This is just priceless . The most comprehensive collection of Obamafarts assembled in on place . You just have to see this to believe it . Brought to you through the kindness of Pundit Press . It is a very strong refutation of the bootlick media’s pervasive meme regarding Wile E.’s ” Coolness ” .


“Waldman then spends more time explaining that that isn’t what he meant, that what he meant was that Obama is so cool and calm and collected.

Here is where things get good and hilarious.

Waldman then links to an article that he wrote almost two years ago stating that Obama is hard to parody because of this coolness.

Yes, really.

Obama. Hard to parody.

Let me repeat that: Waldman believes that Obama is hard to parody.

The same guy who bowed to a Saudi king…

and a Japanese emperor

and a Chinese President

and an American governor…

and an American mayor…

and with pesky umbrellas…

This is just a sample . I bet you didn’t realize exactly how many , gaffes , flubs , blunders and faux pas this man has generated . There are undoubtedly more to be added to the list but the point is made . Mr Obama is perhaps the most easily ridiculed politician ever to grace the American stage . I’m even starting to think he can out Biden old Joe himself .