The title above is a plea of sorts for help creating a suitably clever category for this type of post . Call it idiocy , bureaucratic overreach , ah , I don’t know , thus the cry for reader contributions .

   Anyway , earlier I posted about an Idaho regulation governing how a citizen should deal with roadkill . The idea of the need for such wasted funds and government intrusion struck me as absurd so I brought it to your attention .
    Now I find another of similar folly and come to the realization that there are a limitless supply of equally inane rules , ordinances and laws and that they could easily comprise a regular feature here at .
    While I recognize the place for the idiocy of the day/week category , I’m afraid that I’ve already linked forever , in my mind anyway , the term idiocy with my buddy Joe ” Idiocy ” Biden so I need something else to title the ludicrous government regulation/rule/law of the moment .

Enough of the intro , here is the ??? of the day brought to my attention by Lowering The Bar :

Can’t a man and his wallaby be left alone ?

” According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review , a Pennsylvania man accused of harboring a
wallaby has pleaded no contest to that charge, and was sentenced last week to one year of probation. ”

Now imagine a year’s probation without any physical evidence of harm to or even of the actual existence of the alleged wallaby.

“Ott refused to comment
as to the wallaby’s location “but said it is being well cared for.” Ott pleaded no contest to one count of unlawful importation of a wallaby and one count of tampering with evidence ( i.e.wallaby concealment).
The wallaby, if that’s what it was, may just have escaped. ”

Wallaby concealment …. Who’d a known ?

And lest we yanks think we rule in the stupidity and waste department we are reminded that our cousins across the pond have eons more experience in the “ridiculous” arena : 

Also via LTB

” For those of you who are not entirely clear on how to wash your hands, here’s a handy instructional video on the subject created by
the county council of West Sussex in the UK. Some residents were upset when the council revealed in March that it had spent over
£100,000 to make 92 such videos, covering not just hand-washing but also such perplexing topics as how to use a compass and how to make a phone call. “I have my phone firmly in my right hand,” said the star of the latter video, “and then select the digit of choice, in my case the left index finger.”
Presumably there is a separate video for left-handers. “