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Daily Comedy 4.24.15

Ron White – Library/Steal Music





Daily Comedy 4.23.15

Those Ain’t Pants – Anita Renfroe





Published on Jan 5, 2015

” Comedian Anita Renfroe knows that some women just don’t have a clue as to whether they are wearing actual pants. Or not.

   Maybe a song is a good way to broach the subject :)
Cigar box guitar from Snowden Guitars
words and music Anita Renfroe/Bluebonnet Hills Music/BMI 2013
Download the entire comedy concert here:… 












Daily Comedy 4.22.15

Beavis And Butthead – Hard Sell






Daily Comedy 4.21.15

Nigel Thornberry Montage





Daily Comedy 4.20.15

Parks and Recreation – The Story Of Mouse Rat




Daily Comedy 4.19.15

T Bubba Bechtol – The Igmos





Daily Comedy 4.18.15

Don Friesen: Comics Unleashed





Uploaded on Jun 20, 2008

” Don Friesen on Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen “









Daily Comedy 4.17.15

Dick Van Dyke Show – Scenes Featuring Buddy Insulting Mel




Published on Jun 21, 2014

” Six Clips from The Writers Room w/Morey Amsterdam, Richard Deacon, Rose Marie & Dick Van Dyke. One scene features Gavin MacLeod.”








Daily Comedy 4.16.15

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: The IRS




Published on Apr 12, 2015

” Nobody likes the IRS. But recent budget and staff cuts have made it increasingly difficult for the department to do its very important job. Don’t take our word for it. Ask Michael Bolton.”











Daily Comedy 4.15.15

Don’t Mess With The I.R.S.




Uploaded on Jan 5, 2010

” Humor/Satire Dr. Elmo performs “Don’t Mess with the IRS”
Available at Itunes “











Daily Comedy 4.14.15

Tim Wilson In Atlanta

















Daily Comedy 4.13.15

Iggy Builds A Castle




Uploaded on Nov 3, 2010

” Jim builds a castle for Elaine after admitting that he is her secret admirer.”










Daily Comedy 4.12.15

Nate Bargatze – Science



Published on Aug 28, 2013

” Nate Bargatze has officially given up on science.”










Daily Comedy 4.11.15

Jeanne Robertson – Searching For Final Four Tickets




Published on Mar 22, 2015

” Jeanne is on Sirius & XM Radio this clip is from Jeanne’s DVD “Looking for Humor”
Jeanne’s official website “











Daily Comedy 4.10.14

Certified Funny – John Pinette – Vegans




Published on Mar 19, 2013

” John Pinette…

John Pinette talks about vegans. “










Daily Comedy 4.9.15

The Three Stooges – Crash Goes The Hash – 1944









Daily Comedy 4.8.15

ABC-57 Hit Pizza Shop: Satire Hits Back – Scott Ott




Published on Apr 4, 2015

” ABC-57 News led the attack on Memories Pizza, in Walkerton, IN, with a made-up story about Christians rejecting gay wedding jobs. Scott Ott attacks back.”











Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Government Surveillance




Published on Apr 5, 2015

” There are very few government checks on what America’s sweeping surveillance programs are capable of doing. John Oliver sits down with Edward Snowden to discuss the NSA, the balance between privacy and security, and dick-pics.”












Daily Comedy 4.6.15

Brian Regan – Tattoos And Dating




Published on Aug 27, 2014

” Brian Regan stopped in Saskatoon on his tour August 16, 2014. Here is a short clip of his show.”













Daily Comedy 4.5.15

John Caparulo: Caplets #14 – March, 2015 NSFW






Published on Mar 27, 2015

” It’s March madness for Cap and the things driving him mad in this hilarious set. After the set, hear some color commentary from the Caparulos in this episode’s ReCap.”














Daily Comedy 4.4.15

Jimmy Kimmel – Stop Peep Cruelty




Published on Apr 3, 2015

” Jimmy shines a light on a very important Easter-related issue: Peep cruelty.”











Daily Comedy 4.3.15

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: April Fools’ Day




Published on Mar 29, 2015

” April Fools’ Day is awful. Please stand with John Oliver and take the Last Week Tonight No-Prank Pledge.

  Connect with Last Week Tonight online…
Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens:













Daily Comedy 4.2.15

Jay Hickman – Magic Mirror On The Wall – NSFW





Daily Comedy 4.1.15

Whose Line Is It Anyway – Hilarious Bloopers





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