It seems that it is becoming a daily event . I have the pleasure to point you to yet another Twitter hashtag game .
  Gonzalo Cordova of Comedy Central complained that conservative hashtag games were ruining Twitter and that conservatives are not funny .
   Needless to say , that just opened the flood gates and now Mr Cordova is himself the subject of a conservative beatdown at :


Some samples for your amusement :

el SOOPer @SooperMexican

A pile of Rosie O’Donnell’s greasy backhair shavings #FunnierThanCordova

#FunnierThanCordova Septic tank maintenance—Cardinal ACK! (@megapotamus)

Bill Maher. In fact the only thing he is funnier than. #FunnierThanCordova

The People’s Cube @ThePeoplesCube

#FunnierThanCordova Joe Biden

As you would expect there are tons more so go have a read , a chuckle and show them who’s funnier .