Add another blogger to the list of the attacked , at least it wasn’t a SWATting but bad enough even so . Jeff over at The Lid was been set upon by ” unidentified ” bloggers . 

  “As I mentioned earlier this week today has been declared a national day of blogger silence/action to protect blogger freedom of speech. Since Ace suggested we use today to urge congress protect free speech the day has taken on more significance to me personally, yesterday 

I was added to the attack list as the site BrietbartUnmasked which is run by Brett Kimberlin or his cronies started posting horrible internet slanders about me. Stacy McCain calls ”Breitbart Unmasked” Not Brett Kimberlinbecause of the claim that Kimberlin is not behind the site. If the proprietor of the site isn’t Kimberlin or one of his cronies than it must be some sort of psychic because the nameless blogger running Brietbart unmasked posted details of the Kimberlin/Mrs. McCain incident , which “The Other McCain” has never discussed in public or published.