It’s funny that I was just thinking about this NJ stunt of a few years back and the Left’s penchant for changing the rules/playbook when things aren’t going their way . Think Florida recounts , Wisconsin recalls , New Jersey substitutions , and if I recall correctly , Massachusetts pulled a similar stunt in order to fill Teddy’s seat . That one back fired , I believe and gave them Scott Brown . Now in the same district the dems of Mass find that they have another mess on their hands thanks to Elizabeth ” Fauxcahontas ” Warren and Ed Morrisey  over at Hot Air is thinking along the same wavelength .

  “Elizabeth Warren may be providing an embarrassing sideshow to the national Democratic effort, but in Massachusetts, she’s the main event.  Warren’s use of unsubstantiated claims to slight Cherokee heritage during her career damaged her credibility, but accusations of plagiarism may end up derailing Warren’s career.  Is it too late for Democrats in Massachusetts to find a new candidate?”