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The reactions of the ladies standing up for themselves so quickly was awesome but then to watch them realize what was happening behind them was seriously next level funny.

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Social Media Compilations Of ISIS Fails





Published on Feb 6, 2015

” Social media compilations of ISIS fails – YouTube
Video for Social media compilations of ISIS fails▶ 1:32…
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Why The US Government Is Terrified Of Hobbyist Drones



A Phantom 2 consumer drone is equipped with three pounds of mock explosive at a January 16 DHS conference.

Photo credit: Daniel Herbert



” If you want to understand why the government freaked out when a $400 remote-controlled quadcopter landed on the White House grounds last week, you need to look four miles away, to a small briefing room in Arlington, Virginia. There, just 10 days earlier, officials from the US military, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FAA gathered for a DHS “summit” on a danger that had been consuming them privately for years: the potential use of hobbyist drones as weapons of terror or assassination.

  The conference was open to civilians, but explicitly closed to the press. One attendee described it as an eye-opener. The officials played videos of low-cost drones firing semi-automatic weapons, revealed that Syrian rebels are importing consumer-grade drones to launch attacks, and flashed photos from an exercise that pitted $5,000 worth of drones against a convoy of armored vehicles. (The drones won.) But the most striking visual aid was on an exhibit table outside the auditorium, where a buffet of low-cost drones had been converted into simulated flying bombs. One quadcopter, strapped to 3 pounds of inert explosive, was a DJI Phantom 2, a newer version of the very drone that would land at the White House the next week.

  Attendee Daniel Herbert snapped a photo and posted it to his website along with detailed notes from the conference. The day after the White House incident, he says, DHS phoned him and politely asked him to remove the entire post. He complied. “I’m not going to be the one to challenge Homeland Security and cause more contention,” says Herbert, who runs a small drone shop in Delaware called Skygear Solutions. “


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Incredible Drone Footage Of Blue Marlin On Miss Behavin






” Drones have been around for a couple years now but not until very recently have folks mastered the art of operating drones while fighting marlin.  Check out the crew of the Miss Behavin filming some incredible footage of their Marlin Battles.  Congrats to the crew.


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It takes all kinds …

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Imagine driving down a busy freeway in the middle of a blizzard, trying to avoid patches of ice and snow and get home safe and sound.

Now imagine doing that while a naked man in a cowboy hat slowly strolls down the middle of the freeway, confusing passengers every step of the way.

On Sunday, such a man was spotted walking down I-75 in Michigan with not a care in the world.

After police officers reached the scene, they were able to coax the man into a police car and take him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with “excited delirium syndrome.”

The way one driver summarized the situation to another, captures our thoughts on this video perfectly.

“What the hell?”

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If this is a common attitude among our leaders , and it sure seems to be , then we need new leaders …

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In a recent speech in Virginia, former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden made some very revealing comments about his approach to the Constitution—and especially the Fourth Amendment.

After 9/11, Hayden says, he reevaluated his whole approach to the rule of law and whether or not it had any applicability to his desire to spy on millions of innocent people with no regard for due process:

I actually started to do different things. And I didn’t need to ask “mother, may I” from the Congress or the president or anyone else. It was within my charter, but in terms of the mature judgment about what’s reasonable and what’s not reasonable, the death of 3,000 countrymen kind of took me in a direction over here, perfectly within my authority, but a different place than the one in which I was located before the attacks took place.

Hayden’s callous use of the…

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Obama’s Prediction Of A Million Electric Cars On Road By 2015 Off By 72%






” In his 2011 State of the Union address, President Obama predicted that the U.S. would have “a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.”

  The president backed up his prediction with $2.4 billion in federal grants to companies producing lithium-ion batteries for plug-in cars.

  But reality hasn’t even come close.

  Despite massive federal spending on electric vehicles, which is expected to total $7.9 billion through 2019, there are currently just 286,390 plug-in vehicles on the nation’s roads today, according to the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA).

  That’s 72 percent lower than the million electric vehicles the president predicted four years ago. And with gasoline prices now averaging $2.06 per gallon, the lowest they’ve been since April 2009, that percentage is not likely to change any time soon.”



   Lord knows he gave away enough of our tax dollars in his attempt to make it happen , and line his crony’s pockets , but his prognostication still came up short … by miles .



” Although Obama backed up his prediction four years ago with $2.4 billion in federal grants to companies producing lithium-ion batteries to power electric cars, there has been no major breakthroughs that make them economically competitive with gas- and diesel-fueled vehicles, which have become far more fuel-efficient in the meantime.

  In fact, with new advances being made in the internal combustion engine, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles will still make up 95 percent of all light duty vehicles sold in 2040. “



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Very cool ad …

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Last month, the Navy officially dropped their slogan “a global force for good,” which was found to be hated by much of the Navy community.

They’ve since been on an effort to rebrand themselves, and as a new slogan is yet to be found, the service has been “America’s Navy” in new recruiting efforts.

And their newest recruiting commercial builds on that. While the last commercial, “The Shield,” was notable for dropping the maligned tagline and featured sailors in varying uniforms surrounding a family walking down the street, “Pin Map” aims to show what it is that sailors in the Navy can do.

Aircraft carriers sail through the sea, surrounded by ships and helicopters, as pilots prepare to take off.  Submarines glide stealthily underneath the waves. SEALs conduct a mission on a snowy mountain.  Sailors work to rebuild a community. The one minute spot highlights the variety of missions the Navy takes…

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LMAO … Offense ? … Perfectly proves the man’s point …

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NASCAR’s new Super Bowl ad starring Nick Offerman hit the web just a few days ago, but it already has some folks in a tizzy à la the controversial GoDaddy puppy commercial. Over 16,000 people have signed a petition requesting that the racing company ditch the clip because of one particular line that pokes fun at gluten-free diets.

“When our idea of danger is eating gluten, there’s trouble afoot,” Offerman is seen saying in his typical commanding voice, a large American flag on display behind him. “Yes, we the people have gotten soft.”

According to “Gluten Dude”, the person behind the appeal, the ad is offensive to those who suffer from Celiac disease, a disorder in which the ingestion of gluten causes damage to the lining of the small intestine. Per the petition page:

It [the ad] implies that we’re soft…we’re weak…we’re part of America’s problem. When…

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FPV Quadcopter – Gun Cam




Take A Lesson From These Two Geniuses




This is not the most efficient way to launch your kayak , that’s for sure …

March Of The Mini-Drones






” They’re the ultimate in narcissism and they’re literally taking off. Meet the new drones that are in fact flying selfie sticks — loving, attentive toys programmed to snap photos and video of you from all directions.

  Some fit the palm of your hand and fly indoors and overhead, taking social snaps at a party or family get together.

  Bigger outdoor drones take overhead video of you skiing down a slope, surfing the waves and on a motorbike, trekking off-road.

  One takeout from this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is that consumer drones are going beyond flying machines that you pilot manually. New autonomous drones can be preprogrammed; they take off to follow a set flight path or follow you, maintain a certain distance, height or nominated angle for the best snaps and video.

  Meet Nixie, a tiny, wearable drone that attaches to your arm. To take a selfie, you detach and throw. Nixie will travel away from you, stop, turn around and take a snap before flying back to your arm.”







” The UK’s Torquing Group showed off another tiny device that it labelled an autonomous, intelligent swarming nano drone. It’s called ZANO and it’s big business, attracting $4.4 million in funding. The first deliveries are due in June.”







” ZANO costs about $300 and has several flying modes. Fly it manually by tilting your phone and tell it to hold a set position while you remotely take snaps, or choose “follow me” mode and watch it follow you at a set distance taking photos and video.

  Torquing Group says ZANO has obstacle avoidance technology — it can sense if it’s strayed too far from your smart device. And if it runs low on battery it will return to you automatically.

  Obstacle avoidance technology itself is rapidly developing, so hopefully there will soon be fewer cases of drones crashing into trees. As more fly drones begin to populate what will become progressively crowded overhead space, this technology will be a necessity.

  Some drones have unusual applications. Germany’s railways has sought to use them to detect and identify graffiti vandals and taggers ruining its rail property. Mexico’s drug cartels have reportedly used drones to fly drugs across the US border for several years. They typically earn $2 million per flight in sales.

  It’s unsurprising that one would eventually crash. It happened just this week when a drone carrying 2.7kg of methamphetamine came down in a shopping centre car park at Tijuana.

  The increasingly diverse use of drones also is a problem for regulators. Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority requires they must be flown less than 400 feet above the ground, during daylight conditions, inside uncontrolled airspace, and away from airports and people.

  CASA this year however is rewriting these older rules to address the huge increase in drones in Australia. Retailers estimate that at least 100 new drones come online each week.

  It’s not just small drones that take flying selfies, larger outdoor drones such as AirDog and Hexo+ do it too. It’s early days in judging effectiveness, but the promise is for professional overhead filming previously only obtainable from a helicopter.

  In the case of AirDog, a quadcopter, its operator dons a waterproof tracker so it can detect where they are and follow them. You preprogram the distance and orientation of the drone, for the stills and video you want. Unfortunately, with our current weaker Aussie dollar exchange rate, the AirDog costs $1500. And you’ll need to attach your own GoPro camera.”







” The six-bladed Hexo+ costs a tad less, and uses a smartphone Wi-Fi signal to track you. Again, it’s BYO GoPro and if you’re near water you’ll need to put your phone in a waterproof case. Again you pre-program the angle of shots, but this time the Hexo+ promises to properly frame you in every shot.”







” There are a myriad of other drones. For sheer smallness, there’s the Proto-X, a tiny quadcopter that’s just 45mm x 45mm and weighs 11g. You launch it from your fingertips and control it with a 2.4 Gigahertz radio transmitter that has bright LED lights. The Proto-X is so tiny it would be hard to see without lights.

  Proto-X claims to be the world’s smallest quadcopter and costs around $50. It doesn’t have a camera and you must fly it manually. You’d be wise to fly it indoors or you risk losing it.”







” There’s also the new Micro Drone 3.0, slightly larger than Proto-X, but one of the first tiny drones to market. The first model debuted in 2010. The drone ­includes a camera and is highly manoeuvrable.”







” Small drones have recently become popular, thanks to Parrot’s minidrone rolling spider released at last year’s CES. The 55g drone has large plastic wheels that lets it run along the ground, walls and ceilings as well as fly. It has a vertically-oriented camera that captures low resolution images.”







” Not all drones are built with equal features. Go online and you’ll see a myriad of mini drones on eBay and Amazon costing less than $60. Consumers need to be aware of the different feature sets.

  Drones can have a high or low resolution camera, or none. There’s varying battery life and recharge time. Some fly for less than six minutes, some such as the X6 quadcopter claim flight times of 20-40 minutes.”







” Some drones are easily damaged, others can survive collisions with walls. Some drones have on-board memory for storing vision, others stream to your phone, some do both.

  There’s also the question of the controlling device. Some drones are operated by an RF controller, similar to a model aircraft controller. Others are controlled from a smartphone using Wi-Fi, and let you watch streamed vision from the drone on the smartphone screen.

  There’s also bigger consumer drones such as the upcoming Parrot Bebop and Chinese manufacturer DJI’s Inspire One. They are a story on their own.

  At the other end of the spectrum, there are mega drones built for industry and capable of carrying payloads of 9-10 kg. At CES, Shenzhen-based Harwar showed off drones designed for reconnaissance during bushfires, transporting emergency medicines, public security, monitoring road traffic, surveying and search and rescue.

  As drone traffic multiplies, regulators will need to step in. More and more drones are a headache for regulators. In Australia, CASA could be forced to specify not only where drones fly, but at what height. Should drones crisscross the city delivering pizzas, books and other commercial goods be granted exclusive use of a certain airspace height? Will police or emergency services drone be granted special fast sky laneways?

  These fast, affordable drones are with us now, so regulation will quickly become a legal imperative.”


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Watch This Expert Backhoe Handling From Malik Tajamul Hayat Khan




 Who needs a trailer with a operator as skilled as this ?

… Clean Your Camera Lens!






” The NSA has issued a Public Announcement today saying that everyone who owns a laptop, cell phone, smart TV, and any other modern social device with video recording, is advised to clean their camera lens regularly.

  An unnamed member of the NSA has released the statement through their Twitter account adding that “It’s really not good for morale when you see a chick in her bedroom through the laptop, and the camera lens blurs the image because of a smudge or something, especially when she’s pretty hot.” The NSA Twitter account later stated that “if you are under a 5 out of 10 on the hotness scale then you can disregard the advisory.”

  This is not the first very open statement the NSA has made in recent months when they released a tweet saying, “You know what? Everyone knows we’re watching, so we might as well save billions on secrecy and be blatant about it. I mean, the cat’s out of the bag and we, as a tax-powered institution, should just admit it.”

  There have also been hundreds of complaints recently from all collective genders about receiving random and untraceable phone texts while at home, asking the recipients things like, “Turn around a few times” and “It’s a little warm for that sweater, don’t you think?”

  When asked about the recent unprofessional attitude they officially state that “it’s 2015, so get with the times, this is the new standard of government professionalism.”


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Next time you’re driving and hit some ice, don’t slam your brakes into the floor. All you will do is cause them to lock up.

In this video from 2011 a bunch of drivers learned that the hard way, as a local road became a hydroplaning wonderland.

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Auschwitz: Drone Video Of Nazi Concentration Camp




Published on Jan 27, 2015

” Drone video shows the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as it is today – 70 years after it was liberated by Soviet troops. The camp in Poland is now maintained as a World Heritage Site and is visited by thousands of tourists and survivors every year. Auschwitz was the largest camp established by the Germans during World War II. More than a million people – the vast majority of them Jews – died there between 1940, when it was built, and 1945, when it was liberated by the Soviet army.

  Railway tracks into Auschwitz-Birkenau – Trains filled with victims from throughout occupied Europe arrived at the camp almost every day between 1942 and the summer of 1944.

  Ruins of wooden huts at Birkenau – Birkenau (or Auschwitz II) was erected in 1941 solely as a death camp, the wooden huts are now in ruins with only brick fireplaces and chimneys remaining.

  Entrance to Auschwitz I -The wrought-iron sign over the entrance bears the words Arbeit Macht Frei – “Work sets you free”.

  Auschwitz I – The brick-built buildings were the former cavalry barracks of the Polish Army.

  Courtyard between blocks 10 and 11 at Auschwitz I – Block 11 was called “the Block of Death” by prisoners. Executions took place between Block 10 and Block 11 and posts in the yard were used to string up prisoners by their wrists.

Auschwitz Birkenau is now a museum run by the Polish Culture Ministry, and a Unesco world heritage site.
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Country powerhouse Toby Keith has no patience with drunk Americans.

Never has, never will…as this clip from a few years back will attest to. “I apologize,” Keith told the crowd after returning to the stage to finish his 1993 hit “A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action.”

“He came right down in from and took a beer and threw it in the front of the stage and then threw me the bird and went out cursing me the whole way.”

Yet, Keith is seeing much success with his latest hit single “Drunk Americans” and will most certainly play the song at the upcoming 24th Annual Country Jam music festival on June 18-21 at Jam Ranch outside Grand Junction, Colorado. Keith is the fourth headliner to be announced for the festival, joining fellow country music superstars Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and The Band Perry.

“We are very happy…

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With the Northeast facing up to two feet of snow this week, the Union of Concerned Scientists has this 100% fraudulent document on their web site

Across the Northeast, from Pennsylvania and New Jersey northward to Maine, signs of our rapidly changing climate
become clearer each year. Records show that spring is arriving sooner, summers are growing hotter, and winters are becoming warmer and less snowy

ScreenHunter_4234 Oct. 31 07.28ScreenHunter_4233 Oct. 31 07.27

ScreenHunter_4232 Oct. 31 07.19


Annual snowfall in the Northeast has been close to the long term mean of 100 cm in recent years

ScreenHunter_6404 Jan. 25 04.52

The percentage of 100 degree days has plummeted in the Northeast over the past 120 years.

ScreenHunter_6403 Jan. 25 04.48

The “Union of Concerned Scientists” is committing fraud, yet again.

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LS 1

Like clockwork, every winter I get a serious bout of home-sickness. It’s usually triggered by a call or email from someone back home telling me about taking a drive with the top down, watching football on ordinary broadcast TV, going out for some Vietnamese sandwiches, or one of the other things I miss about life in Los Angeles.

“But,” I remind myself, “Japan has lots of cool things too! Where else can you go to the museum and see massive collections of samurai armor, huh?”

Oh, right now you can do that at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art? Touché, L.A.

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Originally posted on Give Me Liberty:

This is from Godfather Politics.

The whole city of Bloomington,Indiana is a bastion of Communism in the Red State of Indiana.

Many of Bloomington’s residents got their communist indoctrination while attending Indiana University or from their family that attended Indiana University.

Your tax dollars are paying for this: “Chick-fil-A has been booted off another campus because a small group of students with voting power disagreed with some of the business’ Biblical beliefs.”

If this were a private college that got absolutely no tax money, I would not object. But colleges are government institutions funded by tax dollars. Chick-fil-A is a business that employs thousands of people, pays its taxes, and has not done anything illegal.

Colleges pride themselves in being institutions which value contrary opinion. This is a huge lie. Universities have been co-opted by leftist ideologues who only support a single position.

All contrary opinions are relegated to the trash…

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Bryant Gumbel blasted the NRA in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, calling the pro-gun group “pigs” and “a curse upon the American landscape.”

Shots fired, as they say.

Now NRA News radio host Cam Edwards is hitting back, and his response is far classier than Gumbel could ever hope to be.

“I have a sneaking suspicion Bryant Gumbel hasn’t spent much time around NRA members. I could introduce him to mothers and fathers, veterans and active duty members of the military, law enforcement officers, doctors, and paramedics I know who are proud members of the NRA,” Edwards said.

“The NRA members I know value human life enough to want to protect themselves and their families from those who would do them harm,” he said. “They’re not pigs. They’re good people.”

H/T The Blaze

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Bravo , that’s the way to treat your “best friend” . Everyone deserves to live out their “bucket list” .

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NEW YORK CITY, NY — Lauren Fern Watt and her English Mastiff, Gizelle, had been through a lot over the years –college, boyfriends and even a big move from Tennessee to New York. So, when her beloved, 160-lb “roommate” was diagnosed with bone cancer, she was devastated.

According to Watt’s blog on, the vet told her Gizelle only had a few months to live.

“My sobbing seemed unstoppable, but Gizelle was sensitive and didn’t like to see me cry,” Watt wrote. “I had to be strong.”

So she chose not to wallow, and she set out to make a bucket list for her longtime companion.

“It was my mission for us to indulge and explore life’s joys,” she wrote. “We’d escape the city and search for waterfalls, cook lobster and nap in the grass. We’d jump in the ocean without towels, just to enjoy the sun drying us…

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Originally posted on Twitchy:

Twitchy reported on Shannon Watts lamenting the arrest of a moron who tackled and choked a 62 year old man because he saw the man’s firearm, for which he had a concealed carry permit  Gun-grabber Shannon Watts fires off what may be her dumbest tweet ever.

Since then video has been made public of the wannabe vigilante Michael Foster tackling Clarence Daniels and nearly taking down several children in the process. Foster told no one at the Walmart of his concern and he did not call 911.

Shannon Watts has started walking back her comments and accusing people of being “trolls” for being critical.

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