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Portrait Of Lotte – 0 To 14 Years In 4 Min. (The Original)





Published on Apr 10, 2014

” This new Time-Lapse shows Lotte changing from baby to 14 years in 4 min. ©2014 Copyright Frans Hofmeester. 

  The music is produced by Hollywood composer Mateo Messina. From Baby to 14 Years. On october 28 Lotte became 14 years old. Birth to 14 years in 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)
Lotte en Vince komen uit Nederland. Lotte is a dutch girl.

  I filmed my daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 14 years old an then made this time lapse edit.
Pai registra todos os meses da filha,do nascimento aos 14 anos de idade. Hier finden Sie die Zeitraffer Filme von Lotte & Vince.
El nacimiento hasta los 14 años en 4 min. Lapso de tiempo Lotte.
Van geboorte tot 14 jaar in 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)
De la naissance à 14 ans en 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)
Dalla nascita ai 14 anni in 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)”









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Sport Fishing Girls, Presented By Photographer Pat Ford



project_spf girls20140319_0027




” We know you’re out there, and we want to put you in our informative girls-only galleries. We hope you’ll discover something that you may not have known about a fish, a boat or a fishing destination. Send us your fishing photos to sfgirls@sportfishingmag.com. Enjoy our latest edition presented by Pat Ford.

  Amanda reeled in a permit off Bimini. Permit are widely considered the most elusive and wary trophy among flats anglers, permit range throughout tropical waters of the western Atlantic. Other species occur elsewhere, notably in tropical Australia.”



We can’t resist offering one more sample and positing the age old question; How do we get a job like this ?







” Jessica fishes out of Key West, Florida. Key West is known a wide variety of fish, inshore species include permit, bonefish and tarpon. Offshore species can include anything from dolphin to billfish.”




See two dozen more photos at Sportfishing Magazine







Some Friday Morning Humor (200 pics) From Failblog Via WFTV




Some might argue that there is nothing wrong with this one …








But there’s no denying the error in this shot …



fail_Milk & Baby Needs Not




No explanation necessary …




fail_Cheese Wrapper



View the other 197 fails here and start your day with a smile .








Seeing How Identical Twins Differ Later In Life Is Fascinating








” When identical twins are born, they look like they will grow up to be the same person. They literally have the same face, the same body. Even their parents may need assistance in identifying who is who when they are just children. Even though twins start life looking like the other person, inside each of them is a very different soul. (Even a twin’s genetic makeup is completely unique and not an exact match to their counterpart’s.)

  Photographer Gao Rongguo created a photo series that focuses on how life changes each of us. He studied twins that grew up where he did, the Shandong province of China. He took pictures of identical twins and placed them side-by-side, to make it look as if the twins were facing each other. He wanted to allow others to reflect on the differences that life, learning and experience can have on us all, but is especially apparent in identical twins.”



Viral Nova has the entire story with many more pictures .







Never To Forget: 60 Most Impressive Photo Confrontations In Kiev




These 60 photos provide a memorable picture of the Euromaiden struggle in Kiev 



December 1, storming the Presidential Administration. Photos REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko.

Here is another unforgettable image from early December …


December 7, from Lviv plays for the siloviki. Photo by Oleg Matsekh.

This image from February offers the ultimate in contrasts …


February 18, rainbow through the barricades. Photo porphyre.livejournal.com.

Go to Blog Armdavo for the entire collection of Euromaiden photos that will leave you speechless …

         Staggering 360-Degree Image Taken 1,776ft Up The Nation’s Tallest Skyscraper Is Released As One World Trade Center Prepares To Finally Open




Top Of AmericaClick Pic To Go To Time's Interactive GigaPic

” The beautiful image is also available online in interactive high-resolution that allows users to pan across the panorama and to zoom in onto landmarks such as the George Washington Bridge 11 miles away and across the five boroughs of New York City and across to New Jersey.

   The 360-degree view was constructed digitally with computer software developed by GigaPan Systems of Portland, Oregon using the same technology as NASA’s Mars rovers.”



      Back in January we featured a post on a GigaPixelArt creation , an interactive panoramic “Easter Egg Hunt” in Seattle that was immediately called to mind by this photo . Check it out .



” The image marks something of a resolution too. Twelve-years on from the destruction by terrorists of the Twin Towers this is a view that some thought would never be seen again in New York City.”




Clean up, recovery and construction: This is the World Trade Center development site seen from the newly opened 7 World Trade Center in 2006 as work on the huge foundations of One World Trade Center began unseen by the public hundreds of feet below ground

Photo: James Leynse

” Over the past 12-years, nine governors of New Jersey and New York, two mayors and thousands of victims’ families all battled over real estate that also needed to be a shrine.

  It took three years of clearing and cleaning for the cornerstone to be laid and another two years after that for construction to actually start.”



Relief: Indeed, for many, this image is a relief. The political and bureacratic wrangling over how to rebuild the 16-acre hole in downtown Manhattan left by the destruction of the old World Trade Center was one that many feared with never be filed again

Photo: Getty Images

    Regular readers may remember our post on the final assembly of the spire or the 9 year time lapse construction video . This is the final product . It’s no Twin Towers , but better than a hole in the ground . I guess . Here are the building by the numbers …



” Building, with observation deck, height: 1,368 feet, the height of the original WTC North Tower

Building, with observation deck and antenna, height: 1,776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed

Base: 200 feet square, the same as the original twin towers

Stories: 104

Total number of steelworkers involved: 10,000

Total amount of steel used in the construction: 48,000 tons

Total number of external glass panels: 13,000

Total square foot of One World Trade Center: 3.5 million square feet

Amount of steel used in construction is enough to build FIVE Empire State Buildings

Depth of foundations: 200 feet below the streets of Lower Manhattan

Number of 18th Century British revolutionary warships found during construction: 1

Final price tag of construction: $3.9 billion

Number of steelworkers killed during building: 0

Height of antannae: 408-feet “



 Lot’s more info and pictures at the Daily Mail 












Now Here Are 15 Surreal Paces You Really Want To Visit Before You Die



Visit Bora Bora before you die …



Image credit: kenyai , jsmoral , Pierre Lesage





Perhaps Antelope Canyon in Arizona …



Image credit: Manamana / Shutterstock / Via quora.com





Maybe the Glowworm Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand are to your liking …



Image credit: Flickr: 63349090@N08



   Whatever your interests these fifteen places are beautiful to behold and are worthy additions to everyone’s bucket list . See them all .









The Secluded Homeless Camps Of Baltimore



Photo Credit: Ben Marcin


” During the hunting season, Ben Marcin likes to hike on the edge of Baltimore’s woodlands. That’s where he discovered the city’s secluded homeless camps; makeshift dwellings for locals who choose to live off the grid but close to roadways and shopping centers. 

  Marcin is no stranger to documenting solitude in the built environment. So he decided to find as many of these as possible, putting together a photo project called Camps. Similar to Last House Standing, in which the photographer captured lonely rowhouses around the Mid-Atlantic, Marcin shot the dwellings without the dwellers themselves.

  While Baltimore’s solitary rowhouses often symbolize neighborhood decline and the dedication of those who remain, Camps shows a different kind of loneliness – the section of Baltimore’s homeless population that feels uncomfortable using city-provided shelters. Instead, these residents choose to carve out their own lives using whatever materials they can find.

  The results are fascinating. As Marcin notes, no two shelters look the same, and each one reflects the user’s possessions, needs, and creativity. Some are no more than a bed under a roadway, others have their own roofs with facades built entirely of old doors or milk crates. “


Read more here and see more of Mr Marcin’s photos here 







55 Perfectly Timed & Hilariously Epic Photos




Who knew baton twirling was so funny ?




” Pictures are worth a thousand words but every once in a while, somebody gets lucky and take a photo at just the right time that makes it that much better. In this gallery, we have compiled 55 of the most perfectly timed shots on the internet for your amusement.”



That’s not good …






Nicely done …





Timing is everything … See all 55 photos here











Friday Firepower

Weaponry And What-not From The Brigade



Sporting event overwatch …


random 02 11 14 500 63 Daily Afternoon Randomness (66 Photos)




The perfect Valentine’s Day gift …


random 02 11 14 500 25 Daily Afternoon Randomness (66 Photos)




With the Olympics on everyone’s mind we thought we’d conclude the teasers with some “Big Air” …


random 02 11 14 500 54 Daily Afternoon Randomness (66 Photos)


See the other 63 photos at The Brigade







Thanks To Police The Police For The Image






MRAPS for all … To protect and serve … The State








Awesome Slideshow From HawaiiNewsNow



“Jaws” in Maui

” A monster swell considered to be one of the largest in decades hit Hawaii shores on Jan. 23, 2014. Waves of 50-feet slammed beaches across the state. Authorities were forced to close beaches, including the iconic Waimea Bay.”  Click to read more



Another shot from Maui

And here’s another from Waimea Bay on Thursday



HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

” An intense storm northwest of the Hawaiian Islands triggered the super swell, which had been rapidly building throughout the day and into the evening. 

  The National Weather Service said around 9 a.m. Buoy 101, which measures open ocean swells northwest of the Hawaiian Islands, reported an ocean swell of 31 feet at 17 seconds. That translates to 50+ feet on the north shore around 7 p.m. 

  North shore beaches on Thursday saw 30 to 40 foot faces, west shores 15 to 25 feet and west shores of the Big Island 10 to 15 feet. Currently a high surf warning is in effect until 6 a.m. Saturday for the north and west shores of Niihau, Kauai, Oahu and Molokai, the north shore of Maui. A high surf advisory has been issued for the Big Island until 6 a.m. Saturday. “



Monster Hawaiian Surf



See all 142 photos here … and read more here






Add Your Caption To The Comments For This Picture At The Looking Spoon






” Pictures truly are worth 1000 words. Lets find a few for this one…

 As usual leave them in the comments and I’ll post the best ones in the next day or so.”


Here are a couple entries to sample before you add your own pithy witticism .



  • ” Smilin’ Jack

    “Can you believe it? My waist got bigger, but my boob belt size stayed the same.”


    It flopped to the wrong side and she’s readjusting. “



Add your own caption here





Here Are 12 Unborn Animals In The Womb. They’re Absolutely Beautiful…Especially The Dolphin


Here’a an unborn Leopard 





And here’s a horse 



Click to see the other ten

This Guy’s Crazy Idea Started To Make His Wife Nervous. But It Was All Worth It, Trust Me.

” During the intensely cold winter in Canada, one man had an awesome, but crazy, idea. He began filling up plastic tubs with water and letting them sit out overnight. Day after day he did this, until he had a pile of ice bricks sitting out on the lawn. What he did with them was the coolest thing (pun definitely intended).”

Over the course of four weeks, this man froze ice blocks. His wife began to worry as they started to fill the driveway.

” Over the course of four weeks, this man froze ice blocks. His wife began to worry as they started to fill the driveway.”

And then he started to build …

Until …

BOOM. Awesome ice fort.

The rest of the pictures must be seen to be believed . ViralNova has the scoop .

Awesome Graffiti From Around The Globe Pt.2 [18 Pics]



Super Creative Street Art Graffiti Around World




Here’s another sample



Super Creative Street Art Graffiti Around World



See the rest at ILTWMT.com and while you’re there you can view part one .










Frozen In Time: Michigan Lighthouses Transformed Into Stunning Giant Icicles After Being Frozen Solid By Storm

Entombed by the weather: This lighthouse in Michigan resembles a giant icicle after crashing waves were frozen around it by a severe winter storm



” These frozen lighthouses in Michigan could easily be mistaken for a scene from the disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow.

  Standing in temperatures well below freezing, the 30ft structures have been transformed into giant icicles.

  These stunning photographs were captured by American photographer Thomas Zakowski, 56, on a trip to two cities in Michigan after a storm battered the state.”



More photos at the Daily Mail









Here Are 28 Famous People When They Were Young




” All famous people throughout history were kids at some point, no matter how strange of a thought that is. (Even JFK probably got his fair share of bad haircuts growing up.) We wanted to show you what some of the most famous (and infamous) people were like back in the day. You may recognize some of these people… and some of them, you definitely will not.”

26.) Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon



See the rest at ViralNova













3 Levels of police/citizen encounters

● Consensual – casual conversation 
○ Evidence level required – Zero
○ Freedom to leave – yes
○ ID required – no
○ Legal search – plain sight or consensual
○ Example: Officer knocks on door to ask if you saw anything

● Investigative Detention- Temporary detainment for further info.
○ Evidence level required – Reasonable Articulable Suspicion
■ Visible paraphernalia (Ziplocks, rolling papers, pipes)
■ Tools for B&E (Crowbar, slim jim, weapons)
■ Profiling (Paper tag, DARE/Police decals, College attire, Gangster attire)
○ Freedom to leave – no (approx. 15-20 minute max)
○ ID required – not in 26 states (exception: you’re a driver)

○ Legal search: frisk, plain sight, or consensual
○ Example: Officer sees you wearing a ski mask at night.
● Arrest – Taken into police custody
○ Evidence level required – Probable Cause or warrant
○ Freedom to leave – no
○ ID required – yes
○ Legal search: frisk, plain sight, consensual, or warrant
○ Example: Officer catches you breaking and entering “




Learn more here 

 For Some Reason, I Can’t Look Away…

” These real life ruins offer an eerie glimpse into a world without humans. Their dark walls inspire a sense of wonder like I’ve never felt before.”



5. Willard Asylum – Willard, New York







” Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane was built in 1869 and closed in 1995. Housing 4000 patients at its peak, more than half of the 50,000 patients who called Willard Asylum their home died within its walls. This makes the asylums morgue (pictured above) one of the creepiest places we can imagine. By its closure, most patients were eventually integrated back into society, but in the early days “people didn’t leave unless it was in a box.” “




” 22. Wreck of the SS America – Fuerteventura, Canary Islands




” This former United States ocean liner was wrecked in 1994 after 54 years of service.”

See all the creepiness at Distractify








50 Stunning Photos That Made Us Appreciate Space In 2013



Click To Enlarge

” The visible Universe in one photo “

See Them All

13 Most Popular Yahoo News Photo Galleries Of 2013

Photo by Andrey Pavlov/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Here’s another teaser . 




Photo by Sarah Lee/ CATERS NEWS

Female surfers beneath the waves


    See Yahoo’s most searched photo galleries of 2013 here. The links for each picture will take you to the collection noted in the title and at the end of each gallery you will be provided with even more gallery links not included in the referenced article . There really are some amazing photos to view . Take the time to enjoy them all .









Toddler Naps With His 2-Month-Old Puppy Every Day [13 Pictures]





” Earlier this month, blogger Jessica Shyba and her family adopted an adorable 7-week-old mutt. They named him Theo. On his third day as part of their family, Theo joined Jessica and her toddler son Beau for afternoon snuggle time. Beau fell asleep and then so did Theo… “





” Since then, every day Theo waits for Beau to fall asleep and then joins him for his two-hour snooze.”





  Yesterday we posted an article about some new parents that were nervous regarding how their pet Corgi would react to their newborn baby and today brings us another photo-essay along similar lines . these pictures will warm your heart .










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