“What’s it like taking a course with 120,000 other students?
That is one of the questions raised this spring by the debut of MITx , the Institute’s new online educational initiative. ”

“Myriam Nonaka, an electrical engineering student at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires, Argentina, finds 6.002x to be “very entertaining,” and singles out the course’s online discussion forum as a place “where you can share and learn.”
Indeed, the forum, where students discuss the course and offer assistance to each other, is something that almost all MITx participants cite as a defining feature of the experience. ”

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  There is nowhere to hide . The internet is/will be the greatest  tool of freedom and liberty mankind has ever seen . The possibilities are endless .
   From making higher education affordable  , crowdsourcing , Kickstarter and self-publishing , to grocery delivery , telephone calls and even entertainment like books , music , movies and radio the web offers it all , and that doesn’t even take into consideration the social side of the digital world such as Twitter , Facebook , Blogging and the myriad other means of expressing one’s self .

    Welcome to the Revolution my friends . Liberty is there for all as long as we can keep the web as it is … That means , HANDS OFF.

Yes , you know who I’m talking about .

Those sanctimonious corporate lackeys in DC and anywhere else that lesser creatures gather to try and administrate us right into the ground .
   Whether it be in Washington , Brussels , New York , Tehran , BeijingIndia or any other place with despotic ambitions , we must fight and win this struggle . Like no other war that all who yearn for human liberty have engaged in , this one has the potential for WORLD WIDE liberty , perhaps even in my lifetime . The price of losing will be as high as the potential gains would allude to ….. eternal serfdom … You read that right .
    Unless the information revolution remains/becomes UNIVERSALLY available we are doomed . Make no mistake , even if we here in the US manage to overcome the corporate rent-seekers and their toadies on Capitol Hill and preserve our internet freedoms it will be a pyrrhic victory rendering all our efforts for naught unless the rest of the world is digitally connected to us . Individually we will be stomped in succesion by the forces of World Government .

To quote Benjamin Franklin : “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately . “

Be vigilant , be vocal , be vital .                VOTE , WRITE , SHOOT