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“The Art Of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy” By @TheBushCenter




Published on Apr 4, 2014

Learn More: http://www.bushcenter.org/special-exh…
The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy will explore the relationships that President George W. Bush forged with world leaders to shape international policy and advance American interests abroad. Open from April 5 to June 3, 2014, the exhibit will feature more than two dozen never-before-exhibited portraits painted by President Bush. Portraits will be accompanied by artifacts, photographs, and personal reflections to help illustrate the stories of relationships formed on the world stage. 
Video by the History Channel”


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Micro Mayhem!



” Buckle your safety belts and check out this lil’ short we cooked up!!

(Warning: mild clay violence) “



Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is an artist-friendly collective that houses some of the finest talent in all of animation.  We have a knack for creating unique visuals and telling character driven stories with an uncanny sensibility.  Home to the longest running stop-motion show on television, Robot Chicken, as well as Dinosaur Office, MAD’s Spy vs. Spy, and a slew of exciting projects currently in development.  Our work is our passion, come play with us. “


    There is lots more brilliant stop motion work to be found at their website . Check it out , you’ll be glad you did . Happy Friday .







A College Dropout Spent 5 Years Of His Life Doing This… 






” A designer named Luca Iaconi-Stewart spent 5 years of his life creating an almost-perfect 1:60 scale replica of an Air India 777-300ER airplane. One of the most shocking parts of this story? He used only manila folder.

  He literally made the best paper airplane in the world. 3rd graders everywhere should be feeling pretty ashamed of themselves (I know I do).”



     The detail of this handcrafted model is amazing . This photo-essay about the construction of Luca Iaconi-Stewart’s plane from ViralNova is going to leave you speechless . No detail was overlooked . Check out the working hatch below and if that doesn’t make you click through to the full post you must be devoid of curiosity .




Even if they required tweezers.





Below is a shot of the cabin interior , but to grasp the true detail involved you’ll have to click through.




This attention to detail is unique. And mind-blowing.





      Be sure to see the entire post with lots of pictures and from there you can also access Luca’s Flicker page and Youtube channel which document the entire 5 year labor of love .









It Looks Like An Awesome Box Of Money. When You Take A Closer Look, It’ll Seriously Blow Your Mind



See how this block of wood …


He glued the pieces of pine together as a base.



Becomes “Old Money”  …




” A skill like woodworking takes years and thousands of hours to become more than just a proficient at, but this man invested that time to be a certifiable master. His name is Randall Rosenthal and he has talent that can result in mind-bending illusions. The project in the gallery below all started with three pieces of white pine he glued together. What he turned that block of wood into is so cool.”




And while we are talking money and art , have a look at this “Money Tree” …



These wishing trees are actually called money trees, as well.




” They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but I’m willing to guess that “they” never saw these kinds of trees before. Look closely at these trunks. Do they look a little strange to you? They should. Thousands of strangers all over the UK have been working together to create these “wishing trees,” by getting rid of some spare change.”



That's because there are thousands of coins literally hammered into the bark.



ViralNova has more on both “Old Money” and the “Money Tree” … Enjoy 










Dice Mosaic

Published on Oct 22, 2008


” I used over 14,000 dice to make this mosaic of the two icons. The project is about 8 ft tall and 5ft wide.

Song Information:
Artist: Musicshake
Song title: Fun Times “










In Defense Of Banksy And Guerrilla Street Art





” To be a brand name in guerrilla street art is to be in exclusive company. And no one has built a bigger brand imposing his stencils, spray paintings, and sculptures on the world than Banksy. His latest installation, a scattershot, month-long spree of works called “Better Out Than In,” proved that to anyone who pays attention to New York City. Every day, across the five boroughs, the secretive artist debuted a fresh piece in a new location, spawning excited Instagrams, an interactive street map, and, yes, grumbling critique: not just from nannyesque Bloombergians, but the kinds of property rights advocates who sometimes cross swords with the Mayor. That is art Banksy style: sticking it to the man, and maybe to you too.

Apart or together, his compositions aren’t hard to interpret—meditations on the hypocrisies and opportunities of city life. But inseparable from the art is the nuanced question of how we, the audience, can choose to respond. Here Banksy offers little guidance. He seems fully content to let critics decry him as a criminal, or worse, as a crass commercialist.”






   Read more at Reason.com and as fate would have it the New York Post has an article about Banksy in today’s Sunday edition . Here is a link to the artist’s page as well as his Wikipedia page for those that want more .








 WOW !!!



10. Ray Hare - Acrylic painting on canvas

Ray Hare – Acrylic painting on canvas

Just WOW !!!

19. Samuel Silva - Ballpoint pen

Samuel Silva – Ballpoint pen

We can’t resist one more to make you go hmmm …

21. Franco Clun - Pencils on watercolor paper

Franco Clun – Pencils on watercolor paper

Do yourself a favor and see the others NOW !!!

This Is One Way To Pass The Time When You Haven’t Got A Clue


Funny stuff here , some of it very creative .



enter image description here



” On the one hand, the fact that spring has sprung is a good thing. Our perpetual Narnian winter has come to an end, the sky is a funny blue colour, and some of us are even a slightly redder shade of white.

Unfortunately, this rise in temperatures implies something that none of you need reminding of – it’s nearly exam season.

But before you allow the fear to take control and start crying yourself to sleep, let yourself be cheered up by these rather amusing examples of people who had better things to do than answer silly exam questions… “



enter image description here




    Don’t mind the text . This came out in April , hence the references to spring and final exams . We just discovered it and thought enough of it to put it out there for our readers . Enjoy


More here











Count Down To Halloween With These 25 Amazing Pumpkins


Jack o' Lantern - © Villafane Studios, http://villafanestudios.com


” Remember how proud you were the first time you successfully carved teeth on a jack-o-lantern? It’s probably time to let go of that accomplishment and bask in the glory of these genius creations. Pumpkin carving isn’t just for kids with those orange-handled safety knives anymore; it’s an art form, a chance to demonstrate your love for video games, appreciation of detailed portraits or passion for Jack Nicholson movies. Click through the photos above to get your inspiration for Halloween, and don’t worry if some of the designs look complicated — you’ve still got a month to practice before the big day.”


Hans & Heinrich Hubbard squash - © Villafane Studios, http://villafanestudios.com



















(TruthSeekerDaily) Viewer Discretion Advised! Do Not Scroll Down Unless Your Brain Is Made Of Steel And Your Nerves Are Made Of Teflon!




An eye or a sink draining?

20 Optical Illusions That Might Break Your Mind



The rest are here










The Latest Creation From Our Friend 


Embedded image permalink

17 Beautifully Sweet Watermelon Carvings






” There are a lot of watermelon roses out there, but these fruit flowers covered in rind vines present a whole new level of intricate beauty to the craft. Photograph courtesy of Andre Pan. “




Care for another ?







” Why use floral bouquets to spruce up your dining room when you can instead add a little flair with food scraps such as watermelon rinds and pineapple crowns? Let this photo by Greg McComsey serve as inspiration for your next dinner centerpiece.”




See the rest of these beautiful creations here










‘The Big Bang’ – A Photographer Imagining The Impact Of Bullets

(8 Photos)



.44 Magnum



” Photographer Deborah Bay of Houston, Texas visually explores the impact of various ammunitions by capturing their impact on sheets of bulletproof plexiglass. “As arguments about the right to bear arms fill the media, guns continue to fascinate and to repel—sometimes simultaneously,” says Bay. “Only a small amount of imagination is needed to realize the impact any of these bullets would have on muscle and bone,” she says. “I just want people to think about what these bullets can do.” “







19 Mind-Blowing Details You Missed In Famous Works Of Art




Another sample …











There Is No Greater Honor Than To Be Included As A Member Of The Statist-In-Chief ‘s Enemies List





Get yours today and display it proudly .









22 Dreamy Art Installations You Want To Live In



8. The Rain Room at The Barbican, London


The Rain Room at The Barbican, London



” The room is fitted with 3D cameras that sense your location in the room, and automatically turn off the water valves above your head, allowing you to walk through the downpour without getting wet.”


Source: semelphotography.tumblr.com




Not yet interested in clicking the link? Then have another sample .



22. Kusama’s Obliteration Room


Source: thisiscolossal.com





“This is what happens when you give thousands of stickers to thousands of kids.”








22 very cool living art installations . Check them out . We are sure you will not be disappointed .







    A month or so ago we linked to a fabulous 3D sidewalk painting brought to us by Amazing Things . It was a very popular post on a really cool subject . Now we have the pleasure to bring you not one more sample of that type of creative genius , but a whole collection of them from various artists around the world . We hope you enjoy the show .



Amazing 3D Sidewalk Art



The 3D street painting 'Crevasse' by artist Edgar Mueller .

The 3D street painting ‘Crevasse’ by artist Edgar Mueller




3D artist Kurt Wenner unveils his latest creation inspired by The Big Lunch.

3D artist Kurt Wenner unveils his latest creation inspired by The Big Lunch.



       These are two samples , there are thirteen more photos of these exciting creations at the link














Cool Tanks Made From Snow (28 Photos)



snow tanks 500 15 WTF, yet cool, tanks made from snow (28 Photos)






Kind of cool huh ? That’s nothing compared to these





snow tanks 500 17 WTF, yet cool, tanks made from snow (28 Photos)



See them all here










Amazing Things









From Amazing Things in the World









23 Mind-Blowing True Stories Behind Famous Songs


#11 By: drudru







” Music fans spend a lot of time trying to find meaning in the songs they know and love. Well, it turns out a lot of our most popular songs have meanings that are a lot more bizarre than we would’ve thought possible. We asked our readers to dig up some surprising facts on some of your favorite songs. The winner is below, but first the runners-up …”

Life After the Apocalypse by Vladimir Manyuhin [17 Pics]




USA overgrown post apocalypse










Best Anti-Gun Ban Cartoons/Graphics



Best Anti-Gun Ban Cartoons


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