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143 – Earliest known date in Amer-pre Mayan king Harvest-Bergvorst installed

685 – Battle at Nechtansmere/Dun Nechtain: Picts beat Northumbrians

878 – Syracuse, Italy is captured by the Muslim sultan of Sicily.

879 – Pope John VIII gives blessings to duke Branimir and to Croatian people, considered to be international recognition of Croatian state.

996 – Pope Gregory V crowns his cousin Otto III German emperor

1040 – King Henry III gives Utrecht the Groninger currency

1260 – Kublai Khan of the Mongol Empire sends his envoy Hao Jing and two other advisors to the Song Dynasty court of Emperor Lizong of Song; while attempting to negotiate with the Song in order to resolve their conflict, Hao Jing and his fellow emissaries are imprisoned by order of the high Chancellor of China, Jia Sidao.

1471 – King Edward IV enters London

1502 – Portuguese admiral Da Nova discovers St Helena

1602 – Martha’s Vineyard 1st sighted (Captain Bartholomew Gosnold)
1674 – General John Sobieski chosen King of Poland

1725 – The Order of St. Alexander Nevsky is instituted in Russia by the empress Catherine I. It would later be discontinued and then reinstated by the Soviet government in 1942 as the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

1758 – Mary Campbell is abducted from her home in Pennsylvania by Lenape during the French and Indian War.

1804 – Lewis & Clark Expedition begins

1809 – Battle at Aspern-Essling: Austrian arch duke Karl beats Napoleon

1832 – 1st Democratic National Convention (Baltimore)

1840 – NZ became a British colony

1846 – 1st steamship arrives in Hawaii

1856 – Lawrence Kansas captured, sacked by pro-slavery forces

1861 – NC is 10th state to secede from Union

1861 – Richmond, Va is designated Confederate Capital

1863 – Siege on Port Hudson, Louisiana begins

1864 – Russia declares an end to the Russian-Circassian War and many Circassians are forced into exile. The day is designated to be the Circassian Day of Mourning.

1878 – 4th Kentucky Derby: Jimmy Carter aboard Day Star wins in 2:37.25

1879 – War of the Pacific: Two Chilean ships blocking the harbor of Iquique (then belonging to Peru) battle two Peruvian vessels in the Battle of Iquique.

1881 – American Red Cross founded by Clara Barton

1886 – 14th Preakness: S Fisher aboard Bard wins in 2:45

1891 – Boxers Peter Jackson & Jim Corbett fight to a draw in 61 rounds

1894 – 22-year-old French Anarchist Émile Henry is executed by guillotine.

1897 – Yerkes Observatory 40″ (1m) refractor used for 1st time

1904 – Federation Internationale de Football Association (Soccer) forms in Paris

1906 – Louis H Perlman patents a demountable tire carrying rim for cars

1907 – 32nd Preakness: G Mountain aboard Don Enrique wins in 1:45.4




1908 – 1st horror movie (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hydepremieres in Chicago






1914 – 39th Preakness: Andy Schuttinger aboard Holiday wins in 1:53.8

1914 – Greyhound Bus Co begins in Minnesota

1917 – Leo Pinckney, 1st American drafted during WW I

1917 – The Great Atlanta fire of 1917 takes place.

1918 – House of Representatives passes amendment allowing women to vote

1921 – Oldest radio station west of Mississippi River licensed in Greeley Co

1922 – Col Ruppert buys out Col Huston interest in NY Yankees for $1,500,000

1924 – Leopold & Loeb kidnap Bobby Franks for fun

1925 – Roald Amundsun leaves Spitsbergen with 2 seaplanes to North Pole

1927 – Lindburgh lands in Paris, after 1st solo air crossing of Atlantic

1929 – Automatic electric stock quotation board installed, NYC

1930 – NY Yankee Babe Ruth hits 3 consecutive homers

1932 – 1st transatlantic solo flight by a woman (Amelia Earhart) lands in Ireland

1934 – Oskaloosa Iowa, becomes 1st US city to fingerprint its citizens




1936 – Sada Abe is arrested after wandering the streets of Tokyo for days with her dead lover’s severed genitals in her handHer story soon becomes one of Japan’s most notorious scandals.






1940 – AVRO-chairman Willem Vogt fires all Jewish employees

1941 – 1st US ship sunk by a U-boat (SS Robin Moore)

1941 – Singer Johan Heesters visits Dachau concentration camp

1945 – German war criminal Heinrich Himmler captured

1945 – Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart wed

1948 – NY Yank Joe Dimaggio hits for cycle (single, double, triple, HR)

1950 – Vietnamese troops of Ho Chi-Minh attack Cambodia

1955 – 1st transcontinental round-trip solo flight-sunrise to sunset

1956 – US explodes 1st airborne hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll

1958 – Indonesian paratroopers reconquers Morotai Island

1960 – 86th Preakness: Bobby Ussery aboard Bally Ache wins in 1:57.6

1961 – Governor Patterson declares martial law in Montgomery

1964 – 1st nuclear-powered lighthouse begins operations (Chesapeake Bay)

1964 – US begin intelligence flights above Laos

1966 – “Downtown” by Mrs Miller hits #82

1966 – 92nd Preakness: Don Brumfield aboard Kauai King wins in 1:55.4

1966 – Louie Louie by The Kingsmen reentered the chart & hits #97

1966 – Muhammad Ali TKOs Henry Cooper in 6 for heavyweight boxing title




1968 – Nuclear-powered sub USS Scorpionwith 99 menreported missing & is later found at the bottom of the ocean off Azores











1969 – Robert Kennedy’s murderer Sirhan Sirhan sentenced to death

1969 – After 9,015 at bats Hank Aaron is lifted for a pinch hitter, Mike Lum, who doubled in a 15-3 victory over NY Mets

1970 – National Guard mobilizes to quell disturbances at Ohio State U

1971 – National Guard mobilizes to quell riot in Chattanooga Tenn

1972 – Michelangelo’s Pietà in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is damaged by a vandal.

1975 – Trial against Baader-Meinhof-group begins in Stuttgart

1977 – 103rd Preakness: Jean Cruguet aboard Seattle Slew wins in 1:54.4

1977 – Fire in hotel Duc de Brabant Brussels, kills 19

1978 – Yamada Mumon Roshi appointed head of Zen Rinzai Sect

1979 – Dan White convicted of manslaughter death of SF mayor Moscone

1979 – Elton John becomes 1st western rocker to perform live in USSR

1980 – “Empire Strikes Back” premieres

1982 – British troops lands on Falkland Islands

1983 – “Bang The Drum All Day” by Todd Rundgren hits #63

1983 – 109th Preakness: Donald Miller Jr on Deputed Testamony wins in 1:55.4

1987 – Military coup in Fiji Islands under lt col Sitivani Rabuka

1988 – “Fat” by Weird Al Yankovic hits #99

1988 – 114th Preakness: Eddie Delahoussaye aboard Risen Star wins in 1:56.2

1990 – Dow Jones avg hits a record 2,844.68




1990 – Last episode of Newhart” airs on CBS-TV









1994 – 120th Preakness: Pat Day aboard Tabasco Cat wins in 1:56.4

1994 – Reds bat out of order against Dodgers in 2nd inning

1994 – South Yemen secedes from Yemen

1996 – Blackout in many areas of Queens NY

1996 – Ken Griffey Jr, 26, is 8th youngest to hits 200 home runs

1996 – Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens beats Yankees for his 200th win

1996 – The Trappist Martyrs of Atlas are executed.

1997 – Emmy 24th Daytime Award presentation – Susan Lucci loses for 17th time

1998 – In Miami, Florida, five abortion clinics are hit by a butyric acid attacker.

1998 – Suharto, the Indonesian dictator who had ruled for 32 years, resigns.

1999 – All My Children star Susan Lucci finally wins a Daytime Emmy after being nominated 19 times, the longest period of unsuccessful nominations in television history

2001 – French Taubira law officially recognizes the Atlantic slave trade and slavery as crimes against humanity.

2004 – Sherpa Pemba Dorjie climbs Mount Everest in 8 hours 10 minutes, breaking his rival Sherpa Lakpa Gelu’s record from the previous year.

2004 – Stanislav Petrov is awarded the World Citizen Award for averting a potential World War III in 1983.

2006 – The Swedish ice hockey team Tre Kronor takes gold in the World Championship, becoming the first nation to hold both the World and Olympic titles separately in the same year.




2007 – The Cutty Sark is badly damaged by fire in LondonEnglandShe is the last surviving clipper.











2012 – 120 people are killed and 350 injured by a suicide bomb in Sana’a, Yemen

2012 – 13 people are killed and 22 people injured after a bus falls 80 metres off a cliff in Albania




1471 – Albrecht Durer, Nornberg Germany, Renaissance painter/print maker

1527 – Philip II, King of Spain (1556-98) & Portugal (1580-98)

1633 – Joseph de La Barre, composer

1653 – Eleonora Maria Josefa of Austria, queen consort of Poland and Lithuania (d. 1697)

1688 – Alexander Pope, London, English poet (Rape of the Lock, translation of Homer) (d.1744)

1755 – Alfred Moore, American judge (d. 1810)

1821 – John F Loudon, Dutch entrepreneur/colonial director

1822 – Dabney Herndon Maury, Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1900

1822 – Mosby Monroe Parsons, Brigadier General (Confederate Army) died in 1865

1825 – George Lafayette Beal, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)

1835 – Newton Martin Curtis, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)

1835 – František Chvostek, Moravian physician (d. 1884)

1850 – Giuseppe Mercalli, Italian volcanologist (d. 1914)

1860 – Willam Einthoven, Dutch physiologist/inventor (electrocardiograph)

1865 – C J Thomsen, Denmark, archaeologist, named Stone/Iron/Bronze Ages

1872 – Henry Warren, Boston Mass, inventor (Telechon electric clock)

1873 – Hans Berger, German neuroscientist (d. 1941)




1878 – Glenn Hammond CurtissUSaviator , inventor (hydroplane)






1882 – Georgine M “May” Basting, actress (Hostage Rights of Aemstel)

1898 – Armand Hammer, NYC, millionaire industrialist (Occidental Petroleum)

1903 – Manly Wade Wellman, Angola, sci-fi author (After Dark, Devil’s Planet)



1904 – Fats Waller, [Thomas Wright], jazz singer/composer (Ain’t Misbehavin’)






1916 – Harold Robbins, NYC, author (Moneychangers, Carpetbaggers, Betsy)

1917 – Dennis Day, Irish tenor/comedian (Jack Benny Show, Danny Boy)

1917 – Raymond Burr, BC Canada, actor (Perry Mason, Ironsides, Godzilla)

1918 – Leonard Mullens, rubber physicist

1921 – Andrei Sakharov, Moscow, physicist, human rights worker (Nobel ’75)

1923 – Armand Borel, Swiss mathematician (d. 2003)

1924 – Peggy Cass, Boston MA, actress/TV panelist (To Tell the Truth, Mame)

1926 – Dan Perlsweig, horse trainer

1927 – Kay Kendall, Yorkshire England, actress (Genevieve, Les Girls)

1929 – Robert Welch, designer/silversmith (Robert Welch flatware)

1930 – Stanley Wells, director (Shakespeare Institute U of Birmingham)

1932 – John Armitage, principal (College of St Hilda & St Bede Durham)

1934 – Bengt I. Samuelsson, Swedish biochemist, Nobel laureate

1935 – Terry Lightfoot, clarinetist/bandleader (New Orleans Jazzmen)

1938 – David Groh, Bkln NY, actor (Joe-Rhoda, Don-Another Day)

1941 – Ronald Isley, Cincinnati Ohio, singer (Isley Brothers-Twist & Shout)

1942 – Robert C Springer, St Louis, Col USMC/astronaut (STS-29, STS-38)

1943 – Hilton Valentine, rock guitarist (Animals-House of the Rising Sun)

1944 – Janet Dailey, US, author

1944 – Mary Robinson, pres of Republic of Ireland (Labour, 1990- )

1944 – Mike Degett, horse trainer

1945 – Ernst Willi Messerschmid, Reutlingen Germany, astronaut (STS 22)

1947 – Bill Champlin, Oakland Ca, rocker

1952 – Mr. T, [Lawrence Tureaud], Chicago, American actor (A-Team, Rocky III, T & T)

1954 – Bill Abbott, Sarnia Ontario, yachter (Olympics-96)

1955 – John Glavin, rock keyboardist (Molly Hatchet

1957 – Judge Reinhold, Wilmington DE, actor (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

1957 – Sue Woodstra, Colton Ca, volleyball player (Olympic-silver-1984)

1957 – Renée Soutendijk, Dutch actress

1958 – Sabine Bischoff, Tauberbischofsheim, Germany, fencer (Oly Gld 1984), (d. 2013)

1959 – Nick Cassavetes, American actor and director

1961 – Tim Lever, keyboard/sax (Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round)

1964 – Annabel Schofield, Llanelli Wales, actress (Laurel Ellis-Dallas)

1968 – Matthias Ungemach, German rower

1972 – Liliko Ogasawara, Englewood NJ, middleweight judoka (Olympics-96)

1972 – The Notorious B.I.G. [Christopher Wallace], New York City, New York, rapper (Life After Death), (d. 1997)

1974 – Fairuza Balk (The Craft, Gas Food Lodging)

1979 – Scott Smith, mixed martial arts fighter

1981 – Beth Botsford, 100m/200m backstroke (Olympics-gold-96)

1984 – Lorena Ayala, Spanish-Dutch model and beauty queen

1985 – Frustaci Septuplets, California, Patricia Frustaci gives birth to 7

1986 – Myra, Mexican-American singer

1991 – Sarah Ramos, American actress

1994 – Tom Daley, English diver





987 – Louis V, last Carlovingians King of France (966-987), dies

1254 – Conrad IV of Germany (b. 1228)

1481 – Christian I, king of Denmark/Norway/Sweden, dies



1542 – Hernando de Soto , dies while searching for goldnear Mississippi






1650 – James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, Scottish general, hanged

1664 – Elizabeth Poole, Puritan businesswoman

1670 – Niccolo Zucchi, Italian astronomer (b. 1586)

1690 – John Eliot, English missionary in Massachusetts, dies at 85

1703 – Roemer Vlacq, Dutch admiral, dies in battle

1719 – Pierre Poiret, French mystic (b. 1646)

1786 – Carl W Scheele, Swedish pharmacist/chemist, dies at 43

1810 – Charles GLAAT chevalier d’Eon de Beaumont, French spy, dies at 81

1862 – John Drew, Irish-born American actor (b. 1827)

1894 – August A Kundt, German physicist, (test of Kundt), dies at 54

1894 – Emile Henry, French anarchist (b. 1872)

1911 – Williamina Fleming, Scottish-born astronomer (b. 1857)

1915 – Leonid Gobyato, Russian general (b. 1875)

1919 – Victor A D Segalen, [Max Anely], French ship’s doctor/writer, dies

1919 – Yevgraf Fyodorov, Russian mathematician (b. 1853)

1924 – Bobby Franks, killed by Leopold & Loeb, at 14

1926 – Ronald Arthur A Firbank, British writer (Prancing Nigger), dies at 40

1952 – John Garfield, actor (Juarez, Air Force), dies at 39

1964 – James Franck, German-born physicist, Nobel laureate (b. 1882)

1965 – Geoffrey de Havilland, British aircraft designer (b. 1882)

1966 – Pat O’Malley, silent film actor (Wild One, Quiet Man), dies at 75

1970 – Vinton Hayworth, actor (Gen Schaeffer-I Dream of Jeannie), dies at 63

1970 – E. L. Grant Watson, Australian biologist (b. 1885)

1981 – Patsy O’Hara, Irish hunger striker (b. 1957)

1981 – Raymond Mccreesh, Irish hunger striker (b. 1957)

1987 – Alejandro Rey, actor (Carlos-Flying Nun), dies at 57

1990 – Mary Victor Bruce, who flew around empire state bldg in 1930, dies

1991 – Rajiv Gandhi, Indian Prime Minster (1984-91), assassinated at 46

1992 – Mrithi, gorilla (Gorilla in the Mist), dies at 24

1993 – John Frost, English lt-col (operation Market Garden 1944), dies at 80

1994 – Cliff Wilson, snooker player, dies at 60

1994 – John Henry Weidner, Dutch/US resistance fighter, dies at 81

1995 – Les Aspin, US sec of Defense (1993-95), dies of stroke at 56

1996 – Al “Lash” La Rue, cowboy actor (Lash of the West), dies at 78

1996 – Bobby Tulloch, ornithologist, dies at 67

1996 – Eric Stuart Woord, archaeologist, dies at 83

2000 – Barbara Cartland, English author (b. 1901)

2000 – Sir John Gielgud, British actor (b. 1904)

2000 – Mark R. Hughes, American entrepreneur (b. 1956)

2003 – Alejandro de Tomaso, Argentine-Italian racing driver and car manufacturer (b. 1928)

2005 – Howard Morris, American comic actor and director (b. 1919)

2006 – Spencer Clark, American racecar driver (b. 1987)

















National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05.16.15 To 05.18.15



National Police Misconduct Reporting Project





” Here are the 10 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, May 16 through Monday, May 18, 2015:

  • Union City, Georgia: An officer’s statements about his shooting of unarmed teen Ariston Waiters are getting a second look after new video evidence was discovered by media. According to the report, “The video differed from earlier statements that [the officer] had given, so much so that an expert called his statements “self-contradictory” and inconsistent with the forensic evidence….In his report on the Waiters case, [the expert] recommended charging [the officer] with making false statements, calling [his] actions contrary to all professional law enforcement standards and citing “a disregard for human life that is unacceptable.””
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: An officer was arrested for sexual assault.
  • Chicago, Illinois: The City settled a lawsuit with a woman who was sexually assaulted by two now-former police officers. She was so intoxicated she was unable to give sexual consent to the officers, who were on duty at the time of the incident, after they offered to give her a ride home. Both officers pled guilty to felony misconduct and were sentenced to probation.
  • Update: Baltimore, Maryland (First reported 09-16-14): An officer was sentenced to six months in jail after he pled guilty to assaulting a man at a bus stop.
  • New York, New York: Two now-former officers were sentenced to 30 days in jail for beating up a teen outside of the police station.
  • Monroe County, Florida: A deputy was arrested on an outstanding warrant for domestic battery.
  • Billings, Montana: An officer was investigated for an off-duty fight. The fight was with an off-duty officer from another department who needed to be hospitalized for his injuries.
  • Update: Washington, District of Columbia (First reported 03-17-15): An officer who was arrested for sexual abuse of a minor had child pornography charges added to his case.
  • Columbia County, Georgia: A deputy was fired after his arrest for DUI.
  • Newtown, Connecticut: A sergeant was indicted for distribution of steroids, prescription medication, and counterfeit drugs.

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Newport Folk Festival





Uploaded on Aug 29, 2010

” Some rare footage of two great Mississippi blues men, the fiery slide of Fred McDowell and the sweet and mellow John Hurt with his beautiful finger picking style, only glimpses that leave you wanting a whole lot more. Plus some of the young white guys who were making great music at the time, John Koerner and the Paul Butterfield band with Paul on harp and Mike Bloomfield on guitar.”













George Carlin – Euphemisms









Published on Dec 29, 2012

” In the age when torture has become “enhanced interrogation techniques”; when the rich are “job creators”; when murdered children are “collateral damage”; it is good to remember these brilliant words from the late, great, George Carlin.

  It is also good to remember that the phrase “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” has now been officially changed in American English to “PTSD”, a totally lifeless non-threatening acronym, totally devoid of even pity and with an almost whiny feel to it.”














John Stossel – Another Government Housing Bubble





Published on May 19, 2015

” Former Fannie Mae Chief Credit Officer Ed Pinto and former FHA Commissioner David Stevens join John to discuss current housing policies. “















“The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.”












Gary Varvel















Today In The Past




325 – 1st Christian ecumenical council opens at Nicaea, Asia Minor

1217 – The Second Battle of Lincoln is fought near Lincoln, England, resulting in the defeat of Prince Louis of France by William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke.

1293 – Earthquake strikes Kamakura Japan, 30,000 killed

1293 – King Sancho IV of Castile creates the Study of General Schools of Alcalá.

1303 – Treaty of Paris restores Gascony to British in Hundred Years War

1310 – Shoes were made for both right & left feet

1347 – Rienzo calls Rome for people’s tribunal

1495 – French King Charles VIII leaves Naples

1498 – Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrives at Calcutta India

1501 – Joao da Nova Castell discovers Ascension Islands

1521 – Ignatius Loyola seriously wounded by a cannon ball

1631 – Magdeburg in Germany seized by forces of the Holy Roman Empire under earl Johann Tilly, most inhabitants massacred, one of the bloodiest incidents of the Thirty Years’ War.

1639 – Dorchester Mass, forms 1st school funded by local taxes

1690 – England passes Act of Grace, forgiving followers of James II

1734 – 1st Jockey Club forms in SC

1774 – Britain gives Quebec, Labrador & territory north of Ohio

1775 – Citizens of Mecklenburg County, NC declare independence of Britain

1830 – 1st railroad timetable published in newspaper (Baltimore American)

1830 – D Hyde patents fountain pen

1845 – HMS Erebus and HMS Terror with 134 men under John Franklin sail from the River Thames in England, beginning a disastrous expedition to find the Northwest Passage. All hands are lost.

1861 – Kentucky proclaims its neutrality in Civil War

1861 – North Carolina becomes 11th & last state to secede from Union

1861 – US marshals appropriate previous year’s telegraph dispatches, to reveal prosecessionist evidence

1862 – Homestead Act provides cheap land for settlement of West

1864 – Battle at Ware Bottom Church, Virginia, 1,400 killed or injured

1864 – Spotsylvania-campaign ends after 10,920 killed/injured 

1867 – Royal Albert Hall foundation laid by Queen Victoria

1868 – Republican National Convention, meets in Chicago, nominates Grant

1873 – Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patent first blue jeans with copper rivets

1879 – 5th Kentucky Derby: Charlie Shauer aboard Lord Murphy wins in 2:37

1892 – George Sampson patents clothes dryer

1896 – The six ton chandelier of the Palais Garnier falls on the crowd resulting in the death of one and the injury of many others.

1900 – 2nd modern Olympic games opens in Paris (lasted 5 months)

1902 – US military occupation of Cuba (since Jan 1, 1899) ends

1913 – 38th Preakness: James Butwell aboard Buskin wins in 1:53.4

1916 – Saturday Evening Post cover features Norman Rockwell painting

1918 – 1st electrically propelled warship (New Mexico)

1919 – Volcano Keluit on Java, erupts killing 550

1922 – “Egypt” sinks off Ushant after colliding with “Seine,” killing 90

1926 – Congress passes Air Commerce Act, licensing of pilots & planes

1926 – Thomas Edison says Americans prefer silent movies over talkies

1927 – At 7:40 AM, Lindbergh takes off from NY to cross Atlantic for Paris

1927 – Saudi Arabia becomes independent of Great Britain (Treaty of Jedda)

1930 – 1st airplane catapulted from a dirigible, Charles Nicholson, pilot

1932 – Amelia Earhart leaves Newfoundland 1st woman fly solo across Atlantic

1939 – 1st regular transatlantic airmail (Pan Am: NY to Marsseille France)

1940 – Gen Guderians tanks reach The Channel (British expeditionary army)

1942 – US Navy 1st permitted black recruits to serve

1948 – 1st use of Israeli Air Force & 1st war victory, defeating Syrian army

1950 – 76th Preakness: Eddie Arcaro aboard Hill Prince wins in 1:59.2

1959 – Ford wins battle with Chrysler to call its new car “Falcon”

1959 – Japanese-Americans regain their citizenship

1961 – 87th Preakness: Johnny Sellers aboard Carry Back wins in 1:57.6

1961 – White mob attacks “Freedom Riders” in Montgomery, Alabama

1964 – Buster Mathis defeats Joe Fraizer to qualify for US Olympic team

1967 – 93rd Preakness: Bill Shoemaker aboard Damascus wins in 1:55.2

1969 – US troop capture Hill 937/Hamburger Hill Vietnam

1970 – 100,000 march in NY supporting US policies in Vietnam

1972 – 98th Preakness: Eldon Nelson aboard Bee Bee Bee wins in 1:55.6

1978 – 104th Preakness: Steve Cauthen aboard Affirmed wins in 1:54.4

1978 – 3 PFLP members kill a cop near El Al airlines in Orly Airport, Paris

1979 – 1st western pop star to tour USSR-Elton John

1980 – Drummer Peter Criss quits Kiss

1980 – Fire in nursing home in Kingston Jamaica, kills 157

1980 – In a referendum, 59.5% of Quebec voters reject separatism

1983 – Larry Holmes beats Tim Witherspoon in 12 for heavyweight boxing title

1983 – Michael Dokes & Mike Weaver fight to a draw in 15 for hw boxing title

1983 – Phillies Steve Carlton passes W Johnson with 2nd most strike outs

1984 – Boston’s Roger Clemens beats Twins, 5-4, for his 1st victory

1985 – Dow Jones industrial avg closes above 1300 for 1st time

1985 – FBI arrests John A Walker Jr, convicted of spying for USSR

1985 – Israel exchanges 1,100+ Arab prisoners for 3 Israeli soldiers

1985 – Larry Holmes beats Carl Williams in 15 for heavyweight boxing title

1985 – US began broadcasts to Cuba on Radio Marti

1986 – Flintstones 25th Anniversary Celebration airs on CBS-tv

1989 – 115th Preakness: Pat Valenzuela aboard Sunday Silence wins in 1:53.8

1989 – China declares martial law in Beijing

1989 – Toonces The Cat takes the wheel on Saturday Night Live

1990 – Hubble Space Telescope sends 1st photograph’s from space

1992 – Rap singer raps 597 syllables in under 60 seconds

1993 – 10m meteor comes within 150,000 km of Earth (1993KA)

1993 – 274th & final “Cheers” on NBC

1994 – Bobcat Goldthwait charged with misdemeanors for fire on Tonight Show

1995 – 121st Preakness: Pat Day aboard Timber Coutry wins in 1:54.4

1995 – CBS News fires co-anchor Connie Chung

1997 – Cosmos Zenit-2 Launch (Russia), Failed

1997 – Thor-2A Delta 2 Launch (Norway/USA), Successful






1315 – Bonne of Luxembourg, wife of John II of France (d. 1349)

1364 – Henry Percy, [Harry Hotspur], British soldier/politican

1470 – Pietro Bembo, cardinal/theologian

1537 – Hieronymus Fabricius Ab, Aquapend Italy, physician (De Formato Foetu)

1593 – Jacob Jordaens, Flemish barok artist

1663 – William Bradford, British-born printer (d. 1752)

1706 – Seth Pomeroy, American gunsmith and soldier (d. 1777)

1750 – Stephen Girard, bailed out US bonds during War of 1812

1759 – William Thornton, architect (Capitol building, Wash DC)

1768 – Dolley Dandridge Payne Madison, 1st lady (1809-17)

1772 – William Congreve, English officer (design fire rocket)

1799 – Honoré de Balzac, French novelist (d. 1850)




1806 – John Stuart MillUKphilosopher/political economist/Utilitarian







1818 – William George Fargo, founder (Wells Fargo)

1825 – Antoinette Brown Blackwell, clergy (1st ordained US female minister)

1828 – James William Reilly, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1905

1851 – Emile Berliner, Germany, inventor (flat phonograph record)

1860 – Eduard Buchner, German chemist, Nobel laureate (d. 1917)

1883 – Paul Arntzenius, painter/graphic artist/etcher

1899 – Estelle Taylor, Delaware, actress (8 Commandments)

1899 – John M Harlan, Chicago, 91st Supreme Court justice (1955-71)

1901 – Max Euwe, Netherlands, world chess champion (1935-37)

1908 – Jimmy Stewart [James], PA, actor (Mr Smith Goes to Wash, Wonderful Life), (d. 1997)

1911 – Gardner F[rancis] Fox, US, sci-fi author (Kothar-Barbarian Swordsman)

1912 – Joseph Proce, 3rd victim of NYC’s Zodiac killer (survives)

1913 – Henry Cadbury Brown, architect

1913 – William Hewlett, cofounder (Hewlett-Packard Co)

1915 – Moshe Dayan, Israeli general/minister of Defense

1918 – Edward B. Lewis, American geneticist, Nobel laureate (d. 2004)

1919 – George Gobel, Chicago Ill, comedian/TV personality (I Love My Wife)

1923 – Edith Fellows, Boston, actress (Pennies From Heaven, City Streets)

1926 – Vic Ames, rocker (Ames Brothers)

1926 – Bob Sweikert, American race car driver (d. 1956)

1927 – [Harold] Bud Grant, Wisc, CFL/NFL player/coach (Winnipeg, Minnesota)

1928 – David Hedison, actor (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)

1928 – Jack Kevorkian, controversial American medical doctor

1930 – Robert Bunyard, Commandant (British Police Staff College)

1931 – Chiharu Igaya, Japan, slalom (Olympic-silver-1956)

1933 – Constance Towers, actress (Capitol, Shock Corrider, Naked Kiss)

1936 – Anthony Zerbe, Cal, actor (Harry-O, Centennial, They Call Me Mr Tibbs)

1938 – Christina Bass-Kaiser, 3K Dutch speed skater (Olympic-gold-1972)

1940 – Sadaharu Oh, of Yomiuri Giants (Japan), hit 868 career HR




1942 – Carlos HathcockAmerican Marine sniper (d. 1999)








1944 – Joe Cocker, Sheffield England, rock vocalist (Little Help From My Friends)

1945 – Harold E Ford, (Rep-D-TN, 1975- )

1946 – Bakhaavaa Buidaa, Mongolia, wrestler (Oly-silver-1972) disqualified

1946 – Cher [Cherilyn Sarkisian], El Centro, California, American singer and actress (I Got You Babe, Jack Lalane, Mask)

1948 – Dave Thomas, St Catherines Ontario, comedian (SCTV, Grace Under Fire)

1951 – Thomas D Akers, St Louis, Major USAF/astronaut (STS 41, 49, 61, 79)

1951 – William Cullen Bryant, actor (Hell Squad)

1954 – James Henderson, country singer (Black Oak Arkansas)

1954 – Cindy Hensley McCain, wife of John McCain

1954 – Robert Van de Walle, Belgian judoka

1958 – Jane Wiedlin, Wisc, singer/guitarist (GoGos, Fur, Rush Hour)

1958 – Ronald Prescot Reagan Jr, LA, Pres son/TV host (Ron Reagon Show)

1959 – Bronson Pinchot, NYC, actor (Perfect Strangers, Beverly Hills Cop)

1960 – John Cowsill, rock vocalist (Cowsills-Hair)

1960 – Susan Cowsill, Newport RI, rock vocalist (Cowsills-We Can Fly)

1961 – Vaughn Jefferis, Matangi NZ, equestrian 3 day event (Olymp-bronze-96)

1962 – Lydia Cheng, NYC, Ms Big Apple bodybuilder (1982) (Pumping Iron 2)

1962 – Sylvie Rauch, Munich German FR, nude model/actress

1963 – David Wells, Torrance CA, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles, NY Yankees)

1964 – Joseph Sinnott Edwards, Chicago, murderer (FBI Most Wanted List)

1966 – Mindy Cohn, LA, actress (Facts of Life)

1967 – Ramzi Yousef, Kuwaiti-born Pakistani terrorist

1971 – Tony Stewart, American race car driver

1975 – Mark Zupan, American quadriplegic rugby player

1977 – Chad Muska, American Skateboarder for Element Skateboards

1981 – Mark Winterbottom, Australian racing driver

1993 – Caroline Zhang, American figure skater






685 – King Ecgfrith of Northumbria (b. 645)

1277 – John XXI, [Petrus Juliani/Hispanus], Portuguese Pope (1276-77), dies. (b. 1215)

1285 – John II of Jerusalem, King of Cyprus (b. 1259)

1444 – Bernardinus van Siena, Italian saint, dies at 63

1471 – Henry VI, king of England (1422-61, 70-71)/France (1431-71), dies

1503 – Lorenzo de Medici, Italian patron (b. 1463)

1506 – Christopher Columbus, explorer, dies in poverty, in Spain at 55

1550 – Ashikaga Yoshiharu, Japanese shogun (b. 1510)

1597 – Matthijs Heldt, dies in battle

1622 – Osman II, sultan of Turkey (1618-22), dies

1669 – Joris van der Hagen, landscape painter, dies

1722 – Sébastien Vaillant, French botanist (b. 1669)

1732 – Thomas Boston, Scottish church leader (b. 1676)

1782 – William Emerson, British mathematician (b. 1701)

1793 – Charles Bonnet, Swiss naturalist (b. 1720)

1795 – Ignác Martinovics, Hungarian physicist/revolutionary, beheaded




1834 – Marquis de LafayetteFrench generaldies







1909 – Ernest Hogan, blackface comedian and musician (b. 1859)

1923 – Hans Goldschmidt, German chemist, dies

1946 – Jacob Ellehammer, Danish inventor (b. 1871)

1947 – Philipp Lenard, Austrian physicist, Nobel laureate (b. 1862)

1949 – Randolph West, American biochemist, known for the Dakin-West reaction (b. 1890)

1956 – Max Beerbohm, caricturist/writer (Yet Again), dies

1959 – Alfred Schutz, Austrian/US architect/philosopher, dies at 60

1961 – Josef “Pips” Priller, German fighter ace (b. 1915)

1972 – Walter Winchell, columnist/narrator (Untouchables), dies at 75

1973 – Jarno Saarinen, Finnish motorcycle racer (b. 1945)

1989 – Anton Diffring, actor (Zeppelin, Fahrenheit 451), dies at 70

1989 – Gilda Radner, comedienne (SNL, Haunted Honeymoon), dies at 42

1989 – John R Hicks, English economist (Nobel 1972), dies

1993 – Max Klein, inventor (paint by numbers), dies at 77

1996 – Julius Marmur, biochemist/geneticist, dies at 70

1996 – Lewis B Combs, naval commander/civil engineer, dies at 101

2000 – Jean Pierre Rampal, French flutist (b. 1922)

2002 – Stephen Jay Gould, American paleontologist (b. 1941)

2005 – William Seawell, United States Army Brigadier General (b. 1918)

2008 – Hamilton Jordan, former Carter White House Chief of Staff (b. 1944)

2011 – Randy Savage, American Pro-Wrestler (b. 1952)

2012 – Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi, convicted bomber (Pan Am 103), dies from prostate cancer at 60

2012 – Robin Gibb, British singer song-writer, dies from colon and liver cancer at 62

















Happy Birthday John Stuart Mill



Early Years

” Under the tutelage of his imposing father, himself a historian and economist, John Stuart Mill began his intellectual journey at an early age, starting his study of Greek at the age of three and Latin at eight. Mill’s father was a proponent of Jeremy Bentham’s philosophy of utilitarianism, and John Stuart Mill began embracing it himself in his middle teens.

  Born in 1806, John Stuart Mill was the eldest son of James Mill and Harriet Barrow (whose influence on Mill was vastly overshadowed by that of his father). A struggling man of letters, James Mill wrote History of British India (1818), and the work landed him a coveted position in the East India Company, where he rose to the post of chief examiner. When not carrying out his administrative duties, James Mill spent considerable time educating his son John, who began to learn Greek at age three and Latin at age eight. By the age of 14, John was extremely well versed in the Greek and Latin classics; had studied world history, logic and mathematics; and had mastered the basics of economic theory, all of which was part of his father’s plan to make John Stuart Mill a young proponent of the views of the philosophical radicals.

  By his late teens, Mill spent many hours editing Jeremy Bentham’s manuscripts, and he threw himself into the work of the philosophic radicals (still guided by his father). He also founded a number of intellectual societies and began to contribute to periodicals, including the Westminster Review (which was founded by Bentham and James Mill). In 1823, his father secured him a junior position in the East India Company, and he, like his father before him, rose in the ranks, eventually taking his father’s position of chief examiner.”







” It was not until 1843 that John Stuart Mill became known as a philosopher. In this same year he published System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive, his most systematic work.

Whatever is known to us by consciousness, is known beyond possibility of question. What one sees or feels, whether bodily or mentally, one cannot but be sure that one sees or feels. No science is required for the purpose of establishing such truths; no rules of art can render our knowledge of them more certain than it is in itself. There is no logic for this portion of our knowledge. But we may fancy that we see or feel what we in reality infer.

  Attacking “intuitionist” philosophy, he argues in favour of logic as the most adequate method of proof. Despite the fact that truth “may seem to be apprehended intuitively,” Mill stresses the fact that, “it has long been ascertained that what is perceived by the eye, is at most nothing more than a variously colored surface.” It thus the object of logic to “distinguish between things proved and things not proved, between what is worthy and what is unworthy of belief.”

  In 1848, Mill published Principles of Political Economy, which soon became the most important text of his time. The book examines the conditions of production, namely labour and nature. Following Ricardo and Malthus, he emphasizes the possibility of change and social improvement and examines environmental protection needs. In order for these to be obtained, he considers a limitation of both economic growth and population growth, as the polis itself is indispensable. Furthermore, Mill argued in favour of worker-owned cooperatives, which clearly reflect his views.

  On Liberty, published in 1859, caused the greatest controversy of John Stuart Mill’s career and has since become a classic of liberal thought. Written and developed in close collaboration with his wife, Harriet Taylor, Mill examines the nature of power and argues for an absolute freedom of thought and speech. For Mill it is only through such “freedom” that human progress can be attained and preserved. As he states: “The subject of this Essay is not the so-called Liberty of the Will, […] but Civil, or Social Liberty: the nature and limits of the power which can be legitimately exercised by society over the individual.” He thus asserts a„very simple principle“: “that the sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively, in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number, is self-protection. That the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others[…] The only part of the conduct of any one, for which he is amenable to society, is that which concerns others. In the part which merely concerns himself, his independence is, of right, absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” “




File:J S Mill and H Taylor.jpg









” John Stuart Mill’s view on liberty, which was influenced by Joseph Priestley and Josiah Warren, is that the individual ought to be free to do as he wishes unless he harms others. Individuals are rational enough to make decisions about their good being and choose any religion they want to. Government should interfere when it is for the protection of society. Mill explains,

“The sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively, in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number, is self-protection. That the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant. He cannot rightfully be compelled to do or forbear because it will be better for him to do so, because it will make him happier, because, in the opinion of others, to do so would be wise, or even right…The only part of the conduct of anyone, for which he is amenable to society, is that which concerns others. In the part which merely concerns him, his independence is, of right, absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.”



Freedom of speech 


An influential advocate of freedom of speech, Mill objected to censorship. He says:

I choose, by preference the cases which are least favourable to me – In which the argument opposing freedom of opinion, both on truth and that of utility, is considered the strongest. Let the opinions impugned be the belief of God and in a future state, or any of the commonly received doctrines of morality… But I must be permitted to observe that it is not the feeling sure of a doctrine (be it what it may) which I call an assumption of infallibility. It is the undertaking to decide that question for others, without allowing them to hear what can be said on the contrary side. And I denounce and reprobate this pretension not the less if it is put forth on the side of my most solemn convictions. However, positive anyone’s persuasion may be, not only of the faculty but of the pernicious consequences, but (to adopt expressions which I altogether condemn) the immorality and impiety of opinion. – yet if, in pursuance of that private judgement, though backed by the public judgement of his country or contemporaries, he prevents the opinion from being heard in its defence, he assumes infallibility. And so far from the assumption being less objectionable or less dangerous because the opinion is called immoral or impious, this is the case of all others in which it is most fatal. “












John Stuart Mill Major Publications


“Two Letters on the Measure of Value” 1822 “The Traveller”
“Questions of Population” 1823 “Black Dwarf”
“War Expenditure” 1824 Westminster Review
“Quarterly Review – Political Economy” 1825 Westminster Review
“Review of Miss Martineau’s Tales” 1830 Examiner
“The Spirit of the Age” 1831 Examiner
“Use and Abuse of Political Terms” 1832  
“What is Poetry” 1833, 1859  
“Rationale of Representation” 1835  
“De Tocqueville on Democracy in America [i]” 1835  
“State of Society In America” 1836  
“Civilization” 1836  
“Essay on Bentham” 1838  
“Essay on Coleridge” 1840  
“Essays On Government” 1840  
“De Tocqueville on Democracy in America [ii]” 1840  
A System of Logic 1843  
Essays on Some Unsettled Questions of Political Economy 1844  
“Claims of Labour” 1845 Edinburgh Review
The Principles of Political Economy: with some of their applications to social philosophy 1848  
“The Negro Question” 1850 Fraser’s Magazine
“Reform of the Civil Service” 1854  
Dissertations and Discussions 1859  
A Few Words on Non-intervention 1859  
On Liberty 1859  
‘Thoughts on Parliamentary Reform 1859  
Considerations on Representative Government 1861  
“Centralisation” 1862 Edinburgh Review
“The Contest in America” 1862 Harper’s Magazine
Utilitarianism 1863  
An Examination of Sir William Hamilton‘s Philosophy 1865  
Auguste Comte and Positivism 1865  
Inaugural Address at St. Andrews – Rectorial Inaugural Address at the University of St. Andrews, concerning the value of culture 1867  
“Speech In Favor of Capital Punishment” 1868  
England and Ireland 1868  
“Thornton on Labor and its Claims” 1869 Fortnightly Review
The Subjection of Women 1869  
Chapters and Speeches on the Irish Land Question 1870  
On Nature 1874  
Autobiography of John Stuart Mill 1873  
Three Essays on Religion 1874  
On Social Freedom: or the Necessary Limits of Individual Freedom Arising Out of the Conditions of Our Social Life 1907 “Oxford and Cambridge Review”
“Notes on N.W. Senior’s Political Economy” 1945 Economica





Further Reading & Resources


John Stuart Mill (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Mill, John Stuart [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]

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 Happy Birthday Carlos Hathcock





The Story of Legendary Sniper Carlos Hathcock



” When retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock II died at the age of 57 on Feb. 26, 1999, his legend had long since chiseled its way into the pantheon of Marine Corps history.

  He’d served almost 20 years in the Corps, including two tours as a sniper during the Vietnam War. A killer more deadly and silent than Hathcock finally had him in the cross hairs and pulled the trigger, ending his extraordinary life.

  The medical term for that stealthy, relentless force is multiple sclerosis, a slow, progressive terminal malady that attacks the central nervous system. MS can cause paralysis, spasms and the loss of coordination and muscle control.”



Then Cpl. Carlos Hathcock (far left) being awarded the 1965 Wimbledon Cup.
This trophy is given to the winner of the 1000 yard shooting match.



Carlos Hathcock (1942 – 1999)


” was a US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who served as a sniper in the Vietnam War. With 93 confirmed kills, he was the 4th most effective sniper in American history, trailing behind Adelbert F Waldron (109), Charles Mawhinney (103), and Eric R England (98). His exploits, both as a courageous soldier and a sniper, made him a legend in the Marine Corps. Hathcock became a major developer of the United States Marine Corps Sniper training program. Not only was Carlos extremely lethal as a sniper, but he was also a brave marine; he was awarded the Silver Star for his act in 1969 of saving the lives of seven fellow Marines after the amphibious tractor on which they were riding struck a mine. Hathcock was knocked unconscious, but awoke in time to race back through the flames to save his comrades.

  Carlos Hathcock was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 20, 1942. Since his parents had separated, he lived with his grandmother in the country where he grew up. At a young age, Carlos learned to use a rifle, which his father had brought from Europe after World War II. Then, he would hunt wild animals to help feed his poor family.In 1959, at the age of 17, Carlos Hathcock joined the Marine Corps. Before being shipped to Vietnam, he showed his natural skills as a marksman on the rifle range at Camp Pendleton where he was undergoing recruit training, winning the Pacific Division rifle championship while he was deployed in Hawaii as a member of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines. In 1966, he was sent to Vietnam and became a sniper after Captain Edward J. Land Jr. had pushed the Marines into raising snipers in every platoon.” ” 







Interview Parts 1-3




























More Videos



Further Reading


Bob Tuley – Carlos Hathcock Sniper Biography

Carlos Norman “Gunny” Hathcock II (1942–1999) – Encyclopedia …

Carlos Hathcock – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carlos Hathcock Biography |

Carlos Hathcock – Gunsopedia














National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05.15.15



National Police Misconduct Reporting Project




” Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, May 15, 2015:

  • Reno County, Kansas: A deputy was arrested for domestic
  • Jackson, New Jersey: An officer was arrested for hindering a murder investigation. He is allegedly a friend of one of the suspects.
  • Onslow County, North Carolina: A deputy was charged with solicitation of child pornography.
  • Lake County, Colorado: A now-former deputy was convicted of stealing four firearms taken from evidence. He is scheduled to be sentenced in
  • Fowlerville, Michigan: An officer was arrested for his involvement a  fight outside of a gentlemen’s club. He is alleged to have been intoxicated at the time.
  • Update: Adams County, Colorado (First reported 07-03-14): A now-former deputy was acquitted of child sex abuse and incest charges.
  • State College, Pennsylvania: An officer was suspended during an investigation into whether he’d been stealing items from evidence.
  • Boston, Massachusetts: An officer is under investigation for intimidating videographer. He apologized after the incident, but the investigation is ongoing.

Creative Commons License
  This work by Cato Institute is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. “












Jonathan Winters – The Best Of It’s A Mad Mad Mad World





Published on Apr 12, 2013

” A humble tribute to the comic genius of the late Mr. Winters.…
Mount Yale, a Colorado 14er that became my own personal Mad World.”












Rand Paul & Scott Walker Lead In NH





Published on May 18, 2015

” A new poll in New Hampshire puts Rand Paul and Scott Walker in first place among GOP candidates in the Granite State. Hillary Clinton still leads among Democrats, but she is showing some weakness. Hear why.”










Phillip K Howard




” Coercion by government, the main fear of our founding fathers, is now its most common attribute.”











Glenn Foden



Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden













Today In The Past




715 – St Gregory II begins his reign as Catholic Pope

1506 – Columbus selects his son Diego as sole heir

1515 – George van Saksen-Meissen sells Friesland for 100,000 gold guilders to arch duke Charles

1568 – English queen Elizabeth I arrests Scottish queen Mary

1571 – Miguel Lopez de Lagazpi founded Manila in the Phillipines

1585 – Spain confiscates English ships

1608 – Matthias von Habsburgs army reaches Lieben, at Prague

1635 – France declares war on Spain

1643 – Battle at Rocroi/Allersheim: French army destroys Spanish army

1643 – Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut & New Harbor form United Colonies of New England

1649 – An Act declaring England a Commonwealth is passed by the Long Parliament. England would be a republic for the next eleven years.

1780 – About midday, near-total darkness descends on much of New England to this day it’s cause is still unexplained

1828 – U.S. President John Quincy Adams signs the Tariff of 1828/Tariff of Abominations into law to protect industry in the North

1848 – 1st department store opens

1848 – Mexico gives Texas to US, ending the war

1862 – Homestead Act becomes law provides cheap land for settlement of West

1863 – Siege of Vicksburg, investment of city complete

1864 – Battle of Port Walthall Junction, VA (Bermuda Hundred)

1864 – Last engagement in series of battles known as Spotsylvania

1864 – Skirmish at Cassville Georgia

1865 – President Jefferson Davis is captured by Union Cavalry in Georgia

1884 – Ringling Brothers circus premieres

1892 – Charles Brady King invents pneumatic hammer

1892 – National Society of Colonial Dames of America founded

1893 – Heavy rain wash “quick clay” into a deep valley, kills 111 (Norway)

1896 – 1st auto (Benz) to arrive in Netherlands

1897 – Oscar Wilde is released from Reading Gaol.

1898 – Post Office authorizes use of postcards

1900 – World’s longest railroad tunnel (Simplon) links Italy & Switz, opens

1909 – Jack Johnson fights Jack O’Brien to no decision in 6 for boxing title

1916 – Escadrille Américaine (Lafayette) transfered to Verdun

1921 – Congress sharply curbs immigration, setting a national quota system

1923 – 49th Kentucky Derby: Earl Sande aboard Zev wins in 2:05.4

1926 – French air force bombs Damascus Syria

1929 – Cloudburst causes stampede in Yankee Stadium crushes 2 people to death

1931 – Ironclad cruiser Germany launched in Kiel

1937 – John Murray/Allen Boretz’ “Room Service,” premieres in NYC

1941 – New nazi battleship Bismarck leaves Gdynia, Poland

1943 – Churchill pledges England’s full support to US against Japan

1951 – 77th Preakness: Eddie Arcaro aboard Bold wins in 1:56.4

1951 – UN begins counter offensive in Korea

1956 – 82nd Preakness: Bill Hartack aboard Fabius wins in 1:58.4

1958 – Premiere of Harold Pinter’s “Birthday Party,” in London

1960 – Juan Marichal debuts as SF Giant pitcher, beats Phillies on 1 hitter

1960 – USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 33,222 m

1962 – 88th Preakness: John Rotz aboard Greek Money wins in 1:56.2

1962 – Indonesian paratroopers land in New Guinea

1964 – US diplomats find at least 40 secret microphones in Moscow embassy

1965 – Patricia R Harris named 1st US black female ambassador (Luxembourg)

1967 – US bombs Hanoi

1971 – USSR launches Mars 2, 1st spacecraft to crash land on Mars

1973 – 99th Preakness: Ron Turcotte aboard Secretariat wins in 1:54.4

1975 – Farm truck packed with wedding party struck by a train, killing 66 in truck, 40 miles south of Poona, India

1975 – Junko Tabei is 1st woman to climb to the top of Mount Everest

1976 – Gold ownership legalized in Australia

1977 – “Smokey & the Bandit,” premieres

1979 – “In The Navy” by Village People hits #3

1979 – 105th Preakness: Ron Franklin aboard Spectacular Bid wins in 1:54.2

1983 – NASA launches Intelsat V satellite, no. 506

1983 – Weird Al Yankovic gives live performance at Wax Museum in Wash DC

1984 – 110th Preakness: Angel Cordero Jr aboard Gate Dancer wins in 1:53.6

1984 – STS 41-D vehicle moves to launch pad

1989 – Dow Jones Avg passes 2,500 mark for 1st time, closes at 2,501.1

1990 – 116th Preakness: Pat Day aboard Summer Squall wins in 1:53.6

1991 – “Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story” closes at Shubert NYC after 225 perfs

1991 – Willy T Ribbs becomes 1st black driver to make Indianapolis 500

1992 – 27th Amendment ratified, prohibits Congress from raising its salary

1992 – Amy Fisher shoots Mary Jo Buttafuoco in Massapequa LI

1992 – Englishman Dave Gauder, 224 lbs, pulls 196 ton jumbo jet, 3 inches

1992 – VP Dan Quayle attacks Murphy Brown for being a single mother and as a poor example of family values

1993 – Dow Jones closes above 3,500 for 1st time (3,500.03)

1994 – Omar Sharif suffers a mild heart attack

1994 – Tennis star Jennifer Capriati (18), checks into a drug rehab center

1995 – World’s youngest doctor, Balamurali Ambati, 17, graduates Mount Sinai






1469 – Giovanni della Robbia, Italian sculptor

1611 – Innocent XI, [Benedetto Odescalchi], Italy, 240th Pope (1676-89)

1616 – Johann Jakob Froberger, German singer/organist/composer

1700 – José de Escandón, Spanish colonial governor (d. 1770)

1724 – Augustus Hervey, 3rd Earl of Bristol, British admiral and politician (d. 1779)

1744 – Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (d. 1818)

1762 – Johann G Fichte German philosopher (Wissenschaftslehre)

1773 – Arthur Aikin, English mineralogist (d. 1854)

1795 – Johns Hopkins, philanthropist, founded Johns Hopkins University

1808 – Samuel Jameson Gholson, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1883

1812 – Felix Kirk Zollicoffer, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1862

1815 – John Gross Barnard, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1882

1828 – Adin Ballou Underwood, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)

1862 – Mikhail Nesterov, Russian painter (d. 1942)

1864 – Carl Ethan Akeley, US, naturalist, devoleped animal mount process

1870 – Albert Fish, American serial killer (d. 1936)

1881 – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, 1st President of Turkey (d. 1938)

1890 – Ho Chi Minh, trail blazer/leader of Vietnam (1946, 1969)

1891 – Oswald Boelcke, German World War I pilot (d. 1916)

1892 – Konstatin G Paustovski, Russian author (Povestj Zjizni) [OS]

1897 – Frank Luke, American World War I pilot (d. 1918)

1898 – Julius Evola, Italian philosopher (d. 1974)

1904 – Sven Thofelt, Sweden, pentathlete (Olympic-gold-1928)

1906 – Bruce Bennett, American athlete and actor (d. 2007)

1913 – Albert Hardy, photographer

1914 – Max Perutz, Austrian-born molecular biologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (d. 2002)

1914 – Go Seigen, Japanese Go player

1918 – Abraham Pais, Dutch-born American physicist (d. 2000)

1925 – Malcolm X, [Little], [Detroit Red], Omaha NB, founder (Black Muslims)

1928 – Anthony C B Chapman, England, sports car builder/autoracer (Formula 1)

1928 – Pol Pot, Cambodian dictator (d. 1998)

1928 – Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars (d. 1982)

1929 – Harvey Cox, US theologist (Secular City)

1931 – Bob Anderson, British racing driver (d. 1967)

1934 – James Charles Lehrer, Wichita Ks, news anchor (McNeil-Lehrer Report)

1935 – David Hartman, Pawtucket RI, TV personality (Good Morning America)

1936 – Elisabeth Schwartz, Austria, pairs figure skater (Olympic-gold-1956)

1937 – Sanne Sannes, Dutch photographer

1939 – Francis R Scobee, Wash, USAF/astronaut (STS 41C, 51L-Chal disaster)

1939 – James Fox, London England, actor (Greystoke)

1939 – Nancy Kwan, Hong Kong, actress (Flower Drum Song, World of Suzie Wong)

1940 – Frank Lorenzo, airline executive (Continental, Texas Air, Eastern)

1941 – Jimmy Hoffa Jr, son of Jimmy Hoffa/Teamster union leader

1941 – Nora Ephron, NY, novelist/screenwriter/director (Michael, Heartburn), (d. 2012)

1945 – Peter Townshend, England, rock guitarist/vocalist/composer (The Who-Tommy)

1946 – Phillip Rudd, Melbourne, rock drummer (AC/DC-Rock ‘n Roll Damnation)

1946 – André the Giant, French professional wrestler (d. 1993)

1947 – Jerry Hyman, Bkln, rock singer/trombonist (Blood Sweat & Tears)

1948 – Grace Jones, [Mendoza], Spanishtown Jamacia, singer/actress (Vamp)

1948 – Tom Scott, LA, saxophonist/bandleader (Pat Sajak Show)

1949 – Dusty Hill, rocker (ZZ Top)

1951 – Joey Ramone, [Jeffrey Hyman], lead singer of the punk rock band The Ramones (Baby I Love You)

1951 – Dick Slater, American professional wrestler

1952 – Barbara Loomis, rocker (BT Express)

1953 – Henry Lascelles, English grandson of princess Mary

1953 – Dawud M. Mu’Min, American convicted murderer (d. 1997)

1955 – Pierre J Thuot, Groton Conn, Lt Cmdr USN/astronaut (STS 36, 49, 62)

1959 – Nicole Brown Simpson, Frankford Germany, Mrs OJ Simpson (murdered)

1960 – Yazz, [Yasmin Evans], London, England, singer (Fine Time)

1962 – Iain Harvie, Scottish rock guitarist (Nothing Ever Happens)

1967 – Massimo Taccon, Italian painter and sculptor

1969 – David Wharton, Warminster PA, US Olympic swimmer (Olympic-silver-88)

1971 – Lori Ann Mundt, Yorkton Saskatchawan, volleyball player (Olympics-96)

1971 – Psicosis, Mexican professional wrestler

1972 – Jenny Berggren, Swedish singer (Ace of Base)

1976 – Kevin Garnett, NBA forward (Minnesota Timberwolves)

1981 – Georges St. Pierre, Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

1988 – Lily Cole, English model/actress





804 – Alcuin of York, English scholar, dies in Tours France at 69

988 – Dunstan[us], English archbishop of Canterbury, dies

1102 – Stephen, Count of Blois (b. c. 1045)

1125 – Vladimir Monomakh, Russian prince (b. 1053)

1296 – Celestine V, [Pietro del Murrone], Pope (1294), dies

1526 – Emperor Go-Kashiwabara of Japan (b. 1464)

1536 – Anne Boleyn, Queen of England/wife of Henry VIII, beheaded

1536 – Lord Rochford, English brother of Anna Boleyn, beheaded

1647 – Sebastian Vrancx, Flemish painter (captain of vigilante), dies

1715 – Charles Montagu, Chancellor of the Exchequer (b. 1661)

1795 – Josiah Bartlett, US physician/judge (signed Decl of Ind), dies at 65

1795 – James Boswell, Scottish biographer (b. 1740)

1798 – William Byron, 5th Baron Byron, English dueler (b. 1722)

1800 – French Bosbeeck, veterinarian/robber, hanged

1864 – Nathaniel Hawthorne, US, writer (Scarlet Letter), dies

1885 – Peter W. Barlow, English engineer (b. 1809)

1898 – William Ewart Gladstone, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1809)

1907 – Benjamin Baker, English engineer (b. 1840)

1915 – John Simpson Kirkpatrick stretcher bearer with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps at Gallipoli during World War I (b. 1892)

1918 – Raoul Lufbery, French-American World War I fighter pilot and flying ace (b. 1885)

1928 – Max Scheler, German philosopher, dies at 53

1935 – Thomas E Lawrence (of Arabia), dies in a motorcycle crash

1946 – Booth Tarkington, American novelist (b. 1869)

1958 – Archie Scott-Brown, English race car driver (b. 1927)

1966 – Tortoise, reportedly given to Tonga’s King by Capt Cook (1773), dies

1969 – Coleman Hawkins, US jazz musician/composer, dies

1971 – Ogden Nash, poet/TV panelist (Masquerade Party), dies at 68

1987 – Alice B[radley] Sheldon, sci-fi author (Byte Beautiful), dies at 71

1987 – James Tiptree, Jr, American author (b. 1915)

1989 – Robert Webber, actor (Alex-Moonlighting), dies of ALS at 64

1994 – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, 1st lady (1961-63), dies of cancer at 64

1997 – Millie, dog of President Bush (Millie’s Book), dies at 12

2001 – Susannah McCorkle, American singer (b. 1946)

2004 – Tony Randall, actor (Felix Unger in The Odd Couple) dies aged 84

2006 – Freddie Garrity, English lead singer from the band Freddie and the Dreamers (b. 1940)

2009 – Robert F. Furchgott, American chemist, Nobel Laureate (b. 1916)

2009 – Herbert York, American physicist (b. 1921)


















Happy Birthday Jimmy Thackery









” Singer, songwriter, and guitar virtuoso Jimmy Thackery carved an enviable niche for himself in the world of electric blues. Known for his gritty, blue-collar approach and marathon live shows, Thackery was for many years part of the Nighthawks, one of the hardest-working blues bar bands in North America. By the late ’80s, he was touring and recording under his own name, and finding widespread acceptance on the festival circuit. His hard-edged, tough-as-nails approach to guitar playing and his trio’s driving rhythm section holds appeal for fans of both the straight-ahead blues of Muddy Waters and the roots rock of Bruce Springsteen and Joe Grushecky. Like the Nighthawks and Grushecky‘s Houserockers, much of the material Thackery performs can safely be called blues or blues-rock. Hardcore blues like “It’s My Own Fault” and popular blues-rock chestnuts like “Red House” from Jimi Hendrix are fair game for Thackery & His Drivers, which included Michael Patrick on bass and Mark Stutso on drums and vocals.

  Born in Pittsburgh, Thackery was raised in Washington, D.C. In high school, he played in a band with Bonnie Raitt‘s brother, David, who exposed him to the music of Buddy Guy; Thackery saw both Guy and Jimi Hendrix perform in Washington, D.C. Thackery joined the Nighthawks in 1974, after being introduced to harmonica man Mark Wenner by fellow guitarist Bobby Radcliff, who was then based in D.C. Thackery recorded more than 20 albums with the Nighthawks and toured the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan. He left the band in 1987 and struck out on his own, needing a break from the Nighthawks‘ 300-nights-a-year tour schedule. ” Continue reading


More videos
















National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05.14.15



National Police Misconduct Reporting Project




” Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, May 14, 2015:

  • Sarasota, Florida: A man died after traffic stop where he was tased and struck several times with a flashlight. Use of force was not mentioned in the initial police report. A subsequent news account indicates that 37 seconds after the ambulance was called for the man, an officer called-off medical treatment saying “he’s had a miraculous recovery.” Three officers have been placed on leave.
  • San Antonio, Texas: An officer was arrested for theft for the second time in eight days.
  • New York, New York: An officer was arrested on drug and paraphernalia charges.
  • Update: Miami-Dade County, Florida (First reported 04-03-15): A second officer has been arrested in a federal investigation into a fraudulent credit-building scheme.
  • Spotsylvania, Virginia: A deputy resigned after being charged with assault. The incident was caught on video.
  • U.S. Marshals Service: A male employee of the agency pistol-whipped a man in an off-duty road rage incident. His name and title have been withheld to this point.
  • Update: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (First reported 08-01-14): Six officers who were on trial for robbing thousands of dollars from drug dealers over several years have been acquitted on all charges. A now-former 24-year veteran officer who cooperated with the prosecution testified against them.According to one news report, he testified “I was very loyal to the guys….I would lie for them. I would steal for them. I would abuse people for them. I wanted to be part of the squad.”
  • Los Angeles County, Calfornia: The now-former undersheriff and a now-retired captain were indicted for obstruction of a federal investigation into brutality at the jail.
  • Pasco, Washington: A now-former officer was criminally charged for allegedly raping a relative.
  • Orange County, Florida: A now-former deputy was arrested on child pornography charges. He resigned shortly after the investigation
  • Los Angeles, California Port Authority: The chief was charged with 16 federal counts including fraud and tax evasion.
  • Bossier Parish, Louisiana: A deputy was fired after being arrested for solicitation of prostitution.
  • Prince George’s County, Maryland: A now-former officer was convicted of assault and endangerment charges for striking a student at the school where he served as SRO.
  • Pacific County, Washington: A now-former deputy will spend 14 days in jail for intimidating children who egged his personal car and attempting to coerce their families to pay for the damage. His sentence includes 350 days that were suspended. He was also fined over $1,500. He is appealing his dismissal from the department.



Creative Commons License
  This work by Cato Institute is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. “













Eddie Murphy Impersonates James Brown





Published on Mar 6, 2012

” Eddie Murphy does a hilarious impression of James Brown in his movie Delirious (1982) “













David Boaz – Rand Paul And The Libertarian Mind





Published on May 16, 2015

” Kennedy interviews CATO’s David Boaz about how Rand Paul stacks up with key libertarian principles. “










Immanuel Kant




” The enjoyment of power inevitably corrupts the judgment of reason, and perverts its liberty. “











Jerry Holbert



Jerry Holbert













Today In The Past




1096 – Crusaders massacre Jews of Worm




1268 – The Principality of Antiocha crusader statefalls to the Mamluk Sultan Baibars in the Battle of Antioch.







1291 – Sultan of Egypt & his son take last Christian stronghold of Acre

1302 – Bruges Matins; the nocturnal massacre of the French garrison in Bruges by local Flemish militia.

1385 – Peace of Doornik: Gent & Louis van Thoughts

1593 – Playwright Thomas Kyd’s accusations of heresy lead to an arrest warrant for Christopher Marlowe.

1596 – Willem Barents leaves Amsterdam for Novaya Zemlya

1619 – Hugo the Great sentenced to life in prison

1631 – English colony Massachusetts Bay grants puritarian voting right

1631 – John Winthrop is elected 1st governor of Massachusetts

1642 – Montreal Canada founded

1652 – Rhode Island enacts 1st law declaring slavery illegal

1756 – England declares war on France

1765 – Fire destroys a large part of Montreal, Quebec.

1783 – First United Empire Loyalists reach Parrtown, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada after leaving the United States.

1803 – Britain declares war on France after Napoleon Bonaparte continues interfering in Italy & Switzerland

1804 – Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed Emperor of France

1811 – Battle of Las Piedras: The first great military triumph of the revolution of the Río de la Plata in Uruguay lead by Jose Artigas.

1830 – Edwin Budding of England signs an agreement for manufacture of his invention, lawn mower. Saturdays are destroyed forever

1846 – US troops attack Rio Grande occupying Matamoros

1852 – Massachusetts rules all school-age children must attend school

1860 – Republican Party nominates Abraham Lincoln for president

1861 – Battle of Sewall’s Point VA-1st Federal offense against South




1863 – Grant Lays Siege To VicksburgMS







1864 – Battle of Yellow Bayou, LA (Bayou de Glaize, Old Oaks)

1869 – Surrender and dissolution of the Ezo Republic to Japan.

1880 – 6th Kentucky Derby: George Lewis aboard Fonso wins in 2:37.5

1896 – US Supreme court affirms race separation (Plessy v Ferguson)




1896 – Khodynka TragedyA mass panic on Khodynka Field in Moscow during the festivities of the coronation of Russian Tsar Nicholas II results in the deaths of 1,389 people.







1897 – Irish Music Festival 1st held (Dublin)

1897 – American baseball NY Giant William (Bill) Joyce sets record of 4 triples in 1 game

1897 – Dracula, a novel by Irish author Bram Stoker is published.

1904 – American Ion Perdicaris kidnapped in Morocco

1910 – Passage of Earth through tail of Halley’s Comet causes near-panic




1916 – US pilot Kiffin Rockwell shoots down German aircraft







1917 – US passes Selective Service act

1918 – TNT explosion in chemical factory in Oakdale Penn kills 200

1920 – 46th Preakness: Clarence Kummer aboard Man o’ War wins in 1:51.6

1926 – Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson vanished in Venice California She showed up a month later & said she had been kidnapped

1927 – “Slide Lake” in Gros Ventre Wyoming collapses

1927 – Grauman’s Chinese Theater opens in Hollywood Calif

1927 – Ritz Hotel opens in Boston

1929 – 55th Kentucky Derby: Linus McAtee on Clyde Van Dusen wins in 2:10.8

1929 – Dodgers beat Phillies 20-16 & lost 8-6 in 2nd game (record 50 runs)




1933 – Tennessee Valley Act (TVAsigned by FDRto build dams







1934 – Academy Award 1st called Oscar in print (Sidney Skolsky)

1934 – Congress approves “Lindbergh Act,” makes kidnapping a capital offense

1934 – Jimmie Foxx hits 1st HR in Comiskey Park center field bleachers

1934 – TWA began commercial service

1940 – German troops conquer Brussels

1941 – Italian army under general Aosta surrenders to Britain in Ethiopia

1941 – Jewish veterans honor their dead

1942 – NYC ends night baseball games for rest of WW II

1943 – Allied bombers attack Pantelleria in the Mediterranean Sea

1944 – Polish 2nd Army corps captures convent of Monte Cassino Italy

1944 – Expulsion of more than 200,000 Tartars from Crimea by Soviet Union begins, they are accused of collaborating with the Germans

1948 – Arab Legion captures fort on Mt Scopus

1948 – Saudi Arabia joins invasion of Israel

1951 – UN moves HQ to NYC

1951 – US General Collins predicts use of atom bomb in Korea

1953 – 1st woman to break sound barrier (Jacqueline Cochrane, USA)

1953 – Jacqueline Cochran is 1st woman to break the sound barrier

1955 – 28.7 cm rain falls at Lake Maloya New Mexico (state record)

1956 – Mickey Mantle hits HR from both sides of plate for record 3rd time

1957 – 83rd Preakness: Eddie Arcaro aboard Bold Ruler wins in 1:56.2

1960 – Eillen Fulton begins playing Lisa on As the World Turn (for > 30 yrs)

1963 – 89th Preakness: Bill Shoemaker aboard Candy Spots wins in 1:56.2

1964 – Supreme Court rules unconstitutional to deprive naturalized citizens of citizenship if they return to home country for more than 3 years

1965 – Gene Roddenberry suggests 16 names including Kirk for Star Trek Capt

1967 – Silver hits record $1.60 an ounce in London

1967 – Tenn Gov Ellington repeals “Monkey Law,” upheld in 1925 Scopes Trial

1968 – 94th Preakness: Ismael Valenzuela aboard Forward Pass wins in 1:56.8

1968 – AL Kaline hits his 307th HR, surpassing Hank Greenberg as a Tiger

1968 – Frank Howard ties AL record with HR in his 6th consecutive game his 10 home runs in the most in 6 games

1969 – Apollo 10 (Stafford/Cernan/Young) launched toward lunar orbit

1971 – Pres Nixon rejects 60 demands of Congressional Black Caucus

1971 – Vampire rapist Wayne Bodens last victim found

1972 – John Sebastian makes 63 consecutive free throws while blindfolded

1974 – “Streak” by Ray Stevens hits #1

1974 – 100th Preakness: Miguel Rivera aboard Current Little wins in 1:54.6

1974 – India becomes 6th nation to explode an atomic bomb

1977 – Nightclub fire in Cincinnati  kills 164

1978 – Italy legalizes abortion

1980 – China PR launch 1st intercontinental rocket

1980 – Mount St Helens blows its top in Washington State, 60 die

1980 – Gwangju Massacre: Students in Gwangju, South Korea begin demonstrations, calling for democratic reforms.

1982 – Unification Church founder Rev Sun Myung Moon convicted of tax evasion

1983 – Senate revises immigration laws, gives millions of illegal aliens legal status under an amnesty program

1985 – 111th Preakness: Pat Day aboard Tank’s Prospect wins in 1:53.4

1985 – 1st remote location for “Nightline” (South Africa)

1986 – David Goch finishes swimming 55,682 miles in a 25-yd pool

1986 – South African army occupies Botswana, Zimbabwe & Zambia

1986 – Chung Kwung Ying did 2,750 “atomic” hand-stand push-ups

1990 – Cubs Ryne Sandberg ends 2nd baseman record 123 errorless game streak

1990 – Judy Carne arrested at JFK airport on an 11 year old drug warrant

1990 – Return To Green Acres TV movie airs

1991 – 117th Preakness: Jerry Bailey aboard Hansel wins in 1:54

1992 – Supreme Court rules states could not force mentally unstable criminal defendants to take anti-psychotic drugs

1993 – Italian police arrest Mafia boss Benedetto “Nitto” Santapaola

1994 – Israel withdraws from the Gaza Strip

1996 – 122nd Preakness: Pat Day aboard Louis Quatorze wins in 1:53.2

1998 – United States v. Microsoft: The United States Department of Justice and 20 U.S. states file an antitrust case against Microsoft.

2009 – Sri Lankan Civil War: The LTTE are defeated by the Sri Lankan government, ending almost 26 years of fighting between the two sides.






1048 – Omar KhayyámPersian mathematicianpoet and philosopher (d. 1131)







1186 – Konstantin of Rostov, Prince of Novgorod (d. 1218)

1474 – Isabella d’Este, Marquise of Mantua (d. 1539)

1610 – Stefano della Bella, Italian printmaker (d. 1664)

1711 – Ruggiero G Boscovich, [Rudzer J Boskovic], Italian astronomer

1788 – Hugh Clapperton, Annan Scotland, African explorer

1797 – Frederick Augustus II, King of Saxony (1836-54)

1798 – Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1870

1815 – Thomas Stanhope Bocock, rep (Confederacy), died in 1891

1817 – James William Denver, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1892

1850 – Oliver Heaviside, London, physicist (predicted ionosphere)

1868 – Nicholas II Aleksandrovitsj, last tsar of Russia (1894-1917)

1872 – Bertrand Russell, England, mathematician/philosopher (Nobel 1950)

1883 – Walter Gropius, Berlin Germany, architect (Bauhaus school of design)

1889 – Thomas Midgley, American chemist and inventor (d. 1944)

1891 – Rudolf Carnap, philosopher (German Logical Positivist)




1897 – Frank CapraItaldirector (Its a Wonderful LifeArsenic & Old Lace)







1900 – Sarah Miriam Peale, US, portrait painter (Gen Lafayette-1825)

1901 – Vincent du Vigneaud, US biochemist

1902 – [Robert] Meredith Willson, Mason City Iowa, composer (Music Man)

1904 – Jacob K Javits, (Sen-R-NY)

1907 – Robley D Evans, nuclear physicist

1907 – Carl Mydans, American photographer (d. 2004)




1911 – Joe TurnerKCblues singer (Corrine CorrinaShake Rattle & Roll)







1912 – Georg von Opel, German auto manufacturer

1912 – Perry Como, [Pierino], Canonsburg Pa, singer/TV (Perry Como Show)

1912 – Richard Brooks, Phila, director (Blackboard Jungle, In Cold Blood)

1915 – Leon Shenandoah, native American leader

1917 – James Donald, Aberdeen Scotland, actor (Bridge on River Kwai, Vikings)

1918 – George Welch, American pilot and war hero (d. 1954)

1919 – Margot Fonteyn, Surrey England, prima ballerina (Giselle)

1920 – John Paul II, [Karol Wojtyla], Wadowice, Poland, 264th Roman Catholic Pope (1978-2005)

1922 – Bill Macy, Revere Mass, actor (Walter-Maude, Oh! Calcutta)

1922 – Kai Winding, Danish-born Jazz musician (d. 1983)

1924 – Jack Whitaker, Phila Pa, sportscaster (ABC, CBS)

1928 – G R Hall, nuclear scientist

1928 – P G Hammersley, British Rear-Admiral

1928 – Pernell Roberts, Waycross Ga, actor (Adam-Bonanza, Trapper John MD)

1929 – Kai Winding, Denmark, American Jazz composer, (d. 1983)

1929 – Johan N Block, aviation pioneer (Martinair/Transavia/Air Holland)




1930 – Fred SaberhagenUSsci-fi author (Book of Swords)





1931 – Robert Morse, Newton Mass, actor (That’s Life, Jack Frost)

1934 – Dwayne Hickman, LA, actor (Dobie Gillis, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini)

1937 – Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Oriole 3rd baseman (1955-77)

1939 – Glen Hardin, Texas, rocker (Crickets)

1940 – A Marshall Stoneham, FRS, physicist

1941 – M S Longair, astronomer

1942 – Albert Hammond, rocker

1942 – Rodney Dillard, rocker (Glittergrass)

1943 – James Reiher, American professional wrestler

1946 – Reggie Jackson, “Mr October” baseball rightfielder (Yankees, A’s)

1948 – Joe Bonsall, Phila, country singer (Oak Ridge Boys-Elvira)

1949 – Rick Wakeman, rock keyboardist (Yes-Fish Out of Water)

1949 – William Wallace, rocker (Guess Who)

1950 – Rodney Milburn Jr, USA, hurdler (Olympic-gold-1972)

1950 – Thomas Gottschalk, Bamberg Germany, (Telespiele)

1951 – Angela Voigt, German DR, long jumper (Olympic-gold-76)

1951 – Denny Dillon, comedian (SNL, Dream On)

1952 – Diane E[lizabeth] Duane, US, sci-fi author (Door into Fire)

1952 – George Strait, Pearsall Tx, country singer (All My Exes Live in Texas)

1952 – Jeana Yeager, American aviator

1953 – [Feliciano] Butch Tavares, rocker (Tavares)

1955 – Yun Fat Chow, Nam Nga Island Hong Kong, actor (Better Tomorrow)

1957 – Michael Cretu, rocker (Enigma)

1960 – Yannick Noah, France, tennis player (French 1983)

1962 – Mike Whitmarsh, San Diego CA, beach volleyballer (Olympics-silver-96)

1962 – Nanne Grönvall, Swedish singer

1962 – Sandra Cretu, German singer

1966 – Mike Inez, US rock bassist (Alice in Chains-Facelift)

1967 – Heinz-Harald Frentzen, German F1 driver

1969 – Martika, [Marta Marrero], Cuba, singer (Toy Soldiers)

1970 – Tina Fey, American writer/actress

1971 – Clifton Sunada, Honolulu HI, extra-lightweight judoka (Olympics-96)

1971 – Desiree Horton, American helicopter pilot/television reporter

1971 – Nobuteru Taniguchi, Japanese racing driver

1973 – Dario Franchitti, Scottish racecar driver

1975 – Jack Johnson, American musician

1979 – Kaci Thompson, Miss Nevada Teen USA (1997)

1987 – Luisana Lopilato, Argentine actress and model

1992 – Spencer Breslin, American actor






526 – John I, Pope (523-26), dies

1160 – Erik IX Helgi, [The Saint], King of Sweden, dies

1401 – Władysław Opolczyk (German: Ladislaus von Oppel, count palatine of Hungary 1367-1372, governor of Halych-Volhynia 1372 –

1410 – Ruprecht, Roman catholics German king, dies

1450 – Sejong the Great of Joseon, ruler of Korea (b. 1397)

1584 – Ikeda Motosuke, Japanese samurai commander (b. 1559)

1587 – Felix van Cantalice, Italian saint, dies

1625 – Francisco Gomez de Sandoval y Rojas, Spanish marquis of Denia, dies

1675 – Stanisław Lubieniecki, Polish astronomer (b. 1623)




1781 – Túpac Amaru IIPeruvian Indian revolutionarya descendant of the last Inca rulerTúpac Amaru (b. 1742)







1800 – Alexander Suvorov, Russian general (b. 1729)

1808 – Elijah Craig, American minister and inventor (b. 1738?)

1862 – William H Keim, US Union brig-general, dies in battle at 48

1864 – James Byron Gordon, Confederate brig-gen, dies at 41

1900 – Jean Gaspard Felix Ravaisson-Mollien, French philosopher (b. 1813)

1922 – Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran, French physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1845)

1927 – Andrew Kehoe, American mass murderer (b. 1872)

1965 – Eduard J Dijksterhuis, mathematician (Archimedes), dies at 72

1973 – Jeannette Rankin, 1st Congresswoman (1917-19, 41-43), dies at 92

1974 – Daniel R Topping, US owner (NY Yankees), dies at 61

1980 – Reid Blackburn, a photojournalist for National Geographic was also a victim of Mount St. Helens eruption (b. 1952)

1980 – Harry Truman, victim of Mount St. Helens eruption (b. 1896)

1980 – David A. Johnston, a U.S. Volcanoligist was also a victim of Mount St. Helens eruption (b. 1949)

1981 – Arthur O’Connell, actor (Mr Peepers, 2nd Hundred Years), dies at 73

1981 – William Saroyan, US stagewriter (Time of your life), dies at 72

1987 – Wilbur J Cohen, 1st employee of Social Security System, dies at 73

1988 – Daws Butler, cartoon voice (Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound), dies at 71

1990 – Jill Ireland, actress (Carry on Nurse, Family), dies of cancer at 54

1995 – Alexander Gudonov, Russian dancer/actor (Witness), dies at 45

1995 – Elisha Cook Jr, actor (Maltese Falcon, Shane), dies at 91




1995 – Elizabeth Montgomeryactress (Bewitched), dies of cancer at 62





1996 – Simon Weinstock, businessman/racehorse owner, dies at 44

1999 – Betty Robinson, American runner (b. 1911)

2004 – Elvin Jones, American jazz drummer (b. 1927)

2006 – Andrew Martinez, U.C. Berkeley’s “Naked Guy” (b. 1972)

2007 – Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, French physicist (b. 1932)

2009 – Velupillai Prabhakaran,Sri Lankan founder and leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (b. 1954)

2009 – Wayne Allwine, American voice actor (b.1947)

















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