April 19, 1775 , the battles of Lexington and Concord :  “On this date in 1775, the first battle of the Revolutionary War commenced. Today, in 2012, let us start our own revolutionary war – not a war of violence against a nation, but a war against ourselves – against our own cynicism.

We know the future is uncertain, as it always will be, but let us look at it with opportunity, a chance to rise above the cynical nature of politics, the cynical facade of knowledge, the cynicism that is far too easy to seep into all our lives. The future is full of possibilities. Seeking it out and making the most of our opportunity is the true form of revolution.

Let our Revolutionary War commence today!”


Coming soon : Raw footage of this year’s re-enactment of the ” battle of Bloody Angle ” the start of the British fighting retreat back to the safety of Boston .