“No, I had never understood President Obama’s economic policies. Until now. At the Netroots Conference in Rhode Island this past weekend, a gathering of President Obama’s most fervent core supporters discussed the concept of economic growth. One such Obama supporter, featured panelist Colin Mulcher, shed light on the subject: “I think currently the goal seems to be, like, the unstated assumption is that the goal is growth, for the sake of growth. It’s like, we have to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow. Why? I don’t know, we just have to grow. The only thing that I know about [where] the definition is out-of-control growth, is cancer. Like, literally … the definition of out-of-control growth is cancer.” ” 


He certainly is doing his best to stamp it out …. growth , that is , not cancer .


  So there you have it. While President Obama is fighting the moral equivalent of cancer, Mitt Romney is pursuing his nefarious scheme to grow the economy. It’s not too late to stop Romney before he drowns us in a sea of jobs and economic growth. It’s not too late to help President Obama move us “forward” with a recession that’s “built to last.” Yes, we can!