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Weather Channel Founder Explains The History Of The Global Warming Hoax





” John Coleman, an award-winning meteorologist and weatherman with sixty years of experience and founder of the Weather Channel, produced a video explaining the history of the man-made global warming hoax .

  Coleman, a former broadcast meteorologist of the year of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), explains that after being a member for several years, he quit the AMS after it became very clear to him that “the politics had gotten in the way of the science.” Coleman explains that there is no man-made global warming, and he’s sure of it. 

  Coleman says that if there were evidence of man-made global warming, he would have been dedicated his life to stopping it: 

“ I love our wonderful planet Earth. If I thought it was threatened by global warming, I would devote my life to stopping the warming!”

  Now they call it “climate change” instead of global warming, because the warming has stopped, says Coleman, and that $4.7 billion in taxpayer money is funding “bogus reports” and “bogus research.”  “


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What Are The Online Shopping Habits Of The People In Your State?








” Kentuckians really, really love their medical supplies and equipment, while Iowans like their small appliances – at least according to a new infographic compiled by online shopping mecca eBay.

  According to Mashable, eBay analyzed 2013-2014 shopping habits to find the top 500 brands purchased by residents of each state. The online retailer then condensed the data to general categories like “furniture,” “robotic vacuums,” and “batteries” among others.”


Glenn Beck













Today In The Past





479 BC – Greco-Persian Wars: Persian forces led by Mardonius are routed by Pausanias, the Spartan commander of the Greek army in the Battle of Plataea. Along the with the Greek victory on the same day in the Battle of Mycale, the Persian invasion of Greece is halted.

1585 – Duke van Parma’s troops occupy Antwerp

1667 – Earliest recorded hurricane in US (Jamestown Virginia)

1776 – British defeat Americans in Battle of Long Island

1859 – 1st successful oil well drilled, near Titusville, Penn by Edwin Drake

1881 – Hurricane hits Florida & Carolinas; about 700 die

1883 – Krakatoa, west of Java, explodes with a force of 1,300 megatons and kills approximately 40,000 people

1900 – Battle at Bergendal: Gen Buller beats Boer general Botha

1913 – Lt Peter Nestrov, of Imperial Russian Air Service, performs a loop in a monoplane at Kiev (1st aerobatic maneuver in an airplane)

1928 – 16 die in a NYC subway’s 2nd worst accident

1928 – Kellogg-Briand Pact, where 60 nations agree to outlaw war

1937 – George E T Eyston sets world auto speed record at 345.49 MPH

1939 – Erich Warsitz makes 1st jet-propelled flight (in a Heinkel He-178)

1955 – “Guinness Book of World Records” 1st published

1979 – 18 British militia die in ambush/bomb attack in Northern Ireland

1982 – Rickey Henderson steals 119th base of season breaks Lou Brock’s mark

2008 – Barack Obama becomes the first African-American to be nominated by a major political party for President of the United States






1407 – Ashikaga Yoshikazu, Japanese shogun (d. 1425)

1770 – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher/inventor (dialectic)




1839 – Emory Upton, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1881







1871 – Theodore Dreiser, US, novelist (Sister Carie, American Tragedy)

1874 – Karl Bosch, German chemist (BASF, Nobel 1931)

1877 – Charles Stewart Rolls, British auto manufacturer (Rolls-Royce Ltd)

1882 – Samuel Goldwyn, [Gelbfisch], film magnate (MGM)

1899 – Cecil Scott Forester, Engld, historical novelist (Horatio Hornblower)

1904 – John Hay Whitney, American financier (d. 1982)

1908 – Lyndon B Johnson, Stonewall Tx, (D) 36th Pres (1963-1969), (d. 1973)

1952 – Pee-wee Herman, [Paul Reubens], NY, actor (Pee-wee’s Big Adventure)

1953 – Alex Lifeson, Toronto Canada, rock guitarist (Rush)

1954 – Derek Warwick, race car driver

1959 – Gerhard Berger, formula-1 racer (Italian Grand Prix-1988)






1394 – Chokei, Emperor of Japan (b. 1343)

1576 – Titian, [Tiziano Vecelli], Italian painter, dies of plague

1773 – Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz, Prussian general (b. 1721)

1948 – Charles Evans Hughes, U.S. Supreme Court justice (b. 1862)

1964 – Gracie Allen, actress (Burns & Allen), dies at 62

1965 – Le Corbusier, [Charles Jeanneret], Swiss/French architect, dies at 77

1971 – Bennett Cerf, (Random House)/panelist (What’s My Line), dies at 73

1971 – Margaret Bourke-White, US photographer, dies at 67

1979 – Louis Mountbatten, British adm of the Fleet, assassinated by IRA




1990 – Stevie Ray Vaughan, blues guitarist, dies in a helicopter crash at 35


Pride And Joy

Texas Flood 



Sweet Home Chicago with Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, Robert Cray

Why I Sing the Blues with BB King , Eric Clapton , Albert King , Etta James , Dr John , Paul Butterfield, Phil Collins, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Billy Ocean

A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan

Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan — In Session 1983

Live at the El Mocambo 1983

Honolulu 1984

Hamptons Residents Shocked After Finding Ku Klux Klan Pamphlets



KKK Hamptons

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” Some homeowners in the Hamptons are puzzled and angry after finding recruitment pamphlets for the Ku Klux Klan at their homes.

  As CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reported Tuesday, Fernando Alvarez said he found the fliers under his Hampton Bays door. His family was left wondering if they were targets of the hate group, or if the leafleting was random.

“ We were really shocked that … in this area we can have KKK,” Alvarez said.

  Hampton Bays, the town of Southampton’s most populous hamlet, has 13,000 residents — 30 percent of whom are Hispanic.”


CBS New York










Today In The Past 





1071 – Battle of Manzikert, Byzantine Armenia (modern Malazgirt, Turkey). Fought between Byzantine Empire and Seljuq Turks.




1346 – Battle at Crécy-England’s longbows defeat France, cannons used for 1st time in battle


Battle of Crécy




1498 – Michelangelo is commissioned to carve the Pietà.

1541 – Turkish sultan Suleiman occupies Buda/annexes Hungary

1748 – The first Lutheran denomination in North America, the Pennsylvania Ministerium, is founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1839 – The ship Amistad is captured off Long Island.

1843 – Charles Thurber patents a typewriter

1907 – Houdini escapes from chains underwater at Aquatic Park in 57 sec





1946 – George Orwell published “Animal Farm”







1964 – LBJ nominated at Democratic convention in Atlantic City, NJ

1972 – 20th Olympic games open at Munich German FR

1989 – Trumbull Conn, is 1st US team since 1983 to win Little League WS

1996 – Bill Clinton signs welfare reform into law, representing major shift in US welfare policy






1676 – Robert Walpole, (Whig) British PM (1721-42) 

1740 – Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, France, aeronaut (ballooning)

1845 – Mary Ann Nichols, English victim of Jack the Ripper (d. 1888)

1898 – Peggy Guggenheim, art patron & collector

1901 – Gen Maxwell D Taylor, former US Army chief of staff

1903 – Jimmy Rushing, US blues singer

1906 – Albert B Sabin, Russia, US microbiologist (oral polio vaccine)

1910 – Mother Teresa, [Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu], Yugoslavia (Nobel Peace Prize 1979)

1960 – Branford Marsalis, jazz saxophonist (Bring on the Night, Tonight Show)






1346 – Jan de Blinde, King of Bohemia/count of Luxemburg, dies in battle

1346 – Charles II of Alençon, killed in the Battle of Crécy (b. 1297)

1346 – Rudolph, Duke of Lorraine, killed in the Battle of Crécy (b. 1320)

1850 – Louis-Philippe of France (b. 1773)

1865 – Johann F Encke, German astronomer (Comet Encke), dies at 73

1910 – William James, American psychologist and philosopher (b. 1842)

1930 – Lon Chaney, actor (Thunder, Big City, Unholy 3), dies at 47

1968 – Kay Francis, actress (Charley’s Aunt, Play Girl), dies of cancer at 65

1974 – Charles Lindbergh, aviator, dies at 72




1980 – Tex Avery, American cartoonist (b. 1908)


A Wild Hare

What’s Buzzin’ Buzzard

Dixieland Droopy

The Chump Champ

Ventriloquist Cat

Red hot riding hood

Oh Wolfy 




1986 – Jennifer Levin, strangled by Robert Chambers in Central Park

1986 – Ted Knight, [Tadeus Konopka], actor (Mary Tyler Moore), dies at 62

2004 – Laura Branigan, American singer (b. 1957)

2009 – Dominick Dunne, American writer, Vanity Fair correspondent (b. 1925)

2011 – John McAleese, British SAS Trooper, Team leader during 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege (b. 1949)















Look At What Two Years On Mars Did To The Curiosity Rover




Mars Rover



” NASA’s Curiosity rover just recently finished its second year exploring Mars, and the red planet’s harsh environment has taken its toll. Rocky terrain, tricky sand dunes, and exposure to Martian dust storms have left the SUV-sized robot looking a little worse for wear as it continues its march towards its eventual goal, Mount Sharp.

  Below is a before-and-after look at a variety of instruments and features on Curiosity and the wear they’ve endured during the rover’s first two years, made from images uploaded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Each image is either from the MAHLI imager or the Mastcam, and is also labeled with the Sol number (sol = one Martian solar day, the mission is currently on Sol 724) during which each image was taken.”

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What Career Were You Actually Meant For?




Take the simple test here and find out where you “belong” .












Today In The Past 





49 BC – Julius Caesar’s general Gaius Scribonius Curio is defeated in the Second Battle of the Bagradas River by the Numidians under Publius Attius Varus and King Juba of Numidia. Curio commits suicide to avoid capture.

79 – Mt Vesuvius erupts, buries Pompeii & Herculaneum, 15,000 die

410 – Rome overrun by Visigoths, symbolized fall of Western Roman Empire

1215 – Pope Innocent III declares Magna Carta invalid

1456 – The printing of the Gutenberg Bible is completed.

1516 – Battle at Aleppo: Turks beat Syria

1704 – Sea battle at Malaga

1814 – British forces captured Washington, DC, & burned down many landmarks

1853 – 1st potato chips prepared by Chef George Crum (Saratoga Springs NY)

1891 – Thomas Edison patents motion picture camera

1904 – Field battle at Liao-Yang-200,000 Japanese against 150,000 Russian

1909 – Workers start pouring concrete for Panama Canal

1932 – 1st transcontinental non-stop flight by a woman, Amelia Earhart

1960 – -127°F (-88°C), Vostok, Antarctica (world record)

1970 – Bomb kills 1 at U of Wisconsin’s Army Math Research Center in Madison

1981 – Mark David Chapman is sentenced to 20 yrs to life for Lennon’s murder

1989 – Pete Rose is suspended from baseball for life for gambling

1992 – Hurricane Andrew hits South Florida; 35 die

1994 – Israel & PLO initialed accord giving autonomy to Palestinians in West Bank in education, health, taxation, social welfare & tourism

1995 – Fire that wipes 6,000 acres begins in Hamptons on Long Island

2006 – The International Astronomical Union (IAU) redefines the term “planet” such that Pluto is considered a Dwarf Planet.






1113 – Geoffrey Plantagenet, France, conquered Normandy

1759 – William Wilberforce, British politician, philanthropist and leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade

1787 – James Weddell, Ostend England, Antarctic explorer (Weddell Sea)

1817 – Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, Russian writer (d. 1875)

1872 – Max Beerbohm, England, caricaturist/writer/wit (Saturday Review)

1886 – William Francis Gibbs, naval architect, designed Liberty ships




1905 – Arthur Crudup, American singer and guitarist (d. 1974)



Born into the Blues

So Glad You’re Mine

That’s All Right- with Elvis Presley






1915 – Wynonie Harris,  the first rocker



Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me

Lovin’ Machine

Keep On Churnin’ (Til The Butter Come)

Good Morning Judge





1927 – Harry Markowitz, American economist, Nobel laureate

1951 – Orson Scott Card, US, sci-fi author (Hugo, Nebula, Ender’s War)

1960 – Cal Ripken, Havre de Grace Maryland, shortstop (Balt Orioles, game streak)






79 – Pliny the Elder, Roman writer and naturalist (b. 23)

1217 – Eustace “the Monk”, French buccaneer, dies in battle

1595 – Thomas Digges, English astronomer (Universe Infinite), dies

1680 – Thomas Blood, Irish-born thief of the British crown jewels (b. 1618)

1967 – Henry J Kaiser, industrialist (Boulder Dam, Liberty ship), dies at 85

1975 – Charles H Revson, US cosmetic magnate, dies at 69




1978 – Louis Prima, American singer, dies at 67


 Jungle Book

Banana Split for My Baby

That Old Black Magic with Keely Smith

Just a Gigolo & I Ain’t Go Nobody

Buona Sera Signorina

Medley – When you´re smilin, Zooma Zooma, Oh Marie





1991 – Bernard Castro, patented convertible couch, dies at 87

1998 – E.G. Marshall, American actor (b. 1910)

2001 – Jane Greer, American actress (b. 1924)

2004 – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Swiss-born psychiatrist (b. 1926)













The 5 Best States For Senior Citizens To Retire In








” Baby boomers may have provided the bulk of the productivity surge in this country during the past couple of decades, but now they’re retiring in unprecedented numbers. This is setting in motion a number of interesting scenarios.

  Some retirees are still recovering from the Great Recession swoon. Many are concerned about the Social Security funding gap, and some need their nest eggs to stretch further because people are living longer than ever these days.

  But for all retirees, choosing where to retire can be just as important as choosing when to retire.

 As we saw last weekend, more than a dozen U.S. states tax Social Security income either at the federal rate or at rates based on their own formulas. In addition, sales tax, property tax, and a bevy of other costs can vary throughout the country. Thus some states let senior citizens hang on to more of their hard-earned cash than others do.

  Thankfully, Bankrate has done the hard work for us. By using a number of factors that include tax burden, cost of living, access to healthcare, crime rate, and even weather, it has ranked the top states for senior citizens to retire in. According to Bankrate’s findings, here are the five best states for retirement, in ascending order: “


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Reporter Blasts Clinton Royalty





” Nevada reporter Jon Ralston rips Hillary Clinton for demanding “royal treatment” in an upcoming visit to Las Vegas:

” The price of Hillary Clinton’s scheduled speech and UNLV fundraiser could be going up. Las Vegas Review Journal, which obtained Clinton’s contract with the UNLV Foundation, reports in addition to her speaking fee of $225,000, Clinton is demanding a private jet, a presidential suite and adjoining rooms for her entourage, and Clinton refuses to mingle with the common folk. She wants to approve any media types attending the event.

” And now, a word about royalty. We don’t have kings and queens in America, or at least we shouldn’t. But when I see the red carpet UNLV is rolling out for Hillary Clinton in two months I start to wonder. Unless you’re a mindless partisan, the details of that contract with the UNLV Foundation should disturb you. They were uncovered, as I said by the RJ’s Lara Myers, and published over the weekend. The contract reads as if Hillary is being given the, yes,  royal treatment. Now it is bad enough that the UNLV Foundation folks agreed to that outrageous $225,000 fee as students struggle to make ends meet.”



Weekly Standard









The Best School Supplies



” It’s that time of year again—time for parents to wipe away tears of joy as they take household freedom back from the tyranny of teenagers. Just kidding. It’s an exciting but busy time of year for those going back to school (or going away to school for the first time), which can lead to frustration when deciding what’s actually necessary for things like cleaning, dorm life, electronics, food prep, class items, and even elementary school needs.

  Most back-to-school guides are full of gear students can’t afford or shouldn’t even consider in the first place. We decided to continue the tradition of publishing a researched list of the basics for a student’s home, backpack, and lecture hall. Some of our picks stem from the over 50 hours spent on fresh research and testing for this guide, while others are from full-length guides that we’ve specifically filtered for the student set.

  Remember, you may have some of this stuff already—don’t buy anything you don’t need. It’s a better idea to put that money towards student loans or trips back home during the holidays.”














Today In The Past





682 – St Leo II begins his reign as Catholic Pope

1180 – Yoritomo Minamoto leads uprising against Kiyomori Taira who installed his grandson, Emperor Antoku, to the throne

1498 – Cardinal Borgia renounced his vows & office to marry a French princess

1577 – Peace of Bergerac: Political rights for Huguenots

1590 – John White returns to Roanoke, Virginia to find no trace of colonist’s he had left there 3 yrs earlier [or Aug 18, 1591]

1787 – Jews are granted permission in Budapest Hungary to pray in groups

1807 – Robert Fulton’s steamboat Clermont begins 1st trip up Hudson River

1835 – Solymon Merrick patents wrench

1863 – Federal batteries & ships attacked Fort Sumter in SC

1869 – 1st international boat race (Thames River, Oxford beats Harvard)

1870 – 1st ascent of Mt Rainier, Washington

1891 – Electric self-starter for automobile patented

1903 – Joe Pulitzer donated $1 million to Columbia U & begins Pulitzer Prizes

1908 – Projection in Paris of the very first cartoon, Fantasmagorie realized by Émile Cohl.

1915 – Mob lynches Jewish businessman Leo Frank in Cobb County, Ga after death sentence for murder of 13-year-old girl commuted to life

1918 – Samuel Riddle buys Man o’War for $5,000

1942 – 1st European bombing run undertaken by US forces

1943 – 498 British bombers attack Peenemunde

1945 – Koreas divided on 38th parallel with US occupying the southern area

1957 – Richie Ashburn, fouls hit fan Alice Roth twice in same at bat 1st one breaks her nose, 2nd one hits her while she is on the stretcher

1958 – World’s 1st Moon probe, US’s Thor-Able, explodes at T +77 sec

1960 – Francis Gary Powers U-2 spy trial opens in Moscow

1978 – 1st successful crossing of the Atlantic by balloon (3 Americans)




1979 – Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” premieres


Monty Python's Life of Brian

The People’s Front

What have the Romans ever done for us

Biggus Dickus





1980 – Azaria Chamberlain disappears, likely taken by a dingo, leading to what was then the most publicised trial in Australian history

1987 – Dow Jones Industrial Avg closes above 2,700 for 1st time (2,700.57)

1996 – Soyuz TM-24, launched into orbit

1998 – Monica Lewinsky scandal: US President Bill Clinton admits in taped testimony that he had an “improper physical relationship” with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. On the same day he admits before the nation that he “misled people” about his relationship.

2005 – The first forced evacuation of settlers, as part of the Israel unilateral disengagement plan, starts.





1607 – Pierre de Fermat, mathematician who needed wider margins (Fermat’s Last Theorem) [or 1608]

1786 – Davy Crockett, Greene County, Tennessee, frontiersman/adventurer/politician (Alamo), (d. 1836)

1851 – Henry Drummond, Scottish geologist/evangelist

1870 – Frederick Russell, developed 1st successful typhoid fever vaccine

1873 – John A. Sampson, American gynecologist (d. 1946)

1882 – Samuel Goldwyn, [Goldfish], movie producer (MGM)

1893 – Mae West, New York, actress (She Dine him Wrong), (d. 1980)




1896 – Leslie Groves, American military engineer (d. 1970)







1905 – John Hay Whitney, publisher (NY Herald Trib 1961-67)




1921 – Maureen O’Hara, [Fitzsimmons], Dublin, actress (Miracle on 34th St)


Quiet Man Country 1

The Quiet Man (1952)The Kiss





1929 – Francis Gary Powers, US spy (USSR captures him in 1959 U-2 incident)






1939 – Luther Allison, Mayflower Ark, rock guitarist (Bad News is Coming)

1943 – Robert De Niro, NYC, actor (Bang the Drum Slowly, Taxi Driver)

1952 – Nelson Piquet, auto racer, 3-time Formula One champ (1981, ’83, ’87)




1959 – David Koresh, American cult leader (d. 1993)







1971 – Jorge Posada, Puerto Rican baseball player

1983 – Dustin Pedroia, American baseball player






1304 – Emperor Go-Fukakusa of Japan (b. 1243)

1553 – Charles III, Duke of Savoy, dies

1785 – Jonathan Trumbull, US patriot, dies

1865 – Mosby Munroe Parsons, US Confederate gen-maj, dies in battle

1896 – Bridget Driscoll, 1st Brit to die in an auto-accident

1973 – Paul Williams, rocker (Temptations), commits suicide at 32




1979 – Vivian Vance, actress (Ethel Mertz-I Love Lucy), dies of cancer at 67






1983 – Ira Gershwin, lyricist, dies in Beverly Hills at 86


Ella Fitzgerald sings Ira – “Summertime” (TV Special 1968)




1990 – Pearl Bailey, actress (Landlord)/singer, dies of heart attack at 72















Today In The Past




927 – The Saracens conquer and destroy Taranto.

1040 – King Duncan I is killed in battle against his first cousin and rival Macbeth. The latter succeeds him as King of Scotland.

1461 – The Empire of Trebizond surrenders to the forces of Sultan Mehmet II. This is regarded by some historians as the real end of the Byzantine Empire. Emperor David is exiled and later murdered.

1519 – Panama City founded

1549 – Portuguese missionaries Franciscus Xaverius lands in Kagoshima Japan

1620 – Mayflower sets sail from Southampton with 102 Pilgrims

1635 – 1st recorded US hurricane hit the Plymouth Colony

1760 – Battle at Leignitz: Prussia beats Austria & Russia

1863 – Submarine “HL Hunley” arrives in Charleston on railroad cars

1870 – Transcontinental Railway actually completed in Colorado

1914 – Panama Canal opens (under cost)

1914 – A male servant of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright sets fire to the living quarters of the architect’s Wisconsin home, Taliesin, murders seven people and burns the living quarters to the ground.

1945 – World War II: Korean Liberation Day.

1957 – USAF Capt Joe B Jordan reaches 31,513 m in F-104 jet fighter

1965 – Beatles play to 55,000 at Shea Stadium




1969 – Woodstock Music & Art Fair opens in NY State (Max Yasgur’s Dairy Farm)



 Ten Years After – I’m Going Home(Woodstock 1969 Concert)






1988 – At 4PM LILCO consumers used a record 3,813 megawatts

1989 – US Venus probe Magellan launched from Space shuttle

1991 – 750,000 attend Paul Simon’s free concert in Central Park






1195 – Anthony of Padua, Portuguese saint (d. 1231)

1717 – Blind Jack, English roadbuilder (d. 1810)

1769 – Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsica, resident of Elba (emperor of France 1804-13, 1814-15), (d. 1821)

1771 – Walter Scott, Scotland, novelist/poet (Lady of Lake)

1875 – Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, London, composer (Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast)

1879 – Ethel Barrymore, Phila, actress (Constant Wife, Corn is Green)




1888 – T E Lawrence Tremadoc , Wales, soldier/writer , [Lawrence of Arabia]








1912 – Julia Child, Pasadena California, chef (French Chef)

1924 – Phyllis Schlafly, St Louis, right-winger/Eagle Forum president

1925 – Rose Marie, actress/comedienne (Sally Rogers-Dick Van Dyke Show)

1946 – Jimmy Webb, Elk City Oklahoma, songwriter (MacArthur Park, Up Up & Away)

1979 – Carl Edwards, American NASCAR driver

1989 – Joe Jonas, American singer (Jonas Brothers)






69 – Servius Sulpicius Galba, 6th emperor of Rome (68-69), murdered

778 – Roland, Frankish commander

1057 – Macbeth, King of Scotland, slain by son of King Duncan

1935 – Wiley Post, aviation pioneer, killed in plane crash in Alaska at 36




1935 – Will Rogers, humorist, killed in plane crash in Alaska at 55



The Official Will Rogers Website






1959 – Blind Willie McTell, American ragtime singer and guitarist (b. 1901)



 BLIND WILLIE MCTELL . ” Southern Can Is Mine ” (1931)






1967 – René Magritte, Belgian surrealist painter, dies at 68















Illegal Migrant Wave Overwhelming School Districts





‘ Municipal school systems around the country are gearing up to absorb tens of thousands of children who arrived illegally from Central America for the new school year, The Wall Street Journal reported.

  The influx, mostly from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, will stress the resources of schools from large metropolitan areas to small towns from California to New York. A minimum of 37,000 children who have been placed with sponsors as of July 31 are eligible to attend public school, according to the Journal.

  Among the systems expected to be most heavily impacted are Texas, where over 5,000 illegal migrant pupils will be showing up for school as well as New York and California, which will each get about 4,000 arrivals, the Journal reported.

  Many will come with psychological scars requiring trauma counseling. Almost all will need remedial help in learning English. Every single one will have access to subsidized nutritional programs.

  Public schools are obligated by the federal government to enroll the children regardless of their immigration status. Alberto Carvalho of Miami-Dade County Public Schools said, “We have both a legal and moral obligation to teach these kids,” the Journal reported. “



Story continues










Hank Green At SciShow Explains







Published on Aug 11, 2014

” Eat facts, Shark Week! Hank takes you on a tour of the shark’s amazing anatomy, including the many adaptations that made it a great predator — despite not having any bones.”






Today In The Past




1248 – Construction of Cologne Cathedral begun

1281 – Kublai Khans invading fleet disappears in typhoon near Japan

1457 – Oldest known exactly dated printed book (c 3 years after Gutenberg)

1756 – French capture Fort Oswego, NY

1765 – Mass colonists challenge British rule by an Elm (Liberty Tree)

1813 – British warship Pelican attacks & captures US war brigantine Argus

1820 – 1st US eye hospital, the NY Eye Infirmary, opens in NYC

1824 – General Lafayette returns to US

1862 – Lincoln receives 1st group of blacks to confer with US president

1873 – “Field & Stream” begins publishing

1893 – France issues 1st driving licenses, included required test

1900 – 2,000 marines land to capture Beijing, ending Boxer rebellion

1912 – 2,500 US marines invade Nicaragua; US remains until 1925

1932 – Philips makes 1 millionth radio

1935 – Social Security Act becomes law

1936 – Rainey Bethea is hanged in Owensboro, Kentucky in the last public execution in the United States.

1942 – Dwight D Eisenhower named commander for invasion of North Africa

1945 – V-J Day; Japan surrenders unconditionally to end WW II (also August 15 depending on time zone)

1947 – India granted independence within British Commonwealth

1962 – NASA civilian test pilot Joseph A Walker takes X-15 to 60,000 m

1966 – 1st US lunar orbiter begins orbiting Moon

1974 – Congress authorizes US citizens to own gold

1980 – 17,000 workers strike in Gdansk, Poland

1980 – Democratic Convention in NYC nominates Jimmy Carter & Walter Mondale

1984 – IBM releases PC DOS version 3.0

1994 – Space telescope Hubble photographs Uranus with rings

1994 – Terrorist “Carlos” arrested in Khartoum Sudan

1997 – Oklahoma Court of Appeals upholds death sentence of Timothy McVeigh

2003 – Widescale power blackout in the northeast United States and Canada.






1297 – Emperor Hanazono, Emperor of Japan (d. 1348)

1586 – William Hutchinson, Rhode Island colonist (d. 1642)

1688 – Frederik Willem I, king of Prussia (bodyguard of giants)

1737 – Charles Hutton, mathematician

1742 – Marie Allard, French ballerina (Auguste Vestris)

1821 – Clement Hoffman “Rock” Stevens, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)

1851 – Doc Holliday, American gambler and dentist (d. 1887)

1867 – John Galsworthy, England, author (Forsyte Saga-Nobel 1932)

1903 – John Ringling North, circus director (Ringling Bros)

1916 – Wellington Mara, Co-Owner of the New York Giants (d. 2005)

1926 – Buddy Greco, Phila Pa, jazz singer (Away We Go, Broadway Open House)

1930 – Earl Weaver, St Louis Mo, manager (Balt Orioles 1968-82, 85-86)

1933 – Richard R. Ernst, Swiss chemist and Nobel Prize Laureate

1947 – Daniele Steel, NYC, author (Rememberance, Zoya, Star, Daddy)

1948 – Terry Adams, American musician (NRBQ)




1950 – Gary Larson, Tacoma, Washington, cartoonist (Far Side)






1952 – Mark C Lee, Viroqua WI, Mjr USAF/astronaut (STS 30, 47, 64, 82,sk: 98)

1956 – Rusty Wallace, American race car driver

1965 – Emmanuelle Seigner, Paris France, actress (The Smile)

1966 – Halle Berry, American actress

1987 – Tim Tebow, American football player






582 – Tiberius II Constantine, Byzantine Emperor

1573 – Saitō Tatsuoki, Japanese warlord (b. 1548)

1691 – Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnel, Irish rebel (b. 1630)

1704 – Roland Laporte, French Protestant leader (b. 1675)

1870 – David [James] Glasgow Farragut, admiral, dies

1951 – William Randolph Hearst, newspaper publisher, dies in Beverly Hills




1958 – Big Bill Broonzy, Bluesman, dies of cancer at 65


 Click link below for video of Big Bill performing .



The great country blues singer and guitarist Big Bill Broonzy performs “Worried Man Blues,” “Hey, Hey” 

See also our “Happy Birthday” post of June 26th for a tribute to Big Bill .





1988 – Roy Buchanan, American Blues guitarist (b. 1939)


 Roy Buchanan – Live from Austin Texas



















1992 – Tony Williams, US, singer (Platters-Great Pretender), dies at 64

1999 – Pee Wee Reese, American baseball player (b. 1918)

2000 – Alain Fournier, French-born computer graphics researcher (b. 1943)

2005 – Coo Coo Marlin, American race car driver (b. 1932)

Today In The Past



1415 – King Henry V of England army lands on mouth of Seine River

1521 – Spanish conquerors Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) from Aztecs

1624 – Cardinal Richelieu appointed Chief Minister of France by Louis XIII

1792 – Revolutionaries imprison French royals including Marie Antoinette

1889 – William Gray patents coin-operated telephone

1898 – US forces under George Dewey captures Manila during Spanish-Amer war

1913 – Invention of stainless steel by Harry Brearley.

1919 – Man o’War’s only defeat (Upset wins at Saratoga)

1937 – Japanese attack Shanghai

1944 – Jackie Gleason-Les Tremayne show premieres on NBC radio

1945 – 35 Jews sacrifice their lives to blow up Nazi rubber plant in Silesia

1959 – Milt satellite Discoverer 5 launched (into polar orbit)

1993 – US Court of Appeals rules congress must save all E-Mail

1997 – South Park’s first episode is aired.






1422 – William Caxton, 1st English printer (Histories of Troy)

1625 – Rasmus Bartholin, Danish physician, mathematician, and physicist (d. 1698)

1818 – Lucy Blackwell-Stone, US abolitionist (US Woman’s Suffrage Association)

1860 – Annie Oakley [Phoebe Ann Moses], North Star Ohio, sharp shooter (Buffalo Bill’s Wild West), (d. 1926)

1888 – John Logie Baird, Scotland, inventor (father of TV)

1899 – Alfred Hitchcock, London, director (Psycho, Birds, Rear Window), (d.1980)

1902 – Felix Wankel, Germany, inventor (Wankel rotary-piston engine)

1907 – Alfred Alwin Felix Krupp, Essen Germany, arms manufacturer

1912 – Ben Hogan, Dublin Tx, PGA golfer (US Open 1950, 51, 53)

1918 – Denis Smallwood, British air chief marshal

1918 – Frederick Sanger, England, biochemist (Nobel 1958, 1980)

1920 – George Shearing, London, blind pianist/composer (Lullabye of Byrdland)

1926 – Fidel Castro, Mayari, Oriente, Cuba, dictator/prime minister/president (1959-2008)

1930 – Don Ho, Hawaii, ukulele player (Tiny Bubbles)

1951 – Dan Fogelberg, Peoria Ill, rocker (Same Auld Lang Syne)

1952 – Herb Ritts, American photographer (d. 2004)





1958 – Randall Shughart, American Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1993)


American Valor 

Born: August 13, 1958
Lincoln, Nebraska

War: Somalia 

Rank: Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army 
(Sniper Team Member)

Location of action: Mogadishu, Somalia

Date of action: October 3, 1993

Medal received from: President Bill Clinton, May 1994 (posthumously)







900 – Zwentibold, king of Lutherans (895-900), dies in battle at 29

1278 – Daikaku, Zen teacher Rinzai line/head of Kenchoji, dies in Japan at 65

1863 – Eugène Delacroix, French painter (b. 1798)

1865 – Ignaz Semmelweis, gynecologist, dies at 47

1910 – Florence Nightingale, English nurse, dies at 90

1946 – H[erbert] G[eorge] Wells, sci-fi author (Time Machine), dies at 79

1971 – King Curtis, [Curtis Ousley], US musician, murdered at 37

1991 – Jack Ryan, inventor (Barbie Doll, Hot Wheels), dies at 65

1992 – Clifford Allison, US stock-car racer, dies in an accident

1995 – Jesse Thomas, blues singer, dies at 84

1995 – Mickey Mantle, baseball great (NY Yankees), dies of cancer at 63

2004 – Julia Child, American chef and television personality (b. 1912)

2007 – Brooke Astor, American philanthropist (b. 1902)

2007 – Phil Rizzuto, American baseball player and sportscaster (b. 1917)















Today In The Past




30 BC – Cleopatra VII Philopator, the last ruler of the Egyptian Ptolemaic dynasty, commits suicide allegedly by means of an asp bite.

1099 – Battle at Ascalon: Godfried of Broth beats Egyptians

1121 – Battle of Didgori: the Georgian army under King David the Builder wins a decisive victory over the famous Seljuk commander Ilghazi.

1480 – Battle of Otranto – Ottoman troops behead 800 Christians for refusing to convert to Islam.

1658 – 1st US police corps forms (New Amsterdam)

1687 – Charles of Lotharingen defeats Turkish leaders

1833 – Chicago is founded.

1851 – 1st America’s Cup-US schooner America beats British yacht Aurora

1851 – Isaac Singer patents sewing machine

1862 – Gen John Hunt Morgan & his raiders capture Gallatin, TX

1865 – Joseph Lister performs 1st antiseptic surgery

1876 – Madeline (US) beats Countess Dufferin (Canada) in 4th America’s Cup

1877 – Thomas Edison invents Edisonphone, a sound recording device

1896 – Gold discovered at Klondike River at Dawson

1898 – Peace protocol ends Spanish-American War, signed

1935 – Babe Ruth’s final game at Fenway Park, 41,766 on hand

1936 – 120°F (49°C), Seymour, Texas (state record)

1953 – Ann Davison arrives in Miami, becoming the 1st woman to sail solo across the Atlantic 

1959 – 1st ship firing of a Polaris missile, Observation Island

1960 – Echo 1, 1st communications satellite, is launched

1960 – USAF Major Robert M White takes X-15 to 41,600 m

1974 – Nolan Ryan strikes out 19 & walks only 2 as Angels top Red Sox, 4-2

1977 – Space shuttle Enterprise makes 1st atmospheric flight

1981 – IBM introduces PC & PC-DOS version 1.0

1992 – Canada, Mexico, and the United States announce completion of negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

1994 – Stephen G Breyer, sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

2000 – The Oscar class submarine K-141 Kursk of the Russian Navy explodes and sinks in the Barents Sea during a military exercise

2005 – An F1 tornado strikes Glen Cove, New York, a rare event on Long Island






1503 – Christian III, king of Denmark/Norway (1534-59)

1696 – Maurice Greene, composer

1753 – Thomas Bewick, England, artist (British Birds, Aesop’s Fables)

1781 – Robert Mills, US, architect (Washington Monument)

1819 – Daniel Davidson Bidwell, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1864

1856 – “Diamond Jim” Brady, American financier (d. 1917)

1859 – Katharine Lee Bates, US, author (America the Beautiful)

1881 – Cecil B deMille, Mass, directed God (10 Commandments, Cleopatra)

1911 – Cantinflas, [Mario Moreno], Mexico, actor (Around World in 80 Days)

1920 – Percy Mayfield, US singer (Please Send Me Someone to Love)

1929 – Buck Owens, [Alvis Edgar], Sherman Texas, country singer (Hee Haw)




1949 – Mark Knopfler, guitar/vocals (Dire Straits-Sultans of Swing)







1954 – Pat Methany, jazz guitarist (As Wichita Falls)

1972 – Takanohana, Sumo yokozuna






1350 – Philip VI, king of France, dies

1424 – Yongle, Emperor of China (b. 1360)

1676 – King Philip, [Metacomet], leader Wampanoag-indians, shot to death

1809 – Mikhail Kamensky, Russian field marshal (b. 1738)

1827 – William Blake, English poet/painter, dies at 69



1849 – Abraham AA “Albert” Gallatin, Min of Finance (1801-14), dies at 88


Gallatin, Albert




1861 – Eliphalet Remington, American inventor, designer of the Remington rifle (b. 1793)





1896 – Thomas Chamberlain, officer of the 20th Maine at the Battle of Gettysburg

1914 – John Philip Holland, submarine designer, dies at 74

1955 – Thomas Mann, German writer (Dr Faustus, Nobel 1929), dies at 80

1964 – Ian L Fleming, British journalist/writer (James Bond), dies at 56

1982 – Henry Fonda, actor (On Golden Pond), dies of heart disease at 77

1989 – William Shockley, American physicist, Nobel laureate (b. 1910)



1997 – Luther Allison, blues performer (Motown), dies of cancer at 57







2009 – Les Paul, American musician (b. 1915)

















James O’Keefe As Osama bin Laden Crosses Border From Mexico To US





Published on Aug 11, 2014

” In a Project Veritas investigation released on Monday, James O’Keefe crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico to the United States disguised as Osama bin Laden.”


Today In The Past




612 BC – Killing of Sinsharishkun, King of Assyrian Empire. Destruction of Nineveh

843 – Treaty of Verdun: Brothers Lotharius I, Louis the German & Charles the Bare divide France

991 – Battle of Maldon: English, led by Bryhtnoth, confront a band of inland-raiding Vikings near Maldon in Essex. The English are defeated and the story is immortalised in a well-known poem.

1519 – Magellan’s 5 ship set sail to circumnavigate Earth

1627 – Cardinal Richelieu begins siege of La Rochelle

1743 – Earliest recorded prize fighting rules formulated

1776 – American Revolutionary War: word of the United States Declaration of Independence reaches London.

1821 – Missouri admitted as 24th US state

1833 – Chicago incorporates as a village of about 200

1846 – Congress charters “nation’s attic,” Smithsonian Institution

1861 – Battle of Wilson’s Creek MO (Springfield, Oak Hills)-Gen Lyon killed

1889 – Dan Rylands patents screw cap

1904 – Japanese fleet defeat Russians off Port Arthur

1907 – Prince Scipone Borchesi wins Beijing to Paris, 7,500 mile auto rally

1936 – 114°F (46°C) at Plain Dealing, Louisiana (state record)

1936 – 120°F (49°C) at Ozark, Arkansas (state record)

1938 – 119°F (48°C), Pendleton, Oregon (state record)

1944 – US recaptures Guam from Japanese

1948 – Allen Funt’s “Candid Camera” TV debut on ABC

1949 – Ezzard Charles TKOs Gus Lesnevich in 8 for heavyweight boxing title

1954 – At Massena, New York, the groundbreaking ceremony for the St. Lawrence Seaway is held.

1960 – Discoverer 13 launched into orbit; returned 1st object from space

1965 – Joe Engle in X-15 reaches 82 km

1966 – 1st lunar orbiter launched by US

1972 – 1 million kg heavy meteorite grazes atmosphere above Canada

1977 – US & Panama sign Panama Canal Zone accord

1977 – Postal employee David Berkowitz arrested in Yonkers NY, accused of being “Son of Sam” 44 caliber killer

1988 – Matt Biondi swims world record 100m free style (48.42 sec)

1990 – US’s Magellan spacecraft lands on Venus

1994 – Last British troops leave Hong Kong (been there since Sept 1841)

2006 – Scotland Yard disrupts major terrorist plot to destroy aircraft travelling from the United Kingdom to the United States. All toiletries are banned from commercial airplanes.






1267 – King James II of Aragon (d. 1327)

1489 – Jacob Sturm von Sturmeck, German statesman and reformer (d. 1553)

1744 – Alexandrine-Jeanne d’Étiolles (nicknamed “Fanfan”), daughter of the courtesan Madame de Pompadour (d. 1754)

1782 – Charles Napier, London, soldier

1814 – John Clifford Pemberton, Lt Gen (Confederate Army), died in 1881

1814 – Henri Nestlé, Swiss industrialist (d. 1890)

1874 – Herbert Hoover, West Branch Iowa, (R) 31st Pres (1929-1933), (d. 1964)

1893 – Douglas Stuart Moore, Cutchogue NY, composer (Good Night Harvard)

1909 – Leo Fender, Anaheim California, rocker (Fender guitars)

1914 – Jeff Corey, NYC, actor (Getting Straight, Superman & Mole Men)

1920 – William “Red” Holzman, NBA coach (NY Knickerbockers, 754 wins)

1928 – Eddie Fisher, Phila Pa, singer (Oh My Papa, Lady of Spain)

1928 – Jimmy Dean, Tx, actor/singer (Jimmy Dean Show, Diamonds are Forever)

1942 – Betsy Johnson, fashion designer (1971 Winnie Award)

1943 – Ronnie Spector, [Veronica Bennett], NYC, singer (Be My Little Baby)

1949 – Gene Johnson, Sugar Grove Pa, singer (Diamond Rio-Meet in the Middle)

1960 – Todd David Hess, First USAF Member inducted into Army’s Order of Military Medical Merit.

1965 – Patricia Spurgin, US sharpshooter (Olympics-gold-1984)

1982 – Devon Aoki, American supermodel and actress






258 – Saint Lawrence, martyr

955 – Conrad the Red, Duke of Lotharingen, dies in battle

1535 – Ippolito de’ Medici, ruler of Florence (poisoned) (b. 1509)

1806 – Johann Michael Haydn, composer, dies at 68

1861 – Nathaniel Lyon, US Union brig-gen, dies in battle at 43

1896 – Otto Lilienthal, German aircraft pioneer, dies

1930 – William H Taft, US president (1909-13), dies

1932 – Rin Tin Tin, German shepherd dog (b. 1918)

1944 – Berthold Schenk von Stauffenberg, attempt Hitler assassination, dies

1945 – Robert H Goddard, US, rocket pioneer, dies at 62

1987 – I W Able, CEO (United Steel Workers of America, 1965-77), dies at 87

2002 – Kristen Nygaard, Norwegian computer scientist (b. 1926)

2008 – Isaac Hayes, American musician and actor (b. 1942)














Census Bureau: One New Migrant Enters U.S. Every 40 Seconds



Populous Nations




” The Census Bureau calculates that one person enters the United States legally, on net, every 40 seconds.

  The Census Bureau’s U.S. and World Population Clock lists  “components of population change” on the website: “one birth every 7 seconds;” “one death every 13 seconds;” “one international migrant (net) every 40 seconds;” making for a “net gain of one person every 12 seconds.”

  The Census provides some background on the immigration debate in the United States on August 3rd, apropos of the 131st anniversary of the law banning people from immigrating to the United States if they were likely to need government assistance. “


The Corner











Today In The Past





70 – Tower of Antonia destroyed by Romans

1509 – The Emperor Krishnadeva Raya is crowned, marking the beginning of the regeneration of the Vijayanagara Empire

1588 – Sea battle at Grevelingen: English fleet battles Spanish armada

1609 – Venetian senate examines Galileo Galilei’s telescope

1673 – Dutch battle fleet of 23 ships demands surrender of NYC

1709 – 1st known ascent in hot-air balloon, Bartolomeu de Gusmao (indoors)

1786 – Congress adopts silver dollar & decimal system of money

1815 – Napoleon Bonaparte set sail for exile on St Helena

1854 – Smith & Wesson patents metal bullet cartridges

1870 – Magic (US) defeats Cambria (Engld) in 2nd running of America’s Cup

1876 – Thomas Edison patents mimeograph

1911 – The millionth patent is filed in the United States Patent Office by Francis Holton for a tubeless vehicle tire.

1937 – Bonneville Dam on Columbia River begins producing power

1940 – Battle of Britain began as Germany launches air attacks

1942 – “Monty” appointed commandant of British 8th Army at Alamein

1942 – 6 convicted Nazi saboteurs who landed in US executed in Wash DC

1945 – Pres Harry S Truman signs UN Charter

1963 – Great Train Robbery in England, £2.6 million ($7.3 million)

1963 – Kingsmen release “Louie, Louie,” radio stations label it obscene

1968 – Republican convention in Miami Beach nominates Nixon for pres

1984 – Carl Lewis wins 3rd (200m) of 4 gold medals in Summer Olympics

1988 – Discovery of most distant galaxy (15 * 10 ^ 12 light yrs) announced

2000 – Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley is raised to the surface after 136 years on the ocean floor.

2007 – An EF2 tornado touches down in Kings County and Richmond County, New York State, the most powerful tornado in New York to date and the first in Brooklyn since 1889






1079 – Emperor Horikawa of Japan (d. 1107)

1673 – John Ker, Scottish spy (d. 1726)

1763 – Charles Bulfinch, Boston Mass, 1st US pro architect (Mass State House)

1835 – James William Forsyth, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1906

1879 – Emiliano Zapata, Mexican revolutionary, peasant leader

1879 – Bob Smith, American founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (d. 1950)

1881 – Albert Kesselring, German field marshal (d. 1960)

1896 – Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Wash DC, writer (Yearling

1902 – Paul Dirac, Bristol, physicist (quantum mechanics, Nobel 1933), (d. 1984)

1907 – Benny Carter, NYC, musician/composer (Easy Money, King Carter)

1919 – Dino De Laurentiis, Torre Annunziata Italy, producer (King Kong)

1920 – Jimmy Witherspoon, American singer (d. 1997)

1923 – Esther Williams, Inglewood Cal, actress/swimmer (Dangerous when Wet)

1933 – Joe Tex, singer/songwriter (Hold What You’ve Got)

1942 – Jay David, rocker (Dr Hook & Medicine Show)

1954 – Nigel Mansell, formula-1 racer (Portugal Grand Prix-1990)

1981 – Roger Federer, Basel Switzerland, tennis player (16 grand slams)






869 – Lotharius II, King of Middle-France (Lotharingen) (855-869), dies

1555 – Oronce Finé, French mathematician (b. 1494)

1788 – Louis FAD Duke the Richelieu, French marshal, dies at 92

1969 – Sharon Tate, murdered by the Manson family at 26

1975 – Julian “Cannonball” Alderly, saxophonist/bandleader, dies of a stroke at 46

1976 – John Roselli, hired by CIA to kill Castro, found murdered

1988 – Alan Napier, actor (Alfred-Batman), dies at 85

1996 – Frank A Whittle, inventor of the Jet engine, dies at 89

2004 – Fay Wray, American actress (b. 1907)

2008 – Richard B Herrlin , Father , Husband , Businessman , Fireman , Community Leader , The Best 














NDTV Exclusive: How Hamas Assembles And Fires Rockets




Hamas Rockets




” In the minutes before the ceasefire kicked in at Gaza this morning,  Hamas fired a flurry of rockets towards Israel – 30 according to some counts.

  Israel has argued that that these rockets are fired from civilian areas, and this is why its retaliatory strikes can result in civilian casualties.

  But this morning, NDTV witnessed one such rocket silo being created under a tent right next to the hotel where our team was staying.  Minutes later, we saw the rocket being fired, just before the 72-hour ceasefire came into effect.

  It began with a mysterious  tent with a blue canopy that bobbed up yesterday (August 4) at 6:30 am in an open patch of land next to our window.  We saw three men making a multitude of journeys in and out of the tent, sometimes with wires.

  An hour later, they emerged, dismantled the tent, changed their clothes and walked away.

  The next morning – today – we woke to news of the 72-hour ceasefire but just before it was to take effect, the rocket next to our hotel was fired.  There was a loud explosion and a whooshing sound. The cloud of smoke that rose was captured by our cameraperson.

  This report is being aired on NDTV and published on after our team left the Gaza strip – Hamas has not taken very kindly to any reporting of its rockets being fired. But just as we reported the devastating consequences of Israel’s offensive on Gaza’s civilians, it is equally important to report on how Hamas places those very civilians at risk by firing rockets deep from the heart of civilian zones. “



Thanks to NDTV











Hewitt Police Firearms Instructor Shoots Himself In Hand




” The firearms instructor for the Hewitt Police Department is recovering from surgery after accidentally shooting himself in the left hand while teaching family members to shoot.

  Sgt. Heath Vanek will miss at least two months of work while rehabilitating from surgery to repair a wound from his personal 9mm pistol, Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin said.

  The incident occurred July 15 on Vanek’s family property near the McLennan and Falls county lines and did not involve any Hewitt-issued guns or equipment.

  Devlin said there will be an internal police investigation into the incident that will comply with Civil Service procedures. Because of that process, he has limited information about the incident because the chief said he must allow the system to work before he gets involved.”













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