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To paraphrase “This Is Spinal Tap,” it’s not that the popularity of President Obama and the Democrats is waning, it’s just that their appeal is becoming … more selective.

Asked about Tuesday’s overwhelming GOP wave which was eventually upgraded to a tsunami, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi denied its characterization as a wave, choosing instead to believe what the nation witnessed was “an ebbing of Democratic voters.”

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Science: Your Eye Color Reveals A Lot About You




” There are many things that your eye color reveals about you. Did you know that no two people have the ‘exact’ same eye color? Or what about he fact that every person with blue eyes can be traced back to the same ancestor that lived in the black sea region about 10,000 years ago? It’s true. Everyone alive today with blue eyes has a very specific DNA sequence. Some of you may already know that when babies are first born, they have no melanin in their eyes, thus giving them a ‘hazy blue’ eye color. This changes quickly, though, into whatever color will be the baby’s permanent eye color.

  Brown eye color used to be considered dominant, but scientists have now revealed that eye color is actually a multi-gene trait, rather than a single gene one. It’s a little bit more complicated than to simply say that the brown eye color is the dominant one. It’s more of a gene combination. Did you know it’s genetically possible to have your iris divided into two colors, or even TWO different color irises?!

  Did you now that eye color can change over time? Eyes don’t constantly produce pigment, thus becoming lighter or even darker as time goes on. This little info-graphic by Mezzmer illustrates all of these fun facts in an easy to understand way. Your eyes truly say a lot about your ancestry.”



what does your eye colorr


Thanks to The Mind Unleashed











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This could be the nicest thing you read today, via the Wall Street Journal:

A West Virginia University freshman who did most of her campaigning out of her dorm room became the youngest state lawmaker in the nation Tuesday.

Republican Saira Blair, a fiscally conservative 18-year-old, will represent a small district in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle, about 1½ hours outside Washington, D.C., after defeating her Democratic opponent 63% to 30%, according to the Associated Press. A third candidate got 7% of the vote.

In a statement, Ms. Blair thanked her supporters and family, as well as her opponents for running a positive campaign. “History has been made tonight in West Virginia, and while I am proud of all that we have accomplished together, it is the future of this state that is now my singular focus,” she said.

Ms. Blair campaigned on a pledge to work to reduce…

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As of this writing, wunderkind statistician Nate Silver puts the GOP chance of retaking control of the Senate in tomorrow’s midterm elections at 68.5 percent and trending upward. The New York Times model is similarly optimistic for Republicans, and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is so close to Senate Majority Leader that he’s probably daydreaming about it right now.

Yes, the GOP is likely to win the Senate tomorrow. But if the Republican establishment keeps failing to live up to its limited government rhetoric, who cares?

Sure, many politicians in the Republican Party talk a good talk. The problem is that—for most of them—it’s nothing but talk.

Take foreign policy, for instance. The last six months have seemed like a competition between Republicans and Democrats over who can stoke more fear and which party is more eager for another war. The hysterical and exaggerated depictions of the threat posed by ISIS are…

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The sordid self-immolation of Texas Democratic gubernatorial Wendy Davis is complete.

Now, all of her top lieutenants are setting themselves on fire, too.

Young Chelsea Natividad, a Battleground Texas organizer for Wendy Davis, is leaving no stone unturned. No bridge unburnt. No important demographic unscathed. Women, students, Hispanics: If you voted Republican, Ms. Natividad would like you all to take a flying leap.

Natividad’s meltdown began well before the final results were in.

One of Ms. Natividad’s friends made a special mental-health plea on the overworked Davis drone’s behalf:

Alas, the plea fell flat.

Ms. Natividad is now a…

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Republicans across the country celebrated GOP Sen. Tim Scott’s re-election victory in South Carolina tonight. He’s the first black candidate to win statewide since Reconstruction.

He is also the first African-American politician elected to both the House and Senate.


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Your vote matters.
You can get voting information right from Queen of Liberty!

We’re offering cutting-edge tools that give you access to the customized information you need to cast a ballot on or before Election Day. Click on the link below to find out more about this important initiative so that you can ensure that your voices are heard on Election Day.

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Conservative guerrilla artist Sabo likes to make waves. His street art satirizes leftist icons like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and a host of left wing progressive celebrities. You may also know his famous tattooed Ted Cruz poster.

Earlier this year his artwork was used to promote the launch of “Breitbart California” a new branch of the web site that still bears the name of its late founder Andrew Breitbart. Some controversial tweets prompted the U.S. Secret Service to pay Sabo a visit recently and that may have made the new leadership at Breitbart skittish about associating with the artist.

Sabo, who tweets under the handle @unsavory agents, seems to think so. He’s not happy about it.

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Another Oklahoma beheading …

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[ooyala code="5xZ2NmcTo4mTj4D0ZeErYUdQeBMIwxaW" player_id="df513009265e4427aaf5f0342a75c90e"]

STILLWATER, Okla. – A 21-year-old Stillwater man has been charged with first-degree murder in connection to the death of an area college student who, according to police, was nearly decapitated.

Isaiah Marin Courtesy: Payne County Jail

Isaiah Marin
Courtesy: Payne County Jail

Isaiah Zoar Marin, 21,  is accused of using a “long knife or sword” to kill 19-year-old Jacob Andrew Crockett at an apartment in the 400 block of S. Oakdale in Stillwater.

Police say the two men were “acquaintances” and Crockett was attending class at Northern Oklahoma College, but was planning to transfer to OSU.

On Wednesday afternoon, officers say they received a 911 call from Marin, saying he had just killed someone.

According to an arrest affidavit, Marin told police, “I murdered someone.”

According to the affidavit, he began “rambling about sacrificing and magic.”

Officers found him walking along State Highway 51 in western Stillwater, covered in blood and carrying a knife.

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Yep. Seriously, take a look at these absurd tweets from Susan Rice, y’all:

Apparently, ideas, like truth, are hard to Ms. Rice.

It’s hard to believe she was able to do so, but being a pathological liar might have helped. Citizens swiftly spanked Rice: Did she forget that it was reported that a “senior administration official” described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “chickensh*t”?

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Killer Clown 3 – The Uncle! Scare Prank!



Published on Sep 7, 2014

” The psycho killer clown is back and this time his uncle’s here to join the party!
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- The Guys from the stream roller scene called the police and the cops seized one of my cameras, containing one of the best reactions, I’ve ever had from the clown pranks. Once I get it back, I will post the scene directly on Facebook:

- The guy, who jumped into the water also called the cops and we nearly had our entire crew arrested. Luckily, the cops were cool and we got lucky.

- The reveals and deleted scenes will be posted on my Facebook page in the following days or I’ll put up an annotation at the end of the video, linking to an Youtube video, containing everything.

- It took us about 5 weeks to produce this video.

- Getting the right victims was by far the hardest part, we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time, cooperating over radio stations, choosing and waiting for the right victims.

- If someone’s face is blurred out, that’s because he/she didn’t sign our release form and the police was called several times too.

*** The chainsaw had its chain removed *** “




Below is the DM Pranks crew’s latest effort , just in time for Halloween . What’s creepier than Nazi mutants ?









Published on Oct 27, 2014

In 1942 something went wrong during a nazi experiment, they didn’t know what that was about to lead 72 years later. “




Viewers can see our posts on the other two Killer Clown pranks here and here . Happy Halloween .










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If you’re afraid of snakes, you have good reason to be.

This video shows what happens when viper snake venom comes in contact with your blood, and it’s not pretty.

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@EricBoehlert vs @instapundit … a meeting of ONE MIND and one moron . What a tool …

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Setting aside the alleged hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer (expect to hear much more on that subject when her book is published Nov. 4), Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert tweeted that the all-caps intro to Instapundit’s post on the subject “captured the paranoia nicely.”

That must go for every other blog post Glenn Reynolds has published, since they all begin in all-caps. Paranoid fellow, that Instapundit.

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Someone Strapped A GoPro Camera To A Whiskey Bottle At A Wedding, And The Result Is Magical







” Look, if #EBOLA is going to make the leap from “thing everyone is freaking out about” to “thing everyone is freaking out about for good reason,” it needs to find a new method of transportation. Something with more scope than sterile hospital rooms and guarded medical workers. Something like… a bottle of delicious Fireball Cinnamon Whisky at a wedding. “











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Children in Newington, Connecticut are already setting their sights on Thanksgiving and Christmas after elementary schools in their New England town abruptly canceled this year’s Halloween festivities.

“Everyone’s politically correct now and you don’t want to insult anyone’s denomination or religion,” one parent told Fox.

Instead of invoking any sort of negative spiritual connotations that come with the name “Halloween,” Ruth Chaffee Elementary and the Anna Reynolds School will hold a “Fall Festival.” Kids can dress up at the “Fall Festival,” but must keep their costumes exclusive to characters from books.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t find it to be a big religious thing, the kids just get together with their costumes and have fun. It’s not like they talk about much, it’s just a day to have fun at school,” another parent said.

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Hottest Body Paintings




Here is the first example:






Need/want more ? OK …







    These works of art on the human canvas are lightyears beyond the usual painted-on bikinis and Wonder Woman costumes … Here’s one more example …





Inquisitive readers can see the other 66 amazing creations here . Enjoy .











Read this entire piece from Mr Mitchell for a better understanding of the notion that “THE STATE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND”

Originally posted on International Liberty:

I don’t particularly care how people vote, but I do care whether they believe in freedom.

That’s why I periodically share stories that should convince everyone to believe in the libertarian philosophy of small government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.

The stories that get me most agitated are the ones that involve innocent people being robbed by bureaucrats.

And when I say robbed, I use that word deliberately.

Such as the case of an elderly couple who had their hotel stolen by government.

Such as the case of the family grocer who had his bank account stolen by government.

Such as when the government wanted to steal someone’s truck because a different person was arrested for drunk driving.

Such as when the government tried to steal the bond money a family collected to bail out a relative.

Such as when the government seized nearly $400,000 of…

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A woman was filming a spectacular rainbow outside of her home, when lighting struck within 10 feet of where she was standing, sending her scrambling for cover.

The strike, which occurs around the 10 second mark, completely ruined the serene environment, but it’s an awesome display of nature’s power.

Warning: It’s loud.

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Today In The Past



312 - Constantine the Great is said to have received his famous Vision of the Cross.

625 - Honorius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope

710 - Saracen invasion of Sardinia.

939 - Edmund I succeeds Athelstan as King of England.

1275 - Traditional founding of the city of Amsterdam.

1492 - Christopher Columbus discovers Cuba & claims it for Spain

1553 - Condemned as a heretic, Michael Servetus is burned at the stake just outside Geneva.

1605 - Spanish army under General Spinola occupies Wachtendonk

1627 - English assault on French Il de Ré

1682 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is founded.

1702 - English troops plunder St Augustine Florida

1830 - Major-General Baron D Chasse bombs Antwerp (Belgium revolution)

1838 - Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs issues the Extermination Order, which orders all Mormons to leave the state or be exterminated.




1858 - RH Macy & Co opens 1st store, (6th Ave-NYCGross receipts $11.06






1864 - Battle of Boydton Plank Road, VA (Burgess’ Mill, Southside Railroad)

1864 - Battle of Fair Oaks, Va near Richmond

1864 - Confederate ship Albemarle torpedoed/sinks

1864 - Siege of Petersburg, VA

1867 - Garibaldi marches on Rome




1871 - Boss Tweed (William M Tweed), Democratic leader of Tammany Hallarrested after NY Times exposed his corruption






1880 - Theodore Roosevelt marries Alice Hathaway Lee, on his 22nd birthday

1884 - Architect Henry Hardenberghs Dakota-complex opens in NYC

1893 - Hurricane hits coast between Savannah Ga & Charleston SC

1904 - World’s 1st subway, IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit), opens in NYC, subway/bus fare is set at one nickel (Bkln bridge-145 & Bdwy)

1913 - Pres Wilson says US will never attack another country




1914 - British battleship Audacious sunk by mine






1916 - 1st published reference to “jazz” appears (Variety)




1919 - US Congress sign Volstead Act(Prohibition)











1922 - 1st commemoration of Navy Day

1925 - Water skis patented by Fred Waller

1938 - DuPont announces its new synthetic fiber will be called “nylon”

1941 - Chicago Daily Tribune editorialize there will not be war with Japan

1942 - 5th day of battle at El Alamein: heavy battles/Australian advance

1942 - US aircraft carrier Hornet sinks off Santa Cruz

1947 - “You Bet Your Life,” with Groucho Marx, premieres on ABC radio

1954 - Pres Eisenhower offers aid to S Vietnam pres Ngo Dinh Diem




1954 - Benjamin O. Davis Jrbecomes the first African-American general in the United States Air Force.







1959 - Rare Pacific hurricane kills 2,000 in Western Mexico

1961 - 1st Saturn launch vehicle makes an unmanned flight test

1962 - The plane of Enrico Mattei, Italian industry’s most relevant figure, crashes in mysterious circumstances.

1964 - Congo rebel leader Christopher Gbenye holds 60 Americans/800 Belgians

1966 - UN deprives South Africa of Namibia

1968 - 19th Olympic games close at Mexico City, Mexico

1969 - Nobel prize for economy awarded to John Tinbergen

1969 - Ralph Nader sets up a consumer organization knowns as Nader’s Raiders

1971 - Republic of Congo-Kinshasa becomes Republic of Zaire

1972 - Golden Gate National Recreation Area created

1973 - Alabama sets offensive record (828 yds), beats Virginia Tech 77-6

1974 - Chantal Langlace runs female world record marathon (2:46:24)

1977 - NASA launches space vehicle S-200

1978 - Begin & Sadat win Nobel Peace prize

1978 - President Carter signs Hawkins-Humphrey full employment bill

1979 - Voluntary Euthanasia Society publishes how-to-do-it suicide guide

1980 - Dave Gryllis sets world bicycle speed record of 94.37 kph

1981 - The Soviet submarine U 137 runs aground on the east coast of Sweden.

1982 - China announces its population at 1 billion people plus

1982 - IBM ROM is capable of EGA graphics

1985 - Billy Martin is fired by Yankees for 4th time

1985 - Hurricane Juan ravages US Gulf states & east coast, 49 die

1985 - Thieves steal 9 paintings, including 5 Monet’s & 2 Renoir’s

1986 - NY Mets beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3 in 83rd World Series

1986 - The United Kingdom government suddenly deregulates financial markets, leading to a total restructuring of the way in which they operate in the country, in an event now referred to as the Big Bang.

1987 - South Korean voters overwhelmingly approved a new constitution

1988 - “ET” released to home video (14 million presold)

1988 - Larry Flynt paid hitman $1M to kill Hefner, Guccione & Sinatra

1990 - Horse Racing Breeders’ Cup Champs: Bayakoa, Fly So Free, In The Wings, Meadow Star, Royal Academy, Safely Kept, Unbridled

1992 - Fox is to launch Tuesday night network TV, rescheduled to Decemeber

1992 - Great Britain issues postage stamp on 100th anniversary of Tolkien

1997 - Dow Jones crashes record 554 pts to 7161

1997 - Intel Corp buys Digital Equipment for $700 million

1997 - Microsoft argues it should be “free from government interference”

1997 - US releases a redesigned $50 bill

1999 - Gunmen open fire in the Armenian Parliament, killing Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsyan, Parliament Chairman Karen Demirchyan, and 6 other members.

2004 - The Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time in 86 years

2005 - Riots begin in Paris after the deaths of two Muslim teenagers.

2011 - The Royal Australian Navy announces that they discovered the wreck of a World War II submarine in Simpson Harbour, Papua New Guinea during Operation RENDER SAFE – it is likely to be Japanese.




1156 - Count Raymond VI of Toulouse (d. 1222)

1401 - Catherine of Valois, queen of Henry V of England (d. 1437)




1728 - James CookYorkshireEnglandcaptain/explorerdiscovered Sandwich Islands






1739 - Franz Ignaz Kaa, composer

1744 - Mary Moser, English painter (d. 1819)

1782 - Niccolo Paganini, Genoa It, composer/violin virtuoso (Princess Lucca)

1811 - Issac Merrit Singer, inventor (1st practical home sewing machine)

1828 - Jacob Dolson Cox, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1900

1829 - Christopher Columbus Andres, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)




1858 - Theodore RooseveltNYC, (R26th Pres (1901-09Nobel 1906), (d. 1919)






1872 - Emily Post, authority on social behavior/writer (Etiquette)

1889 - Enid Bagnold, novelist (Chalk Garden, 1956 Award of Merit)

1896 - Edith Haisman, Titanic survivor




1908 - Lee KrasnerAmerican painter (d. 1984)






1914 - Dylan Thomas, Swansea Wales, poet (Child’s Christmas in Wales)

1915 - Harry Saltzman, St Johns NB Canada, producer (Goldfinger)

1917 - Oliver Tambo, co-founder (African National Congress)

1920 - Nanette Fabray, San Diego California, actress (Katherine-One Day at a Time)

1920 - K. R. Narayanan, 10th President of India

1921 - Warren Allen Smith, American encyclopedist

1922 - Ralph Kiner, HR hitter (Pittsburgh Pirates)/sportscaster (NY Mets)

1923 - Roy Lichtenstein, NYC, Pop art painter (painted comic book panels)

1923 - Ruby Dee, Cleve Ohio, actress (Raisin in the Sun, Cat People, Roots)

1925 - Warren M Christopher, US, lawyer/minister of Foreign affairs (1993- )

1925 - Albert Medwin, American inventor

1926 - H R Haldeman, former White House Chief of Staff (Watergate figure)

1928 - Stefan Wewerka, German architect/sculptor

1932 - Sylvia Plath, [Victoria Lucas], US, poet (Colossus, 3 Women, Bell Jar)

1934 - David Barclay, British hotel magnate/multi-millionaire

1934 - Frederick Barclay, British hotel magnate/multi-millionaire




1939 - John CleeseWeston-Super-Mare Englandcomedian (Monty Python)


Ministry of Silly Walks

Soccer vs Football

The Parrot Sketch





1940 - John Gotti, Bronx NY, mafia head of the Gambino family

1941 - Dick Trickle, American auto racer

1942 - Lee Greenwood, American singer(God Bless the USA)

1945 - Peter Martins, Copenhagen, dancer-choreographer

1946 - Steven R Nail, Canton Ill, USAF/astr (STS 51-G, 61-A, 37, 55)

1946 - Terry J Hart, Pittsburgh Penn, astronaut (STS 41C)

1947 - Terry Anderson, AP correspondent/US hostage held in Lebanon (1985-91)

1948 - Byron Allred, Logan Ut, rocker (Steve Miller Band)

1949 - Clifford Antone, American businessman (d. 2006)

1950 - Fran Lebowitz, author/actress (Resident Alien)




1951 - Jayne Kennedy-OvertonWash DCactress (Penitentiary)








1951 - K K Downing, rock guitarist (Judas Priest-Breakin’ the Law)

1953 - Michael Baker, Memphis Tn, Lt Cmdr USN/astronaut (STS 43, 52, 68, 81)

1953 - Peter Firth, Bradford England, actor (Equus, Lifeforce, Tess)

1956 - Patty Sheehan, Middlebury VT, LPGA golfer (1994 US Women’s Open)

1958 - Simon Le Bon, rock vocalist (Duran, Duran-Hungry Like the Wolf)

1963 - Marla Maples, [Trump], Dalton Ga, actress (Will Rogers Follies)

1964 - Mary Meagher-Plant, 100m butterfly swimmer (Oly-3 gold/silv/br-84, 88)




1966 - Matt DrudgeAmerican bloggerDrudge Report






1967 - Scott Weiland, American singer (Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver)

1968 - Antoinette Lucas, Crozier VA, field hockey midfielder (Oly-96)

1971 - Zaddick X Longenbach, Greenwalds Pa, fencer-foil (Olympics-96)

1971 - Jade Arcade, American comics artist and writer

1972 - John Steel, Auckland NZ, 100m/200m swimmer (Olympics-96)

1972 - Maria Mutola, Maputo Mozambique, 800m runner (Olympics-bronze-96)

1981 - Kristi Richards, Canadian freestyle skier

1982 - Dennis Moran, American computer hacker

1984 - Kelly Osbourne, English television personality




925 - Rhazes, [Abu Bakr Mohammed ibn Zakarijja al-Razi], Persian, dies

939 - Aethelstan III, king of England, dies

1271 - Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy, French crusader (b. 1213)

1312 - John II, Duke of Brabant (b. 1275)

1331 - Aboe al-Fida, [Aboelfeda], Arabic writer/sultan of Hama, dies

1439 - Albrecht II von Habsburg, king of Bohemia/Hungary/Germany, dies at 42

1439 - Albert II of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1397)

1449 - Ulugh Beg, a USSR astronomer, dies at 56

1505 - Ivan III de Great, Russian tsar (1462-1505), dies

1553 - Michael Servetus, Spanish physician, burns at stake for heresy

1561 - Lope de Aguirre, Spanish conquistador (b. 1510)

1605 - Akbar, Jellaladin Mahommed, Mughal Emperor (born 1542)

1659 - Marmaduke Stevenson, Quaker in Boston, hanged

1675 - Gilles de Roberval, French mathematician (b. 1602)

1917 - Arthur Rhys Davids, English pilot (b. 1897)

1935 - E. A. D. Eldridge, British racing driver (b. 1897)

1942 - Helmuth Hubener, Youth Political Activist against the Hitler regime (b. 1925)

1944 - Iman J Van de Bosch, Belgian resistance fighter, dies

1949 - Marcel Cerdan, French boxer (b. 1916)

1962 - Enrico Mattei, Italian oil magnate, dies at 58




1962 - Rudolph AndersonU-2 pilotshot down over Cuba






1968 - Lise Meitner, Austria/Swedish physics (protactinium), dies at 89

1973 - Allan “Rocky” Lane, western actor (Mister Ed, Red Ryder), dies at 64

1975 - Rex Stout, US detective writer (Nero Wolfe), dies at 88

1977 - James M Cain, US writer (Postman Always Rings Twice), dies at 85

1988 - S B Fuller, founder (Fuller products), dies at 83

1990 - Elliott Roosevelt, son of FDR, dies at 80

1990 - Xavier Cugart, bandlander, dies of heart failure at 90

1990 - Princess Sophie von Hohenberg, daughter of assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (b. 1901)




1992 - David BohmAmerican-born physicist, philosopher, and neuropsychologist (b. 1917)






1994 - Robert White, guitarist, dies at 57

1996 - James Aubrey Turner, scientist, dies at 57

1999 - Robert Mills, American physicist (b. 1927)

2002 - Tom Dowd, American recording engineer (b. 1925)

2006 - Joe Niekro, American baseball player (b. 1944)

2010 - Néstor Kirchner, Argentine politician (b. 1950)















Grande-Bretagne : Les Stratégies de la Publicité





   Not being a French speaker I cannot tell you much about this video except that the stunts pulled here are absolutely “incroyable” . I don’t know what they’re selling but their method is certainly memorable … The elevator scenes will take your breath away … LOL

Watch it and enjoy … 

Originally posted on Rare:

A storm is brewing on social media after a teacher in Utah allegedly asked students to take stock of their family’s medicine cabinet.

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Daily Dose Of Blues 10.25.14

The British Blues Boom Of The 60′s (Jeff Beck,Eric Clapton,Jimi Hendrix & Jimmy Page)





Published on Jan 22, 2013

” The start of the British Blues Scene in The U.K.

Brithish Blues…
Jeff Beck
Eric Clapton…
Jimmy Page
Jimi Hendrix…
1:39 The Crossroads Blues…
2:45 New Castle,England (Eric Burdon)
5:06 Belfast,Ireland (Van Morrison)
6:35 London (The Stones)
7:09 Chess Records and Pye Records
7:48 Cyril Davies & Alexis Korner of Blues Incorporated (The Ealing Club)
8:41 John Mayall and Eric Burdon talk about Alexis Korner
9:55 Keith Richards meets Mick Jagger at a train station
10:30 Brian Jones
11:26 Giorgio Gomelsky talks about the Stones
12:55 Mick Jagger & Bill Wyman talk about Andrew Loog Oldham
15:25 Gomelsky signs The Yardbirds to a contract.
18:03 Van Morrison Interview
18:53 The Animals
23:03 The Rolling Stones arrive at Chess Records
24:01 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton
24:52 Jeff Beck joins The Yardbirds after leaving The Tridents.
27:42 Brian Jones and Mick Jagger introduce Howlin’ Wolf
28:44 John Mayall interview
29:08 The Stones begin to lose Brian.
30:40 Jimmy Page interview
31:33 Jeff Beck talks about Jimmy Page during the Yardbirds years.
32:50 Cream is formed
34:11 Robert Johnson
34:45 In 1966 The Animals were crumbling. Chas then found Jimi Hendrix at The Cafe Wah?, thanks to Linda Keith,in July 1966. Jimi wanted to meet Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton if he goes to London. Chas said if the powers be you will.
38:00 Chas recruits Noel Redding to play bass for Hendrix
39:23 Chas and Noel talk about how Jimi got his sound.
42:36 Eric Burdon Interview about Hendrix
43:48 Jeff Beck talks about Jimi Hendrix and Hendrix tells Jeff how he stole a lick from Happenings Ten Years Time Ago and used it on Foxy Lady.
45:21 Hendrix at Monterey
46:08 Led Zeppelin Willie Dixon-You Need Love became “Whole Lotta Love”.
52:13 Robert Plant talks about his personal Blues hero Tommy Johnson “










Originally posted on Rare:

The Ohio State Marching Band is infamous across the country for their amazing half-time performances, and this past weekend’s was no exception.

Performing a show with classic rock music, the band creates shapes of men rocking on a guitar.

The most impressive part happens while playing “Pinball Wizard” by The Who, when the marching band creates a pinball game.

Check it out in fast forward:

(via Land-Grant Holy Land)

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What Would Be Your Top Rank In A Militia?



What Rank Militia



” Find Out How Far Your Mental & Physical Capabilities Would Take You In A Militia.”





What Warrior Are You?


What Warrior Are You



” What warrior from history are you?”



    Take these two fun quizzes from PlayBuzz to see where you stand with your inner warrior … We received a “General” ranking in the militia and a ‘spec ops” MOS in the warrior version . LOL … It’s all in good fun










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