” The Book to Defeat Obama            Stanley Kurtz’s
Spreading the Wealth

” Obama, in true Alinskyite fashion, moves slowly from the ground up, to build redistributionist programs in a slow fashion, in order to prevent public opposition. Finally, in a brilliant chapter Kurtz titles “A Suburb of the Mind,” he shows how even in Obama’s own memoir, Dreams from My Father , the future president gave us much indication of his hostility to a middle-class
lifestyle and suburbia, and his preference to make policy exclusively on behalf of the urban
poor. When Obama funded projects through the Woods Fund in Chicago, he gave economic
support to his old community-organizer buddies and their new regionalist projects whose purpose, Kurtz writes, “was to run a class
warfare campaign of agitation designed to expose the suburban American dream as a product of racism and greed.” Then through tax redistribution, new urban growth boundaries, and low-income housing quotas, the suburbs would in reality cease to exist. “