As those who do not rely on the dinosaur media are aware , there is an energy explosion taking place around the world . Apparently those doom and gloom forecasts of “Peak Oil ” and a looming energy shortage were premature . 

Of course you would never know that if you depended on the old media and their green agenda driven coverage of the industry . Thankfully we have people like Walter Russell Mead to keep us abreast .

  ” Via Meadia has been commenting on the energy revolution taking place all around us these days (Energy Revolution: Part OnePart Two). Thankfully, we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed.

Chrystia Freeland:

[T]hanks to new discoveries and new technologies, the end of fossil fuels is not looking quite so imminent. From the oil sands of northern Alberta, to America’s massive pockets of shale gas (American gas reserves would last at least 75 years at current consumption rates), to the vast offshore oil reserves that Brazil hopes will make it the world’s fourth-largest producer by 2020, fossil-fuel sources we didn’t know about or couldn’t use are suddenly available. Crucially, many of these supplies are found in thriving democracies—a dramatic shift from the past, when oil and autocracy seemed to go together. “


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