I love the  “Exploding Cigars” metaphor . It suits these incompetent efforts perfectly .

“The great puzzle of President Obama’s re-election campaign is why previously successful
political pros are creating so many ineffective initiatives that blow up in their faces like exploding cigars.
Take, for example, the Obama campaign’s insistence that they can sell the narrative that Republicans in general, and of course Mitt
Romney in particular, are waging a “War on Women.” How many different ways can they try
and fail?
They’ve used Hillary Rosen as a stalking horse, a cartoon named “Julia,” and on and on and on. Most normal people (and I am including
Team Obama among the “normal” simply for the sake of argument) would try something once. If it fails, then they might assume that
whatever they were trying needs a bit of tweak, and they’ll try again. If the second try also crashes and burns, they might do it one more
time, but only after some radical changes are made to the original plan. After the third disaster, almost everyone would conclude that there is a flaw in the basic assumption or in the plan, or even both.
Not those geniuses who are running the Obama and Company effort to get the man re-elected.”