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Published on Apr 12, 2014

” Patriots celebrate as the Clark County Sheriff’s Office announce that they are ordering BLM agents off of the land in dispute.”









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Students Prank Teacher With Epic April Fools Joke








” This teacher has a policy that if your phone rings during class, you must answer it and put it on speaker. I don’t think he expected this phone call… “



From the Chive




Jaguar Attacks Crocodile 





” Watch “a big hoss of a male” jaguar sneak up on an unsuspecting crocodile.

  National Geographic captured this incredible footage of a jaguar hunting down a caiman crocodile along a river in central Brazil’s Tres Irmãos River.

  The jaguar is a battle-scarred adult male that biologists have nicknamed him Mick Jaguar. While this cat can’t dance on stage like his rock n roll namesake, he does have some slick moves in his own right.”


Wide Open Spaces







A Slideshow From Wide Open Spaces


” Though all sorts of guns made their debut at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas back in January, of particular interest are five of the best new bolt action hunting rifles that were introduced before, during and after the show.

Presented in alphabetical order are what we consider the best new hunting rifles of the year.”





” Building on the popularity of these 10+1 capacity guns in 5.56mm, the new Mossberg MVP Series Varmint Bolt-Action Rifle is optimized for premier varmint and predator control. Its patent-pending drop-push bolt-action actually accepts AR-15 .223/5.56 NATO magazines, giving it a real oomph-factor. A 10-round magazine is included in the initial $600 price tag, and we can’t help but think about the customization we could do to this bad boy.”


There is a rifle to fit everyone’s budget . Check them all out here .







Conetoe Man Bags 500+ Pound Bertie County Hog


500 lb Wild Hog


” A hunter in Bertie County shoots and kills a 500-pound wild hog.

The massive animal didn’t stand a chance against veteran hunter Jett Webb’s .308 caliber rifle. 

” It was very surreal,” recalls Webb. “It was a shock. It was very humbling to say the least, when you walk up on a beast that big and you say, ‘Oh my gosh. I had no idea that there could be something that big running around the woods of Eastern North Carolina.’”




” Last month Webb spotted the beast roaming near the Indian Woods on land leased by the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club. It was the same one other hunters had been vying for since capturing it on trail cameras years ago. 

” The Mohawk down the back,” Webb describes, “the tusks really lean, the muscular big front end. This is far from a domesticated docile pig that we’re used to.”

  Mike Mansell, president of the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club, agrees this size hog game is rare. 

“ It takes your breath away for a second to realize how big this hog is,” he says. “It took up the entire bed of the pick-up truck.” “


More on the monster hog’s demise here 







How Girl , Eleven , Grabbed Gun And Shot Dead Cougar That Was Stalking Her Brother


Shelby White with her .234



” The fearless 11-year-old took action when she saw the cougar following her 13-year-old brother as he was walking towards their home in the town of Twisp, population 940.

  In a phone interview with MailOnline Wednesday night, Shelby’s grandfather, William White, revealed that it was a fourth cougar killed on his property in the past several weeks. 

  Mr White, 64, a cattle rancher, said that earlier this month, Shelby’s 13-year-old brother, Tanner, also shot a cougar that has been circling his farm. 

‘ We’re real avid hunters,’ Mr White said of his clan, which he described as ‘backwoodsy.’ . 

  The rancher explained that until recently, local residents were able to keep the cougar population in check by hunting the predators with dogs, but two years ago, the local Legislature outlawed the practice.”



Daily Mail has more on this pint-sized hunter







Bushnell NRA Giveaway





” NRA Giveaway Description:

First Place – 1 winner
AR Optics 1-4x 24mm Throw Down PCL

Second Place – 1 winner
AR Optics 3-12x 40mm 

Third Place – 1 winner
AR Optics First Strike HiRise  

NRA Giveaway starts:February 12, 2014 10:00
NRA Giveaway ends:February 17, 2014 16:00
Official Rules Privacy Policy











A Valentine’s Day Newsbusted



Published on Feb 13, 2014

” Topics:
– Valentine’s Day
– Chris Matthews
– Winter Olympics
– Michelle Obama
– NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio
– McGruff the Crime Dog
– Cher
– Kevin Trudeau
– Invisibility Cloak
– California Drought
– Jerry Brown
– Al Gore

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Starring: Jodi Miller
Production: Dialog New Media”









Introducing The MasterPiece Arms MPAR In 6.8 SPC





” MasterPiece Arms is continuing the development of their new and original MPAR series of rifles with the latest edition chambered for 6.8mm Remington SPC. A capable hunting cartridge, the rifle is finished to suit with a Vista Camo hydrographic pattern.

The company plans to introduce more 6.8 SPC MPAR rifles in the future with ATACS camo and matte black finishes, as they have done with their MPAR 5.56 rifles.

Like the other MPAR rifles, it is a carbine with a 16-inch barrel, adjustable telescopic, folding buttstock, modular free-floating handguard and short-stroke gas piston operating system. The hand guard has fixed Picatinny rails on the top and bottom but can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs with optional side rails. By default the hand guard is fit with quick-detach sling points on both side to match the QD sling points on the stock.” has more









You Could Win A $2000 Gift Certificate For J&G Sales From The National Association For Gun Rights

National Association for Gun Rights - No Gun Control Deals Petition to Congress

” Dear NAGR Supporter,

  NAGR is giving ONE lucky winner will receive a gift certificate worth $2,000 to use on the website of our sponsor, J & G Sales!

But you cannot win the gift card unless you sign up below.

We will contact you through email if you are selected as the winner!

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Dudley Brown

Executive Vice President

National Association for Gun Rights”


Enter here 







A Complete Visual Guide To Hunting Blades









” The guide to hunting blades presented in this infographic really helps to identify the best knives for the intended purpose.

  The team at came out with this nifty infographic a while back, and we thought it would be helful for all the hunters out there, looking for something to skin a deer, clean a bird or just complete some basic outdoor tasks.”


Read more at Wide Open Spaces







Amazing Footage! Falcon Hunt From The Bird’s View




” Meet Rosy, the Peregrine Falcon. Suzanne Amadore Kane of Haverford College and Eddy De Mol, Valerie Collete, and Francois Lorrain teamed up to outfit Rosy with a camera that records what Rosy’s world is like. Like the bald eagle, the Peregrine falcon was once on the endangered species list but has been taken off it and is making a great come back in the wild.

  Nothing like this has ever been recorded before. The original paper was published in  The Journal of Experimental Biology last summer but the video footage from the research was only put on-line a week ago.”


Story continues at Free Patriot














The  United States Of Hunting From Wide Open Spaces 







” The infographic kicks things off with the Grandfather of American hunting, Teddy Roosevelt, and a great historic quote of his. From there, well, you know what an infographic is. Some of the numbers are pretty impressive: $10.4 billion in travel expenses? That’s pretty significant.

  Take a look at the rest of the facts and figures in the infographic, and be sure to click on the image for a larger, zoomable version.”



Thanks To Wide Open Spaces & Bass Pro Shops









New Tactical Rifle: Montana Rifles Company MMR



Montana Rifle Company MMR



” The MMR is based on Montana’s greasy-slick, unstoppable rotary-extractor action and is equipped with a 24-inch, fluted, Montana #6 contour barrel with a removable muzzle brake. The stock is target-style and can be adjusted for comb height and length of pull. Instead of the classic Model 70 trigger, which is standard for Montana, they use a Timney which can be set at 2 ½ pounds. Calibers include .308, .260 Remington, 6.5/284, .300 Win Mag (if is isn’t in the lineup, whine at them and they’ll build one) and a special version in .338 Lapua. All the metal is Cerakoted in case you want to shoot in the rain, sleet, and snow. Weight is 12 pounds.”


Read more at Outdoor Life






Deer Hunter Catches Two Monster Elk In Epic Battle [VIDEO]




” An epic battle between two 6-point bull elk was caught on tape by a deer hunter in Utah.

  You know what they say, it never hurts to be prepared. That age-old saying is probably what was running through Jeremiah Moseley‘s mind as he captured this impressive up-close video of two bull elk going at it during the rut.

From the video’s owner:

  Sorry for the delay on my responses. These are Rocky Mountain Elk. I got this shot while hunting near Strawberry Reservoir in Utah on the 2013 General Muzzleloader deer hunt. “



Read more at Wide Open Spaces









Freshwaster Fish Snatches Bird From Sky For Lunch

” Researchers in South Africa were recently able to capture amazing footage of a tigerfish leaping out of the water and snatching a bird in flight. This is thought to be the first evidence of a freshwater fish “catching birds on the wing,” the BBC says. “

Be sure and click the link to see a short Smithsonian video about the vicious Tigerfish .









Introducing SIG Sauer M400 Predator Rifles







” New for 2014, SIG Sauer M400 Predator rifles are a coyote’s worst nightmare.

  M400 Predator rifles are chambered for .223 Rem./5.56x45mm, and feature an 18- or 22-inch threaded stainless steel barrel with 1-in-8 twist. A flat-top receiver with Hogue free floating handguard complete the upper receiver group.”



Read more









From Wide Open Spaces




” We’re big fans of the new hunt filming trend with hunters from around the world taking GoPros and other small recording devices out into the field with them. They serve a great purpose for the hunter in allowing them to relive certain key moments and learn from their mistakes; they also serve the great purpose of giving those of us not in the field some eye candy.

  The French hunter who uploaded the video was out boar hunting with his dogs when one of them was able to rout out a small swine that looks to be about 40 – 50 pounds – a small boar by Southern American standards, where Texas hogs have reached into mid-to-high hundreds of pounds.”

Any French speaker that could translate the audio would receive our undying thanks . Read more here .

Hear What Contributor Brian Belko Had To Say In His Shotgun Review Of The Mossberg 535 Turkey Thug.




” The Mossberg name is usually associated with well-built, functional, and reliable shotguns, and that association holds true with the Turkey Thug line of pump-action shotguns. Designed specifically with the turkey hunter in mind, this impressive line of shotguns provide the user with a light-weight, high-performance gun that is sure to become a spring woods favorite for years to come. Weighing in at a very manageable 6.75 pounds, the 535 version of the Turkey Thug shotgun line is finished in Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity camouflage. It also features Mossberg’s Lightning Pump Action (LPA) trigger. This trigger, similarly to the Accu-Trigger from Savage Arms, is user adjustable while also being creep free. This feature gives the Turkey Thug a very rifle-like trigger which will be appreciated by many hunters in the field.”



















Check Out This Bowhunter’s Christmas Lights


Check Out This Bowhunter’s Christmas Lights

Click Picture For Video



” Take a look at this bowhunter’s humorous Christmas lights: Pataskala, Ohio resident Matt Stuller’s Christmas lights display is popular among residents. In creating the display, Stuller said he wanted to combine his love of Christmas and hunting by adding a touch of humor. “It’s for the hunter that can appreciate a little humor,” said Stuller in a Coshocton Tribune article. “People drive by and come back and even take pictures.” “


Wide Open Spaces has the story .










At 82, She’s A ‘Big Deer Hunter’





” PARKSLEY, Va. At 82, Violet Mears can still bring home the bacon, or, in her case, the venison.

  When she was 73, the housewife decided it was time to make a lifestyle change.

” I decided I had cooked enough meals and kept them hot for him all these years that one day I told him, ‘You stay home. I’m goin’ huntin.’ Never been huntin’ before,” she said. So far she has bagged eight deer, one an 8-point buck. “I’m probably the oldest lady hunter on the Eastern Shore.”

  Every deer she has killed has been with one shot.”













Patriot Underground









For The Big Game Hunter In Your Family – The Beretta SS06 EELL



” Big game hunting, for those who partake in it, is an extraordinary and enthusiastic experience. For dedicated hunters worldwide, a Beretta Express Rifle in the hand means a trophy on the wall. Express Rifles are not ordinary firearms. Beretta’s almost five centuries of gunmaking help create Express Rifles that deliver a potent combination of ultra-strong receivers and carefully crafted barrels to comfortably handle today’s powerful ballistics with remarkable accuracy.



Beretta SSO6 Express



” Based on the configurations of the famous SO over-and-unders, the SSO6 Express Rifles have an exceptionally sturdy receiver with side-locks and cold hammer forged barrels, fully rifled inside for the maximum accuracy. Fitted with a blade front sight and a V-notch rear sight with a folding leaf, the SSO6 barrels can be custom ordered with claw mounts for a factory-fitted Zeiss® scope, sighted in at 100 meters. Hand finished, hand checkered stocks and fore-ends are made from selected walnut or walnut briar with a cheek rest. A special trapdoor compartment for extra cartridges is fitted inside the stock, and an area under the pistol grip cap holds a set of spare front sights.”


Beretta SS06

Note the typos in the above announcement : These guns are rifles , not shotguns.




    Like all Beretta products this rifle is exquisitely crafted and a work of art in and of itself . It is available in calibers 9.3x74R , .375 Holland & Holland Magnum and .458 Winchester Magnum . A little investigation has revealed that the suggested list price of this beautiful firearm ($61,200.00) puts it out of our league but we’d surely welcome one as a Christmas gift . 









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