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Daily Video 7.8.14

CA Mayor Fights Migrant Transfers To His City! Plus, Just In Time For Summer: Beer Slushies




Published on Jul 7, 2014

” The Mayor of a Southern California city says no to brining illegal immigrants to his town to help alliviate problems along border cities. Find out what residents there did to help stop the transfer. President Obama has had a very bad summer, from immigration reform, the VA Scandal, to the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. The Rundown panel weighs in on his sub-par summer. Plus, in the Sweet Spot: Twitter parody accounts and beer slushies! Michelle Fields and Stephen Kruiser join host John Phillips to discuss these stories and more on this episode of The Rundown. Be sure to leave your comments in the section below.”












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Daily Video 7.6.14

Zo on PJ: Knee Deep In Dependence on Independence Day




Published on Jul 4, 2014

” Can we still celebrate Independence Day, even though Americans have become so dependent on others. Watch this ZoNation to see his answer. And, who knows? Maybe we can all have star-spangled cheeseburgers anyway!

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Daily Video 6.30.14

PJTV: Definitive List — The Sexiest Libertarians!




Published on Jun 28, 2014

” John Phillips, Stephen Kruiser, and Michelle Fields, come up with their definitive list of sexy libertarians. But do looks matter in politics? And would you be concerned about a bunch of college students getting free access to drones? All this and more is judged up or down with a thumb.

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Daily Video 6.1.14

PJTV – The Tea Party Is Dead! Long Live The Tea Party!





Published on May 28, 2014

” Trifecta thinks reports of the Tea Party’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Hear why as the gang explains how the reportedly dead Tea Party stands to make gains in Texas.”

Daily Video 5.2.14

PJTV – Time To Amend the Constitution? Trifecta Considers Constitutional Convention Of States




Published on Apr 30, 2014

” There are two ways to amend the U.S. Constitution under Article V. First are state ratified amendments proposed by Congress. The second is a state convention to amend the constitution. Some activists worry that the federal government is too powerful, and needs to be reigned in by a state convention. Are they right, or will a state convention turn into a runaway convention that will toss the precious Bill of Rights out of the constitution? Find out what Trifecta thinks.”

Daily Video 7.12.13

PJTV: Michelle Obama Offends America by Comparing White House to Prison


Daily Video 6.24.13

‘Marco, There’s Someone On Television Pretending To Be YOU.’


Published on Jun 20, 2013

” Candidate Marco Rubio opposed amnesty for illegal aliens. Senator Marco Rubio is trying to push an amnesty bill through the Senate while telling Americans that his bill is not amnesty.”







PJTV: Afterburner with Bill Whittle — Happiness

PJTV: The Bully-crats: The Democrats Are Bigoted Bullies


Published on Jun 4, 2013

” AlfonZo Rachel explains why the Democrats are the party of bullies, and reminds viewers of the long history of racism by the Democrats. Hear more as Zo tells you the story of the Democratic Party’s long association with the KKK, on this ZoNation.”








Daily Video 6.5.13




Uploaded on Jul 23, 2009









PJTV — Islamic Terrorism: Why Is It So Hard For Liberals to Just Say It?

Published on May 30, 2013

” Liberals have a very difficult time recognizing radical Islam. They have an even harder time uttering these words, or other words like, terrorism, jihadism and radical muslim. The left does not have difficulty blaming Christians for every perceived injustice, so why can’t they blame jihadists for the Boston Marathon attack, the London beheading or Benghazi? Find out why on this ZoNation.”






TRIFECTA — Obama Admin. Does ‘Reich’ Thing by Deporting Religious Refugees



Published on May 23, 2013

” Trifecta discusses a family that fled Germany because of the European nation’s anti-homeschooling laws. This evangelical family is now forced to comply with Nazi era educational laws that run contrary to their Christian faith. In deporting the family, Obama argued that this law, enacted under Hitler, was fair. Why is Obama defending the German educational system? Find out.”








PJTV: Obama IRS Scandal Uncovers the Ugly Side of Income Taxes

Daily Video 5.7.13



TRIFECTA: Marco Rubio, Republican Star, or Pod Person From Outer Space?


Daily Video 4.26.13

TRIFECTA: FAA Sequester: Is Obama Intentionally Delaying Flights to Teach America a Lesson?


” The budget sequester has hit the FAA and airport logistics. Still, the spending for the FAA keeps going up and up. There are now reports of delays and canceled flights. Is the Obama Administration delaying and canceling flights just to spite the US? Find out what Trifecta thinks.” 

Terror in Boston: The Press Must Stop Blaming America

” The mainstream media and their friends wasted no time blaming tax protesters, small government and the Republican Party for the terror attack at the Boston Marathon. Why must the press politicalize everything in this country? Hear more on this Trifecta.”








Daily Video 4.6.13

The Chicago Flash Mob Shows America Is In Deep Trouble

” Hundreds of teenagers raged through Chicago’s premier shopping area, attacking pedestrians and even a police officer. The wilding incident ended with dozens of arrests. Does anarchy reign supreme in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago? Find out on this Trifecta.”


PJTV: Wet Brain?!? Rep. Don Young’s Inexcusable Racist Slur

GUNS (Virtual State of the Union 2013)


PJTV: Meddling in the Middle East: Does Barack Obama Hate Israel?

PJTV: $180 Billion Wasted: Head Start Education Program Has No Lasting Impact

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