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The 210IS Is A Good Value In A Versatile Size That Offers Remarkable Fuel Efficiency To Stretch Your Angling Budget



” If you plan to fish mainly bays and other protected waters — with an occasional run off the beach when the weather’s decent — EdgeWater Boats’ new 210IS might prove the ideal angling platform for you. I put this bay boat through its paces last winter on choppy South Florida waters, and found it remarkably roomy, smooth riding and fuel efficient, an important consideration as gas prices continue to climb.


Yamaha’s compact new F200 ­four-cylinder outboard on my test boat propelled the 210IS to plane in a snappy 4 seconds; it accelerated to 30 mph in 6 seconds. At 6,000 rpm, I found a top speed of 48.4 mph with a full tank of gas and three people aboard. Even more impressive was the fuel efficiency — a pleasing 5 mpg at 3,500 rpm and 25.5 mph during my test. That translates to a range of 275 miles, enough for a couple of days of fishing.

The 210IS rode smooth and dry over the one- to two-foot seas on test day. I was surprised by the gentle landings after launching off some big wakes at speed. In lateral maneuvers, I found the hull tracked well, provided I trimmed the motor down. My test boat featured the optional Lenco trim tabs, but the 210IS needs little tab to run well; the tabs are there primarily to level out unbalanced side-to-side loads.

A sturdy, comfortably ­upholstered leaning post — with a cooler below — offers room for the helmsman and co-pilot to lean back and brace ­themselves while under way.”











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The Intrepid 375 Is An Ultimate Battlewagon For Open-Boat Anglers With Competitive Intent





” Winning kingfish and sailfish ­tournaments requires a boat so well thought out that the fishing team can keep its mind on the fish and not the boat. That’s what Intrepid Powerboats accomplishes with each custom boat it builds, because it constructs them one at a time in ­partnership with the owner.

The Intrepid 375 CC recently carried Mark Henderson to the Division 1 Open Class win in the Southern Kingfish Association tournament trail. As he walked me through his Intrepid 375 CC battlewagon, I could tell he knew his boat as well as the crew who built it. I would also bet he never gives a thought to the durability or efficiency and reliability of the fishing assets, or even creature comforts, as he focuses on the fish — and getting to them.


Getting to the fish is a snap with triple Yamaha F350s on the transom. The outboards were spinning SWS 15¼-by-23 props with a test load of 160 gallons of fuel, downriggers and their power supply, and two men on board. The 375 easily broke 65 mph.”



LOA: 37 ft. 9 in.

BEAM: 10 ft. 6 in.

DRAFT: 24 in.

DEADRISE: 20.5 deg.

WEIGHT: 15,000 lb. (w/ power)

FUEL: 300 gal.

MAX POWER: 1,200 hp


TYPE: 60-deg. V-8


MAX RPM: 6,000



GEAR RATIO: 1.73:1

WEIGHT: 822 lb.


MSRP AS TESTED: $350,000


> Three-inch hardtop tubing

> Dual fuel intakes, port and starboard

> Flush-mounted power switches

> Beam-to-beam transom walkway

Intrepid Powerboats
Largo, Florida



  *Editor’s Note – The video shows the boat with different motors than the print review and is offered as a look at the boat itself and not the performance of same .



Read The Whole Review Here













Best of the Miami International Boat

50 Pictures




Jupiter Marine

Choose Your Ride

2013 Fishing-Boat Preview

36 Pictures Of New Fishing Craft



Pioneer 222 Sportfish

LOA 22 ft. 1 in.

BEAM 8 ft. 7 in.

DRAFT 1 ft. 2 in.

DEADRISE 20 deg.

WEIGHT 2,400 lb.

FUEL 105 gal.


MSRP Packages start at $49,252

CONTACT  843-538-6604, pioneerboats.com




” When the boat-show season ramps up each fall, we begin sensing trends within the industry. As we gather details for our annual preview, those vague feelings solidify. For instance, this year, we included a category new to these listings — ­dual-console boats. Manufacturers have seen the need to blend multiple family uses into a fishing vessel; the DC fits that bill.

You’ll also see a few reintroductions of boats that were announced in 2012 but never brought to market. A few more are heavily updated models whose builders chose not to rename the lines. This year, we present 34 new boats — from an 18-foot skiff to a 47-foot express.”



SeaHunter Boat Drop

Watch As A New Boat Is Dropped 20 Feet Then Sea-Trialed — And That’s Just The Beginning!

Best of the Boat Show

Scenes from the 2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show


 ” We got a chance to shoot down to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show last week. In the beginning Hurricane Sandy blew us around a bit but it wasn’t too overwhelming. We managed to sneak out and grab a few pictures of the sport fishing outboard boats. Most of the outboards could be found inside the convention center and a few at the docks of the Bahia Mar.”


49 Pictures 

fort lauderdale international boat show274


Power To Spare



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