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Funny stuff … LOL

Originally posted on Rare:

Hats off to the creative genius over at Geico, who figured out how people want to see advertisements–they don’t.

In a new spot for Geico, the Gecko stays out of the picture to show a nice family dinner scene. After a brief voiceover from the familiar Geico announcer, the commercial seems to end.

Instead the ad keeps running as the family freezes in the frame, ready to eat a big spaghetti dinner. The family dog then leaps onto the table and takes advantage of the situation.

So instead of watching a boring ad about insurance, we get to see a big dog chomping down on some lasagna.

Well played Geico. Well played.

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Originally posted on sunshine hours:

(This is a different post than the Low Min one)

Low Max records track the lowest maximum temperature for the day.

2634 Low Max Records Broken or tied From 2015-02-19 to 2015-02-25 according to the NOAA. (That is 15% of all the measurements for that period)

Below is a screenshot showing location and the biggest difference between old record and new record.

The list is just the ones I could capture in a screenshot. Wow. Many records broken by over 20F.

Imagine … the old record was 34 and it is now 3F. A 31F difference.


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Naked Man Caught Jumping Out Of Buckingham Palace Window In Internet Hoax




” A video clip that claims to show a naked man climbing out of a window at Buckingham Palace using a bed sheet has started an online debate as to whether it is real or not.

  The video shows some Swedish tourists watching the Changing of the Guard near Green Park.

  Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the video and the Metropolitan Police said they have had no reports of the incident.”

The Telegraph

Originally posted on National Post:

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says seven people have been killed in overnight shootings in southeastern Missouri and that the gunman is also dead.

Sergeant Jeff Kinder says the 36-year-old suspect was found dead in Shannon County early Friday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Investigators say the attacks took place in multiple locations in and around the town of Tyrone, in Texas County, about 65 kilometres north of the Arkansas border.

Authorities have not named the victims or the gunman. The victims were found at four different homes.

One injured person was taken to a hospital.

An investigation is ongoing. A motive for the killings and possible connections between the shooter and victims were not immediately clear.

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Originally posted on KTLA:

[ooyala code=”lybzVmczppUf6tXW7WlK80uUoM6tWXR5″ player_id=”c660b791c3704ff69d4162d7adb7c4a1”]

A St. Louis man has filed a lawsuit alleging excessive force in a case that involves an officer turning off a dashcam video of that man’s arrest.

At one point in the video, a female officer can be heard saying: “Hold up, everybody, hold up. We’re red right now so if you guys are worried about cameras just wait.”

The phrase “we’re red right now” indicates that a camera is recording.

A second dashcam continued to record.

Video of the April arrest shows officers stopping a vehicle being driven by Cortez Bufford, whose car roughly matched the description of one possibly involved in an area shooting.

As officers approached the vehicle, they ordered Bufford and his passenger to show their hands. They did.

According to the police report, one officer smelled marijuana and saw what looked to be plastic baggies full of a leafy green substance.


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So if illegal aliens are now “Americans-In-Waiting” what does that make jihadists ? Progressives-In-Disguise ?

Originally posted on Twitchy:

President Obama is attending a “private” town hall meeting today to field questions from illegal aliens about his currently stalled push for executive amnesty.

Going into the meeting, the White House has coined a new term for those in the country illegally:

Yep. There it is: “Americans in waiting.”

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Originally posted on FOX31 Denver:

Note: This video contains profanity.

DENVER — When most people think of octopuses, they imagine them as they live in aquariums: drifting lazily with the currents, maybe clinging to the glass like a squishy child’s toy.

Most people do not imagine them exploding out of a tidepool, spearing a razor-sharp beak into a crab’s body and wrestling the helpless crustacean back into the water to suck out its innards.

But that’s the event a woman in Yallingup, Western Australia, captured last week.

“I didn’t know why I chose to film this crab, but thought I would try and get closer to it,” Porsche Indrisie said. “But something else beat me to it.”

Just one more reason that Australia is a fascinating, scary place.

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Reddit Bans Edward Snowden, Flames Glenn Greenwald In ‘Citizenfour’ Documentary AMA




” Edward Snowden says the only thing he regrets about his revelations regarding NSA surveillance is that he didn’t do it sooner. The former NSA analyst took part in a question-and-answer session on Reddit along with filmmaker Laura Poitras and and journalist Glenn Greenwald Monday.

  The trio appeared on the site to celebrate the Academy Award that “Citizenfour,” a documentary that depicts some of the earliest interviews between journalists and Snowden, received. The NSA leaker was temporarily banned from the popular submission site during the community Q&A, also known as an “ask me anything” or AMA.

” Hey guys, sorry — the reddit mods are being a little weird. My account is /u/SuddenlySnowden,” Snowden said. “Mods: Can you pull back the ban? I can’t post from the primary account. Thanks.”

  Snowden’s account was restored nine minutes later, but not before a Reddit moderator confronted him for complaining about the ban. The Reddit volunteer then got into a spat with Greenwald, later inferring the journalist was intellectually disabled.”

We doubt Aaron would approve , but then a lot of the Reddit moderators are as*holes . Read more

Jodi Miller Gives Us A Humorous Take On The Events Of The Day





Published on Feb 23, 2015

” — ISIS
– President Obama
– Ashton Carter
– Homeland Security Funding
– Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
– Climate Change
– Yemen
– Marijuana Use by Teens
– Deja Vu

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We like this man very much … imagine that , an actor with the guts to speak of liberty

Originally posted on Rare:

Perhaps best known for his frat boy-like antics in comedy movies, actor Vince Vaughn has some pretty specific views when it comes to politics.

In a recent interview with Playboy magazine, he spoke freely about these positions.

I would use the term libertarian to describe my politics. I like the principles of the Constitution and the republic, which is a form of government built around the law. A republic did very well in Rome until they got a lot of central power and Caesar decided he knew what was best for everyone. That type of government works if you’re looking to start welfare programs, if you’re going to conquer the world and use force a certain way. But even back then, it didn’t work. More and more people went on the dole and others went bankrupt, and businesses couldn’t afford to pay their staff.

When it came to the question about…

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“President Peace Prize” strikes again …

Originally posted on Rare:

The Guardian reported earlier this month:

A 13-year-old boy killed in Yemen last month by a CIA drone strike had told the Guardian just months earlier that he lived in constant fear of the “death machines” in the sky that had already killed his father and brother.

“I see them every day and we are scared of them,” said Mohammed Tuaiman, speaking from al-Zur village in Marib province, where he died two weeks ago.

“A lot of the kids in this area wake up from sleeping because of nightmares from them and some now have mental problems. They turned our area into hell and continuous horror, day and night, we even dream of them in our sleep.”

The Guardian notes that a U.S. drone strike killed his father and brother in 2011 as they were herding camels belonging to their family: “Several anonymous US government officials told Reuters that the…

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Originally posted on Twitchy:

During a #DefendDenver march earlier this month, protesters were arrested after allegedly vandalizing a memorial to fallen police officers. The vandals were caught on video dumping red paint on the memorial, but why were they able to deface the memorial in the first place?

A “stand-down order” from the police chief reportedly allowed vandals the opportunity to deface the memorial:

Denver’s police chief told officers not to intervene but to stand by and watch as protesters threw red paint on a memorial for fallen officers during a weekend march against police brutality.

The stand-down order upset some officers, who said it sends a message that protesters can get away with increasingly brazen actions.

A sad state of affairs.

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LOL … another lefty fail … #ILoveObama

Originally posted on Twitchy:

We really don’t know why somebody thought the #ILoveObama hashtag would be a good idea, but that’s why a bunch of libs tried to get trending a little earlier tonight:

Ha! “DM only.” How’d that work out for you?

And as you might imagine, #ILoveObama is currently dominated by conservatives offering up some hilarious snark. Check it out:

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The effectiveness of Obama & Clinton’s “Smart Diplomacy” is nowhere better illustrated than right here . Could our nation really withstand another 6 or possibly 10 years of this kind of incompetence ? Think about that before you decide to support Hillary or any other of the potential democratic presidential candidates in 2016 .

Originally posted on Rare:

For six years now the United States has waged a drone war in the Middle East, targeting al Qaeda operatives from the sky. The strikes have been concentrated mostly in Yemen and Pakistan. They’ve killed, according to one tally taken early last year, about 2,400 people. Hundreds more have likely been blown to pieces since then.

One study done in 2012 found that drones were ineffective at targeting al Qaeda operatives, but very effective at accidentally killing civilians, leading to a hardening of anti-American sentiments where they’re used.

But drones were necessary to win the twenty-first century war on terror, we were told. As we learned this morning, that logic has deafeningly backfired:

Al Qaeda-linked fighters seized a large army base in a dawn attack in southern Yemen on Thursday, militants and residents said, hours after the United Nations warned that the country was on the brink of civil war.

The base in…

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What an awesome birthday present …

Originally posted on Rare:

Even though the young grandson ruined the surprise by loudly declaring “we bought you a car” at the 1:17 mark, this father and grandfather couldn’t be happier about the gift his family gave him on his 60th birthday.

Wouldn’t you like to have a Pontiac GTO?

The family led him outside and advised him to keep his eyes closed, but once he opened them the only words he could muster were “Oh, you’ve got to be shittin’ me.”

At the end of the video, he takes the car out for a ride with his wife.

Just listen to that engine roar!

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Will he hit the links this weekend ? Does the sun rise in the east ? This Tweet from the Twitchy post sums it up nicely (San Franciscans use 45.7 gallons of water daily per person. In Palm Springs, they use 378.5 via @takepart

— Mashable News (@MashableNews) November 5, 2014 ) and we hope there are some photos generated this weekend of the Lord of Vacations on the links .

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Another vacation? Looks like it.

President Obama leaves today for a political event in San Francisco, and then it’s off to Palm Springs to spend the combo long holiday weekend of Valentine’s Day and President’s Day in the sunny California desert:

Kinda nice how he gets to schedule a legitimate political event on the eve of a three-day-weekend that takes him to a vacation paradise, heh?

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Hostage Family: White House Had Information On Location For Almost Four Months





” Just how long did the White House sit on intelligence on where ISIS held American hostages? Allahpundit asked that question yesterday, when the difference in sources put it between four and seven weeks. The mother of James Foley tells the Daily Beast’s Jamie Dettmer and Shane Harris that it may have been closer to four months:

  But Diane Foley, the mother of James Foley, who was the first American to be shown murdered on camera, also raised questions about the timing of the rescue effort, telling The Daily Beast that French officials had developed information about the hostages’ location as early as March, but that the U.S. government didn’t act on it.

“ That was part of our frustration,” she said. “The State Department said they were connecting with the French and everybody at the highest levels.” And yet, there was no movement on the U.S. side. “Very specific information was available as early as mid-March. And that’s what’s been so tough for us as families, because apparently they were held in the same place all those months,” Foley said.”



Hot Air has more



    Does anyone find it peculiar that the only ones that seem to benefit from Obama’s vaunted “smart diplomacy” are the “non-existent” radical muslim extremists ?















John Stossel – Civil Asset Forfeiture





Published on Feb 9, 2015

” Attorney Jeff Rowes (Institute for Justice) explains how incentives drive police toward a predatory view of citizens. “












Originally posted on Welcome To The Mind Of A Maniac:

Growing up, my parents listened to country. I enjoyed it for what it was at the time but as I grew older I grew away from that style of music because it didn’t represent me. I then started listening to Rock, Rap and R&B. I also enjoyed those genres for what they were as well but, something inside of me was not satisfied. It wasn’t until I was about 12 years old when I was introduced to the Blues. I was hanging out with the older folks in the neighborhood, as I did much of the time growing up, and a rock song played on the radio. I can’t recall which song but I do remember a fellow asking me ‘Do you know where Rock came from?’ I replied with a no. He said ‘Rock came from Rhythm and Blues. Do you know where Rhythm and Blues came from?’ Once again I replied no…

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Fifty Shades Of Grey – Lego Trailer





Published on Feb 2, 2015

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Originally posted on Twitchy:

A loony rant? Well, not much loonier than any of Michael Moore’s other posts where he goes after George W. Bush or Dick Cheney:


From his Facebook page:

Let’s see… So George W. Bush is now an artist and a painter & roots for dear brother “Jeb in 2016;” Dick Cheney now appears on many networks as a grumpy old man pundit; Condi Rice gets to be on the board that picks college football’s Final 4… but it’s Brian Williams who’s to be punished for Iraq? Are u effing kidding me? I mean, an entire country was demolished, trillions were wasted, thousands of our troops were killed & wounded, tens/hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed, and now, FINALLY…

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Originally posted on Rare:

The reactions of the ladies standing up for themselves so quickly was awesome but then to watch them realize what was happening behind them was seriously next level funny.

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Social Media Compilations Of ISIS Fails





Published on Feb 6, 2015

” Social media compilations of ISIS fails – YouTube
Video for Social media compilations of ISIS fails▶ 1:32…
3 mins ago – Uploaded by TriA@NewS “













Why The US Government Is Terrified Of Hobbyist Drones



A Phantom 2 consumer drone is equipped with three pounds of mock explosive at a January 16 DHS conference.

Photo credit: Daniel Herbert



” If you want to understand why the government freaked out when a $400 remote-controlled quadcopter landed on the White House grounds last week, you need to look four miles away, to a small briefing room in Arlington, Virginia. There, just 10 days earlier, officials from the US military, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FAA gathered for a DHS “summit” on a danger that had been consuming them privately for years: the potential use of hobbyist drones as weapons of terror or assassination.

  The conference was open to civilians, but explicitly closed to the press. One attendee described it as an eye-opener. The officials played videos of low-cost drones firing semi-automatic weapons, revealed that Syrian rebels are importing consumer-grade drones to launch attacks, and flashed photos from an exercise that pitted $5,000 worth of drones against a convoy of armored vehicles. (The drones won.) But the most striking visual aid was on an exhibit table outside the auditorium, where a buffet of low-cost drones had been converted into simulated flying bombs. One quadcopter, strapped to 3 pounds of inert explosive, was a DJI Phantom 2, a newer version of the very drone that would land at the White House the next week.

  Attendee Daniel Herbert snapped a photo and posted it to his website along with detailed notes from the conference. The day after the White House incident, he says, DHS phoned him and politely asked him to remove the entire post. He complied. “I’m not going to be the one to challenge Homeland Security and cause more contention,” says Herbert, who runs a small drone shop in Delaware called Skygear Solutions. “


Wired has the whole scoop













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