It seems that some of the sycophants are ceasing to genuflect at the all-mighty alter of Obama . Booker , Ford , et al failing to tow the company anti-capitalist line and now we have one of Obamacare’s architects acknowledging the wisdom of Paul Ryan’s healthcare proposal .

“First private equity and now the Ryan Plan. Will MIT economist Jon Gruber have to do a Cory Booker-like retraction (via the WaPo):

  One health policy idea he thinks could work, albeit in the future, would be a premium support model akin to Ryan-Wyden. ”

” “I think, ultimately, something like Ryan-Wyden is a good place to be, but not yet,” Gruber said. “In the long run, it’s a very good model. ”
That is probably about as glowing an endorsement as one is likely to see from the left side of the aisle .