“But instead of peacefully assembling to present their dog’s breakfast of causes — from hating
capitalism, to amnesty for illegal aliens, to halting foreclosures — they descended into violence and criminality that can only mean
worse to come.
    Five anarchists were arrested in Cleveland by the FBI for trying to bomb a bridge. Authorities said
they had a wish list of other targets, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the Justice Center of Cleveland and another bridge.
Two of the arrested — Brandon Baxter and Anthony Hayne — were named in past news reports as leaders of Occupy Cleveland.
   Around New York, 10 envelopes full of white powder imitating anthrax were mailed to seven
banks, to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office and to two media outlets, including Fox News. “This is a reminder that you are not in control,” the menacing notes read. “Happy May Day.” A
police spokesman told Reuters: “The messages indicated a link to today’s May Day demonstrations.”

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