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Laurel Man Lands Apparent Record 126-Pound Amberjack Near Mouth Of Mississippi River



” First of all, I have to tip my hat to Don Wheeler of Laurel for his accomplishments that led to landing the monster amberjack that tipped the scales at an even 126 pounds. After the fish is officially certified next month by the Commission on Marine Resources, it will replace the old mark of 124.4 pounds.

  Secondly, and more remarkable, the medical salesman landed the fish in 200 feet of water in 30 minutes. A few years ago, I caught a 70-pound amberjack that took 20 minutes to land and Wheeler’s fish was nearly doubled that in weight during the actually fight.

  The trip to the state record began on March 22 when the Lovin’ Life captained by Chris Denton parted the Boardwalk Marina in Biloxi to do a little tuna fishing around the Ram Powell, a well-known rig located to the east off the mouth of the Mississippi River.

  The fishing crew did catch a few blackfin tuna upon their arrival at the rig before deciding to grab a few hours of sleep in hopes of landing yellowfin tuna the next morning.

  The morning bite produced a few more blackfin and two yellowfin tuna before Denton opted to move back north to the Horseshoes Rigs and the large salt dome that extends up from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to try their luck at amberjack.”

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Sport Fishing Girls, Presented By Photographer Pat Ford



project_spf girls20140319_0027




” We know you’re out there, and we want to put you in our informative girls-only galleries. We hope you’ll discover something that you may not have known about a fish, a boat or a fishing destination. Send us your fishing photos to Enjoy our latest edition presented by Pat Ford.

  Amanda reeled in a permit off Bimini. Permit are widely considered the most elusive and wary trophy among flats anglers, permit range throughout tropical waters of the western Atlantic. Other species occur elsewhere, notably in tropical Australia.”



We can’t resist offering one more sample and positing the age old question; How do we get a job like this ?







” Jessica fishes out of Key West, Florida. Key West is known a wide variety of fish, inshore species include permit, bonefish and tarpon. Offshore species can include anything from dolphin to billfish.”




See two dozen more photos at Sportfishing Magazine







Dog Attack Shark




Uploaded on Dec 3, 2006

” It’s the craziest thing, a dog on a boat jumps right into the water and bites this shark and drags it to land. Gotta see it to believe it.”



HT/ Wide Open Spaces











Image via




” It’s a question that has been asked by many first-time anglers, and one that will be asked many more times in the future. Of course, different fishermen will have all sorts of different answers to this question, based on everything from personal preference to scientific study. Sunset is one of the most ideal times of day to fish. Here’s eight reasons why.”










Hammerhead Shark Takes Florida Kayaker For 2-Hour Tow







” A Florida Atlantic University student in a kayak got an unexpected two-hour tow from a hammerhead shark, and the 6-minute video he silently took of part of that 12- mile adventure is now making the rounds of national news websites from The Huffington Post, Gawker and Reddit to MSN and ABC World News.

  It started with Adam Fisk’s YouTube video, “Lone Man Gets Towed for Miles in Kayak By 11 Foot Hammerhead Shark.

  According to theTampa Bay Times, Fisk is a senior at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and is aiming for a career with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

  Fisk told the paper he put in off the Boynton Inlet at 6 a.m. with the head-mounted camera and some fishing poles aboard. Several hours later, the shark took over the navigation taking him all the way to Lake Worth, Fla.”


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The Best Shark Fishing Videos And Shark Fishing Tales





Here is one of the highlights featuring the King of Shark Fishing himself , Frank Mundus

” Flashback to the 1980s with mustaches and mullet cuts along with a great white shark catch. A local news station from Montauk, New York reports on Frank Mundus, who arguably was the inspiration for Quint from the film Jaws, catching a 3,427-pound great white. The catch allegedly holds the record for largest shark, but also the largest fish of any kind ever caught on rod and reel.” has the rest

Fishing Couple Continues To Rewrite The Record Books




” For many anglers, having their names listed in the International Game Fish Association’s annual World Record Game Fishes is akin to finding the Holy Grail. Some records last for decades and may never be broken — such as Alfred Glassell’s all-tackle 1,560-pound black marlin from 1953 — while others may only exist for a few hours. Either way, records leave an indelible mark on the angling community and raise the bar for that species and line class. “





” Setting an IGFA world record is a goal that few will achieve in a lifetime of fishing, yet some familiar names keep showing up season after season. Two of those are Gary and Sherrell Carter, a husband-and-wife duo from Georgia looking for the ultimate light-tackle thrill ride. There are some great lessons that can be learned from their successes (and even their failures) along the way.

So what can the rest of us learn from the Carters’ decade-plus of record chasing? As it turns out, quite a lot. The first is attention to detail. “When you’re fishing for records, the details make all the difference when you’re testing the limits of your tackle,” Gary says. “Leader lengths have to be right; knots have to be absolutely perfect, the rod guides, hooks — everything. If you take that same approach to your regular fishing days, then you’ll be way ahead of the game.” “


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Water Sports Fails To Dampen The Thought Of Another Six Weeks Of Winter




    In light of the fact that Punxsutawney Phil has forecast 6 more weeks of winter , we here who anxiously await spring and the coming of fishing and water sports season decided that we would attempt to lessen the gloom of Phil’s prognostication with some laughs from the fishing and boating seasons past .





From the what not to do file , it’s time for some boating fails 





    Since we’ve delved into summer sports and fails in an effort to alleviate the winter doldrums how could we leave out wakeboarding ?





For those who’s tastes run more towards water-skiing there is this …









For the kiteboarders among us …




We would be derelict in our duties if we left out the windsurfers …

If you are like our kids perhaps your tastes run more towards tubing and kneeboarding …

Who could forget those terrors of the inland seas , the jet-skiers …

   Last but not least another collection of epic boating fails , some funny , some not so funny , as a reminder of the seriousness of our chosen hobby .

     Well that will do it for now . We searched for some kayaking fails but they were all more on the serious side and so were found to be not it keeping with the humorous nature of our post . Hope you enjoyed this compilation and here’s to warmer weather .

Enormous Cobia Speared Off Brazil Is Nearly 30 Pounds Heavier Than World Record




” Spear fishermen off Brazil have pulled from the depths an enormous cobia that weighed nearly 30 pounds more than the existing spearfishing world record, and nearly 40 pounds heavier than the angling record.

  The behemoth weighed 172 pounds on two separate scales, because the fishermen wanted to be sure, and because it seemed impossible that a cobia could weigh so much.

  The International Underwater Spearfishing Association lists as the men’s world record a 145.9-pound cobia subdued by Valente Baena off Mexico in 2011.

  For the sake of comparison, the International Game Fish Association lists a 135-poind 9-ounce cobia as the largest ever captured on rod and reel.”










TUNA BITE – A Simple Instructional Video




Published on Jan 24, 2014

” “How to Catch 143 Sailfish in 5 Days” A simple instructional video Starring Howard Lynch , The boys from the No Quarter and a few others. All shots were filmed onboard the Tuna Bite. Special thanks to Bill Pino at SQUIDNATION for the squids. Those savage sails stole one off the right side.”










GBR 2013


” Watch wiremen Justin Petrilli & Erik Lorentzen take on the Black Marlin of the Great Barrier Reef, including three over 1,000 pounds, on Tradition with Capt. Tim Richardson.”

     As winter rages all through the northeast , those of us who aren’t known as fans of the winter sports … skiing , snowmobiling and such , find ourselves longing for the moment we can splash our boats and head out for a day of or I should say , many days of , fishing . Until that time comes we’ll just have to live vicariously through the catches of others and this crew has some catches . Enjoy .









Japan Bluefin Tuna Sells For Record $1.76 Million

” A bluefin tuna sold for a record $1.76 million at a Tokyo auction Saturday, nearly three times the previous high set last year — even as environmentalists warn that stocks of the majestic, speedy fish are being depleted worldwide amid strong demand for sushi.”

” In the year’s first auction at Tokyo’s sprawling Tsukiji fish market, the 222-kilogram (489-pound) tuna caught off northeastern Japan sold for 155.4 million yen, said Ryoji Yagi, a market official.

  The fish’s tender pink and red meat is prized for sushi and sashimi. The best slices of fatty bluefin — called “o-toro” here — can sell for 2,000 yen ($24) per piece at upmarket Tokyo sushi bars.”

Health Benefits Of Fishing [INFOGRAPHIC]






” This infographic from our friends at Bass Pro Shop shows the health benefits of fishing.

  You knew fishing was good for your health all along, but now science can back it up.”


From Wide Open Spaces











A “New” Sport Arrives In Underground Suburbia






” Some like the open sea. Some like fishing the flats.

  Not everyone — some like fishing under the manhole covers. And no, it’s not C.H.U.D. that’s biting the hook. Anything from bass to catfish has been pulled up on these Youtube videos.

  Sewer fishing in the suburbs might be considered a new trend, although, there are quite a few comments on the web that say otherwise. Whether it’s a new trend or a reinvention, fishing in the gutter is catching on.

  For the Win reported that according to Kyle Naegeli, a 15-year-old Texas resident who believes he is the pioneer of sewer fishing, to sewer fish you need some line, some bait and some patience.”








Australia’s government repeals plans that proposed to close more than 500,000 square miles of marine waters to recreational fishing.



” In a move lauded by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), newly elected leadership in Australia’s government announced that it will repeal the management plans that proposed to close more than 500,000 square miles of marine waters to recreational fishing. Australia’s government will redraft management plans that established the world’s largest system of marine reserve parks.

“ The global recreational fishing community should take a moment to appreciate this landmark move by the Australian government to correct the ill-conceived decision to close public waters to recreational fishing,” said ASA President and CEO Mike Nussman. “Australia’s efforts to establish a massive network of marine parks did not sufficiently recognize the social, economic and conservation benefits of recreational fishing, causing great concern to everyone involved in recreational fishing.” “










U.S. Marine Hooks, Reels In A Great White Shark Off California Coast

” Jeff Fangman was ‘exhausted’ after battling the nine-foot-long female great white shark for 25 minutes off the coast of Camp Pendleton north of San Diego. Laws prevented him from keeping his catch, which returned to the water, but not before snapping a few pics – and capturing the fight on video. “



Below is the raw video shot by Fangman’s wife .



GoPro Shows You What It’s Like To Be Chased And Eaten By A Shark




” Unbelievable footage taken from beneath a speeding boat in the Atlantic shows what getting attacked by a massive shark might be like.

  Thrill seekers off the Maryland coast trailed bait behind their sportsfishing boat and filmed the results with a high definition GoPro camera when a massive mako shark came looking for lunch.

  Crewman of the Pumpin’ Hard filmed near Ocean City in July. Now the squirm-inducing YouTube video has rack up an impressive 1.5 million views.”


   While we have caught many of the predators we’ve never been in the water with them and this video just re-enforces the wisdom of that practice . There is something very primordial about the shark that brings chills to the spine .









Video: Mercury Marine’s Joystick Piloting





” Mercury Marine promoted its Joystick Piloting for Outboards with a demonstrator at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.  In this video, Mercury’s Chuck Miller, goes through the highlights of the system, including Skyhook, which lets you electronically anchor your boat over a hot fishing spot. For an on-water video demo, check out our blog from the Miami boat show. To see more Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show coverage, visit our FLIBS page.”




Note: The accompanying video was produced by . To see the video of Chuck Miller at the FLIBS go here or click the link in the heading .

MONSTER TUNA – 900LBS Giant Bluefin Caught In Record Time In

PEI – Cool Underwater Shots



Published on Nov 22, 2013

” - How to catch of Giant Tuna – Watch these Cool underwater shots of a Monster Bluefin Tuna being caught of the coast of PEI (Prince Edwards Island) with . World Champion Bass Angler Scott Martin tackles this “fish of lifetime” in record time. Scott battles this Bluefin in adverse weather….but with the help of the New Makaira 130 Scott makes short work of the fight. Follow this “How to catch a Bluefin tuna” recipe and maybe one day you can tangle with one too.”








Rare Fish Caught From The Deep





” A rare fish was pulled from the deep in northeastern Canada and attracted a lot of attention. In fact this fish is believed to have only been caught twice. Nigel Hussey, a researcher with the Ocean Tracking Network, identified the mystery fish as a long-nosed chimaera.

‘Potentially, if we fish deeper, maybe between 1,000 and 2,000 metres (3,000 to 6,000 feet), we could find that’s there’s actually quite a lot of them there,’ University of Windsor researcher Nigel Hussey told CBC. ‘We just don’t know.’

The Rhinochimaeridae, commonly known as long-nosed chimaeras, are a family of cartilaginous fish. They are similar in form and habits to other chimaeras, but have an exceptionally long conical or paddle-shaped snout. The snout has numerous sensory nerve endings, and is used to find food such as small fish. The first dorsal fin includes a mildly venomous spine, used in defense.”


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Marlin University Offers The Only Offshore Learning Experience On The Water


Marlin UniversityClick Picture For Video


” You fish with top billfishing pros like Peter Wright, Charles Perry and Dave Ferrell and many more
Our instructors deliver a comprehensive course on all aspects of preparing for, finding and landing the big ones
We visit the best fishing locations at the peak of the season
Our all-inclusive package covers almost every detail
A great vacation opportunity for the family as well as the fisherman
Hands-on, personalized, side-by-side instruction in actual blue-water conditions
Marlin University is like no other deep sea fishing experience.”



An offshore fishing school taught by the best , brought to you by Marlin Magazine .





For The Fisherman In Your Life Who Has Everything






 For those of you looking to buy one of these , you may be out of luck . A cursory search of the net found no link to a place of purchase . We did however come across this link that hints at a home-made origin for this beautiful fishing reel toilet paper holder .







 Presents A Collection Of Videos From The Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show


Ft Lauderdale boat show



    Above is a video of the new Pursuit 26 C for your enjoyment . In addition to this one , the link will take you to a host of other videos about new boats , electronics and other boating accessories . Included in the boating videos are ones for World Cat , Regulator , Yellowfin , Invincible , Edgewater , Grady-White and more . If you couldn’t attend the show then this is the next best thing to being there . Enjoy .








What A Day Of Fishing



Published on Jul 29, 2013

” Christian Hampl, aboard his boat “Kamila”, succesfully released, by IGFA rules, 14 Pacific Blue Marlin. 07/15/13. 11 fish were tagged.

Capt. Edgar Montero
Wireman: Ronald “Memín” Chacón
Tagman: Sergio “Yeyo” Cascante
Cameraman: Rolbin “Popín” Marchena”










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