” It’s no secret that the Obama administration (including Obama himself, who reassured the UAW that he’d personally buy a Volt when his presidency ended) has been flacking for the Volt for a long time — but that’s kind of unfortunate for them (and for GM) because it helps set the stage for what an abysmal failure the car has
been. ”

As Steven Green points out , the success of Dear Leader’s voltswagen  ( poor analogy I know given the ubiquitous presence of the Bug , but I couldn’t resist , I’m easily amused I guess ) , I mean Volt , has been a fitting example of the endless downward revisionism we are subjected to as the left tries to justify their failed policies .
   They have gone from saying that a sales figure of 10,000 per month , a number touted by the Obama Administration , was likely, to saying that 5000 was a victory , to again lowering the bar for success to 3000 . Don’t forget now that the cars were flying out the door so fast that GM had to shut production down to offer their employees a little R&R… LOL
    Now that is popularity on a massive scale . With total Volt sales for 2011 at 7700 units and maybe another 4-5000 this year that isn’t exactly a tidal rush of demand is it ? On top of that we have no idea how much monkey business has been used to create these sales figures . Let us not forget the tax-payer subsidies in the form of rebates .
    Suffice to say that even if they have to give them away we will be tirelessly regaled of the success of Detroit’s comeback in general and the  wisdom of seer Obama and his Voltswagen . It is an election year after all and the  Bootlick media um DNC is in full campaign mode