” One of the things I’ve always liked about the Democrats is their rhetoric about being the party of ordinary folks. A classic instance was the late Senator Paul Wellstone’s line about fighting for “the little fellers, not the Rockefellers.” Republicans, of course, would chaff Wellstone for collaborating with none other than Senator Jay . . . Rockefeller, on various liberal agenda items. As with a lot of political rhetoric on any part of the political spectrum, it helps to be reminded that the aw-shucks I’m-for-the-little-guy stuff is often just a pose. A few minutes ago, I saw a notable case in point: Rachel Maddow was mocking Mitt Romney for posing with mitten-shaped cookies on a visit to a Michigan bakery, which she contrasted with the same day’s images of our Cosmopolitan World Leader President grappling with issues of global significance on the world stage, encouraging (she implied) Russia’s Putin to turn back his helicopter-laden ships that were on their way to Syria . . .”