From the WSJ

“President Obama, in speech after speech, proudly makes the following point: Although we inherited the worst recession since the Great Depression, we have generated net new jobs every month, and while we need to do more, we are going in the right direction.

Of course, recoveries always go in the right direction—that is, things get better over time. But merely going in the right direction is an incredibly low performance standard. Moreover, since deep recessions are generally followed by more robust recoveries, this should have been one of the strongest recoveries ever.”

  In order to facilitate growth one has to reduce taxes and regulation . Government spending our tax dollars (stimulus) does not spur private industry and when the stimulus primarily went to prop up union jobs ( democratic constituencies) it was bound to provide anemic or non-existent growth . How anemic you ask ? 

“Sadly, this recovery is near the bottom of all 11. Cumulative nonfarm job growth is just 1.9% 34 months into recovery, the ninth-worst performance and well below the average job growth of 6.5%. Cumulative GDP growth is just 6.8% 11 quarters into this recovery, less than half the average (15.2%) and the worst of all 11.”

 This is what you get when you have a leadership made up primarily of people that have no business experience and don’t have the first clue what it takes to create a job .