From Arthur Brooks at the WSJ we get a lesson in what sets America apart from Europe and the cradle to grave government run life of security and dependency . Face it , regardless of what the progressive moral equivalency crowd would have you believe , American Exceptionalism is real . No nation in history has ever emerged from obscurity to dominate the world stage in such a brief period of time . No nation has contributed more to the improvement of human welfare , no nation has risked it’s blood and treasure defending strangers around the globe , asked nothing in return and voluntarily withdrew to it’s own borders once the crisis had been averted . Is that not exceptional ? 

This is American Exceptionalism :

This is American Exceptionalism :

And this :

Need more :

Photo, caption below.

Still not convinced ?

Get the picture ?

  All the moral equivalency and attempts to rewrite history cannot eliminate the fact that American Exceptionalism has bettered and continues to improve the world . As we teeter on the precipice of statism ala Europe it is worth remembering what America is all about . Before you utter the progressive mantra that it was government that accomplished these things remind yourself that unlike most nations we are , at least for a little longer , a nation ” of the people , by the people , for the people .