Now lets us celebrate the wonders of the ” workers paradise ” . Behold the plentiful food ,

the fabulous living conditions ,

The many employment opportunities , in the security services of course

The world class medical care

The freedom to worship as one chooses

The freedom To speak one’s mind

The freedom to assemble

  All this and more are yours if you just close your mind , take hold of the government’s er, the left’s hand and march forward . This really is the “worker’s paradise” that wasn’t , yet an astonishing number of prominent leaders , students , teachers , celebrities and ill-informed people in the western world , despite voluminous evidence to the contrary , are of the opinion that if they were given the power that they would get it right and all would be rainbows and unicorns .

It would be laughable if one didn’t ponder the 100 million plus individuals who paid the ultimate price for this glorious experiment of the ” worker’s paradise ” .

Next up the  the brutal price of ” Glorious Socialism