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Disarming The Warriors




Published on Apr 11, 2014
” We are defanging our military. What’s more, is that we are taking away their basic human rights to defend themselves, their Second Amendment rights to bear arms in their own self-defense, while asking them to volunteer to defend us. Moreover, we are choosing time and time again to deny them the mental health and veterans’ benefits, while giving more money to entitlements for other communities. Meanwhile, shootings on bases have occurred now multiple times, and 22 people in our armed services commit suicide daily. This is unacceptable–hear why in this Afterburner with Bill Whittle.”

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Published on Oct 10, 2013

” Only 17% of the Federal employees are essential?!? This highlights Obama’s biggest fear–that people won’t notice how much they don’t rely on government and don’t rely on him. Join Bill Whittle as he chides the Park Service and exposes Obama as a temper-tantrum President.”










Daily Video 7.23.13

Daily Video 7.4.13

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Dependence Day


Published on Jul 3, 2013

” Bill Whittle thinks that the Freedom of Speech is in peril, and so is the Freedom of Religion. Hear why on this Afterburner as Whittle reminds you of the importance of our most important civil liberties, and how each is threatened by the expanding welfare state.”

PJTV: Afterburner with Bill Whittle — Happiness

Daily Video 1/6/13

PJTV: Afterburner: Rule of Lawlessness






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