This is funny . Notice the cloth barricade around the lectern . Hiding the teleprompter ?


” Can’t draw a crowd, Mr President? Obama makes speech in couple’s GARAGE… and even they say they might not vote for him . ”

I guess this is what is meant by ” playing to one’s audience “ . If you can’t pack the house , play to a smaller venue .

” As leader of the free world President Obama will be used to making speeches to millions of people around the globe.

So he might have felt the occasion was a little beneath him yesterday when he stopped off in Reno, Nevada, to deliver an address outside a couple’s garage.

In what could be a disastrous photo opportunity for the President’s campaign, Mr Obama spoke to a handful of people in the crucial swing state.

The president’s 15 minute address outside the home of Paul and Val Keller on Friday afternoon, drew a small audience of neighbours and supporters – though even his hosts said they were not sure if they would vote for him in the coming election. ”

Focus: Nevada is expected to be a swing state this year with the polls showing that the economy is the issue voters care most about in the campaign

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