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Students Compete To Build Craziest Rube Goldberg Contraptions


Rube Goldberg Contest



” There were more mad scientists than normal at COSI Columbus Saturday morning. 

  Eight high schools – including six from Ohio – sent their Rube Goldberg teams to complete a simple task: Zip a zipper. But in Rube Goldberg fashion, their goal was to include as many extra steps as possible to make the zipper move. 

“A Rube Goldberg machine is a series of different machines doing a very simple job but in a very complex way,” said Reno Sith, one of the West High School competitors. Goldberg was an  early 20th century cartoonist known for drawing elaborate, complicated machines that resulted in everyday tasks being finished in a comical way. 

The regional competition was won by Columbia Central High School in Brooklyn, Michigan. Columbus’ Centennial High School placed second. Other area high schools included Metro, Beechcroft, Reynoldsburg’s eStem Academy, and West. “


    Continued  … LOL … The Rube Goldberg way of taking a simple task and making as difficult as possible reminds us present day government … think about it . The difference being that Rube Goldberg inspired creations are funny were disfunctional government is not .







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You Could Win A $2000 Gift Certificate For J&G Sales From The National Association For Gun Rights

National Association for Gun Rights - No Gun Control Deals Petition to Congress

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2nd Amendment Sunday – An Illinois Pastor Calls For Kids To Create ‘Assault Pop-Tarts’






” “Assault pop-tarts” and “combat cupcakes” was the call to action by Grace-Gospel Fellowship Church in Bensenville, Illinois.  This past Sunday Pastor Kirkwood held a contest for the children of his church where they were encouraged to come up with the best 2nd amendment themed pastries they could imagine.  Winners were given gift cards and toy assault rifles.  Pastor Kirkwood explained the event in a Facebook post:

2nd Amendment Sunday is here at Grace Gospel Fellowship, Bensenville. Join us as we lay out the Biblical doctrines of self-defense and Liberty. Our Jr. Church will respond to the latest absurdities in the news of “toy gun” buy back programs by eunuch preachers and suspending elementary children for assault fingers, pop-tarts and cupcakes.”



Video at the link.












Ultimate Soldier Challenge — Episode 1 , Kill Box







Bigshooterist – Military Firearms T&E shared Weapon-Owners.com‘s photo


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Big Shooterist Contest




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National Assossiation for Gun Rights



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Stunning Shortlist Of Entries For The Sony World Photography Awards


Having a laugh: Two old friends share a few jokes while smoking their pipes in Vietnam captured by Huu Hung Truong

Having a laugh: Two old friends share a few jokes while smoking their pipes in Vietnam captured by Huu Hung Truong


” These stunning pictures represent just a handful of the thousands of entries submitted to the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards – with this year’s competition looking set to become one of the most impressive to date.

From brilliant nature shots to moving real life portraits, photographers both amateur and professional have submitted the very best of their work in the hope of scooping some of the $30,000 (£19,000) of prize money on offer.

And it’s not too late to enter. Anyone can submit a picture but with just a week left until the deadline, the judges are keen that nobody should miss out on the chance to win. “

Wallflower: A member of Ethiopia's Hamer tribe shows off her brilliantly colourful costume as she poses for Belgium photographer Pascal Mannaerts in Harar, a Muslim enclave in the very Christian Ethiopia

Wallflower: A member of Ethiopia’s Hamer tribe shows off her brilliantly colourful costume as she poses for Belgium photographer Pascal Mannaerts in Harar, a Muslim enclave in the very Christian Ethiopia



Atlas Shrugged Part 2

We’re giving away two tickets, including airfare & hotel (up to two nights), to the World Premiere of Atlas Shrugged The Movie in Los Angeles Thursday, October 4th!


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Team Sig


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