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Daily Video 8.31.14

Andrew Breitbart – The Democrat Media Complex





Published on Aug 18, 2014

” Interviewed by Peter Robinson (Uncommon Knowledge), Breitbart explains his awareness of the Democrat media complex and develops a strategy to deal with it. “





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Century of Enslavement: The History Of The Federal Reserve




Published on Jul 6, 2014


  What is the Federal Reserve system? How did it come into existence? Is it part of the federal government? How does it create money? Why is the public kept in the dark about these important matters? In this feature-length documentary film, The Corbett Report explores these important question and pulls back the curtain on America’s central bank.”

Is America A Police State? Marc Victor @ Casey Conference





Published on Aug 15, 2014

” Register today for the upcoming Casey Research conference, ‘Thriving In A Crisis Economy’ September 19-21 in San Antonio, Texas. Click here to register: “




George H Smith – Revolution





Published on Aug 22, 2014

” From, George H. Smith reminds us that when thinking about a return to liberty, we must first look backward before we look forward. 





John Stossel – SWAT Raids



Published on Aug 19, 2014

” Government is deploying more and more SWAT raids with less and less justification. Stossel looks in to the situation. “

Daily Video 8.15.14

John Stossel – The Litigation Nightmare





Published on Aug 14, 2014

” Stossel offers commentary about our legal system, explaining why you should do your best to avoid it. “

Daily Video 8.14.14

Explained: 5 Fun Physics Phenomena




Daily Video 8.13.14

John Stossel – Litigating For Liberty




Published on Aug 12, 2014

” Scott Bullock (Institute for Justice) explains how lawsuits can help reign in government to its Constitutional limits. “

Daily Video 8.12.14

Milton Friedman – Creating Disrespect For The Law





Published on Aug 8, 2014

” Professor Friedman explains the inevitable results when some people want to control others. “





Daily Video 8.8.14

John Stossel – Big Brother’s Little Helper




Published on Aug 7, 2014

” John Stossel talks about how and why government regulation is commonly deployed by cronies to ward off competition to their friends and reduce opportunity for all. “

Daily Video 8.5.14

What Happened To The WTC Gold On 9/11?





Published on Aug 4, 2014


  In this edition of “Questions For Corbett” James answers questions on his new Federal Reserve documentary, the eugenics agenda, Christine Lagarde’s numerology, ebola, BRICS and much more.”

Daily Video 8.3.14

About Katana Cultists And The “Perfect” Sword





Published on Feb 26, 2014

” Every serious collector and martial artist with knowledge of historical arms knows that there is no universal ultimate sword, better than everything else. But the fanatical fanboys and katana cult worshipers are pissed off by that factual statement.

  Of course there are plenty of reasonable katana enthusiasts who are not obsessively asserting to have found the ultimate sword. This video is not directed towards such reasonable people. This is actually a rant about ignorant fools with an over-inflated ego.

  Every blade weapon, be it bronze age dagger, Viking sword, European Medieval longsword, Scottish claymore, Indian tulwar or any Japanese sword has its pros and cons. Weapon design is always a matter of compromises, of enhancing one feature (e.g. cutting power) at the expense of another (e.g. thrusting ability), or alternatively going for a jack of all trades that does everything but nothing exceptionally well.

  Merely pointing out that there is no perfect sword does not make anyone a “katana hater”. Whoever claims that makes themselves look like a biased idiot in public.

  And comparing one style of martial arts versus another is also mostly pointless because it depends more on the individual fighter’s physical fitness, skills and tactics than the shape of the sharpened steel bar that they happen to use.

My Facebook page: “

Daily Video 8.2.14

Real Life In Texas 70 Miles North Of The Border





Published on Aug 1, 2014

” While the tidal wave of women and children surrendering to Border Patrol has captured America’s attention, this is what life is like for regular Americans who have to deal with the greater majority of traffic that is not being apprehended.”













Daily Video 8.1.14

John Stossel – Did They Really Say That?




Published on Jul 31, 2014

” Charles Payne (Making Money with Charles Payne) and Kate Rogers ( join John to play “Real Or Fake,” a game show where contestants guess whether or not bizarre statements were actually made by media personalities. Kennedy (The Independents) hosts. Then, Stossel offers commentary on why the media focuses on what they do. “












Daily Video 7.31.14

Stossel: Why Hollywood Was Against The “Atlas Shrugged” Film





Uploaded on Mar 9, 2011

” The film adaptation of the classic Ayn Rand novel “Atlas Shrugged” is set to hit theaters soon. Why were some liberals trying to stop you from seeing this movie? John Stossel gave Sean Hannity a full report on Fox News Channel.”




Daily Video 7.28.14

Slave Eleanor Holmes Norton Says None Of Your Damn Business What Obama Does





Daily Video 7.26.14

Napolitano/Beck – The Future Of The Republican Party


Published on Jul 23, 2014

” Glenn Beck and Andrew Napolitano converse about big government, foreign entanglements and the future of the Republican party. “

Daily Video 7.25.14

John Stossel – Playing Favorites With Crapitalism





Published on Jul 24, 2014

” John Stossel criticizes Obama and other politicians for their undying support of crony capitalism. “












Daily Video 7.23.14

Why Do Birds Have White And Dark Meat? (And Do We?)





Published on Jul 22, 2014

” Why do chickens and turkeys have white meat and dark meat? And, like, gross, but .. do humans have the same thing? It’s all about our muscles: what they’re made of, and what they’re made for. Quick Questions has the answers! “

Daily Video 7.22.14

Benghazi Gate – Machine Gun & Sandbags Denied, Mounted Machine Gun Not A Pleasing View – Outnumbered





Published on Jul 22, 2014

” Benghazi Gate – Machine Gun & Sandbags Denied, Mounted Machine Not A Pleasing View – Outnumbered
Sources: Militia Group Moved In Next Door To Benghazi Consulate In 2011
Treasonous!!!!! “






Daily Video 7.21.14

Sarah Palin – Western Conservative Summit – Denver, CO






Daily Video 7.20.14

Fox News – Citizens Treated As Suspects




Published on Jul 18, 2014

” 90% of NSA surveillance targets are American citizens suspected of no wrongdoing. Shep Smith, Shannon Bream. “













Daily Video 7.19.14

Graphene: The Next Big (But Thin) Thing




Published on Jul 14, 2014

” If you haven’t heard of it before, you have now. And it may prove to be the next big thing in materials science. SciShow explains what it is, why it’s so awesome, and what challenges we face in harnessing its amazing properties.”





Daily Video 7.18.14

Surveillance Video Shows Incident Between Clairton Police, Teenage Girl





Published on Jul 18, 2014

” Merceedez Wright says she was beaten by police after she and her friends were stopped for a curfew violation in Clairton. Surveillance video shows some of what happened. Subscribe to WTAE on YouTube now for more: “












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