized toilet seat and snow plow to allow him to move around the snow. Report by Andrea Lilly. “












Daily Comedy 2.23.15

Ronald Reagan’s One-Liners





Published on Jul 20, 2014

” Mo Rocca does some digging into the Reagan wit and uncovers a treasure trove of jokes – many written by the man himself – in a very humorous look back on a politician who always had a one-liner at hand. “












Daily Comedy 2.22.15

Brian Regan – I Walked On The Moon





Uploaded on Dec 9, 2011

” The first time I saw this I was in my freshman year science class. It was so funny I just had to find it on youtube. But the only video I could find of this was broken up into six parts. It was so annoying having to watch the first part and then go and find the second one, click on that, wait for the ad to load, wait either 5 seconds to click skip ad or have to sit through one of those 30 second ones and by that time you’ve forgotten what he just said in that last one; and then repeat that 5 times. So I decided to just slap those six videos together and make this! “













Daily Comedy 2.21.15

Argument Clinic – Monty Python’s The Flying Circus





Uploaded on Nov 14, 2008

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Argument Clinic, taken from The Flying Circus.

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  Welcome to the official Monty Python YouTube channel. This is the place to find top quality classic Python videos, as well as some special stuff that you’ll only find here such as interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from our live shows. All the Pythons including John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones & Graham Chapman can be found here being incredibly silly.

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Daily Comedy 2.20.15

John Caparulo: Meet Cap – NSFW




Published on Dec 29, 2012

” My favorite stand up of all time. If there are any others that you want me to upload, just subscribe and let me know, and I will try to get my hands on them! Please and thank you! “












Daily Comedy 2.1.15

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – How Is This Still A Thing?





Published on Feb 15, 2015

” We’ve noticed that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue still exists but can’t quite figure out why.”













Daily Comedy 2.18.15

Bob Marley – Upta Camp





Uploaded on Aug 18, 2010

” From Bob Marley Greatest Hits Vol. 3. Visit for more. “












Daily Comedy 2.17.15

Comedian Jeff Allen: Costume Party





Published on Apr 15, 2014

” Comedian Jeff Allen previews the pitfalls of being a six-foot angry man inside a string bean costumer – excerpted from his performance of “Three Word Vocabulary.” “












Daily Comedy 2.16.15

Don Friesen – Welcome To My World





Published on Feb 4, 2009

” Don Friesen talks about married life and raising kids at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival “












Daily Comedy 2.15.15

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Marketing To Doctors





Published on Feb 8, 2015

” Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars marketing drugs to doctors.
We have a few issues with that.”












Daily Comedy 2.14.15

Funny Airbag Prank …. Texans Style





Published on Jan 27, 2014

” Guy sits on the tires with a airbag in between and lets us blow him up just for his texans “












Daily Comedy 2.13.15

Tim Wilson – Road Dogs





Daily Comedy 2.12.15

Billy Connolly: Dwarf





Uploaded on Nov 10, 2010

” Extract from Billy Connolly’s new DVD Live In London “












Daily Comedy 2.11.15

Hoges In England – ‘Leo Wanker’






Daily Comedy 2.10.15

Addams Family First Episode – Part One





Uploaded on Nov 11, 2007

” Addams family first episode “














Daily Comedy 2.9.15

Bengt Washburn – Losing My Mind




Published on Mar 17, 2014

” I can forget what Im doing, while I’m doing it.”












Daily Comedy 2.8.15

Top 10 Best Funny Commercials Compilation – Sexy Funny Banned Commercial – Funny TV Ads




Published on Jul 30, 2014

” Enjoy the top funniest commercial video clips ever!

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Daily Comedy 2.7.15

Tim Hawkins – Give Mom A Break





Published on May 6, 2012

” Tim talks about giving mom a break…funny! “















Daily Comedy 2.6.15

Car Boot Squatter Prank – The Pranker – BBC Comedy Greats





Published on Jan 17, 2015

” Contains some strong language. An unsuspecting motorist discovers an odd man living in the boot of his car.

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Daily Comedy 2.5.15

A Tribute To Gore





Uploaded on Oct 13, 2007

” A tribute to Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, and an editorial on Global Warming Science and Scientists “














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