Selena Zito on the Pennsylvania Battleground :

“The Jacksonian-Jeffersonian voters who will swing this election in key battleground states are especially plentiful in the Keystone State and are most dissatisfied with the president’s performance.

Pennsylvania tends to be a great tease for Republicans in general elections; 1988 was the last time a GOP presidential candidate won the state. Yet, because Pennsylvania is four points more Democrat than Ohio, Florida or Nevada, a close race here means those other states have left Obama.

“That is a problem,” conceded Dane Strother, a Democrat strategist. “Romney sees opportunity in Pennsylvania and he is not shy about going for it.”

Strother said coal country is a good story for Romney to tell and he is “absolutely” working to fill the gaps with voters of all denominations across the state.

“Look, he is not a dumb guy,” Strother explained. “He knows he might not win Pennsylvania but playing there is smart. And if he can tighten the margins there, the president is in trouble.” “

Like him or not , He sure seems to be smarter than McCain . And that certainly is good for us all .