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CEO Ticketed For Early Morning Central Park Jog





” A flabbergasted Manhattan entrepreneur says he was ticketed for jogging too early in Central Park.

“ I just got a SUMMONS for running in Central Park at 430 am ‘before it opened.’ ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME NEW YORK CITY?” a furious Peter Shankman tweeted Thursday morning.

  The founder of Help a Reporter Out and self-described “author, speaker, and worldwide connector,” was on the second mile of a 10-mile run through the green space at 4:30 a.m. when a police officer stopped him because the park is technically closed from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.”



    We always thought that New York was the “city that never sleeps” . While the Post article makes reference to the park “technically” being closed from 1am to 6am a visit to the Central Park website rules and regulations page offers no such rule . There is mention of restricted hours for driving on the Park roads but nothing about limits on pedestrian travel .

    A separate NYC Parks & Recreation website does proscribe a 1am to 6am curfew but a casual observer who went online to the Central Park website would not be informed of that fact unless they clicked on the link to Parks & Recreation .

Regardless , in a city of 8 million people , many of whom keep hours that are not exactly your standard 9-5 employment one would think that they park would be available earlier than 6am and doesn’t $1000 seem a bit excessive ?


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Around the World in Photos Pt.8 [15 Pics]


Incredible stitched-together panorama of New York’s Central Park. It feels like playing Sim City! Click to see full resolution. Photo by Sergey Semonov.

This photo has to be seen in it’s glory on the site to be appreciated . Click through and enlarge the photo to grasp the detail that it has captured , and check out the others while you are at it .  

Here’s one more to whet your appetite 

A dam in Rayong, Thailand

We’ll leave you guessing what this one is . Enjoy


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