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Guns OK In Nebraska Senior Photos If ‘Tasteful’







” It’s a new twist on the guns-in-schools debate: A district in central Nebraska has told seniors it’s OK to pose with firearms in their senior portraits, which are taken off campus. The students in the Broken Bow district, however, have to abide by a few rules, reports the Omaha World-Herald: Gun photos must be “tasteful and appropriate,” which means no aiming at the camera and no photos that include an “animal in obvious distress.” “














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Early Mankind’s Secret Weapon For Slaying Mammoths? Dogs



Ancient dog scull found in Predmosti

Evidence from Predmosti, in the Czech republic - a large fragment of bone was placed in a dog's mouth shortly after burial - some 27,000 years ago. Picture: Mietje Germonpre.




” After hunting them for at least a million years, humans suddenly became really good at killing woolly mammoths, but modern humans haven’t been able to figure out just how they did it. A new theory suggests that, maybe, man’s best friend played an important role.

  In central Europe and north Asia, there are massive mammoth graveyards dating back to 44,000 years ago, with tens of thousands of mammoth bones, some arranged in geometric patterns and some arranged into huts, found with stone tools and evidence of people. There wasn’t however, any evidence of how they were killing the shaggy ancestors of today’s elephants.

  In an article titled “How do you kill 86 mammoths?,” Penn State anthropologist Pat Shipman theorizes that humans’ secret weapons may have been dogs.

  While combing through the literature about the mammoth megasites, Shipman found that none of the usual big-mammal slayers seemed like plausible explanations for a mass mammoth die-off.”


Read more at Motherboard 



” In Berelekh – in the north of Siberia’s Sakha Republic – are more than 160 of the tusked goliaths.”


Mammoths cemetery in Berelekh

Picture: P. Lazarev, The Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk




” ‘ One of the greatest puzzles about these sites is how such large numbers of mammoths could have been killed with the weapons available during that time,’ she said.

  Theories on such ‘mammoth megasites’ have included floods washing bones to a certain spot or herds that fell through thin ice. But they seem to date to 44,000 years ago, around the time modern humans emerged.

  She found that ‘few of the mortality patterns from these mammoth deaths matched either those from natural deaths among modern elephants killed by droughts or by culling operations with modern weapons that kill entire family herds of modern elephants at once’.

  The professor concluded in her research, outlined in Quaternary International, that the mammoths were killed in the same spot for many generations. ‘There’s something that’s drawing them to that location,’ she said.

  She believes the sites may have been on migration routes in spots where early humans and their domesticated dogs could attack.”


and The Siberian Times














See Why Sailfish Are Considered One Of The Ocean’s Top Predators







” A new study shows how sailfish use their deadly sword-like bills to hunt and capture schooling prey fish. Any angler who pursues sailfish knows that they are one of the fastest and deadliest apex predators in the seas.

  Sailfish, along with marlins and swordfish, are equipped with a long sword-like bill that they use to hunt prey. A study published earlier this week in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B provides a unique look at how sailfish use their deadly bills to hunt and capture schooling prey.”


WideOpenSpaces has the story








Conetoe Man Bags 500+ Pound Bertie County Hog


500 lb Wild Hog


” A hunter in Bertie County shoots and kills a 500-pound wild hog.

The massive animal didn’t stand a chance against veteran hunter Jett Webb’s .308 caliber rifle. 

” It was very surreal,” recalls Webb. “It was a shock. It was very humbling to say the least, when you walk up on a beast that big and you say, ‘Oh my gosh. I had no idea that there could be something that big running around the woods of Eastern North Carolina.’”




” Last month Webb spotted the beast roaming near the Indian Woods on land leased by the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club. It was the same one other hunters had been vying for since capturing it on trail cameras years ago. 

” The Mohawk down the back,” Webb describes, “the tusks really lean, the muscular big front end. This is far from a domesticated docile pig that we’re used to.”

  Mike Mansell, president of the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club, agrees this size hog game is rare. 

“ It takes your breath away for a second to realize how big this hog is,” he says. “It took up the entire bed of the pick-up truck.” “


More on the monster hog’s demise here 







Introducing The MasterPiece Arms MPAR In 6.8 SPC





” MasterPiece Arms is continuing the development of their new and original MPAR series of rifles with the latest edition chambered for 6.8mm Remington SPC. A capable hunting cartridge, the rifle is finished to suit with a Vista Camo hydrographic pattern.

The company plans to introduce more 6.8 SPC MPAR rifles in the future with ATACS camo and matte black finishes, as they have done with their MPAR 5.56 rifles.

Like the other MPAR rifles, it is a carbine with a 16-inch barrel, adjustable telescopic, folding buttstock, modular free-floating handguard and short-stroke gas piston operating system. The hand guard has fixed Picatinny rails on the top and bottom but can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs with optional side rails. By default the hand guard is fit with quick-detach sling points on both side to match the QD sling points on the stock.”



Guns.com has more









Parents Argue Teaching Young Kids To Shoot Prevents Gun Accidents





” As two adults stood next to him to help hold his shoulder, Charlie Doxey, then 4 years old, took aim with a machine gun that was longer than he is tall, and fired.

” Is that fun, Charlie?” an adult nearby asked him, as the little boy smiled.

  Charlie was one of several children at a family get-together hosted outside of Atlanta, where young kids can learn how to shoot while their parents look on — and this was not Charlie’s first time.

” I knew that he was safe,” said Charlie’s mother Jennifer Doxey. “Guns don’t have to be bad. They’re good, they’re fun, you can have family fun with them.”

Georgia law allows fully automatic rifles in the state as long as they were obtained before 1986.”

     This should be a non-issue as the left is all about Education, Education, Education … A more educated individual is a more capable individual thus the resounding success of the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program . If they could just see past their blind hatred of a simple piece of metal with no will of it’s own their own hypocrisy would be revealed to them . they have no problem “educating” 5 year-olds about the joys of sex so why should they object to a child learning about the capabilities of firearms ?
    One can easily make the case that we are already seeing a significant reduction in accidental firearms deaths even as the percentage of guns per person continues to soar . Accidental shootings don’t even make it into the top five in terms of annual deaths . The average citizen has an exponentially greater risk of dying from a fall , in a fire , being poisoned , dying in a car wreck or even drowning that they do of being accidentally shot . You are four times more likely to chock to death than to be accidentally shot and educating children in the use of firearms can only bring the number lower as the success of the NRA program demonstrates .
    Of course reason is not what governs the debate over the gun issue . Nor is the issue public safety . We all know what the forces of the State and their allies in the media are after … it is CONTROL . 

New Tactical Rifle: Montana Rifles Company MMR



Montana Rifle Company MMR



” The MMR is based on Montana’s greasy-slick, unstoppable rotary-extractor action and is equipped with a 24-inch, fluted, Montana #6 contour barrel with a removable muzzle brake. The stock is target-style and can be adjusted for comb height and length of pull. Instead of the classic Model 70 trigger, which is standard for Montana, they use a Timney which can be set at 2 ½ pounds. Calibers include .308, .260 Remington, 6.5/284, .300 Win Mag (if is isn’t in the lineup, whine at them and they’ll build one) and a special version in .338 Lapua. All the metal is Cerakoted in case you want to shoot in the rain, sleet, and snow. Weight is 12 pounds.”


Read more at Outdoor Life






Introducing SIG Sauer M400 Predator Rifles







” New for 2014, SIG Sauer M400 Predator rifles are a coyote’s worst nightmare.

  M400 Predator rifles are chambered for .223 Rem./5.56x45mm, and feature an 18- or 22-inch threaded stainless steel barrel with 1-in-8 twist. A flat-top receiver with Hogue free floating handguard complete the upper receiver group.”



Read more









From Wide Open Spaces




” We’re big fans of the new hunt filming trend with hunters from around the world taking GoPros and other small recording devices out into the field with them. They serve a great purpose for the hunter in allowing them to relive certain key moments and learn from their mistakes; they also serve the great purpose of giving those of us not in the field some eye candy.

  The French hunter who uploaded the video was out boar hunting with his dogs when one of them was able to rout out a small swine that looks to be about 40 – 50 pounds – a small boar by Southern American standards, where Texas hogs have reached into mid-to-high hundreds of pounds.”

Any French speaker that could translate the audio would receive our undying thanks . Read more here .

Hear What Contributor Brian Belko Had To Say In His Shotgun Review Of The Mossberg 535 Turkey Thug.




” The Mossberg name is usually associated with well-built, functional, and reliable shotguns, and that association holds true with the Turkey Thug line of pump-action shotguns. Designed specifically with the turkey hunter in mind, this impressive line of shotguns provide the user with a light-weight, high-performance gun that is sure to become a spring woods favorite for years to come. Weighing in at a very manageable 6.75 pounds, the 535 version of the Turkey Thug shotgun line is finished in Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity camouflage. It also features Mossberg’s Lightning Pump Action (LPA) trigger. This trigger, similarly to the Accu-Trigger from Savage Arms, is user adjustable while also being creep free. This feature gives the Turkey Thug a very rifle-like trigger which will be appreciated by many hunters in the field.”



















At 82, She’s A ‘Big Deer Hunter’





” PARKSLEY, Va. At 82, Violet Mears can still bring home the bacon, or, in her case, the venison.

  When she was 73, the housewife decided it was time to make a lifestyle change.

” I decided I had cooked enough meals and kept them hot for him all these years that one day I told him, ‘You stay home. I’m goin’ huntin.’ Never been huntin’ before,” she said. So far she has bagged eight deer, one an 8-point buck. “I’m probably the oldest lady hunter on the Eastern Shore.”

  Every deer she has killed has been with one shot.”









The 10 Hottest Pictures Of Lion Huntress Melissa Bachman






   If you are unaware of who Ms Bachman is and why she is a media sensation you can catch up by reading our previous post on her hunting escapades . She created a stink , or we should say a leftwing “greenie” created a stink about her by trying to get her banned from South Africa for the “crime” of legally hunting big game , among them , the king of beasts .

  Ms Bachman committed the cardinal sin of publishing a picture of one of her kills on her Facebook page and for that she has been vilified by anti-hunters the world over . The offending photo can be seen below .








Hunting Show Host Melissa Bachman Under Fire For Lion Hunt Photo

” Big-game hunter and “Winchester Deadly Passion” host Melissa Bachman has found herself the target of a merciless onslaught of negative comments by non-hunters for doing something perfectly legal.

Bachman’s trouble began when she posted a picture of herself with an African lion on her webpage and Facebook page.  She wrote of the trophy pic, “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion. What a hunt!”

   It didn’t take long for the enviro-nuts to ascend their soapbox in the form of a Change.org petition demanding Ms Bachmann be determined persona non grata in South Africa . As of now ( 11.18.13 17:52 EST ) there have been 184,359 signatories to Ms Burman’s petition . The odd thing about the petition , to us anyway as we are not familiar with Change.org ‘ s SOP , is the fact that the page is in Italian and after scrolling through at least a dozen pages of the comments from signers , it is apparent that the petitioners themselves are all Italian … Not a South African in sight .

” Burman’s petition reads in part: “She [Melissa Bachman] is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation, this country prides itself on. As tax payers we demand she no longer be granted access to this country and its natural resources.”

   Here are some more photos of Ms Bachman on the hunt various prey courtesy of her Facebook page . Give her a like just to rub it in the enviro-weenies faces . 

Mel Bachman Africa

” Hunting at the Maroi Conservancy with an amazing PH, Julious Heyneke. If you’re looking to book an African Safari contact Julious at Julious.heyneke@yahoo.com or checkout http://www.maroiconservancy.co.za/ — with Julious Heyneke.”

    If the do-gooders were upset about the vicious lion we suppose they’ll have a heart attack over the gentle , cute and lovable zebra . Have a look .



     It makes no difference to these Earth-First types whether Ms Bachman is doing anything illegal or unethical , nor does it matter that large segments of Africa depend on controlled , regulated big game hunting as a major economic engine that spreads the wealth from the government all the way down the monetary ladder to the local tribesmen .

” Although Bachman has yet to respond to her critics, the place where he took the lion has. The Maroi Conservancy defended the hunt on its Facebook page stating: “We are not apologizing for facilitating the hunt. If you are not a game farmer and struggling with dying starving animals, poaching and no fences in place to protect your animals and crop, please refrain from making negative derogatory[sic] comments.” “

   Just in case we haven’t stirred the pot long enough to cause the Birkenstock crowd to wet their collective panties , here’s a final shot that is sure to outrage … what with it’s echoes of that other famous female killer of beasts Sarah Palin , here is Melissa with her first trophy Alaskan Brown bear … wipe that spittle off your lips you …

Alaskan Brown Bear

Here for your viewing pleasure is a parting video of Melissa on an opening day whitetail hunt in Illinois .


    In order to clarify for all , here are some regulations regarding hunting in South Africa along with a link to all you need to know to hunt the country including lions , rhino , cape buffalo , elephant and even giraffe .

” Seriously, you can shoot everything in this country, even species which have long disappeared from their home ranges in the north of Africa flourish on ranches in this country. If you’re not into sweating in extreme heat, wading muddy rivers, climbing frigid peaks or being bitten by flies and ticks then this is your hunting heaven. Likewise if you’re not the super wealthy type South Africa is also your country of choice.”

On lions in particular …

” Lion hunting in South Africa is a controversial issue right now although they are still being hunted in great numbers. Essentially 99 percent of the Lion shot in South Africa each year come from large scale breeding facilities which specialize in trophy cats. Naturally these beasts are pen raised and fed and then once of trophy size sold to various outfitters who introduce them onto open land where they can be shot. This type of shooting has been called canned hunting and if the truth be told, many unethical operators have simply shot the cats in their small enclosures. Prices tend to be more reasonable for these types of shoot and trophy quality is tremendous. This is essentially a shoot and should not be referred to as a hunt. The cats in these situations are often more aggressive and dangerous than their wild counterparts. In addition despite what the anti-hunting fraternity say, the consumptive use / shooting of these Lions do relieve the pressure on the wild lions in other countries. Read more about this issue….

    Here is a link to the general hunting rules for South Africa revised in 2008  and here is licensing information , a bit out of date (2008) but even 5 years ago the license fees were very expensive . Depending on which province you choose for your hunt you could pay upwards of $20,000 to hunt the protected Big Game that is so highly prized .

   As the links amply demonstrate the hunting industry in South Africa is highly regulated and there is certainly no danger of a few Facebook photos from an American hunting celebrity opening the flood gates to unchecked mass slaughter of the nation’s fauna .

UPDATE: An astute reader sent us a link to probably the best defense of , #1)  Melissa Bachman , 2) Maroi Conservancy , 3) Hunting in South Africa  , 4) Hunting in general , and the overwhelmingly positive effect that hunting has on conservation . The writer has devoted a great deal of time to researching his post and he shows how , contrary to what the Birkenstock brigade would have you believe , hunters are the animal kingdom’s best friends , foremost conservationists and most effective stewards … period . Do yourself a favor and read it all .

A300 Outlander From Beretta



” The key to superior performance in semiautomatic shotguns is simplicity.

In keeping with the Beretta tradition, the new A300 Outlander is a soft-shooting gas-operated system semi-auto which combines the reliable Beretta bolt with falling block (locked breech) with an improved gas valve with a self-cleaning cylinder and piston, so that excess pressure caused by the most powerful cartridges can be decreased automatically.

The rugged A300 outlander it is elegant, yet efficient. Sleek yet strong. With slim, graceful lines that leave an indelible impression at first sight.”




” The receiver: Completely and precisely machined from a solid block of special light alloy aluminium, it has moveable parts in steel, and high quality light alloys, assembled with particular care, checked and polished to ensure exceptional operation. All metal parts are protected by special finishes against wear, and tear and rusting. The ergonomically rounded back of the light alloy receiver fits smoothly into the stock, enabling rapid and instinctive target acquisition. The top of the receiver is designed to accept (with an optional base) optics and other aiming system. Constructed using a special aluminium alloy, the A300 Outlander receiver has undergone an anodic oxidation process that protects the firearm from rusting and scratching. The safety button can be reversed for left-handed shooters.”







PETA Launches Their ‘Air Angel,’ A Drone Meant To Hunt Hunters





” Recently, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said they were acquiring drones, and now that the animal rights group has released their final product, they believe it will aid in raising awareness about the cruelty of hunting, though they may not legally be permitted to use them, Mashable reported.

According to Petacatalog.com, the “Air Angel” drone is a four-motored quadracopter capable of hovering high above the tree line while beaming captured video directly to a cell phone. Its purpose is to use the footage to alert game wardens of hunters engaging in illegal activity such as “drinking while in possession of a firearm, injuring animals and failing to pursue them, and illegally using spotlights, feed lures, and other nasty but common hunting tricks.”









A Page (18) Ripped Right From The Latest Remington E-zine 


Remington Ezine Sweepstakes




     For those of you unaware , as were we , Remington puts out a very informative free E-zine of 50-60 pages that makes for very interesting reading . The sweepstakes rules and entry information can be found on page 18 or by clicking the picture above .











5 Big Game Rifle Rounds… For Beginners (Videos)


.30-30 Win



” Though in our minds big game season seems so close that we can taste it, the truth is there is still ample time for would-be sportsmen to dust off their deer rifles and get into the hunt so to speak. This invitation is especially directed towards the younger or beginning hunters, who I’m sure are filled with hunting questions, the most obvious being,what caliber rifle do I get?

While hard, long and flat rounds like the .30-06 and .308 appear to dominate the North American hunting rifle scene and even the popular .223 is making a name for itself as a surprisingly capable deer round, these cartridges are not really the best choice for someone who has never stalked whitetails before, let alone shot a gun. So what do you get the fledgling deer hunter who is looking for a rifle to start off with? A caliber that will get the job done with ‘minute of deer’ accuracy but also won’t send the shooter running back to the cabin with a sore shoulder once the gun goes off.

Well, there are actually quite a few choices out there with such a proven history:”








Is Tracking Point’s Precision Guided Firearm the Future…


Published on Jan 22, 2013

” This new shooting system takes fighter jet technology and applies it to long-range shooting. Here’s how it works. First the shooter tags his target. Then the scope takes a ballistic formula accounting for distance, wind, elevation, temperature and a wide variety of other factors and tracks the target. The system only allows the shooter to fire when the reticle (or in this case an ‘x’) is in proper position to hit the target.”





Hundreds Of Parents Send In Photos Of Their Child With A Gun



” Last week I requested my readers to send in photos of their children/grandchildren to show support for the New Jersey family that had the Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) raid their home.  The unlawful visit was all due to a photo the dad posted on Facebook of his son with a rifle.

Townhall and Fox & Friends picked up on the story since then.

I received hundreds of e-mails from parents that shared their child’s gun photo to show support for the Moore family. These are the kids ‘facing the fight’.” 



    Here are just a few samples , go here to see the rest … Hundreds of them … It warms the heart .


















  Be sure to check them all out . It will make you proud , and remember this is what we fight for .








Gun And Outdoor Gear Retailer Cabela’s 1Q Profit Jumps 73 Percent





” Cabela’s says strong sales of guns and ammunition helped drive its profit up 73 percent in the first quarter, surpassing expectations and briefly driving its shares to all-time highs on Thursday.

The retailer operates stores that sell gear for hunting, fishing and outdoor sports.

Revenue jumped 29 percent to $802.5 million from $623.5 million last year. Analysts expected revenue of $770.5 million.”








FBI Hunting 12-Strong Terrorist “Sleeper Cell” Linked To Brothers Tamerlan And Dzhokhar Tsarnaev





” The FBI was last night hunting a 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to the Boston marathon bomb brothers.

Police believe Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were specially trained to carry out the devastating attack.

More than 1,000 FBI agents were last night working to track down the cell and arrested a man and two women 60 miles from Boston in the hours before Dzhokhar’s dramatic capture after a bloody shootout on Friday.

A source close to the investigation said: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone. The devices used to detonate the two bombs were highly sophisticated and not the kind of thing people learn from Google.

“They were too advanced. Someone gave the brothers the skills and it is now our job to find out just who they were. Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting several years for their day to come.” “








Democratic Front Group Hyped As Hunters By Media In Gun Control Fight





” The liberal media will do anything to pressure lawmakers to support President Obama’s gun-control agenda.

Politico published a story Wednesday with this headline: “Hunting Group Wants Background Checks.” The story gave the false impression that the millions of hunters in the U.S. support Mr. Obama’s push for “universal background checks.”

That is way off target. In fact, 31 well-known hunting and conservation groups sent a letter to Capitol Hill Thursday expressing opposition to intrusion by the federal government into private firearm transfers.

Politico only cites one small group in its story, Bull Moose Sportsmen, which claims 5,000 members. The story gives no context for the size of this group in relation to other hunting advocacy groups, nor its prominence in the community. The single poll cited in the Politico story is one commissioned by the group itself and claims 72 percent of hunters support “criminal background checks with some exceptions.”

None of the major hunting groups which represent the millions of law-abiding sportsmen was mentioned, nor the polling of those members.

In fact, Bull Moose Sportsmen is a fringe organization run by Democratic activists that has been rejected from membership into the major gun and hunting groups’ umbrella organization because it refuses to reveal its funding sources.

The American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP) is a consortium of 42 organizations, including major groups such as Safari Club InternationalDucks UnlimitedNational Wildlife Turkey FederationNational Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The groups together represent 6 million individual members.

Members of AWCP tell me that Bull Moose has been denied entry into their organization because it refused to reveal its mysterious funding sources.”









      “America’s Deer Rifle”





” Grand Prize: One Grand Prize Winner will receive one (1) Mike Hanback’s personal Remington Model 700 Rifle. Mike will hunt with this very rifle during the 2012 filming season for “Big Deer TV” on the Sportsman Channel.

In addition, the Grand Prize winner will also receive one (1) Trijicon AccuPoint 3-9x scope, one (1) case of Remington Centerfire Hunting Ammunition and one (1) Big Deer Gear package (including logo caps and shirts).

(Two) Runner-up Prize Packages: Two contestants will each receive one (1) Case of Remington Centerfire Hunting Ammunition, one (1) Remington Cleaning Supply Package and (1) Big Deer Gear Package (including logo caps and shirts).

How to Enter



By using the entry form below, submit a digital photo (JPEG ONLY) of you, a family member, or a hunting buddy—anyone hunting with or shooting a Remington Model 700 rifle, old or new. Only original digital photographs or scanned versions of older photographs are accepted. A classy and well-composed “hero shot” of a hunter(s) and his or her buck and Remington Model 700 will garner special attention from the judges.

With your submission, please write 200 to 400 words about hunting with your Remington Model 700 rifle and describe why you think the Model 700 is “America’s Favorite Deer Rifle”.  Examples: How long have you owned your Model 700 rifle? What do you like most about your Model 700? How many deer have you shot with it? Was there one memorable buck hunt where your Model 700 really shined and did the job? Has your Model 700 become a family heirloom?

Contest dates: October 15, 2012 and ends April 1, 2013. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 1, 2013.

Each person is limited to ONE (1) ENTRY for the Contest.









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