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Daily Video 6.24.15

Charles Murray And Jonah Goldberg On Civil Disobedience In America




Published on May 11, 2015

” The American ideal of limited government on life support. Is it time for civil disobedience? Charles Murray says yes. Murray has been writing on government overreach for more than 30 years. His new book, “By The People,” is a blueprint for taking back American liberty. Jonah Goldberg sits down with Murray to discuss civil unrest in Baltimore, the scope of the government, and why bureaucrats should wear body cameras.

  According to AEI scholar, acclaimed social scientist, and bestselling author Charles Murray, American liberty is under assault. The federal government has unilaterally decided that it can and should tell us how to live our lives. If we object, it threatens, “Fight this, and we’ll ruin you.” How can we overcome regulatory tyranny and live free once again? In his new book, “By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission” (Crown Forum, May 2015), Murray offers provocative solutions.

For more, come to the live event at AEI:… ”











St Augustine



” Though defensive violence will always be ‘a sad necessity’ in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men.”














Michael Ramirez















Today in the Past



451 – 10th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet

843 – Vikings destroy Nantes

1314 – Battle of Bannockburn; Scotland regains independence from England

1441 – Eton College founded by Henry VI

1509 – Henry VIII crowned King of England

1540 – Henry VIII divorces his 4th wife, Anne of Cleves

1664 – The colony of New Jersey is founded.

1795 – US & Great Britain sign Jay Treaty, 1st US extradition treaty

1817 – 1st coffee planted in Hawaii on Kona coast

1853 – Gadsden Purchase 29,670-square-mile (76,800 square km) from Mexico (now southern Arizona and New Mexico) for $10 million signed by President Franklin Pierce 

1861 – Tennessee becomes 11th (& last) state to secede from US

1863 – Planning an invasion of Pennsylvania, Lee’s army crosses Potomac




1884 – John Lynch is 1st black elected chairman of Republican convention






1894 – Decision to hold modern Olympics every 4 years

1916 – Mary Pickford becomes the first female film star to get a million dollar contract.

1917 – Russian Black Sea fleet mutiny at Sebastopol

1930 – 1st radar detection of planes, Anacostia DC

1938 – 500 ton meteorite lands near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

1939 – Pan Am’s 1st US to England flight

1947 – Jackie Robinson swipes home for 1st of 19 times in his career

1948 – Soviet Union begins Berlin Blockade

1962 – Jack Reed’s 22nd-inning HR wins longest NY Yankee game in history

1968 – Jim Northrup hits 2 grand-slammers to help Tigers beat Cleve 14-3

1970 – “Catch 22” opens in movie theaters

1970 – Bobby Murcer ties record of 4 consecutive HRs

1972 – “Troglodyte (Cave Man)” by Jimmy Castor Bunch peaks at #6




1972 – Yvonne Braitwaite Burke becomes 1st black chair in Dem convention






1980 – Affirmed wins $500,000 Hollywood Cup, 1st horse to win $2 million

2004 – In New York, capital punishment is declared unconstitutional.


1386 – Giovanni da Capistrano, Italian saint (d. 1456)

1771 – E I Du Pont, France, chemist/scientist (Du Pont)

1813 – Henry Ward Beecher, Litchfield Ct, clergyman/orator (Independent)

1842 – Ambrose Bierce, Meigs County, Ohio, American writer and satirist (Devil’s Dictionary, Nuggets & Dust)

1850 – Horatio Herbert Kitchener, England, original Order of Merit member

1897 – Daniel K. Ludwig, American shipping magnate (d. 1992)

1899 – Chief Dan George, actor (Harry & Tonto, Little Big Man. Smith!)

1903 – Phil Harris, Linton In, actor (Anything Goes, Robin Hood)

1911 – Juan Manuel Fangio, racing driver

1944 – Jeff Beck, Surrey England, singer/guitarist (Jeff Beck Group)

1950 – Mercedes R Lackey, US, sci-fi author (Arrow’s Fall, Magic’s Pawn)


1398 – Hongwu Emperor of China (b. 1328)

1519 – Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander, dies at 39

1817 – Thomas McKean, US attorney/signer (Decl of Independence), dies at 83

1908 – Grover Cleveland, 22nd & 24th Pres (1885-89, 93-97), dies at 71

1946 – Louise Whitfield Carnegie, American philanthropist (b. 1857)

1987 – Jackie Gleason, comedian (Honeymooners), dies of colon cancer at 71

2007 – Chris Benoit, Canadian professional wrestler (b. 1967)






















National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 06.19.15


National Police Misconduct Reporting Project




” Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, June 19, 2015:

  • Jacksonville, Florida: An officer was arrested for battery and drug charges.
  • Miami-Dade, Florida: A detective was relieved of duty after being accused of stealing custom-made jewelry during a drug raid.
  • Seaside Park, New Jersey: An officer was arrested for sexual contact with a minor.
  • Sweetwater County, Wyoming: A now-former deputy pled not guilty to perjury charges related to multiple traffic stops in 2014.
  • Amarillo, Texas: An officer was fired after sexual assault allegation.
  • Dekalb County, Georgia: A now-former deputy will serve one year in prison for soliciting prostitution while on duty. He was sentenced to ten years but will have nine years suspended.
  • Richland County, South Carolina: A deputy was arrested for domestic violence.
  • Omaha, Nebraska: A sergeant was arrested for DUI.



Creative Commons License
  This work by Cato Institute is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.”













Happy Belated Birthday Skip James

Born 6.21.02 Died 10.3.69






” Among the earliest and most influential Delta bluesmen to record, Skip James was the best-known proponent of the so-called Bentonia school of blues players, a genre strain invested with as much fanciful scholarly “research” as any. Coupling an oddball guitar tuning set against eerie, falsetto vocals,James‘ early recordings could make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Even more surprising was when blues scholars rediscovered him in the ’60s and found his singing and playing skills intact. Influencing everyone from a young Robert Johnson (Skip‘s “Devil Got My Woman” became the basis of Johnson‘s “Hellhound on My Trail”) to Eric Clapton (who recorded James‘ “I’m So Glad” on the first Cream album), Skip James‘ music, while from a commonly shared regional tradition, remains infused with his own unique personal spirit.” Continue reading



More videos














Bob Marley Drop It Haahd Part 1





By The People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission – Charles Murray




Published on May 13, 2015

” Civil disobedience may be the only avenue left for millions of Americans who just want to go about their business undisturbed. Charles Murray explains his dangerous idea in the new book, By the People: Rebuilding Liberty without Permission.

Video produced by Caleb O. Brown and Austin Bragg.”










George Mason




” Considering the natural lust for power so inherent in man, I fear the thirst of power will prevail to oppress the people.”













Lisa Benson













Today In The Past



930 – World’s oldest parliament, the Iceland Parliament, established

1683 – William Penn signs friendship treaty with Lenni Lenape indians in Pennsylvania; 

1775 – 1st regatta held on Thames, England

1776 – Final draft of Declaration of Independence submitted to US Congress

1780 – American Revolution: Battle of Springfield fought in and around Springfield, New Jersey (including Short Hills, formerly of Springfield, now of Millburn Township.

1784 – 1st US balloon flight (13 year old Edward Warren)

1810 – John Jacob Astor organizes Pacific Fur Co (Astoria, Oregon)

1868 – Christopher Latham Sholes patents “Type-writer”

1888 – Frederick Douglass is 1st African-American nominated for president

1894 – The International Olympic Committee is founded at the Sorbonne, Paris, at the initiative of Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

1931 – Wiley Post & Harold Catty took off for flight around world

1939 – Bronko Nagurski beats Lou Thesz in Houston, to become wrestling champ

1947 – Truman’s veto of Taft-Hartley Act overridden by congress

1949 – 1st 12 women graduate from Harvard Medical School

1950 – Swiss parliament refuses voting right for women

1952 – US airplanes bomb energy centers at Yalu Korea

1955 – Walt Disney’s “Lady & the Tramp” released

1961 – USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 32,830 m

1964 – Gen Maxwell Taylor appointed US ambassador in South Vietnam

1967 – Jim Ryun sets mile record (3:51.1, Bakersfield CA)

1969 – Warren E Burger sworn in as Supreme Court Chief Justice

1974 – 1st extraterrestrial message sent from Earth into space

1976 – CCN Tower in Toronto, tallest free-standing structure (555 m) opens

1979 – Charlie Daniels Band releases “Devil Went Down to Georgia”

1979 – Rock group, the Knack releases “My Sharona”

1981 – 33 inning game ends, Pawtucket 3, Rochester 2

1982 – -117°F; All time low at South Pole

1986 – Tip O’Neill refuses to let Reagan address House

1991 – Mazda becomes 1st Japanese car to capture Le Mans 24 hour race

1993 – Lorena Gallo Bobbitt amputates husband’s John Wayne Bobbitt’s penis

1997 – Dow Jones drops 192.25 pts


47 BC – Pharaoh Ptolemy XV of Egypt (d. 30 BC)

1534 – Oda Nobunaga, Japanese warlord (d. 1582)

1894 – Alfred Kinsey, Hoboken, New Jersey, American entomologist/sexologist (Kinsey Report)

1894 – Edward VIII, King of Great Brit/N-Ireland/emperor of India (1936)

1902 – Howard T Engstrom, Boston, computer designer (Univac)

1940 – Wilma Rudolph, St Bethlehem Tenn, runner (Olympic-3 gold-1960)

1943 – Vint Cerf, American Internet pioneer, Turing Award laureate

1948 – Clarence Thomas, Savannah Ga, 108th US Supreme Court Justice (1991- )

1977 – Jason Mraz, American singer and songwriter


79 – Vespasian, Roman Emperor (b. 9)

1582 – Shimizu Muneharu, Japanese military leader (b. 1537)

1916 – Victor Chapman, US legionaire/WW I pilot, killed

1945 – Lt Gen Ushijima, Japanese commander, commits suicide at Okinawa

1970 – Roscoe Turner, American aviator and racer (b. 1895)

1995 – Jonas Salk, biologist (Polio vaccine), dies of heart failure

2005 – Shana Alexander, American columnist (b. 1926)

2009 – Ed McMahon, American television personality (b. 1923)

2011 – Peter Falk, American actor (b. 1927)

















National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 06.18.15



National Police Misconduct Reporting Project





” Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, June 18, 2015:

  • Calhoun County, Colorado: A deputy was arrested for DUI.
  • Sacramento County, California: A now-former deputy was convicted for selling firearms purchased for law enforcement to a civilian illegally.
  • Salinas, California: An officer has been removed from patrol duty after a recorded violent arrest. He struck the suspect five times with his
  • Update: Buffalo, New York (First reported 05-08-15): An officer will not be charged for actions off duty at a bar where the owner threw a patron down a flight of stairs, leading to his eventual death. Another off-duty officer who was there faces civil rights charges.
  • Deschutes County, Oregon: The sheriff’s office faces a wrongful death suit and a state department of justice investigation for letting an inmate die in custody.
  • Miami-Dade, Florida: A detective was indicted on federal charges for stealing money and other property from motorists.
  • Monroe, Michigan: An officer was fined $850 after he pled guilty to operating while impaired, a lesser charge than DUI. He remains on leave.
  • Bibb County, Georgia: A deputy was arrested for DUI



Creative Commons License
  This work by Cato Institute is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.”












Brian Regan – Very Funny Stand Up Comedy Enjoy





Published on May 3, 2013

” Get Ready To Laugh Your Ass Off. Clean But Very Funny. From 2007 Called Standing Up.”














Henry David Thoreau




” That government is best which governs least.”











God Bless, South Carolina




Published on Jun 19, 2015

” The shooting of 9 innocent churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina was a senseless tragedy but leave it up to our President to politicize and discount the deaths of so many.

Official website:
Instagram: @thecjpearson
Twitter: @thecjpearson
Contact: “










Chip Bok














Today In The Past



168 BC – Battle of Pydna: Romans under Lucius Aemilius Paullus defeat and capture Macedonian King Perseus, ending the Third Macedonian War.

1377 – Richard II succeeds Edward III as king of England

1611 – Henry Hudson set adrift in Hudson Bay by mutineers on his ship Discovery & never seen again

1633 – Galileo Galilei forced to recant Earth orbits Sun by Pope (on Oct 31, 1992, Vatican admits it was wrong)

1675 – Royal Greenwich Observatory established in England by Charles II

1775 – 1st Continental currency issued ($3,000,000)

1807 – British board USS Chesapeake, a provocation leading to War of 1812

1812 – Napoleon’s Grand Army invades Russia

1847 – Doughnut created

1873 – Prince Edward Island joins Canada

1910 – 1st airship with passengers sets afloat-Zeppelin Deutscheland

1933 – German social-democratic party (SPD) forbidden

1940 – France falls to Nazi Germany; armistice signed, France disarms

1947 – 12″ rain in 42 mins (Holt, MO)

1949 – Ezzard Charles beats Jersey Joe Walcott in 15 for hw boxing title

1969 – Aretha Franklin arrested in Detroit for creating a disturbance

1970 – Pres Nixon signs 26th amendment (voting age lowered to 18)

1978 – Pluto’s satelite Charon, is discovered

1982 – Pete Rose gets his 3,772nd hit, moves past Aaron into 2nd place

1990 – Billy Joel performs a concert at Yankee Stadium

1990 – Florida passes a law prohibits wearing a thong bathing suit

1992 – Supreme Court rules “hate crime” laws violated free-speech rights


1757 – George Vancouver, surveyed Pacific coast from SF to Vancouver I

1856 – Henry Rider Haggard, author (King Solomon’s Mine, She, Dawn)

1896 – Francis C Denebrink, US Naval officer (WW I, WW II, Korea)

1903 – Carl Hubbell, pitcher (NY Giants)-253 wins, 2.97 lifetime ERA

1922 – Bill Blass, Ft Wayne Ind, fashion designer (Nancy Reagan)

1941 – Ed Bradley, Phila, CBS news correspondent (60 Minutes)

1945 – Howard Kaylan, rocker (Flo & Eddie/Turtles-Happy Together, Eleanor)

1949 – Meryl Streep, New Jersey, American actress (French Lieutenant’s Woman, Sophie’s Choice)

1964 – Dan Brown, Exeter, New Hampshire, American author of thriller fiction (The Da Vinci Code)

1978 – Dan Wheldon, British race car driver


1535 – John Fisher, English bishop (1504-35)/cardinal, beheaded at about 65

1874 – Howard Staunton, world chess champion, designer of chess pieces, dies

1903 – George White, black resident of Delaware, lynched

1965 – David O Selznick, producer (Gone With the Wind), dies at 63

1969 – Judy Garland, actress (Wizard of Oz, Easter Parade), dies at 47 of an overdose

1979 – Louis Chiron, Monaco race car driver (b. 1899)

1987 – Fred Astaire, actor/dancer (Royal Wedding, Let’s Dance), dies at 88

1993 – Pat Nixon, 1st lady (1969-75), dies of lung cancer at 81

2002 – Ann Landers, American columnist (b. 1918)

2008 – George Carlin, American comedian, actor (b. 1937)

















Daily Video 6.21.15

A Love Without End, Amen






Fathers Day Blues – Live At The Compound Grill




Uploaded on Mar 30, 2011

” We composed Father’s Day Blues in 2010. Our dad was not able to visit his father (our grandfather) on Father’s day and he said he felt kind of sad. So we made this song to cheer him up.
“Live” at the Compound Grill, Scottsdale, AZ “












Johnny Stumbles Through His Father’s Day Jokes




Published on Jun 14, 2014

” Johnny on Father’s Day and where Ed gets his Father’s Day cards from. 6/15/79
Subscribe to Johnny Carson’s Official YouTube Channel at “










Mark Twain




” When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”












Nate Beeler

















Today In The Past



1607– 1st Protestant Episcopal parish in America established, Jamestown

1633 – Galileo Galilei is forced by Inquisition to “abjure, curse, & detest” his Copernican heliocentric views

1788 – US Constitution goes into effect as NH is 9th to ratify

1834 – Cyrus Hall McCormick patents reaping machine

1877 – The Molly Maguires, ten Irish immigrants, are hanged at the Schuylkill County and Carbon County, Pennsylvania prisons.

1893 – 1st Ferris wheel premieres (Chicago’s Columbian Exposition)

1932 – Heavyweight Jack Sharkey TKOs Max Schmeling (NYC)

1945 – US defeat Japanese forces on Okinawa during WW II

1950 – Joe DiMaggio gets his 2,000th hit

1962 – USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 75,190 m

1968 – Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren resigns

1975 – “Jaws” by Steven Spielberg opens

1982 – John Hinckley found not guilty of 1981 attempted assassination of President Reagan by reason of insanity

2001 – A federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, indicts 13 Saudis and a Lebanese in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 American servicemen.

2004 – SpaceShipOne becomes the first privately funded spaceplane to achieve spaceflight.

2006 – Pluto’s newly discovered moons are officially named Nix & Hydra.


1002 – Leo IX, [Bruno count of Egesheim & Dagsburg], Pope (1049-54)

1732 – Martha Washington, 1st, 1st lady (1789-97)

1921 – Jane Russell, Bemidji MN, full-figured actress (Outlaw)

1922 – Judy Holliday, NYC, comedienne/actress (Born Yesterday, Adam’s Rib)

1944 – Ray Davies, London, singer/guitarist (Kinks-Come Dancing)

1953 – Benazir Bhutto, 1st female leader of a Moslem nation (Pakistan)

1982 – Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, London, England, son of Prince Charles & Lady Diana


1527 – Niccolo Machiavelli, Florentine statesman/author, dies at 57

1582 – Oda Nobunaga, Japanese warlord (b. 1534)

1893 – Leland Stanford, American business tycoon and founder of Stanford University

1965 – Bernard M Baruch, pres advisor (termed “Cold War”), dies at 94

1969 – Maureen “Little Mo” Connolly, 1st woman grand slam (1953), dies at 34




2001 – John Lee Hooker, American bluesman , guitaristmusician (b. 1916)








2001 – Carroll O’Connor, American actor (b. 1924)

2008 – Scott Kalitta, American drag racer (b. 1962)
















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