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Blockheads! Youths Destroy Giant 100,000-Piece Lego Helicopter — Worth $23K — In Australia



” The Lego chopper, believed to be the biggest ever made, took Melbourne-based Lego “certified professional” Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught six weeks to build but was smashed to pieces by vandals in a mall in Cairns, in north Queensland.

Police are scouring surveillance footage after a tourist said he witnessed a group of youths push the model over before they fled the scene.

Local parents who were hoping to take their kids to see “Elvis the Helicopter” said they were devastated over the incident.”











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Python On Plane Wing Captured On Video



Vacationing Python




” Stunned Qantas Airways passengers watched out their windows as a large python clung to a plane’s wing during a nearly two-hour flight from Australia‘s northeastern city of Cairns to Papua New Guinea.

The 3-meter (10-foot) python fought to stay on the wing, pulling itself forward only to be pushed back by the frigid wind.

Passenger Robert Weber videotaped the struggle and told Australia’s Fairfax Media that the wind whipping the snake against the side of the plane left a bloody smear.

The python managed to hang on until the plane landed in Port Moresby, but a Qantas spokesman said the creature was dead on arrival. “

Holy S*it !

Video: 600-Pound Black Marlin Leaps Into Cockpit, Injures Two


” It’s hard to imagine fishing more exciting than fighting a 600-pound black marlin while backing down hard into the rugged seas off Cairns, Australia. But for the crew of the Little Audrey, things got crazy quickly when that behemoth tried to join them in the cockpit and, for a few frightening moments, succeeded — long enough to tear up some of the boat while, amazingly, causing only minor injuries. The fish was released soon after. Watch the chaos unfold in this great video. with footage from several different cameras,  first appearing on the site of our friends Down Under, Fishing World. “




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