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Daily Video 9.20.14

John Stossel – Future Of Drones




Published on Sep 15, 2014

” John ponders a world where private drones are mainstream. “












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Sir Francis Bacon




” Nay, number itself in armies importeth not much, where the people is of weak courage; for, as Virgil saith, ‘It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep be.’ “












Chip Bok















Today In The Past




451 – General Aetius defeats Attila the Hun at Chalons-sur-Marne






1066 – Battle at Fulford: King of Norway, Harald III Hardrada defeats British militia

1187 – Saladin begins the Siege of Jerusalem.




1519 – Ferdinand Magellan starts 1st successful circumnavigation of world







1777 – Paoli massacre




1797 – US frigate Constitution (Old Ironsideslaunched in Boston







1848 – The American Association for the Advancement of Science is created.

1854 – Battle at Alma Krim: 1,000 British soldiers died

1859 – George Simpson patents electric range

1870 – Mayor William Tweed accused of robbing NY treasury

1873 – Panic sweeps NY Stock Exchange (railroad bond default/bank failure) NY shut banks for 10 days due to a bank scandal

1881 – Chester A Arthur sworn in as 21st president

1904 – Orville & Wilbur Wright fly a circle in their Flyer II

1932 – Gandhi begins hunger strike against treatment of untouchables

1946 – The first Cannes Film Festival is held.

1966 – Passenger ship Queen Elizabeth II launched

1967 – Hurricane Beulah hits Texas-Mexican border, kills 38

1970 – Luna 16 lands on Moon’s Mare Fecunditatis, drills core sample

1972 – Police find cannabis growing on Paul & Linda McCartney’s farm

1980 – Bronze plaque dedicated to memory of Thurman Munson at Yankee Stadium

1984 – “Cosby Show” premieres on NBC-TV

1985 – Walt Disney World’s 200-millionth guest

1987 – Alain Prost wins record 28th Formula one auto race

2000 – The British MI6 Secret Intelligence Service building is attacked by a Russian-built Mark 22 anti-tank missile.






1599 – Christian the Younger, German Protestant military leader (d. 1623)

1744 – Thomas Grosvenor, American Revolutionary War hero (d. 1825)

1809 – Sterline “Old Pap” Price, Major General (Confederate Army)

1842 – James Dewar, Scottish chemist/physicist (Dewarfles/cordiet)

1873 – Ferenc Szisz, Hungarian race car driver (d. 1944)

1878 – Upton Beall Sinclair, Baltimore, Maryland, US writer (Jungle), (d. 1968)




1885 – Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” MortonNew Orleansjazz pianist/composer




Hesitation Blues

Honky Tonk Blues

Finger Breaker





1899 – Leo StraussGerman-born philosopher (d. 1973)






1917 – Arnold “Red” Auerbach, NBA coach/GM (Boston Celtic)




1921 – Melvin “Slappy” Whitecomedian




Tommy Chong Roast





1929 – Anne Meara, Bkln NY comedian/actress (Stiller & Meara, Archie’s Place)

1934 – Sophia Loren, Rome, actress (Desire Under the Elms, Black Orchid)

1948 – George R[aymond] R[ichard] Martin, US, sci-fi author (Wild Cards)

1950 – James P[aul] Blaylock, US, sci-fi author (Elfin Ship, Homunculus)

1975 – Asia Argento, Italian actress

1975 – Juan Pablo Montoya, Colombian race car driver

1976 – Reuben Singh, British entrepreneur






1246 – Mikhail of Chernigov, ruler of Kiev

1586 – Anthony Babington, page/conspirator to Mary Stuart, executed at 24

1703 – Archibald Campbell, Scot milt man (blood bath of Glencoe), dies at 52




1973 – Jim Crocevocalist (Time in a Bottle), dies in a plane crash at 30



I Got a Name

You Don’t Mess Around With Jim

One less set of footsteps

Workin’ At The Car Wash Blues





1994 – Jule Styne, Broadway composer (Gypsy, Funny Girl), dies at 88

1996 – Paul Erdos, mathematician, dies of heart attack at 83

2005 – Simon Wiesenthal, Austrian-Polish Nazi hunter (b. 1908)

2010 – Leonard Skinner, American high school gym teacher; namesake of rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd (b. 1933)















600kph Turbine Powered RC Jet!





Just effing awesome !

Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea Show Butts, Twerk, Jiggle In Outrageous “Booty” Video




” Wow, just wow! Jennifer Lopez has reclaimed her crown as original (and best!) booty queen with the outrageously sexy video for her new single “Booty,” starring alongside Iggy Azalea.

  In a fast paced sequence of flashing butt shots, Lopez and Azalea stun as they get hot and steamy in sexy swimsuits, gyrating, twerking and jiggling their awesome backsides in time with the music.”

This is what passes for popular “culture” in today’s America … Be afraid , be very afraid .

Gap Between Manhattan’s Rich And Poor Is Greatest In U.S., Census Finds





” The mean income of the top 5 percent of households in Manhattan soared 9 percent in 2013 over 2012, giving Manhattan the biggest dollar income gap of any county in the country, according to data from the Census Bureau.

  The top 5 percent of households earned $864,394, or 88 times as much as the poorest 20 percent, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, which is being released Thursday and covers the final year of the Bloomberg administration.

“ The recovery seems to be going to those at the top, much more than those in the middle, while those at the bottom may even be losing ground,” said Andrew A. Beveridge, a sociologist at Queens College of the City University of New York. He attributed the disparity to the surging costs of housing and the lack of housing subsidies and other forms of public assistance available to many needy families.

  The wealthiest New Yorkers are benefiting in part from the rise of the financial industry, including hedge funds and investment banks, which has helped lift the income of the most affluent households to levels reached before the recession. The recession lasted roughly from 2007 to mid-2009.

  For all of New York City, median household income rose to $52,223 from $51,640, still well below the $55,307 recorded in 2008. Among racial and ethnic groups, non-Hispanic whites had the highest median income at $75,145, while Hispanics had the lowest income at $36,196. Household income climbed in every borough except Staten Island.”

    While the rest of the people suffer through this years long “recovery” the cronies of the democratic “party of the people” continue to amass a larger share of the wealth . Here is a breakdown of political contributions in the state of New York by county from Open Secrets . The counties that make up NY City have been highlighted in red .

County Total Dems Repubs Dem % Repub %
Albany $832,453 $383,191 $182,555 65% 31%
Allegany $358,232 $5,150 $321,455 2% 107%
Bronx $924,489 $491,981 $259,147 63% 33%
Broome $239,018 $80,235 $84,933 47% 50%
Cattaraugus $246,716 $99,125 $116,425 43% 51%
Cayuga $29,384 $11,300 $4,200 73% 27%
Chautauqua $65,337 $17,533 $23,540 41% 56%
Chemung $100,828 $25,318 $43,720 34% 59%
Chenango $52,544 $5,675 $15,318 27% 73%
Clinton $88,266 $55,160 $10,443 77% 15%
Columbia $159,884 $49,484 $81,913 33% 55%
Cortland $51,948 $1,230 $41,350 3% 97%
Delaware $16,977 $1,170 $13,040 8% 89%
Dutchess $1,784,367 $802,868 $238,474 76% 23%
Erie $2,181,003 $727,933 $855,811 44% 52%
Essex $46,639 $29,314 $10,792 71% 26%
Franklin $41,397 $35,133 $2,050 93% 5%
Fulton $18,545 $3,300 $7,500 31% 69%
Genesee $53,296 $1,430 $20,125 5% 67%
Greene $33,729 $12,214 $18,825 39% 60%
Hamilton $2,350 $0 $1,100 0% 100%
Herkimer $11,248 $750 $8,840 8% 92%
Jefferson $58,041 $26,620 $24,067 53% 47%
Kings $3,438,912 $2,348,115 $557,592 78% 18%
Lewis $6,207 $300 $3,750 7% 93%
Livingston $35,399 $14,100 $14,800 47% 49%
Madison $552,482 $174,930 $112,349 60% 38%
Monroe $1,337,043 $360,273 $404,245 45% 50%
Montgomery $54,773 $31,706 $4,641 87% 13%
Nassau $9,210,840 $4,908,779 $2,562,665 63% 33%
New York $95,166,048 $32,967,225 $18,250,397 62% 34%
Niagara $137,591 $22,160 $62,208 25% 69%
Oneida $248,758 $26,426 $160,517 14% 86%
Onondaga $954,560 $370,729 $338,036 52% 47%
Ontario $270,380 $105,737 $56,580 61% 33%
Orange $485,413 $158,788 $169,341 48% 51%
Orleans $5,941 $250 $700 26% 74%
Oswego $23,659 $7,715 $9,200 45% 54%
Otsego $80,360 $30,635 $27,936 50% 46%
Putnam $254,789 $161,381 $46,776 78% 22%
Queens $2,017,775 $1,319,483 $214,036 83% 13%
Rensselaer $81,218 $25,599 $16,415 58% 37%
Richmond $646,894 $245,350 $291,433 45% 54%
Rockland $686,287 $289,070 $248,210 54% 46%
Saratoga $591,700 $119,103 $289,534 28% 69%
Schenectady $172,619 $32,170 $74,433 30% 68%
Schoharie $22,100 $4,375 $9,825 30% 68%
Schuyler $17,857 $5,894 $6,860 44% 52%
Seneca $23,275 $18,075 $3,050 86% 14%
St Lawrence $70,106 $18,754 $8,039 70% 30%
Steuben $268,910 $75,518 $121,175 32% 52%
Suffolk $7,121,374 $1,765,721 $1,313,877 56% 42%
Sullivan $93,515 $35,399 $48,207 42% 57%
Tioga $31,489 $10,860 $4,550 70% 30%
Tompkins $761,230 $622,917 $39,181 92% 6%
Ulster $307,856 $207,806 $61,191 77% 23%
Warren $102,985 $25,107 $55,520 30% 67%
Washington $32,751 $11,360 $8,480 51% 38%
Wayne $45,227 $12,067 $13,150 48% 52%
Westchester $13,844,798 $6,196,725 $3,578,224 61% 35%
Wyoming $11,063 $750 $3,180 19% 81%
Yates $19,500 $5,600 $10,992 32% 62%
” These figures show county-by-county breakdowns of all contributions of $200 or more to federal candidates, parties, PACs, and outside spending organizations (including super PACs). The party breakdown shows how much went to Democratic and Republican candidates, parties and “leadership PACs.” Where party percentages don’t add up to 100 percent, the rest went to outside spending organizations, third parties or independents. The overall total also includes contributions to corporate, labor and ideological PACs that are not affiliated with either party. Totals are based on contribution data from the Federal Election Commission released electronically on August 19, 2014.

  Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the Center.”

   Is it any wonder why Obama considers Manhattan his own personal piggy bank ? Remember that the last time a Republican won the electoral votes of New York was in 1984 .

NY Times

Courtesy Of The Convention Of States Project





” The people are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts – not to overthrow the Constitution , but to overthrow the men who pervert it “




Abraham Lincoln













Facebook Poses A Threat To Every American






” Participation on Facebook could prove very dangerous to your future well-being. There is a reason that Facebook is aligned with both the CIA and the NSA. I have several credible sources tell me that all data posted on Facebook goes into series of cataloged files which culminates with each person being assigned a “Threat Matrix Score”. The mere existence of a Threat Matrix Score should send chills up and the collective spines of every American.

  When, not if, martial law comes to America, this Threat Matrix Score, of which Facebook data is used to help compile an “enemies of the state” list, your future longevity could be seriously imperiled. It is too late for people like Steve Quayle, Doug and Joe Hagmann, John B. Wells and myself to avoid being placed on this list. However, it is not too late for the average American to limit their exposure by NOT posting and participating on Facebook. Facebook participation should come with a black box warning:

“ WARNING: The views expressed on Facebook can and will be used against you. Participation in Facebook could prove detrimental to the length of your life. All political dissident views are immediately reported to the CIA and the NSA. Risk of repeated exposure on Facebook could result in you and your family being hauled out of their homes at 3AM, separated from your family and sent to a re-education camp”. “




Read the rest











ObamaCare’s Numbers Game






” It seems the administration had been exaggerating the number of people enrolled in ObamaCare to the tune of about 700,000. We’re shocked! Shocked!

  At a hearing Thursday, Marilyn Tavenner, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, finally confessed that 7.3 million were enrolled in ObamaCare plans as of mid-August.

 In other words, the administration had been inflating the “enrollment” number nearly 10% by counting anyone who had completed the application process, not those who paid their premiums.

  Now, they say it’s no big deal, because everyone expected some attrition. But even this new, lower number is likely to be inflated.

  As many as 115,000 could lose their coverage this month because they haven’t validated their citizenship or legal status. Another 360,000 or so could lose their ObamaCare subsidies because of discrepancies over income, which will likely drive many of them to drop their now overpriced health plans.

  And these are just people enrolled through the site. California reported in late August that 100,000 of those who enrolled through its state-run exchange were at risk of losing their coverage over citizenship issues.”


This is a perfect example of the fact that this administration finds it acceptable to lie about everything it does .


Investor’s Business Daily












One In Four Americans Want Their State To Secede From The U.S.



SECESSION_opinion_map with q





” For the past few weeks, as Scotland debated the wisdom of independence, Reuters has been asking Americans how they would feel about declaring independence today, not from the United Kingdom, but from the mother country they left England to create. The exact wording of the question was, “Do you support or oppose the idea of your state peacefully withdrawing from the United States of America and the federal government?”

  It was hard to imagine many people would support secession.Forget the fact that the cautionary lesson of the Civil War is top of mind for many people as we commemorate its 150th anniversary;just in terms of dollars and cents, who in their right minds would give up all the money they’ve already paid into the Social Security and Medicare systems? Besides, most states get more back from the federal government than they put in.

  Then the results came in. You can see them for yourself here, and you can filter them any way you want—by age, region, income, party affiliation, etc. Any way you slice it, the data are startlingly clear: Almost a quarter (24 percent) of those surveyed said they were strongly or provisionally inclined to leave the United States. and take their states with them. Given the polling sample — about 8,600 people so far—the online survey’s credibility interval (which is digital for “margin of error”) was only 1.2 percentage points, so there is no question that that is what they said.

  Secession got more support from Republicans than Democrats, more from right- than left-leaning independents, more from younger than older people, more from lower- than higher-income brackets, more from high school than college grads. But there was a surprising amount of support in every group and region, especially the Rocky Mountain states, the Southwest and the old Confederacy, but also in places like Illinois and Kansas. And of the people who said they identified with the Tea Party, supporters of secession were actually in the majority, with 53 percent.”



Reuters has more







Mark Levin: “A Revolt Going On With Top Generals And Obama”



Levin Hannity





” You actually have a revolt going on with the top generals and Obama. I’m talking about tanks pulling up to the White House and so forth. These men are trying to communicate to the American people that they are military men and we cannot defeat this enemy unless we use all of our armed forces and armed services. That’s number one. Number two, Obama does not view this as a military action. He keeps telling us it’s not a war, it’s not a war. For him, the truth is it’s about politics. It’s about containing this issue politically for him so he can focus on fundamentally transforming America. And this is a very serious matter to understand. “


Real Clear Politics






DHS Forced To Admit To Terrorists Caught At Texas Border







” During the House Homeland Security Committee hearing yesterday, Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) caught Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson off-guard when he began questioning Johnson about the situation at our southern border.

  That’s when Congressman Chaffetz dropped the bomb.  Not only did he explain to the Secretary of DHS that there were in fact reports of FOUR individuals with ties to terrorist organizations that were apprehended at two separate locations on the Texas border, but he also had information from an internal DHS document containing statistics on immigration activities.

  According to that document, during the 351 days of fiscal year 2014, there were 466,000 apprehensions of illegals, also 157,012 illegals that “got away,” and 142,630 individuals that were reported “turn backs”. The compilation of apprehensions represented people from 143 different countries. Additionally, the sensors that are placed in locations primarily in the southwest, recorded a jump of over 1,000,000 hits from fiscal year 2013 until now.”


Read on











Schools Stockpile Grenade Launchers, M16 Rifles, Armored Vehicles And Other Military Equipment






” Nearly two dozen legal, civil rights, and education advocacy organizations recently sent a letter to the U.S. departments of Defense, Justice and Education to plead with federal officials to stop sending military equipment, weapons and armored vehicles to public schools.

  The move comes as an increasing number of school districts across the country take part in the Department of Defense’s Excess Property Program, commonly known as the 1033 program. The Huffington Post reports that at least 20 schools have taken in military-grade equipment, from grenade launchers to laptops, since the program started in 1997.

  The equipment is given to schools, public university police forces and local police agencies free of charge, but is considered to be on indefinite loan from the government.

“ The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, demonstrate the tensions that invariably develop between local law enforcement and the community when military equipment is unnecessarily deployed against citizens,” according to the letter submitted to Mark Harnitchek, director of the Defense Logistics Agency that oversees the program.”


EAG News












Hilarious Perfectly Timed Photos






I don’t think she’s going to be happy …







I meant to do that …







Speaking of hurting …





See the other 48 pictures here








Auburn Tigers 20, Kansas State Wildcats 14: Suddenly, The Tigers Look Mortal







” The Tigers beat Kansas State on Thursday night, but it didn’t look pretty. Could Auburn’s luck finally be running out?

  Here’s the important thing: Auburn went on the road on a Thursday night and beat a Top 20 team. If the Tigers do well in the SEC schedule and are somehow in a battle for a playoff seed or a bowl seeded by the selection committee, the game Thursday night should play in their favor. And, of course, winning is always better than the alternative.

  But all of that said, the Tigers sure looked human tonight. Not that last year’s MacGyvered perfect regular season didn’t have plenty of opposing fans thinking that Auburn could be beaten this year. But the game against Kansas State seemed like the first piece of concrete evidence that the Tigers could be had, particularly if the Wildcats‘ offense or defense could have played a little better.

  What was most troubling was that the vaunted running game, the thing that powered Auburn during last year’s run to the national championship game, was perhaps the most mortal part of the Tigers’ team. Auburn gained a total of 128 yards on 45 rushing attempts — an average of 2.8 yards a carry. The big-play ability that the Tigers showed in 2013 was also lacking. According to, Auburn had a per-game average of 10.5 rushing plays of 10 or more yards last season. According to the play-by-play from the Kansas State game, the Tigers had three Thursday night.”


Continued here











Scotland Rejects Independence






” Voters in Scotland rejected a heated bid for independence, providing a narrow escape for a British government that scrambled to dole out promises of new local powers for Edinburgh to head off the breakup of a 307-year- old union.

  Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond said early Friday he accepted that the majority of Scottish voters had decided not to become an independent country.

  The tally at around 6:30 a.m. local time, which included results from 31 of the 32 districts in Scotland, showed 55% of voters rejecting the independence question and 45% favoring it. About 3.5 million votes had been counted. More than four million people were registered to vote in the election.

  Mr. Salmond said the fact that around 1.6 million people voted to exit the union was a victory in itself. “I don’t think of any of us…would have thought such a thing could be credible or possible,” he said.

  Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city, backed independence by 53% to 47%. The “yes” camp also won Dundee, an industrial town on Scotland’s east coast and the districts of North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire.

  In the early hours of Friday morning, the hundreds of Scottish independence supporters still gathered in the center of Glasgow faced up to defeat, a future as part of a union and substantial hangovers.

” People die for self-determination,” said Ally Gray, a 23-year-old data analyst as he lay on the floor. “All we had to do was cross a box and we couldn’t even do that.” “













Embarrassing Photos Of Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White , Bill Engvall And Larry The Cable Guy







Space: Five Awesome Things That Happened This Week




Published on Sep 18, 2014

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Herbert Spencer



” If men use their liberty in such a way as to surrender their liberty, are they thereafter any the less slaves? If people by a plebiscite elect a man despot over them, do they remain free because the despotism was of their own making? “












Yogi Love




















Today In The Past




1356 – English defeat French at Battle of Poitiers






1559 – 5 Spanish ships sinks in storm off Tampa, about 600 die

1676 – Rebels under Nathaniel Bacon set Jamestown Va on fire




1777 – Battle of Freeman’s Farm  or 1st Battle of Saratoga






1778 – The Continental Congress passes the first budget of the United States.





1796 – George Washington’s farewell address as president



The Farewell Address Verbatim





1838 – Ephraim Morris patents railroad brake

1848 – Hyperion, moon of Saturn, discovered by Bond (US) & Lassell (England)

1854 – Henry Meyer patents sleeping rail car




1863 – Battle of Chickamauga GA (near ChattanoogabeginsUnion retreat






1873 – Black Friday: Jay Cooke & Co fails, causing a securities panic

1876 – 1st carpet sweeper patented (Melville Bissell of Grand Rapids, Mich)

1888 – World’s 1st beauty contest (Spa Belgium)

1890 – Turkish frigate “Ertogrul” burns off of Japan, kills 540

1893 – NZ is 1st country to grant all its women the right to vote

1904 – Gen Nogi’s assault on Port Arthur: 16,000 Japanese casualties




1928 – Mickey Mouse’s screen debut (Steamboat Willie at Colony Theater NYC)







1934 – Bruno Haptmann arrested for kidnapping Lindbergh baby

1940 – Witold Pilecki is voluntarily captured and sent to Auschwitz in order to smuggle out information and start a resistance.

1945 – Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce) sentenced to death in London

1947 – Jackie Robinson is named 1947 “Rookie of Year”

1952 – The United States bars Charlie Chaplin from re-entering the country after a trip to England.

1955 – Cubs slugger Ernie Banks hits record 5th grand slam of season

1955 – Hurricane Hilda, kills 200 in Mexico

1960 – Chubby Checkers’ “Twist” reaches #1

1961 – Betty and Barney Hill claim that they saw a mysterious craft in the sky and that it tried to abduct them.

1970 – “Mary Tyler Moore” show premieres

1972 – A parcel bomb sent to Israeli Embassy in London kills one diplomat

1973 – Pirate Radio Free America (off Cape May NJ) form

1980 – Titan II missile explosion (Damascus, AR)

1983 – David Slowinski on 2 CRAY-1 comp’s find 2^132049-1 prime #

1984 – Britain & China complete a proposed agreement to transfer Hong Kong to China by 1997

1988 – Israel launches 1st satellite, for secret military reconnaissance

1989 – Appeals court restores America’s Cup to US after NY Supreme Court gave it to NZ (NZ protested US’s use of a catamaran)

1992 – Barry Bonds joins Willie Mays, Howard Johnson & Ron Gant as having (2) 30-HR/30-steal seasons

1995 – The Washington Post and The New York Times publish the Unabomber’s manifesto.

2000 – Ken Griffey, Jr. pinch-hits his 400th home run. The first major leaguer to reach the mark as a pinch-hitter






1655 – Jan Luyts, Netherlands, scholar/physicist/mathematician/astronomer

1714 – Charles Humphreys, American delegate to the Continental Congress (d. 1786)

1737 – Charles Carroll, signed Declaration of Independence

1749 – Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre, French mathematician and astronomer (The History of Astronomy), (d. 1822)

1754 – John Ross Key, commissioned officer in the Continental Army, judge, lawyer and the father of Francis Scott Key (d. 1821)

1867 – Arthur Rackham, England, artist/illustrator (Grimm’s Fairy Tales)

1889 – Ernest Truex, KC Mo, actor (Pop-Pete & Gladys, Mr Peepers)

1905 – Leon Jaworski, American Watergate scandal special prosecutor (d. 1982)

1907 – Lewis F Powell Jr, Va, Supreme Court justice (1972-87)

1908 – Tatsuo Shimabuku, founder of Isshinryu Karate (d. 1975)

1909 – Ferry Porsche, Austrian automobile pioneer (d. 1998)




1911 – William GoldingCornwall Englandnovelist (Lord of the Flies-Nobel 1983), (d. 1993)






1928 – Adam West, Walla Walla Wash, actor (Batman, Last Precinct)




1931 – Brook Bentonsoul vocalist (Rainy Night in Georgia)



Rainy Night In Georgia

The Boll Weevil Song

If Only I Had Known

Baby, You’ve Got What It Takes with Dinah Washington





1933 – David McCallum, Glasgow Scot, actor (Ilyla Kuryakin-Man From UNCLE)

1935 – Benjamin Hacker, American naval aviator (d. 2003)

1940 – Bill Medley, Santa Ana Cal, rocker (Righteous Bros-Up Where We Belong)

1941 – “Mama” Cass Elliot, Balt Maryland, rock vocalist (Mamas & The Papas)

1942 – Freda Payne, American singer and actress




1945 – David BrombergPhilamusician (Demon in Disguise)



It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry            Suffer to Sing the Blues

Maple Leaf Rag                                                                Statesboro Blues / Church Bell Blues

Key To The Highway with Jorma Kaukonen





1946 – Brian Henton, English racing driver

1947 – Tanith Lee, UK, sci-fi author (Don’t Bite the Sun)

1949 – Twiggy Lawson, [Leslie Hornby], England, model/actress (Boyfriend, W)

1952 – Nile Rodgers, Bronx NY, rock guitarist (Honeydrippers)

1956 – Juan Manuel Fangio II, Argentine racing driver

1958 – Lita Ford, London England, vocalist (Kiss Me Deadly, Runaways)

1964 – Trisha Yearwood, Monticello GA, country singer (Sweetest Gift)

1969 – Matthew L Perry, actor (Friends)

1971 – Sanaa Lathan, American actress

1974 – Jimmy Fallon, American actor and comedian




1978 – Michelle AlvesBrazilian supermodel







1979 – Noémie LenoirFrench supermodel and actress








690 – Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury (b. 602)

1356 – Gautier de Brienne, duke of Athens/French supreme commander, dies

1356 – Geoffroy de Charny, French nobleman, dies in battle

1356 – Jean de Clermont, French marshal, dies in battle

1356 – Peter I, Duke of Bourbon, killed at the Battle of Poitiers (b. 1311)

1862 – [Lewis] Henry Little, US Confederate brig-gen, dies in battle at 45

1863 – Preston Smith, US Confederate brig-gen, dies in battle at 39

1864 – Archibald Campbell Godwin, Confederate brig-general, dies in battle

1864 – David Allen Russell, US Union general-major, dies in battle at 43

1864 – Robert Emmet Rodes, US Confederate gen-major, dies in battle at 35




1881 – James A Garfield20th president (1881), dies of gunshot wound at 49







1935 – Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, Russian rocket scientist (b. 1857)

1942 – Condé Nast, American publisher (b. 1873)

1944 – David Lord, British lieutenant/Dakota-pilot DFC/VC, dies in battle

1968 – Chester F Carlson, inventor (photocopying), dies at 62

1973 – Gram Parsons, rocker (Byrds), dies of OD at 26

1985 – Italo Calvino, sci-fi author (T-Zero, Mr Palomar), dies at 61




1995 – Louis “Mr Bo” Collins, blues SInger, dies at 63



If Trouble Was Money





1995 – Orville Reddenbacher, popcorn magnate , American botanist and businessman (b. 1907)




2004 – Eddie AdamsAmerican photographer (b. 1933)








2004 – Skeeter Davis, American singer (b. 1931)

2004 – Ellis Marsalis, Sr., American businessman, musician, and activist















25 Things You Don’t Understand About Long Island (Unless You’re From There)






” Long Island is easily one of the most misunderstood of all islands, especially the longer ones. And whether or not they’ve actually been there, every New Yorker has feelings about it. Strong feelings. The rumors are abundant — everyone is on steroids, Bob Costas was born fully formed in a lab in Commack — and sometimes even true.

  But the time has come for everyone to know the real deal. Laid out below are 25 things that will bring the soon-to-be-former home of the greatest NHL franchise of the early 1980s into significantly clearer focus.

1. You can buy beer anywhere that sells anything
Except, quite oddly, at liquor stores.

2. We didn’t all play lacrosse growing up
But we do all own lacrosse shorts.

3. Fire Island isn’t just full of naked people
It is full of Rocket Fuel, though.

4. Suffolk County and Nassau County are two very, very different places
And everyone knows Suffolk is so much better. RIGHT?!? #countyfight

5. Our pizza (especially slice joints) and bagels are consistently better and more plentiful than those in the city
Don’t even get us started on the pizza bagels!!!

6. And one fine example named Little Vincent’s puts cold cheese on top of the not-cold cheese
It’s very insane, and very perfect. Also there’re about three fights a night in that place.

7. We all love Billy Joel completely un-ironically
Even though he’s crashed his car into the front of most of our houses.

8. Half of the island had to go into therapy after having their area code changed from 516 to 631 in 1999
Many still consider 631 a grave mark of shame.

9. North Shore beaches basically suck; South Shore beaches are like real beaches, with sand and waves
And also guys walking up and down with a cooler, shouting, “Fudgie Wudgie bars!!!”.

10. All of those beaches are fantastic for drinking on, even though you’re not supposed to
Especially at night.”



Visit Thrillist to read the rest










Candidates From Both Parties Packing Heat In Campaign Ads







” Guns are becoming the prop of choice in campaign ads around the country this midterm year.

  Take it as another sign that the Obama administration’s gun control push is running aground: Firearms have become this year’s go-to accessory for candidates of both parties seeking to advertise their toughness and willingness to fight.

  Republicans, and even some Democrats, in a dozen states are showing off their shooting skills in videos and television ads or posing with firearms in mailers, underscoring the backlash against federal and state proposals to restrict access to guns and ammunition.”







” This year’s tone was set by Republican Joni Ernst, who won the Iowa Senate primary in June after running a television ad that shows her firing at a bull’s-eye at a shooting range while promising to “unload” on Obamacare. She now faces Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley.

“ Give me a shot,” quips Ms. Ernst in the ad. The Iowan is by no mean the only one locked, loaded and ready for her close-up.

  Alaska Republican Dan Sullivan, who’s running for Senate, kicked off his campaign after the August primary with a memorable ad in which he shoots a television set in response to negative campaign advertising.”







” Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association announced Wednesday the launch of an $11.4 million national ad campaign, starting with Republican Senate contests in Arkansas, Colorado and North Carolina.

“ Our Second Amendment rights are under attack by the Obama administration and Sen. Mark Udall,” says one 30-second ad unveiled on the Politico website to be aired in Colorado. “That’s why we need leaders like Cory Gardner in the U.S. Senate to fight back for us.” “






” The phenomenon has become so widespread that it prompted liberal TV network MSNBC to post Monday an online poll asking, “Are candidates acting insensitively firing guns in their campaign ads?” “



MSNBC Poll Gun Insensitive



   Even with the poll slanted in the usual MSNBC way the results are surely not what they had hoped for with 51% choosing answer number two that states: “No, they are depicting their beliefs.”  . Question number one was phrased: Yes , this is the first election cycle since Newtown . You can’t get much more leading than that .
   Of course this whole article and the poll leave unmentioned the fact that these pols , especially the Dems , are doing nothing but pandering for votes and actually do not believe in the sanctity of the Second Amendment , but it does go a long way towards demonstrating the power of us gun owners …


Washington Times












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