Is it too much to ask for justice at Justice ?

May Brian Terry and his family, as well as the hundreds of other victims and their families find  peace in the possibility of some measure of truth and justice being brought to light through the tireless efforts of Congressman Issa and the others on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Agent Terry has become the symbol of a government gone rogue. And he’s not the only victim of firearms involved in Operation Fast and Furious.

“This briefing paper and draft contempt report explains the case, to both Members of the Committee and the American people, for holding Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress,” Issa said in the statement. “In describing the results of the Justice Department’s refusal to cooperate – including the hardships the family of a fallen Border Patrol agent have faced in seeking the truth, and retaliation against agents who blew the whistle on gunwalking – this briefing paper provides the facts, on which decisions will be made.”