The New York Sun has a fine editorial today on why we should all rejoice at the repudiation of the 5 year , multi-million dollar waste of taxpayer funds that was the Roger Clemens witchhunt .
    It’s always nice to see the Justice Dept receive a black eye but it is especially sweet today given the politicization of Holder’s JD .

” The acquittal yesterday of Roger Clemens of all charges that he had lied to Congress and tried to obstruct an investigation into whether he used steroids is a moment to savor for those who maintain a decent respect for the Constitution. It’s just not every day that an ordinary citizen throws a no-hitter in the courtroom against batters as powerful as the combined might of the Congress and the Department of Justice. The government’s five-years-long pursuit of the great hurler was ended by a jury in just a few hours. The prosecutors, according to the Associated Press, slinked away from the courthouse without comment, and the Justice Department put out a statement claiming, “we respect the judicial process.”