Romney is not McCain . That had been my greatest fear . Mitt seemed to be just another nice guy who would shrink from what needed to be done and cower before a hostile media environment . So far , not so . The man and his campaign know how to take the fight to the opponent and that is what must be done . 

To date all Obama’s opponents have lived in fear of the “race card” and have conceded him the home field advantage . Finally we have someone who is not afraid to point out the nakedness of the Emporer .Good for Mitt , good for us .

“We’ve seen it over and over: the Obama campaign will launch an attack, and in next to no time, the Romney team hits back–twice as hard, as President Obama and Glenn Reynolds both like to say. It happened with the smear of Ann Romney, it happened with the dog on the roof, it happened with the silly “war on women,” it happened with the administration’s clumsy attack on Bain Capital, and it happened again today with the Democrats’ attempt to denigrate Romney’s service as Governor of Massachusetts.”

Note also the youthful faces of the demonstrators …