Legal Insurrection reminds us that to the Left EVERYTHING is about politics .
  Note the socialist’s ” concern” for the troops . These are the same people that spit on soldiers , deprive them of their votes and exhort them to kill their officers .
   Another example of the lovely company of the Left .

“It seems the neo-socialists don’t want to feel left out during this weekend of patriotism and
honoring the fallen.

   Liberation News , the
“newspaper for the party of socialism and liberation,” today published an article entreating
leftists to insert politics “back into” Memorial Day :
  “To truly honor Memorial Day means putting the politics back in. It means reviving the visions of emancipation and liberation that animated the first Decoration Days. It means celebrating those who have fought on the side of justice, while exposing the cruel manipulation of hundreds of thousands of U.S. service members who have been sent to fight and die in wars for conquest and empire.”

  The author, Ben Becker, is an adjunct instructor at the City College of New York . In his piece on Memorial Day, he posits that
the true meaning of the holiday has been altered:

  “These days, Memorial Day is arranged as a day “without politics” — of a general patriotic celebration of all soldiers and veterans, regardless of the nature of the
wars they participated in. This is the
opposite of how the day emerged, with explicitly partisan motivations, to celebrate those who fought for justice and liberation. ” “