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What’s Next For The Bundys?







” The federal response will definitely come.  It will likely be in three areas; two of which don’t involve the Bundys specifically.  First, a multi-faceted attack will be made on the Bundys; second, a broad-front regulatory response against other land users will be made for the purpose of retaliation against the whole group and as a deterrent; and third, new provocateur deployments will probably be made across the West into similar situations.

  The attack on the Bundys will be planned to be large enough so as to not fail since precedents are being considered by the feds.  To give an historical example, the precedent of voluntary militias forming in the nineties as a constitutional concept in lieu of standing armies was effectively derailed for twenty years when the whole movement was painted as obscene by multiple federal law enforcement agencies intensely targeting them, or anything that looked like them, while prosecuting a P.R. campaign in conjunction with the sycophant mass media in the wake of the provocateured Oklahoma City fiasco.

  There is the possibility that doors will be smashed down in the darkness of early morning raids for all the Bundy family members, supporters, and ranch hands. There is the possibility that plants are feigning inside knowledge at this very moment and are seated with prosecutors scrolling through video and pointing out participants and ascribing statements or actions to them. Such violent raids on houses and places of business targeting these designated domestic terrorists represent one possibility. If that happens, it probably won’t be immediate. The following factors all affect the time-line for the response which I estimate to be in about three weeks, give or take a week or two.”


Our guess is bloodshed , as the Feds are sure to feel the need to make an example so as to: “Pour encourager les autres”

Read the whole thing and decide for yourself .









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S.E. Cupp: Michael Bloomberg Is ‘The Best, And By That, I Mean The Worst Face For Gun Control’






” Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp had some tough words for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the wake of him giving $50 million to push his gun control agenda.

  Appearing as a guest on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, the CNN Crossfire co-host mocked Bloomberg’s efforts: “Well, he’s the best, and by that, I mean the worst face for gun control. And believe me, my friends at NRA high-fived when they heard about this.

  Prior to the segment on Bloomberg’s gun control agenda, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos hosted former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to lobby for gun control. Stevens proposed a constitutional amendment in which the Second Amendment would read “The right of the people to keep and bear arms when serving in the militia should not be infringed.”

  Following the Stevens promotional segment, ABC’s Jeff Zeleny proclaimed that Michael Bloomberg was “absolutely not” the right face for gun control before arguing “That’s the exact question because during the Senate debate on this, in the months after Sandy Hook, everybody thought that some sort of background checks would pass the Senate. But it’s too easy for politicians out there to say that’s the New York City Mayor.”

After Zeleny’s repudiation of Bloomberg’s efforts, Cupp continued to dismantle Bloomberg:

  Going after the NRA is a very odd thing. The NRA represents law-abiding gun owners, like myself, they don’t represent criminals. They don’t event represent gun manufacturers. So why Mayor Bloomberg is turning his figurative guns on people like me when there are criminals out there seems a very strange way to go about reducing gun crime. His efforts on this issue have been measurable failures. “

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Dems Won’t Support Cuomo For President In 2016


No Mo' Cuomos!



” Gov. Cuomo, long known for his presidential aspirations, won’t enjoy the support of his own Democratic Party if Hillary Rodham Clinton decides not to run for president in 2016, top state Democrats have told The Post.

  The Democrats said Cuomo’s worsening relations with his party have led many to look elsewhere for a presidential standard bearer, should Clinton not run.

  He has had issues almost daily in recent weeks with Mayor de Blasio, top union leaders, the Working Families Party, former state Chairmen Jay Jacobs and John Sullivan, and key party leaders including state Democratic Co-Chair Stephanie Miner, who resigned abruptly last week.”

NY Post 

Teen ‘Lucky’ To Be Alive After Stowing Away On Calif.-Hawaii Flight





” A 16-year-old boy from California hopped a fence at the San Jose, Calif., Airport and sneaked into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines jetliner, stowing away for a five-hour flight, FBI spokesman Tom Simon told ABC News.

  Simon said the boy, who had run away from home, passed out inside the unprotected, unpressurized wheel well after the flight was airborne. When the plane landed at Maui Airport at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, the boy was still passed out, Simon said. He did not come to for about an hour.

  Ground crews later saw the boy walking around the tarmac, Simon said. He was taken into custody and checked by a doctor and found to have no injuries.

  News of the incident was met with suspicion and scrutiny. Most wheel-well stowaways don’t survive, falling victim to frigid temperatures and lack of oxygen. The chances of survival of a wheel-well stowaway on a commercial aircraft are about 24 percent, according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute.”


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Knob Creek 2014 Shoot (Photo Heavy)






” The famous Knob Creek Gun Range bi-annual Machine Gun Shoot needs no introduction. It is heaven-on-earth for gun nuts, or at least for gun nuts with cash to burn on ammunition. The April shoot happened last weekend. Roy of Andrews Armory, Little Rock, AR and Houston Hardin of (the man who makes those awesome xray gun prints) sent me these photos taken at the shoot … “




Knob Creek Shoot 2014



Tons more photos at The Firearms Blog






Pictured: Met Police Seize Arsenal Of Weapons Including Assault Rifles, Sawn-Off Shotguns And Uzis





” The remarkable haul marks one of the biggest-ever firearm seizures in the force’s history, and was taken in by Waltham Forest Gangs Task Force.

  A deadly arsenal of weapons described as one of Britain’s biggest ever gun hauls has been seized from a suspected gang hideout.

  Assault rifles, sawn off shotguns, an Uzi and a Thompson machine gun were discovered on a raid by Scotland Yard’s anti-gang squad.

  Thirty firearms and ammunition were found this morning by the Waltham Forest Gangs Task Force in east London following in what cops describes as “an intelligence led operation”.

  It emerged today that criminals are using a legal loophole to import guns into Britain for use in street shootings and robberies.

  A legal loophole allows some weapons to be considered as “antiques” under the law.

  All handguns were banned in the UK in 1996 after the Dunblane school massacre.

  However, the anomaly revolves around section 58 of the 1968 Firearms Act, which gives an exemption to “antique” weapons if they are considered as “curiosities or ornaments.”

  Campaigners say the Act fails to define “antique” but leaves the matter to the police and courts to decide.”


Visit The Mirror for more details








BNP Banker, His Wife And Nephew Murdered In Belgium







” In the beginning it was banker suicides. Then about two weeks ago, suicides were replaced by outright murders after the execution-style killing of the CEO of a bank in otherwise sleepy (and tax evasive) Lichtenstein by a disgruntled client. Then on Friday news hit of another execution-type murder in just as sleepy, if not so tax evasive, Belgium, where in the city of Vise, a 37-year-old Director at BNP Paribas Fortis was murdered alongside his wife and a 9 year old nephew in a premeditated and orchestrated drive-by shooting.

L’venir reports:


  According to Marcel Neven, Mayor of Vise, nothing can yet explain what caused the violent shooting that rocked the neighborhood sports hall of his town this Friday, April 18, late at night. A man of 37 years, Benedict Philippens, bank manager Ans-Saint-Nicolas, was shot. A little 9 year old boy, living in Dolhain, was also killed. A lady, the wife of the man and the boy’s aunt and godmother, Carol Haid, 37 also died of her injuries on Saturday, in the morning. She was hit by three bullets in the back, said a judicial source.”










John Pinette – Still Hungry – The Irish Diet





This Is Our Land! – Bundy Battle Statewide Movement – Western State Vs Fed 





Published on Apr 20, 2014

” This Morning Western States Now Joining In The Fray
How Lawmakers Telling Uncle Sam That Their Trying Get Their Land Back & They Want It Back Or Else 
This Is Our Land! – Bundy Battle Statewide Movement – Western State Vs Fed – F&F “










Franklin D. Roosevelt





” In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.”










Henry Payne














Today In The Past




753 BC - Romulus and Remus found Rome (traditional date).

43 BC - Battle of Mutina: Mark Antony is again defeated in battle by Aulus Hirtius, who is killed. Antony fails to capture Mutina and Decimus Brutus is murdered shortly after.

953 - Otto I the Great gives Utrecht fishing rights

1420 - Treaty of Saint Maartens Dike

1453 - Turkish fleet sinks ships Golden Receiver in Constantinople

1509 - Henry the VIII becomes King of England

1521 - Battle at Villalar: Emperor Charles I beats Communards

1526 - Battle at Panipat: Mogol Emperor Babur beats sultan Ibrahim Lodi

1572 - France & England sign anti-Spanish military covenant

1649 - Maryland Toleration Act passed, allowing all freedom of worship

1689 - William III & Mary Stuart proclaimed king & queen of England

1789 - John Adams sworn in as 1st US VP (9 days before Washington)

1792 - Tiradentes, a revolutionary leading movement for Brazil’s independence, is hanged, drawn and quartered.

1794 - NYC formally declares coast of Ellis Island publically owned, so they can build forts to protect NYC from British

1828 - Noah Webster publishes 1st American dictionary




1836 - Battle of San Jacintoin which Texas wins independence from Mexico







1855 - 1st train crosses Miss River’s 1st bridge, Rock Is Ill-Davenport Ia

1857 - Alexander Douglas patents the bustle

1862 - Congress establishes US Mint in Denver, Co

1865 - Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train leaves Washington

1878 - First Lady Lucy Hayes begins egg rolling contest on White House lawn

1878 - NY installs 1st firehouse pole

1878 - Ship Azor leaves Charleston with 206 blacks for Liberia

1898 - Spanish-American War: The U.S. Congress, on April 25, recognizes that a state of war exists between the United States and Spain as of this date.

1904 - Ty Cobb makes his pro debut for Augusta (South Atlantic League)

1913 - Gideon Sundback of Sweden patents the zipper




1914 - US marines occupy Vera CruzMexicostay 6 months







1918 - World War I: German fighter ace Manfred von Richthofen, known as “The Red Baron”, is shot down and killed over Vaux sur Somme in France.

1922 - The first Aggie Muster is held as a remembrance for fellow Aggies who had died in the previous year.

1930 - Fire at Ohio State Penitentiary kills 322

1934 - Moe Berg, Senators catcher, plays AL record 117th cons errorless game

1945 - Allied troops occupy German nuclear laboratory

1945 - He Shima Okinawa conquered in 5 days, 5,000 die

1945 - Russia army arrives at outskirts of Berlin

1945 - US 7th Army occupies Neurenberg



1948 - 1st Polaroid camera was sold in US






1952 - BOAC begins 1st passenger service with jets (London-Rome route)

1952 - Secretary’s Day (now Administrative Professionals’ Day) is first celebrated.

1954 - Gregori Malenkov becomes premier of USSR

1954 - USAF flies French battalion to Vietnam

1955 - Minas Gerais Argentina tunnel caves in; 30 die

1956 - Elvis Presley’s 1st hit record, “Heartbreak Hotel,” becomes #1

1959 - 1211-kg great white shark becomes largest fish ever caught on a rod

1959 - Alf Dean using a rod & reel hooks a 2,664lb, 16′ 10″ white shark

1961 - French army revolts in Algeria

1961 - USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 32,000 m

1963 - Beatles meet Rolling Stones for 1st time

1965 - New York World’s Fair reopens for 2nd & final season

1967 - Dodgers 1st rain out in Los Angeles (after 737 consecutive games)

1967 - Josef Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, defects to US

1967 - Military coup in Greece, Konstantinos Kollias becomes premier

1970 - Reds clout 7 HRs by 6 batters, Braves counter with 3 HRs, 6 for one team & 9 different batters for two teams, all tie or set records

1972 - John Young & Charles Duke explores Moon (Apollo 16)

1972 - Orbiting Astronomical Observatory 4 (Copernicus) launched

1981 - US furnish $1 billion in arms to Saudi-Arabia

1983 - 1 pound coin introduced in United Kingdom

1984 - “Nightline” reverts back from 1 hour to ½ hour

1984 - Centers for Disease Cont says virus discovered in France causes AIDS

1984 - Franz Weber of Austria skis downhill at a record 209.8 kph

1986 - Bob Hering sets Formula One power boat record (165.338 mph, Ariz)




1986 - Geraldo Rivera opens Al Capone’s vault on TV & finds nothing






1987 - Tamil bomb attack in Colombo Sri Lanka, 115 killed

1989 - George W Bush & Edward W Rose become CEO of Texas Rangers

1989 - Thousands of Chinese crowd into Beijing’s Tiananmen Square cheering students demanding greater political freedom

1990 - “Cartoon All Stars to Rescue” shown on all 4 TV networks

1992 - Mobil Oil tug with 12,000 gallons of oil run aground in Arthur Kill

1995 - FBI arrested Timothy McVeigh & charge him with Oklahoma City bombing

1996 - Chicago Bulls win NBA record 72 games (72-8)

1997 - Ashes of Timothy Leary & Gene Roddenberry launched into orbit




2008 - The United States Air Force retires the F-117 Nighthawk.







1488 - Ulrich von Hutten, German poet/humanist/patriot

1546 - Arcangelo Crivelli, composer

1555 - Ludovico Carracci, Italian painter (d. 1619)

1619 - John A van Riebeeck, colonial director/founder (Cape Colony)

1652 - Michel Rolle, French mathematician (d. 1719)

1671 - John Law, Scottish economist (d. 1729)

1774 - Jean-Baptiste Biot, French physicist/astronomer (balloonist)

1775 - Alexander Anderson, US, engraver/illustrator (Shakespeare)

1803 - Levin Minn Powell, Commander (Union Navy), died in 1885

1809 - Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter, Secy State (Confederacy)

1816 - Charlotte Bronte, Tornton England, novelist (Jane Eyre)

1834 - William Rufus Terrill, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1862

1838 - John Muir, US, naturalist/discoverer (glaciers in High Seirras)

1849 - Oskar Hertwig, Germany, embryologist, discovered fertilization

1851 - Charles Barrois, French geologist (d. 1939)

1864 - Max Weber, German sociologist/economist/historian (Ancient Judaism)

1870 - Edwin S. Porter, American film pioneer (d. 1941)

1872 - GW Bitzer, [Johann Gottlob Wilhelm Bitzer], Roxbury MA

1882 - Percy Williams Bridgman, American physicist, Nobel laureate (d. 1961)

1889 - Paul Karrer, Swiss chemist, Nobel laureate (d. 1971)

1896 - Henry M de Montherlant, French novelist and stage author (La Reine Morte)

1905 - Edmund G “Pat” Brown, (Gov-D-California)

1911 - Leonard Warren, NYC, baritone, Met 1939-60) died on stage

1911 - Ivan Combe, American inventor (d. 2000)

1912 - Eve Arnold, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, photojournalist (Marilyn Monroe) (d. 2012)

1913 - Choh Hao Li, bio-chemist professor, isolated growth hormones)

1913 - Norman Parkinson, England, fashion photographer, Harper’s Bazaar)


1915 - Anthony QuinnMexicoactorZorba the GreekLawrence of Arabia)

Actor, Anthony Quinn





1919 - Don Cornell, American singer (d. 2004)

1924 - Daniel Melnick, NYC, producer, Get Smart)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
1927 - Gerald Flood, British actor (d. 1989)

1930 - Don Tyson, founder, Tyson Foods)

1930 - Silvana Mangano, Rome Italy, actress (Death in Venice, Barabbas)

1932 - Elaine May, Phila Pa, comedienne/writer/actress, New Leaf)

1936 - Bob Cleary, US, ice hockey player (Olympic-gold-1960)

1936 - James Dobson, American evangelist

1937 - Charles Lee Herron, Ky, FBI most wanted fugitive (Jan 1 1986)

1942 - Bobby McClure, US gospel singer (Don’t Mess Up a Good Thing)

1947 - Alan Warner, rocker (Foundations)

1947 - Iggy Pop, [James Osterberg], Mich, rocker (Zombie Birdhouse)

1949 - Patti LuPone, Northport NY, actress/singer (Evita, Life Goes On)

1951 - Tony Danza, Brooklyn, (Tony Banta-Taxi, Tony Micelli-Who’s the Boss)

1958 - Andie MacDowell, [Rosali Anderson], SC, actress (Green Card) [or 2/12]

1959 - Jerry Only, American musician (The Misfits)

1959 - Michael Timmins, Canadian musician (Cowboy Junkies)

1960 - Julius Korir, Kenya, 3K steeplechaser (Olympic-gold-1984)

1962 - Sergei Viktorovich Zalyotin, Russia, major/cosmonaut

1971 - Samantha Druce, youngest woman to swim English Channel

1971 - Alexander Kravchenko, Russian professional poker player

1971 - Hasan Akbar, American convicted murderer

1975 - Danyon Joseph Loader, Dunedin NZ, 200m/400m swimmer (Olymp-2 gold-96)

1978 - Branden Steineckert, American drummer (Rancid), (The Used)

1980 - Tony Romo, American football player






1073 - Alexander II, [Anselmo da Baggio], Pope (1061-73), dies

1109 - Anselmus, philosopher/archbishop of Canterbury, dies

1142 - Pierre Abélard, French writer (b. 1079)

1329 - Frederick IV, Duke of Lorraine (b. 1282)

1509 - Henry VII, 1st Tudor king of England (1485-1509), dies at 52

1551 - Oda Nobuhide, Japanese warlord (b. 1510)

1552 - Peter Apianus, [Bennewitz/Bienewitz], German astronomer, dies at 50

1557 - Petrus Apianus, German mathematician (b. 1495)

1574 - Cosimo de Medici, Italian duke of Toscane, dies at about 54

1699 - Jean Racine, French dramatist (b. 1639)

1701 - Asano Naganori, Japanese warlord (b. 1667)

1722 - Robert Beverley, Jr., historian of Colonial Virginia (b. 1673)

1730 - Jan Palfijn, Flemish physician/inventor (forceps), dies at 79

1792 - Tiradentes, Brazilian revolutionary (b. 1746)

1825 - Johann Friedrich Pfaff, German mathemattician (b. 1765)

1852 - Ivan Nabokov, Russian general (b. 1787)


1910 - Mark Twain, [Samuel Clemens], author (Huckleberry Finn), dies at 74







1918 - “Red Baron”, [Manfred von Richtofen], shot down in WW I at 25

1938 - Muhammad Iqbal, Brt E Indies lawyer/Pakistan national hero, dies at 65

1946 - John Maynard Keynes, English economist (b. 1883)

1962 - Frederick Handley Page, designer of 1st big airplane (40 seats), dies

1965 - Edward V Appleton, English physicist (Nobel Prize 1947), dies at 72

1967 - Andre L Danjon, French astronomer, dies at 77

1968 - Toby Halicki, car-crash film producer 48, killed shooting stunt

1971 - Francois “Doc” Duvalier, dictator of Haiti, dies at 64

1977 - Gummo [Milton] Marx, US comic (Marx Brothers), dies at 84

1980 - Aleksandr Oparin, Russian biochemist (b. 1894)

1985 - Rudi Gernreich, US designer (miniskirt), dies at 62

1990 - Erté, French artist (b. 1892)

1992 - Robert Harris, murderer, executed in Calif’s gas chamber at 39

1996 - Dzhokhar Dudayev, separatist leader and President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (1991), dies at 52

1996 - Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, oddsmaker/sportscaster (CBS), dies at 76


2003 - Nina SimoneAmerican singer and pianist (b. 1933)







2004 - Mary McGrory, American journalist (b. 1918)

2005 - Gerry Marshall, British racing driver (b. 1941)

2008 - Al Wilson, American singer (b. 1939)

2012 - Charles Colson, Nixon adviser (Watergate), dies from a brain hemorrhage at 80











Cowboy Poet Waddie Mitchell Pens ‘Call to All’ In Nevada Ranch Standoff


Waddie Mitchell



” Famed cowboy poet and Nevada rancher Waddie Mitchell , who spoke with Newsmax TV last week about the clash between Bundy and the BLM, has made the standoff the subject of his latest poem. He shared the piece, “A Call to All,” with Newsmax:

  This poem is not about a cowman who refused to give up rights
Or how the Feds have treated him and started all these fights
And it’s not about what side I’m on for a tortoise or some fees
This is all about our government out doing as it please

A Call To All

Americans, listen up and fear
About what’s happening out here
How our bureaucracies do anything to win
They stomp all over rights
Starting State and local fights
Stealing land and property from citizens

How the bureau of mis-management
Doesn’t even have to get consent
To spend six million to put one lone rancher down
Cuz, a tortoise might get stepped on
And some fees they disagree on ,,
Make it worth Gestapo force with guns and hounds?

The roots from which this stems
Come from their rules, all wrote by them
And they enforce their rules, but if you disagree
Guess who judges the whole mess?
You don’t even have to guess
The monster’s growing folks, it’s hungry and wants feed

Shall we all just sit and watch
While they carve another notch
From the rights that they have whittled on for years
One more gouge might cut plumb through
Allowing government to rule
And that would be the summit of our fears

Do you want a wolf Bo Peep
That will kill and eat your sheep
Or a guard dog to protect the sheep you own?
The offensive they’ve unfurled
Is reminiscent of third world
Who have ever thought it’d happen here at home?

And the puppet bureaucrats
Who are supposed to have our backs
The gorilla tactics they employ, folks, just ain’t right
They are poking hornet nests
Causing anger and unrest
They’ve no idea the deep resolve of folks they’ll fight

And sheriff, what the Hell’s with you ?
Do what you were sworn to do
Your siding with the Feds on this seems odd
Which politician got to you?
You protect and serve just who?
We need sheriffs not afraid to do their job

For, if they get away with this
Our freedom’s thrown to the abyss
And we will all feel Big Bad Brother’s iron hand
We best get out of our chairs
Prove to them that we do care
For the rights and freedoms that have built this land

Civil disobedience
Makes sense, when there’s no other sense ‘
It’s a shame but sometimes people must stand strong
It worked for Civil rights and Vietnam
And for the rights that women won
And,in each case, it proved the government was wrong

And how did the Feds respond?
Well, they went so far beyond
And murdered citizens for how they think and feel
How many wars, of late, have we been in
Because they lied and fed their spin?
And we lost soldiers, reputation and billions in the deal

You good folks who do not live out here
It’s best you listen close and fear
The systems rigged and now they’re wanting more
They’ve shown willingness to kill
For things against the peoples will
As Americans are we to take much more?

And this ruling with force and fear
Seems to escalate each year
Friends,they are nothing more than ‘enemies of state’
Why would they come with thugs and snipers
Taze and threaten folks like vipers
If what they’re doing is at all legitimate?

And for the mess that we have got
Follow the trail way up the top
They need arrested where they haven’t spread their claws
We go get individual crooks
That are juggling the books
Why does a government job protect them from the law

And accomplices should do time
For participating in the crime
Just as bank robbers, armed and acting tough
I can’t conceive what kind of minds
Would condone these kinds of crimes
Against neighbors just saying, “that’s enough”

And the puppet bureaucrats
Alibi- ing shameful acts
Like the guards did from the concentration camps
Claim “We just do what we are told”
That willingness make tyrants bold
All agencies and powers need revamped

It’s sad but true, it’s come to this
Our government has gone amiss
Just when last did the Senate do its job?
Have they earned thIs kind of clout
Or even your benefit of doubt?
We’d be better off if we dealt with the mob

Remember, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Kent State ?
Will you allow that be our fate?
While we stand up for the rights of me and you
The facts are there, folks, you discern
Stand and show that you ‘re concerned
For the nightmare of Big Brother’s coming true!

And don’t believe there’s “Public Ground”
That just has a pleasant sound
Folks it’s “federal” when they when they want to lock the gate
And our taxes pay for all their crimes
As they grow bolder all the time
Don’t let a police state with a ruler be our fate?”

Waddie Mitchell 

Newsmax has more

War On Free Speech: Starkville, Mississippi Aldermen Want Twitter Parodist Arrested




” The War on Free Speech marches into Starkville, Mississippi, where police are seeking the master criminals who lampooned Starkville Aldermen David Little and Ben Carver using the Twitter accounts @DavidLittleBOA and @BenCarverPray.

The Daily Dolt notes:

  The two aldermen came under fire recently after instigating the removal of Starkville’s highly popular Chief Administration Officer Lynn Spruill without providing any reason for the coup other than Carver’s comment that he “prayed” about it and God told him to kick her to the curb (hence the parody handle @BenCarverPrays).”



Fake Twitter




   The other day we reported on the mayor of Peoria using the police to stifle dissent and in just a matter of days the tactic has reared it’s ugly head again , this time in Mississippi











From Distractify



FREE wifi great BEER

Here’s another sample of the sidewalk witticisms you’re sure to enjoy … 

Unattended Children

For a good laugh , be sure to check out the rest

This 80 Year Old Ballroom Dancer Has Everyone Yawning. And Then Something Incredible Happens And Leaves Everyone In Shock.





Published on Apr 12, 2014

” See more from Britain’s Got Talent at

  Simon’s not strictly in the mood for ballroom, but Paddy & Nico have much more in store than first appearances suggest. Watch the energy-shift in this electric pairing’s performance.”









Holy Cow, Another Crazy Meteor Caught On Russian Dashcam







” Last night, yet another eye-searing blue meteor screamed across the dark Russian sky. Lucky for us, Russia is the land of dashcams, meaning that yet again, we get a driver’s seat view of the phenomenon. How do you say “wow” in Russian.”



Here is another view of the latest meteor from Murmansk



Gizmodo has more







Trouble For Democrats: More Senate Seats Are At Risk





” Democrats are finding that their path to keeping control of the U.S. Senate this year is getting bumpier.

  At least four states where Democrats hold Senate seats that once were seen as fairly safe are now considered in play: Michigan, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire.

  They join seven states with Democratic incumbents where analysts see decent bets for Republican pickups: Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney carried all seven in 2012.

  The new four are now battlegrounds for the same reasons that plague Democrats elsewhere. The Affordable Care Act is detested in many circles. Anyone associated with Washington is often toxic. And popular Republicans who are running for other offices are often on the ballot.”


Read on








Watch Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal Narrowly Avoid A Train During A Railway Safety Press Conference






” Actions may speak louder than words, but Sen. Richard Blumenthal took that mentality to the extreme on Friday.

  The Connecticut Democrat was standing behind Milford Mayor Ben Blake on the town’s Metro-North station platform as the two held a press conference on railway safety. Complete with easels and charts, Blake was laying out the MTA’s safety violations, which total 139 over the last 10 years, worth $552,000 in fines.

Safety, as you know, is paramount,” Blake said — and then this happened.”

Read more

Special Forces’ Suicide Rates Hit Record Levels

Casualties Of ‘Hard Combat’






” The suicide rates for U.S. military members who serve in special forces, like the Navy SEALs and the Army Rangers, have hit all-time highs, said Adm. William McRaven, the head of Special Operations Command.

  The rate’s been high for two years, he said, Newsmax reported.

“ And this year, I am afraid, we are on path to break that,” he went on at a conference in Tampa. “My soldiers have been fighting now for 12, 13 years in hard combat — hard combat — and anybody that has spent any time in this war has been changed by it. It’s that simple.”

Continued here

Western Lawmakers Gather In Utah To Talk Federal Land Takeover





” It’s time for Western states to take control of federal lands within their borders, lawmakers and county commissioners from Western states said at Utah’s Capitol on Friday.

  More than 50 political leaders from nine states convened for the first time to talk about their joint goal: wresting control of oil-, timber -and mineral-rich lands away from the feds.

” It’s simply time,” said Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, who organized the Legislative Summit on the Transfer for Public Lands along with Montana state Sen. Jennifer Fielder. “The urgency is now.” “

Federal Lands

” Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, was flanked by a dozen participants, including her counterparts from Idaho and Montana, during a press conference after the daylong closed-door summit. U.S. Sen. Mike Lee addressed the group over lunch, Ivory said. New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington also were represented.

  The summit was in the works before this month’s tense standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management over cattle grazing, Lockhart said.

” What’s happened in Nevada is really just a symptom of a much larger problem,” Lockhart said.

Fielder, who described herself as “just a person who lives in the woods,” said federal land management is hamstrung by bad policies, politicized science and severe federal budget cuts.

“Those of us who live in the rural areas know how to take care of lands,” Fielder said, who lives in the northwestern Montana town of Thompson Falls.”

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“Rifle Shot”




    Last week we posted about the best campaign video , “Electile Disfunction” from JD Winteregg who is trying to send John Boehner into retirement and now we are pleased to bring you this fabulous ad from Matt Rosendale that gives Winteregg’s ad some serious competition .

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Over 1,200 High School Seniors Sign Petition Against Michelle Obama Speaking At Their Graduation



US Presiden Barack Obama attends event aimed at expanding college opportunity




” According to DailyMail, “Taylor Gifford, 18, started an online petition on Thursday with over 1,200 signatures asking that Michelle Obama not speak at Topeka High School graduation… Some students feel that the speech would overshadow student accomplishments and others feel limited seating will be a problem.”

  The students are worried Michelle’s speech would overshadow their accomplishments and also limit the seating for their friends and family. But see, what these high schoolers fail to realize is that EVERYTHING is about the Obamas. That’s why the President tweeted a picture of himself to celebrate the anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus. That’s why the President’s gift to Queen Elizabeth was an ipod pre-loaded with his speeches and photos of his inauguration. That’s why the President spent a three-day government shutdown posing for a portrait. That’s why Michelle goes on her constant vacations and hosts extravagant dinners on the taxpayer’s dime. That’s why the President showed up 30 minutes late and alone to dinner with Putin and other world leaders to discuss Syria. That’s why the President took a “selfie” at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. That’s why the President went to Vegas on the day when news broke about the attack in Benghazi. The list is unending. They aren’t leaders. They’re narcissists.”


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According to The Blaze the number of signatories have climbed to 1750








Student Is Asked To Decorate Tissue Box With Presidential Quotes, His Project Is Awesome!



Bill & Monica





” This is from the Reddit user Saabn. If his teacher is anything like the 98% of liberal teachers out there, I bet they were none to happy with this project. I would give him an A+! “


See the rest at The Minority Report








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