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Daily Video 3.29.15

The Reasons Why Democrats Are The Party Of Slavery And Victimization – ZoNation





Published on Mar 27, 2015

” Zo thinks that Democrats are really the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK. Hear why. “
















Daily Video 3.28.15

Richard Engel: Military Officials Say Allies No Longer Trust Us, Fear Intel Might Leak To Iran





Published on Mar 27, 2015

” Richard Engel: Military Officials Say Allies No Longer Trust Us, Fear Intel Might Leak to Iran”














Daily Video 3.27.15

Great Minds: Benjamin Franklin: Founding Nerd





Published on Mar 23, 2015

” Learn about Benjamin Franklin, his experiments into electricity, including the truth about the kite and the key.

Hosted by: Hank Green”













Daily Video 3.26.15

Walter E Williams – The People’s Contempt For The Constitution




Published on Mar 23, 2015

” Dr. Williams backs up his claim that the American people display contempt for the Constitution. “













Daily Video 3.25.15

Poll Shows American Gun Ownership Might Be Alive And Well



Published on Mar 24, 2015

” John Phillips describes a new Gallup poll that seems to show a decline in American gun ownership. Or does it? “












Daily Video 3.24.15

Extreme Bungy Jumping With Cliff Jump Shenanigans In New Zealand






Published on Mar 23, 2015

” Check out the Behind The Scenes here:…

  Huge thanks to 100% Pure New Zealand for giving us the opportunity to film here!
Instagram/Twitter: @purenewzealand

  Go subscribe to Stoked for Saturday, they made everything in NZ happen!
Instagram/Twitter: @stoked4saturday
Website: “














Daily Video 3.23.15

Japanese Man 3D Prints Amazingly Small R/C Fire Boat







Published on Mar 20, 2015

” 3D Printed by a man in Japan, this fire boat has the following specifications.
Length: 105mm
Weight: 119 grams (about 4 ounces)
Battery: 3.7v350mA
Receiver: 6-channel DSM 2 (Cost: about $5)
See his other boats and




For a more polished video of the man’s fleet look no further than this:




Man 3D Prints Extremely Tiny RC Boats




Published on Mar 20, 2015

” Morozou is a 3D printing enthusiast who has a knack for designing intricate items, including these 3D printed extremely small boats! Read and see more at… “













Daily Video 3.22.15

Join The International Drone Community Free




Published on Mar 14, 2015

” As you know, over 150 teams are took part in International Drone Day. People have joined a local team to them to represent their part of the world and show the public and press that “Drones Are Good”.


  But our work does not end here, for the next chapter of International Drone Day, we are creating another part of International Drone Day called “ The International Drone Community”. Just like with drone day, the IDC is run by local team captains in your area. Being online is great, but we all need people to fly with, take advice from, share our knowledge with, and thats why the IDC is global but its also local.

  We have two rules for the community:

  Number 1 – Show the world that Drones are Good
  Number 2 – Always show your drone in the best light, help new people, and don’t be the person that makes us all look bad.”













Daily Video 3.21.15

2015 Solar Eclipse





Published on Mar 20, 2015

” Solar eclipse video (last minutes) shoot from Svalbard. This video is taken from the Live streaming broadcasted by Slooh ( – courtesy of NRK News
All the credits goes to them!













Daily Video 3.20.15

700 WTF Rifle, Hand Cannon




Uploaded on Aug 8, 2011

” First time shoulder firing my monster creation. this is with .700 cal slugs that weigh 1132gr which means you only get 6 bullets out of a pound of lead. this slug was loaded with what i would consider a mid level load at about 1600fps starting and up around 1800fps towards the end. This can and will be loaded up to 2300fps in the future. the recoil energy of this rifle without the break is around 150 ft/lbs.”












Daily Video 3.19.15

An Affordable 3D-Printed Arm




Published on Feb 26, 2015

” Students at UCF are designing an inexpensive 3D printed arm for kids.
To find out more and to get involved, check out:

  Big thanks to Microsoft and the Collective Project for introducing me to Albert and his amazing team. They are continuing to help people around the world one hand at a time and they could use your help.
Learn more and see how you can get involved by checking out The Collective Project on Tumblr, follow @MSONeNote on Twitter or head over to “













Daily Video 3.18.15

Students Condemn Free Speech On Video!





Published on Feb 18, 2015

” Check out the full show at!

  The University of Michigan took some pretty big steps toward stifling free speech on its campus this month. Just how important is the 1st amendment to students today, and is it our duty to protect it? Watch to find out! “













Daily Video 3.17.15

International Drone Day TV Coverage





Published on Mar 16, 2015

” We are so excited that people around the globe came together on march 14, 2015 to clebrate International Drone Day with us. Here is some local coverage TV news did on our event in vegas
See more at: “













Daily Video 3.16.15

Top 5 SHTF Preps





Published on Feb 24, 2015

” If you are only going to do 5 things to prepare for a SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan) scenario, these are the 5 Steps that all the experts agree are the most important. Come with me if you want to live.

Demolition Ranch Apparel… “













Daily Video 3.15.15

3 Weird Things That Domestication Did To Dogs




Published on Feb 24, 2015

” There’s a lot we don’t know about how and when dogs were first domesticated. But we do know that the process made dogs very different from their wild cousins, in some unexpected ways.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda “














Daily Video 3.14.15

State Dept Contradicts Clinton Claim That Emails To State Accounts Were Automatically Saved




Published on Mar 13, 2015

” State Dept Contradicts Clinton Claim that Emails to State Accounts Were Automatically Archived (March 13, 2015) “













Daily Video 3.13.15

Pat Condell – Free Speech On Campus




Published on Mar 2, 2015

” Time to stop indulging privileged militant “progressive” puritan student bigots.

Free speech? Not at four in five UK universities… “













Daily Video 3.12.15

Hillary’s Bizarre Press Conference Over Email Scandal





Published on Mar 11, 2015

” Hillary Clinton finally spoke out on the recent email scandal that’s been rocking the political world, but did she make things even worse than they were?”
















Daily Video 3.11.15

Ben Shapiro: First They Came For The Jews





Published on Feb 26, 2015

” President Obama does not stand up for Jews murdered by Islamic Terrorists. President Obama does not stand up for Christians murdered by Islamic Terrorists. Is there anyone President Obama will stand up for? Ben Shapiro explains why the answer is probably ‘no.’ “













Daily Video 3.10.15

Police Witness – Why Liberty?




Published on Mar 8, 2015

” Major Neill Franklin (Ret.) is a 34-year veteran of both the Maryland State Police and the Baltimore Police Department who oversaw 17 separate drug task forces and is now Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), an organization of police, prosecutors, judges and other law enforcement officials who want to end the war on drugs.

  Create your own Why Liberty video and SHARE using #WhyLiberty.

  Produced by Tess Terrible” 













Daily Video 3.9.15

How The IRS Has Been Seizing $ From Innocent Americans





Published on Feb 11, 2015

” Read the report:… “















Daily Video 3.8.15

A Brief History Of Robotics




Published on Mar 5, 2015

” Why don’t we have robots taking care of our every need by now? A little history of the field of robotics might help you understand how hard it is to get machines to perform tasks, and how far we’ve come in just a few decades.

Hosted by: Hank Green
Human played by: Stefan Chin “













Daily Video 3.7.15

Too Damn Big: Govt. Out Of Control On Taxes And Spending





Published on Mar 4, 2015

” Think of all the money you paid this year, and have ever paid, in taxes. Now think of all the money all of the people you know have paid and will pay… “













Daily Video 3.6.15

Preparing The 1360hp One:1 For Its Debut – /Inside Koenigsegg





Published on Mar 25, 2014

” Christian von Koenigsegg oversees the final preparation of the first Koenigsegg One:1 Megacar ahead of The Geneva Motor Show. The One:1 attains a power to weight ratio of 1 horsepower to every 1 kg of curb weight through unprecedented weight saving measures. “














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