I’m late to the party with this one and only became aware of it from a commenter on another blog .
   In any event , perhaps you were unaware as well . If so , enlighten yourselves .

Via The Teaparty Tribune

As if there weren’t enough reasons to despise the man ….


“Vietnam veterans and the families of Vietnam veterans killed in action whose names are etched on the Wall were denied access to their memorial today, of all days,
Memorial Day.

The Vietnam Memorial was
shutdown, cleared and secured for
approximately 5 hours prior to Obama, his cronies and hand picked veterans for a 15 minute appearance by Obama. It’s obvious
it was all for show. After all, this is an election year.

Hundreds if not thousands of Vietnam veterans and families of Vietnam veterans killed in Vietnam stood in disbelief as Secret
Service, Park Police, Washington, DC Police, etc., blocked all access to the Vietnam Memorial and kept everyone approximately 100 yards away from their memorial for the
first time in the history of the Memorial so Obama could get some photos of him at the
Veterans in uniforms stood in the heat angered as Obama makes them wait. It was a photo op at their expense and families of
those killed in Vietnam.”