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Real Time Satellite Tracking



   With this site you can keep track of where satellites are in their orbits over the Earth . Weather , military , communications and geostationary are available with lots of data including , altitudes , speeds , locations , launch dates , operators , etcetera all brought to you by N2YO.com .







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Adam Carolla’s Epic F-Bomb Laced Tirade against HuffPo & Mainstream Media





” This video clip explains itself. All one can do is sit back in admiration as alternative radio talk show host Adam Carolla steers his ‘pirate ship’ into enemy waters.”





MUST LISTEN: Wounded former Navy SEAL calls Rush Limbaugh to thank him for still giving a damn about this country






“This is a rather remarkable call and I wish it went longer than it did. Eight months ago Larry, a former Navy SEAL who did four tours in Iraq and four tours in Afghanistan, lost his right leg, part of his right arm, some of his fingers, and was disfigured on his face.

He told Rush that while he was coming off medication while recouping in the hospital he as able to listen to his radio show on a friends radio. And then he said something profound that I’m sure humbled Rush quite a bit: that while he was giving up on life, listening to Rush was propping him up because he realized there was somebody in this country who still gave a damn. Wow. Just amazing.”


Voices of History

Historic Moments of Radio


Here’s a sample of the audio files available for the history buff at this cool sight .




Louis Armstrong

World War II News

News Death of FDR CBS ABC 01




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